Learn how a spiritual liberation is successfully performed, here

Learn how a spiritual liberation is successfully performed, here

Spiritual liberation is a subject considered very extensive, that the people who believe in our Lord must take into account. It is important to understand that we must fight against the systems that cause spiritual poverty in the children of God. This poverty includes the lack of understanding and even evil has managed in some cases to make mental strongholds that prevent the entrance of the Heavenly Father.

spiritual liberation

Spiritual liberation is a subjective element that allows believers to receive blessings. It is sought through it to end the lack of understanding and revelations related to man. At the same time, it seeks to strengthen the spiritual lines established in the mind, freeing it from ties.

This process occurs in cases where people are receiving the Lord and his son Jesus Christ as their Savior. This in turn allows them to receive the process of salvation through divine grace.

For the goodness of our Lord allows that nothing very difficult be done to win it. It is these people who normally take advantage of all the blessings they receive through the spiritual liberation granted by faith in God.

It is extremely important that you are aware that our Heavenly Father wants his children to be blessed men through their faith, in turn the Lord wants every element that prevents the blessing of man to disappear from humanity.

The pain that our Heavenly Father feels is incomparable, every time he sees how a believer becomes part of the path of evil. In the same way, when man suffers from adversities related to the lack of faith in the word of God, it is a great pain for him, since the Lord loves us. That is why we must focus on realizing the influence that evil has on us and ending it.

Liberation is the process through which, through faith, believers are able to rid themselves of all evil deeds carried out by Satan. That is why when speaking of liberation, the fact of breaking with all the spiritual ties that the world contaminated with evil has executed for man is implied.

This process is carried out with the purpose of allowing the evolution of man and his relationship with faith and the Lord.

How did the ministry start?

The ministry of spiritual liberation begins thanks to John the Baptist. Just at the moment in which he developed the preparation of the people of Israel to welcome the Kingdom of God with open arms through his son Jesus Christ.

Through the preaching of the Kingdom of God, the ministry of spiritual liberation originates, since this was going to be delivered by our Savior Jesus Christ.

For the times of Jesus, John the Baptist appeared as a preacher, transmitting his word in the desert of Judea. He expressed that the time of the Kingdom of Heaven had already arrived and for this reason the believers in our Lord should repent of their sins.

On the other hand, the Kingdom of Heaven has suffered from violence since the time of John the Baptist, according to our Savior Jesus Christ. This is because it was John who began to preach about the Kingdom of God. That is why Satan after his words began with the confrontation of him against good.

That is why when preaching about the Kingdom of God, a process of visible manifestation related to spiritual liberation begins. On the other hand, this process of liberation caused Satan to become enraged at the human being, he began the process of opening him to the Lord and began with the oppressive systems of him.

In the times of Jesus the Kingdom of God began. That is why in the gospels it is asked that every person in the world repent of his sins and let the Lord enter his hearts to protect him.

It is important to mention that the arrival of Jesus Christ was prepared by John the Baptist. It is for this reason that he consistently preached about the Kingdom of God. In this same way, Jesus Christ began with his own ministry.

In his ministry he had the mission of teaching and preaching about the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why our Savior began with the spiritual liberation that allowed the human being to free himself from demons.

In addition to this, our Savior Jesus Christ, was the one who started with the confrontation of demons. That is why he put an end to any impure spirit that tried to end the faith of the children of God.

Jesus spoke judiciously in the synagogue, which is why the demons could no longer bear the anointing that was in him. This helped Jesus kill every demon that was found within men who were once believers.

It is important to mention before this that no person before Jesus had cast out a demon embedded in the body and soul of an innocent man, lacking faith in our Lord.

The Old Testament must be mentioned, since this process resembles David when he played the harp, while there was an evil spirit that was over Saul, since David’s melody caused the demon to depart from him.

This situation recounted in the Old Testament is the closest thing to the work of casting out demons that our Savior Jesus Christ carried out. It is important to mention that no king, prophet or priest had the authority to rid any man of the demons. For, before Jesus Christ, no believing man in the Lord had been able to command a demon to come out of a person’s soul and mind.

Jesus Christ our Savior

Our Savior Jesus Christ was the first character on earth, after the beginning of his ministry, who preached how the Kingdom of God had come for the faithful in the word of the Lord. This caused the realm of good and the realm of evil to collide violently.

It is important to mention that the spiritual liberation of demons in the affected people occurs due to a lapse of faith weakness in our Lord.

On the other hand, it should be mentioned that there are ministries that do not share the belief in spiritual liberation. That is why there is no liberation of demons among the tasks that are carried out in this type of ministry.

The really tricky thing about this type of ministries is that if you don’t believe in the existence and elaboration of spiritual liberation from demons, it’s because these believers aren’t really preaching about the Kingdom of God.

Ministry of Jesus

When Jesus Christ was on earth, thanks to the Lord, he unfolded aspects related to his ministry, that is why it was preached, through the teaching that they had the opportunity to heal and cast demons from the soul and mind of man.

That is why all Galilee was heading towards Jesus Christ. Since he was teaching for each territory that passed the teaching in the synagogues. With the mission of preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God and at the same time healing each sick person that he had in front of pain.

It should be mentioned that in each gospel that exists you can see how all the work that Jesus Christ did is reflected, that is, teaching, preaching, casting out demons and also healing the sick.

It is thanks to this work that today pastors, ministers and believers have been developed who work in relation to the three activities carried out by our Savior Jesus Christ.

However, these people do not carry out the activity of casting out demons since the development of spiritual liberation activities is highly controlled and persecuted at the ministerial level.

It is important to mention that when the activity of preaching and teaching about the word of God and its respective Celestial Kingdom begins, the demons begin to manifest aggressively and in turn, in many cases, people who suffer problems caused by evil begin to be free.

On the other hand, the reason why this process is not carried out in some ministries is directly related to the fact that in many cases psychology and psychiatry have been chosen more.

It should be mentioned that at present other processes related to spiritual liberation have been carried out, since they are handled as problems of depression and ties that must be mastered through psychomental medical treatments.

It is for this reason that carnal and human weapons and methods have been inadvertently developed to solve problems that must be understood to be truly spiritual. Which in turn has the result that people continue to be oppressed even though they have gone through processes in the church to end their problems.

This is because the members of the church do not give them true solutions from God and in turn do not demonstrate the correct activities in relation to the belief in the power of the cross, blood, word and unification with the Holy Spirit and our Father. Heavenly God.

Since we are giving ourselves the attribute of providing man-made remedies and not the divine force that normally dominates us and helps us with every spiritual problem we suffer from.

Why does a believer need deliverance?

It is necessary to understand that when a human being is related to the word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, he has a new birth and spiritual development, which allows him to develop a process that turns him into a new creature. (Be sure to check out the high level intercession prayer article )

In turn, it is important to mention that for his soul, that is, his will, emotions and mind remain intact. This in relation to the fact that a new birth is not actually effected on it.

That is why the soul of the believer requires a transformation and in turn renewal that allows a process of liberation. What allows all the processes carried out in relation to the activities carried out by Jesus Christ to free us as people.

It must be understood that the word of God is very clear, since every time we carry out processes of spiritual liberation we are a new creature. This means that we are new people in relation to our spirit. Since we are free people, more pure and justified.

However, a true liberation of the soul is still needed, which causes a healing and transformation. What allows us to transform ourselves also from the spiritual world. In order to understand in turn, what is the will that God has with us.

It is important to mention that the soul is where believers have wounds and in turn ties, which in turn is related to the lack of forgiveness and the feeling of rejection and also low self-esteem. That is why the soul needs a liberation as well as a healing.

For this reason, it is through this that the word of God can be correctly received, which allows us to grow and mature as believers in our Heavenly Father and his son and Savior Jesus Christ.

This in many occasions is related in turn to the attacks carried out by evil and in turn to the process of oppression that is obtained when one does not have true faith. Which produces a blockage towards wisdom and in turn elements that break the heart.

The moment a demon influences people, it has the job of not allowing them to think. In addition to this he oppresses people through diseases and in turn through depression.

It is for this reason that we must proceed to resort to the ministry of spiritual liberation, with the intention of being able to receive the word of our Lord without any problem and in turn open the doors of our hearts towards the love that God has for us.

Why hasn’t the church understood the ministry of spiritual deliverance?

The primordial element that is related to this is the influence of the spirit of Greece that caused it to be cut off with certain spiritual activities, such as the case of the supernatural processes that were previously presented in the church. (See article: Prayer to succeed at work  )

Some of the elements that characterize the spirit of Greece, which constantly influences the church of Jesus Christ are the following:

  • The development of humanism and in turn the exaltation of man.
  • Similarly, intellectualism, which causes the exaltation and development of human intelligence. In addition to this, the management of recognition and achievement of stipulated goals. This situation causes faith in the power of God to be replaced by intellectual unification.
  • Deny any aspect or element that is impossible to explain.
  • In the same way, there are people who deny the existence of demonic entities, which allows the liberation of spirits to believers not to take place.
  • Do not believe in topics related to supernatural events, as is the case of gifts, healings. The prophecies and the miracles.

That is why it is necessary to speak and seek to put an end to the spirits that harm the ecclesiastical institution and the believers of God. For this reason it is positive to know the characteristics that make people not believe in spiritual liberation.

In addition to this, it is important to know that there are many ministers, churches and also believers who do not believe in spiritual liberation. This is due to the spread of a spirit of Greece that influences them as a religious society.

On the other hand, it is for this reason that they prefer to see their flock bound and wounded by the power of evil instead of assuming and believing in the ministry of spiritual liberation.

Can a believer be or be possessed by a demon?

It should be known that no real believer can be possessed by a demon. However, if he can be oppressed, obsessed, depressed, sick or bound by a demonic entity.

When believers feel open doors with legal right, directly related to generational curses, traumas and abuses of the past, which are directly related to the constant practice of sin, the evil being can oppress and bind them.

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that no evil entity can possess us, since we carry the Holy Spirit in our soul. It is part of our spirit. While a possession implies owning the soul of a person.

That is why, if we have the Spirit of God within, there is no way that the enemy can take hold of us. Despite this, the oppression towards true believers can be in the body, mind, will and also in the emotions. This situation takes place when the believer gives legal right to being evil.

The ministry of Jesus is made up of four main aspects

  • The most important is related to preaching, healing, teaching and casting out the demons that want to destroy the Kingdom of God.
  • Similarly, our Savior Jesus Christ allows us to have the authority to do the same process of teaching and dispossessing evil in us.
  • It is important to end the condition of sadness that many believers have, the best way to do it is through the cleansing of the soul to heal the believer.
  • On the other hand, among the teachings of Jesus Christ there is talk of spiritual liberation. What sometimes produces the correct understanding of the elements that stand out in the Kingdom of God, since this process is part of a unique treasure carried out by the love of God.
  • Likewise, this allows spiritual poverty to end. What expresses every aspect that oppresses the spirit of a believer, in turn the soul and therefore also our body.

No believer needs deliverance from demons

Some of the errors that are currently promoted and embraced in the ecclesiastical bosom is the development of the liberation of demons, which takes place in the believers of the church.

This process is one of the most common today and in turn harmful. Position indicates that even Christian people at heart can be victims of demonic entities being possessed by them and in need of liberation. With this misconception books have been written by preachers who have become famous from an error.

It is important to know that the Bible speaks of the presence and activities of the power of demons. The powers that operate in the spiritual world are pointed out in the scriptures.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that the expulsion of demons is really carried out on people who are not believers. Because those who are believers have the Spirit of God in their souls.

The believer is a possession of God and is indwelt by the Spirit

Those who are believers receive the seal of the Spirit from the beginning of their conversion. This seal that believers possess is a sign of guarantee of salvation that generates a bond related to God’s property.

The Holy Spirit promised all believers, after the sacrifice of salvation from sins made by the son of God, Jesus Christ, that it would be part of their soul, a situation that would provide protection in relation to the possession of demonic entities. This implies that everyone who believes in God has the Holy Spirit within him as a sign of his belonging to the Creator’s legacy.

We are part of our Lord because his divine glory paid a price for us. The divinity of God was glorified in our bodies and in turn in our spirits. All believers are then God’s property.

That is why the Holy Spirit dwells in us, because we are the temple of God. For this reason, demons are not capable of inhabiting the body of believers, since their body and soul are the possession of God and, in turn, of his Spirit that dwells in him.

fight with sin

In the fight for sin, the Bible emphasizes that we should not go through deliverance but rather die for our sins. This starts from the new birth. Since Christians are in a development in which the holy scriptures mention it as sanctification.

These processes that have the beginning of conversion are carried out through the Holy Spirit. This system makes us freer from corruption and in turn gives us the power to free ourselves from our sins. What allows us to renew ourselves every day, resembling more the earthly image of our Savior Jesus Christ.

It is therefore important to mention that within the process God makes us responsible for dying and renouncing all the sins that we commit in life. For this reason it is that we must strip ourselves of the old man that we were in life and in this way put on the suit of the new man.

Dispossession describes the attitude that believers must have in the word of our Lord before the development and execution of the sins committed. This process is the reaction that the Christian must have in relation to the sins committed.

This means that the execution of this action is the expression of the opposition that the children of God have in relation to the actions that evil performs against the hearts of believers.

All of this activity is described and expressed in many ways in the New Testament. That is why it must be understood that it is necessary for us to get rid of all the weight that is related to the sin that besieges us in life.

Through this process we strip ourselves of any facts related to evil. Similarly, the scriptures indicate that when we die we must as believers renounce all ungodliness and all worldly desires.

In the same way, we must refrain from carnal passions and in turn divest ourselves of all negative earthly elements. With the aim of ending all sin that has been executed on earth.

How are sins renounced at death?

The scriptures are very clear on this important issue. Since this fact is one of the most important in relation to the process of going towards the Kingdom of God when our time to die arrives and descend towards the world of spirits.

In the scriptures the Bible commands us to pray so as not to be part of negative processes. In turn, be part of the liberation from the temptation that the evil one exerts on us. (See Article: The power of prayer )

On the other hand, it is necessary to recognize our sins and in turn humble ourselves. This allows us to confess and ask for forgiveness before our Heavenly Father. In some cases it is necessary to confess it before our brothers.

All this process that is done to die peacefully and free of sins requires confession, repentance and the process of forgiveness for all sins, whether executed to a great extent or at minority levels.

As believers and children of God, we must deal with scandalous sins as well as sins that are more common and considered by some to be respectable.

In addition to this, after the action of asking for forgiveness, it is necessary to ask for the power to thus die to our passions. In the same way, a constant prayer is required where it is asked to be strengthened with the power of our Creator. In order to have the virtues of the new man, free from any sin committed.

On the other hand, it is necessary to keep in mind that the grace of God and that of our Savior Jesus Christ, not only develops in us when the forgiveness of our sins is executed, because in the same way it is part of the power to live and develop the glory of our Lord.

In the same way, it is necessary to pray with the objective that the Lord gives us a greater visualization of the nature of the sins that we commit and, in turn, the development of the forgiveness and grace of the gospels.

That is why in this way we can understand how offensive sin is to God. In turn, the process allows God to open his arms to our hearts. In order to show how deceitful, powerful and destructive sin is. For the purpose of discerning and estimating the values ​​that relate to our salvation.


That is why it must be understood that no believer needs deliverance from demons. Because according to the New Testament believers, we are people who have God in our being. That is why the Holy Spirit dwells in our soul and in turn helps us fight against sin.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the sacred scriptures of the Bible do not command us to liberate but to die to our sins. On the other hand, it is important to highlight the elements that allow us to fight with sins, provided by God.

Which in turn allows us not to be deceived by the evil one and succumb to sin through him. (Also read about the article  high-level intercession prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

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