What happens spiritually when two people make love?

What happens spiritually when two people make love?

A lot of people wonder what really happens spiritually when two people make love, do you know the meaning? 

The act is questioned as to whether it is nothing more than a pleasant moment for people or presents something special. 

Being with someone, even if there is no sexual contact, already implies a connection of energies, so when they make love there is an event. 

It is important to seek to understand what happens during this moment, in order to make it special and to know how much it can influence your life. 

Making love to someone must also be understood as an exchange of energies, as a matter that also involves spiritual matters. 

Is there a mixing of energy when two people make love?

Faced with the numerous issues that involve spirituality in the act of making love, it is about the mixture of energies. 

It’s not uncommon to feel really good or even really bad after being intimate with someone. 

Because of this, you begin to reflect on whether being with this person can have anything to do with the way you feel if it is the result of a mixture of your energies. 

What happens is not necessarily a mixture, but rather an exchange of the partners’ energies

By being with the other person, a connection is created through the moment of love, exchanging energy between you. 

In this way, much of what is in you pass to the other and vice versa. 

This exchange involves both the positive things that are in the person and the negative, their tensions and difficulties. 

What happens spiritually when two people make love?

Understanding lovemaking through a spiritual notion is knowing that it creates a connection between the parties. 

Unlike what happens on a physical level, where it is possible to protect yourself from possible diseases, spiritually it becomes more difficult. 

Being with someone puts you in direct contact with their energies and making love provides an exchange, leaving a little bit of yourself in the other. 

It is not something that can be considered simply when considered from this point of view. 

Making love for someone involves a strong spiritual bond, which can result in something positive or negative for those involved. 

The exchange of energies is manifested during the act, causing your spiritual harmony to be balanced by what you receive from the other. 

Therefore, being with someone with whom you have a harmonious relationship and who has a similar spiritual energy to yours tends to be positive. 

That way, as much as there is an exchange, nothing negative or difficult to balance will affect you. 

The connection will occur, resulting in an exchange of spiritual energies, but in a pleasant way for both parties. 

Can my energy be sucked into someone else when making love? 

Making love to someone with an energy similar to yours results in a positive way, as it favours the balance of what is happening spiritually. 

On the other hand, when the other’s energies are focused on tension, negativity, and aspects that can be bad, it also affects you. 

In this sense, we can understand that even if your energy is not being sucked on purpose, it ends up being quite affected. 

Making love to someone will result in you exchanging energy with that person and therefore much of what is in you will pass on to the other person. 

And the other person’s energies come to you, causing an imbalance in your spiritual matters. 

If you give out positive energy, but in return you only receive tension, you tend to really feel drained. 

With that, the act of making love ends up ceasing to be something positive to harm you, as it results in a spiritual loss. 

It’s not easy to keep your energies in balance, because we are constantly making this exchange, being affected by environments and people. 

However, these situations cannot affect the same intensity as making love, given the closeness and connection that is made at that moment. 

So, in a way, we can understand that it is possible to have your energy sucked by the other during lovemaking. 

Not because it wants to harm you, but because the spiritual exchange that takes place only favours you, since there is no positive energy for the exchange to be good for both sides. 

Summarizing the energy exchange between two people

Energy exchange is a very powerful thing and it has a strong power to affect the way you feel. 

All the time we are faced with the possibility of being affected by the energy of other people and the places we are. 

For this reason , we feel that some people and environments are good for us , while others make us want to get away as quickly as possible. 

This is because of this exchange, the moment when you leave a little bit of yourself, but you also receive something in return. 

When two people happen to make love, this exchange becomes even easier and more important, given the connection that occurs at that moment. 

In this way, in the face of a spiritual understanding, making love involves much more than being with another person and having a physically pleasant time. 

Making love represents an exchange of spiritual energy, leaving a little of you with the other and receiving what he has to leave in return. 

I truly hope you already know for sure what happens spiritually when two people are making love.

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