Isabella Bastos Nogueira: portraits of a kind woman

That night, the last day of January, waiting for February that comes tomorrow, poetry with its wings comes to affectionately caress the flowers and green leaves of Pedro Ramos square in the city of Bananal-SP. It came quickly to my house and landed on me too, and I write on a letterhead what she brought back in my memories.
Close to the square, on the corner of Ernani Graça street, next to the mansion of her maternal grandmother Maria Gertrudes Bastos, lives the nurse Isabella Bastos Nogueira, esteemed and dear to the population, affectionately known as Isabella Dominada.

Daughter of professor Luiza Helena de Almeida Bastos and businessman Carlos Eduardo Reis Nogueira. Granddaughter of bailiff Rodolfo Valentim Bastos, who unfortunately Isabella didn’t meet. Great-great-granddaughter of the Visconde de São Laurindo who was one of the chief bastions and commander of Bananal, Isabella was born on May 4, 1983, coming to the world to fulfill a beautiful trajectory of love for others in our dear city.

Isabella Bastos Nogueira is married to businessman Jonathan Dolher Cabral. Parents of the firstborn Pedro Henrique Bastos Nogueira Cabral, the model Luiza Bastos Nogueira Cabral and the youngest João Gabriel Bastos Nogueira Cabral. 

Gifted with a tenacity of love and affection, Isabella, a love of person that overflows for many the kindness and her love. The word Isabella, which comes from Hebrew origin and which means “Caste”, is exactly what it said in the Roman dictionary: caste, the one who covers everyone at the same time with her love.

She is a professional in the field of nursing, attended college (UNIARARAS) in the city of Araras-SP, for 5 years, was moved by the need to overflow love to inspire and expand her radius of affection for the most needy in health.
A human being extremely concerned with helping the needy, the less favored, Isabella, provides undeniable service to the municipality through nursing and the health department in which she also works. 

And what I love most about Isabella is that her desire to serve others never diminishes, her humility cannot be compared to any other, which is unique and beautiful, quite the opposite.

Have you ever seen a female warrior in action? The word “difficult” means nothing to her, says Guimarães Rosa. I confess to you that Isabella Bastos has led me to the source of love, hope and courage, so essential to humanity today. That is why I write and salute the Bananalense woman who, upon coming to this world in 1983, could not imagine that for her entire life she would mine her delicacy and love for her entire life through nursing!

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