Currently, there are many people who feel that at some point in their lives they have been chosen by Santa Muerte, but this does not mean that it is for another world in the arms of God. This refers to that moment in which Santa Muerte listens to you and is part of your life, accompanying you during the rest of it. That is why, in this article, we are going to indicate some signs that indicate that Santa Muerte listens to you.

How to know that holy death wants to be present in your life?

Do you think that holy death has heard you? In this case, you must take into account the signals that he is sending, in this way when you realize this, you will know that he is talking to you. But how do you know that Santa Muerte is sending you a sign?

It is the most frequent question that many citizens have in their day to day, so it is essential to know that holy death represents a totally natural process, so all humans must take it and face it with resignation and without fear.

Before starting with the signs that Santa Muerte listens to you, it is important to know that it can stay close to you, so if you want it to stay in your life, you can establish communication with it, by having a stable communication With Santa Muerte, you can request a favor or just open your heart or fidelity.

It is important to mention that by having Santa Muerte as a godmother, she is dual and will always be by your side to give you a lot of love, as long as you allow it. In this case, it is advisable to make a pact with her and learn to pray to her and ask her to have her much closer to her.

In these situations, you are the only person who can decide if you want the holy mother to be present in your life or not, once she is treated properly, being a totally respectful person without offending the holy death , which will always be with you unconditionally.

This is why, in many countries, this is considered a mother, godmother or someone very close who will take care of each one like the love of a close relative. In the event that Santa Muerte has chosen you, it is because you yourself allowed it or wanted to be by her side and be faithfully devoted to her.

The ideal would be to maintain great care and caution in the relationship established with Santa Muerte, so that love, respect, trust and honesty always prevail, since she will not do anything that harms you or stops you.

Signs that Santa Muerte listens to you

In general terms, it could be said that nowadays one can find a large number of signs that Santa Muerte provides when she listens to mortals. Among these signs, a factor of great importance can be mentioned, which must be taken into account during this process.

This factor is based on talking to Santa Muerte, this represents one of the most beautiful and fundamental factors, since once the person has begun to pray and ask Santa Muerte in each of their prayers, they begin to establish and maintain confidence, optimism and security.

In addition to the fact that it is essential that faith is maintained at all times, so that the person can realize and feel that Santa Muerte as godmother is listening to him at every moment and at each of his requests.

Now, when the person has allowed Santa Muerte to remain by his side as a mother, godmother, among others, there will be a time when he begins to notice greater confidence, balance and stability in his general life. By feeling these positive emotions, those negative people will begin to move away and the person will begin to acquire total stability in all senses, spiritually, emotionally, among others.

This is why some of the signs that Santa Muerte listens to you are totally positive emotions, which little by little will begin to improve our quality of life in all aspects. Some of the most common signs that Santa Muerte listens to you are the ones we will see below:

  • For those people who have allowed the holy death to be a part of their life, they will begin to witness an overall stability and greater confidence in themselves and their overall life.
  • You will be able to find a peace that will grow progressively, in addition to having great abundance in all aspects of your life.
  • Once the person has their godmother and they have established a relationship based on trust, they will be able to feel greater comfort in those moments of sadness in those situations of negativity and pessimism.
  • The person will begin to have much more self-esteem, they will begin to love themselves much more and the necessary support will be provided in those situations that warrant it.
  • You will be able to hug each time you feel afraid.
  • And those people who do not represent any kind of good for you, who only harm the quality of life and your inner peace, began to move away from you.

What about sick people?

Many people have asked themselves that question, if people who are in a coma, who have a terminal illness or who are on the verge of death and do not know it, can feel any sign that holy death is approaching. The answer is yes, they can receive multiple signs that Santa Muerte listens to you or some manifestations, which will be of great help to announce that Santa Muerte is about to arrive.

But, how can you know that Santa Muerte is sending some sign that she does listen to my prayers and petitions? Among the most common signs that Santa Muerte listens to you among people, we can mention the feeling of chills, very specific thoughts related to certain topics, an enormous desire to cry without any apparent cause, a feeling of peace or a feeling of extreme happiness without no specific reason, what do these signs mean?

Well, simply that they may be about to meet with those loved ones who anticipated this visit. It is not recommended that people always think of Santa Muerte as a fateful occasion, so only those who are not prepared for it should worry.

How should I address Santa Muerte?

Once the person has felt any of the signs that Santa Muerte listens to you, they must take into account the appropriate way in which they should address it, in this case, the ideal would be to go to one of the altars of the Holy death.

An important fact to mention is that this type of adoration directed to the holy death can be easily found in certain countries worldwide, but not in all, since it does not have the support or approval of the Catholic religion to adore the holy death.

It could be said that, like all saints, holy death must have enormous respect and for those who wish to invoke it, they must do so in the same way in which any of the saints that are part of the heavenly court are invoked. .

Now, to carry out the invocation of the holy death, its name must first be evoked and its representation, as for its representation, is based on an image of a skull.

This is very uncommon, but really effective to ask you to grant some favors or requests that people generally need to be happy and have an excellent quality of life. After this, the full name of the person must be said and the grace that they wish to receive from Santa Muerte in the form of a skull will be requested. It is also, it has a capisayo dress of black color and totally funeral.

During this process, a great gratitude must be expressed to Santa Muerte and eternal fidelity must be sworn to her, in addition to taking into account that she must be given total gratitude, thanks to the collaboration that she has provided in the life of people.

In addition to invoking, multiple and continuous praises should be given to him, thanking him for his permanent presence in the lives of those people, who at the time they are due to leave earth, will count on his valuable and highly respected presence. In this case, you should ask the Holy Death, who guides all those people, so that they can reach those totally unknown dimensions.

Why should we entrust ourselves to holy death?

For a long time, death has been a very difficult situation to face for many people, but whether they like it or not, it must finally be accepted with dignity and total resignation, since this will be the situation that puts an end to everyone’s life. people once they have fulfilled their life purpose.

This is why, Santa Muerte should be asked to be our guide in that difficult but inevitable moment that all of us must go through.

This is why, in those moments in which you find yourself totally desolate, thanks to those problems or situations that you are going through and that you are about to lose strength, you should ask holy death with all your desire and strength. , to help us obtain everything that is desired with such devotion.

Why ask Santa Muerte for help?

Although for some people it is quite strange and unusual, the image that represents Santa Muerte is not as bad as it seems or as many believe.

Holy death is a source of spiritual power that can be of help to people, being able to allow people to achieve their stated objectives and thus achieve everything they set out to do, as long as the requests made are exercised from the heart and in the most sincere and pure way possible.

This is why, those people who invoke the holy death with the aim of generating some damage to other people, will not receive any type of help from it, the holy death can be found in a large number of altars in many churches , which indicate that their presence is there, but not to create fear in people, they are to generate greater trust and reliability.

In addition to that, it would be best to maintain a stable relationship with it, since sooner or later at any time, we will have to meet the holy death in person.

So, no matter how old you are, from the youngest person to the elderly, you must meet the holy death at some point in your life. Therefore, he must be accountable to his creator and for this, he must be face to face with Santa Muerte.

Rites to invoke the holy death

We are going to indicate the three most common rites that are carried out when wanting to invoke Santa Muerte and request certain wishes or requests, the most implemented rites are:

  • Petition with candles : For those people who wish to carry out their petitions with candles, they must begin at midnight on the first of November or the thirty-first of October, this second date refers to the day of all the dead. For this rite there must be a total of twelve candles, each one of them represents a month of the year, these must have different colors but, avoiding the black color. After that, the person must make the corresponding prayers and in them, ask the Holy Death for love, prosperity and good health.
  • Blood pact:For those who wish to carry out a much more intense rite, they will have the blood pact at their disposal. In this case, the person who wishes to make a request to Santa Muerte must place a little of her blood in a glass wine glass. Once the cup is prepared, the person must place around it an image of Santa Muerte and light a total of twelve candles and begin to recount her prayers in the company of the desired requests. Once finished, the blood should be sprinkled on the candles still lit, and voila. It is of great importance to mention that people who carry out this type of rite begin to become thinner and thinner and will begin to feel a lack of energy, which will begin to increase steadily, this is because their energy ,
  • Prayer for holy death: Now, for those people who wish to carry out a less intense rite, they will have at their disposal the prayer for holy death, this prayer is as follows: “I beg you and beg you to be my protector and grant me all the favors that I ask of you until the last day, hour and moment in which His Divine Majesty orders to take me before His presence”

Important data

Now that we know a little more about the signs that Santa Muerte listens to you and its influence on our lives, here are some important facts that are related to Santa Muerte.

  • Every first of November, the birthday of Santa Muerte is celebrated, this date represents the ideal time for people to carry out their rituals and make the requests they wish to Santa Muerte.
  • Although this figure bears the word saint in its name, it does not indicate that it is considered one, in addition to the fact that many people and some religions around the world do not practice or do not accept the worship of the holy death, since many of them they follow that belief that it is diabolical.
  • It is believed that Santa Muerte is in charge of protecting those who lead negative life habits that harm other people, such as criminals. In fact, you can find certain figures or images of the holy death, which are accompanied by the personification of Jesús Malverde. This is known for being a drug trafficker, who was worshiped as a saint in the territory of Mexico. In addition to the fact that many sellers of these images receive continuous questions about the meaning of this image and the presence of Malverde in it. And even some policemen have commented that in some searches that were carried out in many houses, they found altars with these images.

Finally, these are some of the signs that will indicate that Santa Muerte listens to you, it was observed that this is a source of divine power to which the greatest possible respect is due. We hope that this information has been of great use to you and to your complete satisfaction.

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