Dreaming of a baby in your arms, what does it mean? Psychoanalysis

Dreaming of a baby in your arms, what does it mean? Psychoanalysis

In general, dreams have a powerful meaning that is associated with our daily lives and the circumstances we are going through at a given moment. On this occasion, we bring you this article in which we tell you everything about dreaming with a baby in your arms, since it is usually a very intriguing type of dream; don’t stop reading it.

Dream of a baby in your arms

Dreaming of a baby in your arms can be a very positive and pleasant experience, which generally arises from maternal instinct and is usually something very common. In addition, there are many reasons why this dream occurs, such as having recently been in contact with a newborn, or having seen a movie or documentary related to babies; If this is the case, it is completely normal since the images usually remain in the subconscious and are usually reproduced at bedtime.

However, dreaming of a baby in your arms without having previously seen anything related to them, can have a particular meaning, which is why it is necessary to analyze a little the aspects and circumstances that are occurring in life at that particular moment. , in favor of interpreting what is the relationship that this dream has with the real life of the person. It is also appropriate to be a little more attentive, since the subconscious may be sending a message or warning regarding a particular person or episode.

In any case, dreaming of a baby in your arms usually has a very positive connotation, in the sense that it symbolizes purity, tenderness and absolute tranquility; however, it will always depend on the sensation and the state of mind in which we find ourselves. Although we can feel peace and tenderness in the development of this dream, it is also common to feel some uncertainty and anxiety, due to the fear that the baby may fall to the ground.

Also, if the person who has this dream is a single woman, it is likely to cause her some joy or fear, depending on the plans she has for her life. Also on that occasion this type of dream can reveal that your biological clock is announcing that you are about to let go of the ideal moment to become a mother. On the contrary, if you already have children and they are grown, what this vision can represent is a great nostalgia and longing for those moments of the past.

Meaning of dreaming with a baby in your arms

Dreaming of a baby in your arms is very common, and those who do not yet have a baby in their lives but have this type of dream begin to reflect on their lives and improve their vocabulary. It should also be borne in mind that the fact that a baby appears in dreams can be considered something very stressful; although it usually indicates the presence of innocence, purity and many beautiful things. However, depending on the circumstances given in the dream or in life, this can reveal the presence of some type of fear, anxiety and even emotional regression.

It should be noted that if the person knows the baby in their arms, either because it is their child or the child of someone they know, this means that they feel ties and a strong bond with the family and close people. On the other hand, when in the dream you are also rocking the baby, in addition to holding it in your arms, this indicates that you seek to protect everything in your life, including elements that go far beyond the family, such as professional and personal achievements. Now, this revelation is quite the opposite when the baby that is held in the arms is unknown.

Dream of a baby in your arms

The meaning of dreaming with a baby in your arms will depend on certain elements that are found both in the dream and in the person’s life. In this order of ideas, dreaming of a female baby indicates that you feel bad or sorry for some event that took place in the past, which could have occurred during your adolescence or youth, and was the product of immaturity.

Dream of a baby boy in your arms

When you do not dream of a girl but of a baby boy in your arms, it is an indicator that although you are an adult, you do not stop behaving like a teenager and even like a child. In this sense, you continue to be a capricious, disorderly, disrespectful and rebellious person; You even lack emotional intelligence. Similarly, this type of dream reflects that you have serious difficulties in dealing with the crises and problems that arise in everyday life, since your thoughts are somewhat childish and do not adjust to the adult reality that they should.

Also, this type of dream with a baby boy in your arms means that you are a very capricious person, who wants to achieve everything in his own way, being angry, spiteful and cannot tolerate failure by not being able to achieve what he wants. This can lead you to reject everything around you, and this is what this dream symbolizes, so it is appropriate to perform a self-assessment in order to improve these aspects.

Dream of a dead baby

When a person dreams that he has a dead baby in his arms, this indicates that things in his life are not going in the right direction. In addition to this, it is an indication that you must seek the most suitable way to find answers to those important changes that are coming to your life at that moment; while in affective relationships this type of dream alludes to the fact that the person is immersed in a stage, where communication is totally dead.

newborn baby in arms

Dreaming of a baby in your arms when it is newborn, dreams of being an indication that you feel a great longing to bring a new life into this world, in order to give it all the love and affection it may need. On the other hand, this interesting dream can also mean that you are at a time in your life in which you have no one to express all that love that you have within you, so you are looking to externalize what you feel and you direct towards a specific creature or person.

Dream that my ex has a baby in her arms

When in the dream it is your ex-partner who is carrying a baby in his arms, what this reveals is that you enjoyed a great relationship with that person, which is why right now you want some event that will lead to a new encounter. Between both. More than an advertisement, it is the revelation of a desire that the subconscious realizes.

Dream that someone else has a baby in their arms

Dreaming of a baby in the arms of another person has several meanings, depending on the feelings that arise during it. Thus, if for example the person feels anguish during this dream, it is appropriate to be careful with someone else who has been given confidence, or told some intimate secret. On the other hand, if this dream manages to cause some joy, what it means is that the people around you have been chosen in a wise way, so they will not cause any problems.

Dreaming with a baby in your arms: Other meanings

When a person feels happy while holding a baby in his arms, this indicates that there is a project in hand about to start that is going to be very prosperous, it just requires a little more effort and dedication for it to be completed.

In addition to this, when the person is in a love relationship and dreams of having a baby in their arms, this reveals that he or she is enjoying reciprocated love, that is, that their partner feels the same love reciprocally.

On the other hand, when the person has new friends or is part of a new work group, this type of dream announces that this new union that has just emerged will bring benefits, since each one of them will fulfill what It suits you well whether at work or in your friendship.

Similarly, dreaming of a baby represents innocence, warmth, and new beginnings; since babies are creatures that symbolize vulnerability and purity. Thus, for example, if you dream of forgetting a baby, this indicates that the person is seeking to hide their weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Now, dreaming of a baby in your arms when it is just a newborn, means that you are a very vulnerable and weak person; in this sense, you feel helpless and naked in front of other people, and you fear that others will realize who you really are.

As has been described, dreaming of a baby in your arms can have different meanings, depending on the elements that appear in the dream and the actions that are being carried out. In any case, we must be attentive to the signs that may occur in order to interpret them in the most correct and accurate way possible, since usually through dreams, our subconscious tries to send us a specific message, to apply changes in the real life.

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