How Do I Check My Starbucks Work Schedule? {Complete Guide

Check My Starbucks Work Schedule? {Complete Guide}

There is no doubt that there obviously some great perks for Starbucks’ employees. They offer a wide range of things from paid education to PTO that make Starbucks earn a great reputation among its employees.

With that being said, the new employees at Starbucks Partner Hours can still have a hard time understanding how to use the Teamworks website and how to check their Starbucks work schedule for the week. So to the question How do I check my Starbucks Work Schedule, the answer is actually really easy.



How Do I Check My Starbucks Work Schedule?

Starbucks has now offered an easy way for its employees to check their work schedules. They can do so easily from Starbucks’ mobile app by the name Teamworks, which the Starbucks employees call simply Starbucks Teamworks. This is a cloud-based application that offers management services like time and attendance of the employees.

Today we will be taking a look at this Starbucks Team works app and tell you in detail what it truly is, how it works, how one can use it and where one can download it from. We will also be checking out another service of Starbucks; the Starbucks MPI, which is an information portal. We will be telling you how to use this portal to access it, view it, and edit your employee’s personal information.

Starbucks Teamworks App; What is it?

Starbucks Teamworks is the scheduling application. This app was designed to be used on all kinds of smart systems such as laptops, personal computers, and smartphones. The app was introduced for improving the work schedules as well as to allow the managers to have assistance in allocating and monitoring the shifts of various staff members.

This app also allows the Starbucks partners like Managers, Shifts, and Baristas to have an effective means of communication with one another during working hours.

One feature of the app is called the Absence Tracking Calendar form where managers can view the Time-Off requests from the employees. This is a helpful way of gaining quick insights into the upcoming leaves of the employees. This allows for the leaders of the store to make well-informed decisions related to employees’ time-offs.

Starbucks employees can easily download the Starbucks Teamworks to any kind of OS Smartphone. Once done, they can view their work schedules and also clock in & out of their shifts.

How does one install the Starbucks Teamworks App?

The Intelligence Hub app can be downloaded by any Starbucks employee from Google Play or Apple Play Store. If not, they can simply log in to the Sawbucks Online Portal. Once there, simply Enter your Username and the relevant personal details like Employee Identification. These details will be provided to an employee from Starbucks.
Once the profile is accessed, users will be able to see the salient features like the following.

  • Schedule Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Ability to pinpoint appointments, deadlines, and tasks
  • Discount information
  • Offers for Employees
  • Edit Profile feature
  • Employee Personal information availability
  • The dashboard for the app is quite simple and it can be accessed with ease with just a smartphone or likewise devices from anywhere.

How Do I Update My Starbucks Availability?

For an employee wishing to Edit their Availability or other Personal Details for their Starbucks Work Schedules, they can do so easily from Starbucks Teamworks.

The first thing to do is to Open the app and hover at the place where the Profile Name is. Afterwards, click on the option My Availability. Now use the calendar tool for editing any preference that needs changing.

One thing to remember is to always save the Edits. A piece of advice from Starbucks employees; when updating the availability, there is a waiting period between when you submit the edit and the time when the edits are approved. So, yes, it is important to wait until the process completes and a prompt is given.

Complaints have been made by Starbucks employees when they try to update their availability information in this manner. So, do not be flustered if you get stuck in a rut on the app because others have also been. Most problems that employees encounter are navigating through the technology of this system.

Like all problems, Employees have also come up with their own ways to deal with various problems.

  • Asking the manager to help them with the process
  • Asking teammates to tell them how to better use the system
  • Watching demonstrations of the app processes on YouTube
  • Reading the discussion panels like on Reddit
  • Offering Feedback to the Starbucks Teamworks app

How Do I Check My Sick Hours For Starbucks?

How Do I Check My Sick Hours For Starbucks?

In order to check the accrued suck leaves for the Starbucks employee, it can be done through the Starbucks MPI (My Personal info) portal. The MPI portal is quite different in working as compared to Starbucks Teamworks.
The online MPI portal allows employees to view their personal information. By watching the Starbucks Employee Benefits Schedule, you can see the details of all the benefits that you as an employee are entitled to.

All Starbucks employees are given the option for Accrued Sick Leave as well as have 1 Accrued sick hour for every 30 hours they worked. One can make use of this sick time as soon it is available in their MPI.

While there is no maximum for accrued sick time, Starbucks still stipulates that an employee can only take around 520 hours of sick time in 1 year.

For accessing the MPI portal, employee needs to set up their account and also maintain security at their own risk related to their personal information. Once the account is made, an employee can easily view their accrued sick time hours.

  1. What Other Information Is In My Partner Info (MPI)?
  2. The MPI portal offers the following data on an employee’s account.
  3. Sick and Vacation leave benefits
  4. Time off
  5. Statements for pay
  6. Details for Tax withholding
  7. Eligibility for benefits
  8. Absence hours’ leave
  9. Mailing address
  10. Email address


It is important for the employees to keep the personal information on their MPI accounts up to date. The MPI portal can be accessed from the mobile phone but to make changes on the MPI account, you need to use the Starbucks device. While there are many problems in navigating through the MPI system, the best way to fix it is to ask the other employees at your establishment or gather info from online sources.