Discover everything about the Christian Rosary here

Discover everything about the Christian Rosary here

The Christian rosary is part of a traditional prayer that is carried out in the Catholic belief, which commemorates twenty mysteries, however there are fifteen in its traditional form. These are related to the life of Jesus and also of the Virgin Mary, in which an Our Father is recited and in turn ten Hail Marys and a glory to the Father. Therefore, a holy rosary is designated by Catholics, which develops an effectiveness when communicating with God.

Origin of the Christian rosary

The rosary contains abundance from the very hands of the Mother and the Redeemer. In addition to this, the rosary is called the string of beads that are handled to pray in the rosary. The origins of the Christian rosary are related to the traditions of antiquity in which it carries out the prayer of the East and the West of the religious culture of Christianity.

Its roots go back to the 9th century, which focuses on honoring Mary the mother of Jesus, which allows it to become known in the West in the same way as in the East.

The Christian rosary focuses on making the repetition of acclamations and praises found in the Gospel of Luke, specifically in the Angel Gabriel’s greeting to Mary and Elizabeth’s greeting to Mary. This allows the well-known Hail Mary to be formed, as well as hymns and prayers that focus on Eastern liturgies.

There are manuscripts from 1501 that are in the Munich library, where reference is made to the rosary, its origin that is related to the Order of Saint Benedict, which was consolidated in the work of the Order of the Carthusians that expanded by action of the Dominicans.

On the other hand, monasteries were asked to declare the 150 psalms, which are related to David’s psalter, which was already recited by the Jews from the beginning. Specifically in the monastic Breviary.

However, the devotees who did not know how to read because they were not priests or monks, were taught a simpler way of practicing it, where 150 Hail Marys are recited. This process is called the Psalter of the Virgin.


The development and expansion of the rosary began in the thirteenth century, just in opposition to the beginning of an Albigensian movement. In it, the Albigensians did not consider any dogma related to the Virgin Mary to be important, which is why they did not consider it correct to venerate her.

That is why they start religious clashes between Albigensians and Catholics. Domingo de Guzmán, who founded the Order of Preachers, known as the Dominicans, who promoted their missions to the primitive prayer of the Christian rosary.

It should be mentioned that an order of Dominican preachers have their devotion that became popular because they generate the appearance of brotherhoods. What is related to miracles related to the subject. Despite this, his devotion declined during the fourteenth century, however the preachers continued to promote his belief.

In relation to the Hail Mary, it is important to indicate that the second half of the prayer that is known today was made in the fourteenth century. However, it became universal at the time that Pope Pius V promulgated it with the Roman Breviary. This took care of ordering that it be prayed at the beginning of each hour during the Divine Office, after the Our Father.

Battle of Lepanto

The battle of Lepanto had as a consequence that the Catholic Church celebrated every year the festival of the prayer of the Christian rosary. This is because Pope Pius V attributed the victory that the Christians achieved against the Turks, where the Virgin Mary interceded with the prayer of the Christian rosary.

This festival takes place on October 7, it was called Our Lady of Victory, but it was Gregory XIII who changed it to Our Lady of the Rosary. It is important to mention that the public Christian rosaries that emerged in Seville in 1690 show devotion to the Virgin Mary.

These ways of connecting with religion spread rapidly throughout Spain and also throughout the American colonies. They concentrated on being courtships preceded by a cross. That is why this form of devotion was the best representation in Seville that was seen in the eighteenth century. They concentrated on expanding Hail Marys and the mysteries.

On Sundays and holidays these prayers were performed, just at dawn or at dawn. At the beginning they came from men but for the first third of the 18th century they began with the first Christian rosaries with women, who were in charge of going out for the holidays in the afternoon. (Learn more about where God is )

Catholic tradition

According to Catholic tradition in the year 1917, precisely in Fatima in Portugal, it is related that three shepherd children witnessed the appearance of the Virgin Mary, who took care of revealing to them that each Hail Mary prayed is equal to the offering of a rose.

This implies that the prayer of a Christian rosary forms a crown of roses, this concept was mentioned before by Luis María Grignion de Montfort, because he created a work called the Admirable Secret of the Holy Rosary.

On October 16, 2002, he witnessed the words of Pope John Paul II where the Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae is promulgated, in which five new mysteries are added to the Christian rosaries that generate luminous mysteries.

christian alchemical rosary

The alchemical rosary is considered a powerful object, whose function is to be an instrument of transformation that allows the transmutation of being. That allows a renewal of itself and in turn bring about a transformation in the world.

This is focused on the transcendence related to the spiritual being and in turn focuses on the plane parallel to the innate action of the subject. This allows the Initiation Rituals to be considered paths of the mysteries. In turn, this allows transmutation elements to proceed that respond to a new being.

The prayers of the Christian rosary allow the birth of a spiritual being that manages to obtain a new level of consciousness. It is important to mention that the alchemical rosary is used by alchemists, with the aim of generating a transmutation, its types are:

The Christian.

  • Hebrew, which contained a six-pointed star.
  • Atheist or Sufi that has one end with a crescent in fourth growth.

Prayer that mobilizes the energies

The Christian rosary is a way to focus on faith, placing the energy that allows it to mobilize in each prayer. This is because each prayer is related to religion, that is why a process of energetic change is produced through it.

Which in turn generates a magnetic change that generates strength and power that in turn causes an objective on the change of energy that is generated through transmutation. It is important to mention that the alchemical rosary is considered an Amber and its objective is to absorb sadness and negativity. (Know the prayer for mothers )

This object is made through elements that are natural. The alchemical rosary has 17 gems, it is important to mention that the first allows the opening of the path, while the next three are generated through purification

On the other hand, there are the following three that produce rebirth, which allows raising the request of the heavens and also nine that allow God’s blessing. These rosaries have the following stones:


This element generates peace to the spirit and also allows it to have a great healing capacity.


His occupation is to work guilt through the subconscious and collaborates with creative expression.

lapis lazuli

It generates strength, it is necessary to meditate and thought is amplified thanks to it. It grants great healing power, generates purification of the throat and also decongests. (Do not stop knowing how to maintain a communion with God )


The alchemical rosary has a path full of lines that represent the energy that the earth possesses and circles of praise that lead us to direct energies from heaven. In addition to this, the power that the word has, produces a process of transformation towards sublime events.

These types of situations come after touching the aforementioned gems. For they have the power to activate energy currents of sacred rank. In addition to this, if the prayer is made out loud, the force of the word gives it greater power.

transformation energies

The alchemical rosary has charges that repeat prayers and in turn, over a period of time, undergoes a transformation that forms an object of power that allows it to be an element of protection for those who possess it.

That is why it is recommended that it only be touched by the owner, with the aim that the gems are impregnated with vibrations of a single person that allows an exchange of love and healing. The forms of the alchemists and their prayers are as follows:

  • It begins with the first gem that is attached to the sign of the cross.
  • After that, the three following gems are used to pray three Our Fathers, which are made one for each gem. (See more about: story of Jesus )
  • Right at the separation of the chain, the following prayer is indicated: Mary, you were the one chosen by the Lord, in your womb you carry Jesus the Messiah. These words were mentioned by the Archangel Gabriel, in the annunciation process.
  • When the next three gems are reached, three Hail Marys must be prayed, one over each gem.
  • At the time the eighth gem is reached, it is necessary to raise the request to heaven.
  • For the nine missing gems, it begins with biblical praises, together all nine times. It is this: Holy, holy, holy, you are the God of creation. Let the heavens and the earth be glorified with your call. You are the highest glory. Blessed be the Lord hosanna in the highest.
  • Later the circle is closed through the sign of the cross, right in the eighth gem that focuses on the request to the heavens.

minutes of prayer

This type of Christian rosary has a few minutes of prayer, in addition to that, it stands out for being wonderful for the process of transmutation of all the elements. This response is generated on the ninth day, however there are immediate responses or even in a season shorter than nine days.

The alchemical rosary generates peace in the soul. It also has elements that allow it to work wonderfully for hearts that contain oppressed elements, which causes a lot of protection and purity in the soul, it is important for this reason to try it and not separate from it.

It is important to know that you can start praying on the days, among those, Sunday for Christians, Fridays for Sufis and Saturdays for Hebrews. (Be sure to learn more about faith in God )

rosary crown

The crown of the rosary, also known as camándula, is made up of fifty beads that are formed in groups of ten, also known as dozens, which contains a thicker account after each decade.

These accounts are more separated from those of Hail Marys, they are closed at their ends with an intersection plate. The plate that makes it up is usually triangular or also similar to a vertex, mainly in the case of old rosaries.

five accounts

In it, a section of five accounts commonly appears, which resemble that of our fathers. To finish the last one, it contains a link in which there is a crucifix, which has existed since ancient times, specifically since the 18th century, backwards.

It is important to note that in the past a medal was used instead of a cross. On the other hand, the five beads that make it up symbolize the five wounds of Jesus, which is why it is used for additional prayers after the mysteries.

There are complete crowns or rosaries, this means that they have one hundred and fifty accounts plus fifteen that make up the Lord’s Prayer, fifteen patrician glories, and five additional ones.

The way to make the beads is with mahogany seeds or real pearls, however nowadays they are also made with artistic materials. In ancient times, rosaries made with olive pits were very common, which used to be believed came from the olive trees of the Garden of Gethsemane.

Under tradition, fifteen decades are usually recited, but it was increased to twenty after its inclusion in 2002, called the luminous mystery. These correspond to the mysteries of redemption. (Learn more about prayer for the brothers )

Mysteries of the Holy Rosary

The mysteries have five different themes that respond to meditation. They aim to represent each moment lived by Jesus and also the one lived by the Virgin Mary, mother of the Savior.

The Christian rosary responds to the representation of the roses, in the form of prayer, that are offered to the Virgin Mary, focusing on her different life developments in the form of mysteries.

At a traditional level, the rosary is related to three series of mysteries, which must be recited sequentially, each one for each night. In ancient times, Mondays and Thursdays focused on the joyful mysteries, painful Tuesdays and Fridays, and glorious Saturdays and Sundays.

It is important to mention that on October 16, 2002, John Paul II took care to promulgate a letter of apostles Rosario Virginis María, which was considered appropriate for the rosary of the so-called luminous mysteries.


The traditionalist Catholics did not accept to incorporate this new modification in the prayers of the rosaries. That is, they kept the 150 Hail Marys along with 15 mysteries.

Mysteries: joyful, painful, luminous, glorious.

Traditional days: Monday and Thursday as well as the time of Advent and Christmas, Tuesday and Friday and the period of Lent and Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday as in Easter. (See: New Testament )

The tremas related to each mystery are the following

  • Joyful: they are based on the announcement of the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary, in the event the visit of Mary to her cousin Elizabeth is narrated as well, Christmas and Jesus is represented in the Temple, like Jesus lost in search of the Temple and the meeting of the same.
  •  Painful: it talks about the prayer of Jesus right in the garden of Gethsemane, in the same way the process of flagellation of Jesus is described. As well as the crown of thorns, the process in which the Savior carries the cross and also the crucifixion and death of Jesus are described.
  • Luminous: it focuses on the baptism of Jesus right in the Jordan River, which allows a revelation that Jesus imposes right at the wedding in Cana. It is thanks to this that the Kingdom of God manages to participate. In addition to this, the transfiguration that God made dominates and also over the Eucharistic institutions.
  • Glorious: it deals with the resurrection of Jesus, that is why it also speaks of the ascension of Jesus, as the Holy Spirit comes on Mary and also his apostles, it also speaks of the assumption of Mary and the coronation of the Virgin Mary.

forms of prayer

  • At the moment in which the crucifix is ​​held, the sign of the cross must be made to later carry it in an act of contrition.
  • The Lord’s Prayer must be recited under the large account.
  • In the three small beads the Hail Mary is recited, it is just in the later ones of the Our Father.
  • After that, the glory is recited on the following accounts.
  • After that, they talk about the first mystery of the rosary that day and then an Our Father is recited.
  • On each tenth following small bead, a Hail Mary is recited and then a mystery reflection is spoken.
  • Then he goes on to talk about the glory after reciting ten Hail Marys, it is recommended to recite the Fatima prayer.
  • The decades following this one are recited with their mysteries and our fathers, in addition ten Hail Marys and a glory are included in addition to mysteries.
  • After the fifth mystery, the rosary must end with a litany and a hail queen.

There are other types of prayers that are generated according to the meditation that allows them to pray and pray and motivate other prayers. It is in this way that the missionary rosary is added, as well as the family rosary, the rosary for life, the Lenten meditation and the one used for the deceased.

The prayer of the rosary has an evolutionary development, from 1200 years in Christian history. Each country under its culture has been adapting prayers, generating new ways according to its idiosyncrasies, which is why the way of praying varies.

An example of this is the rosary of Guadalupe and the rosary of divine mercy that are used in several areas of Latin America, however in other areas of the world it is not considered known.

The fifteen promises of the Virgin Mary

For the Catholic Church there are fifteen promises that focus on Blessed Alano de la Roca. These declare to receive the Virgin Mary who focus on the devout prayer of the rosary.

This is because Alano de la Roca restored devotion to the practice of praying the rosary. This was taught by Saint Dominic de Guzmán, the promises are as follows:

  • Whoever prays the rosary every day will be graced by any order they make.
  • Protection and great blessings for those who devoutly pray the rosary.
  • The rosary becomes a defense shield against the power that hell has in the world, which allows you not to fall into vices, sins and heresies.
  •  The rosary will highlight your virtues and allow divine mercy and substitution of the heart of man and direct love to the Lord. It also generates celestial and eternal elements that bless and purify the soul.
  • Those souls who stand out for using the rosary will not perish.
  • Those who pray the mysteries will not be oppressed and will die under the blessing of God. Free from sin and blessed under the grace of the Lord and admitted to the eternal life of the kingdom of God.
  • Those who are truly devout will be protected from an unaided death proper to the church.
  • The devotees will have light and divine fullness.
  • They will soon be released from purgatory and their devoted souls will reach the kingdom of God in a hurry.
  • The true children of God, devoted to the rosary, will receive the joy of heaven and the glory of God.
  • When you ask for something through the rosary, it will be fulfilled.
  • All devotees will be helped.
  • Those who pray the rosary will have a full life and death.
  • Those who pray the rosary are children of God and love each other for him.
  • They will receive the glory of a full life, those who believe and pray under the rosary.

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