Petition prayer to the Holy Spirit for a desperate situation

Petition prayer to the Holy Spirit for a desperate situation

Prayer of petition is an interesting prayer that many believers use to solve situations of any kind, especially when they are in a state of desperation, we see how it is done and what its composition is through this article.

Petition Prayer

Many faithful use the prayer of petition, dedicated to the Holy Spirit in order to solve adverse situations, when they are in a very difficult state to resolve, most human beings fall into despair when an event or action happens that goes out of regular or expected parameters.

For that there is the development of the virtues that God provides us, in order to have the tools and be able to seek tranquility and peace, the prayer of petition to the Holy Spirit is one of those weapons that spirituality and especially Catholicism grants to get ahead.

What is the meaning of the prayer of petition?

The greatest example that a believer can have to make a prayer is Jesus, he always prayed in the form of a request, but sometimes we ask ourselves, “does God really need us to ask him?”, he is always willing to grant us what we ask for.

Matthew establishes something regarding the prayer of petition:

“When praying, do not lose yourselves in words as the pagans do, believing that God will listen to them because they talk a lot. Your Father already knows what you need before you ask him for it.” 

Every Catholic must really understand why they can request something from God and much more if it is through a prayer, looking for the meaning of prayer to ask for an urgent miracle allows us to really know the cause of our real problems, it is important to know that God never goes to be molding to our needs, we are the ones who must change.

Many scholars of religion and theology consider that the prayer of petition should be eliminated once and for all, they establish that it makes no sense to be constantly asking God when we are really receiving from him without realizing it.

Understanding the processes of God is complicated, knowing our spiritual capacities can sometimes lead to not necessarily praying, knowing the virtues can mean that we can solve adversities by our own means.

And it is not that God does not take part, but the real meaning of all this results in knowing that God is always granting us divine grace, goodness and love, which are the strongest tools that a human being has to get ahead.

However, we must consider that prayer has a power that few imagine, the meaning of its prayer is fundamentally to establish the spiritual strength that allows us to solve the most difficult problems.

Prayer is more important than petition

One thing complements the other, the petition prayer itself, becomes an instrument of spiritual energy, which helps many faithful to obtain the solution to their problems, the petition represents an additional element that complements it.

Despite establishing in some way the number of believers who daily make the prayer requesting the Holy Spirit, it does not mean that they are wasting their time, taking into account the spiritual need exceeds material deficiencies in many aspects.

Prayer makes sense when the request really has a sense of faith, of simplicity and the way that Jesus taught the apostles to manifest it throughout the world, that root of the prayer of request, allows us to appreciate its true meaning in order to make it .

When we pray, we are showing that we are impatient beings and we have already overflowed the limit, we decide to trust God in order to regain grace and lost spiritual power, this helps in some way to think about how to solve the problem .

Sometimes and it is very remarkable to observe that the request is above the meaning of prayer, in people who really lack faith, to ask God it is first necessary to have the hope that his presence and existence is the most important, for many it is more important to give thanks and praise to him than to be soliciting petitions without any sign of good faith.

The request does not have a necessary sense of lack, but is based on the needs of each person, the request must become an act of humility, gratitude and trust, Jesus taught his word for many years and it seems that his request is still incomprehensible. message, it is faith, hope and goodness that allow us to obtain the true grace of God and the path to truth.

God doesn’t change

To think that God is obliged to listen to man and to be able to bow down to please some requests, is to consider and underestimate the immense power and Divine spiritual value that the Supreme Being possesses.

Prayer is not an instrument for God through a magic wand to grant us what we want, nor is it there just to listen to our whims, the presence of God is totally different from the way in which many have personified it.

The prayer of petition establishes the maintenance of God as the supreme being, one must pray for God to be God and not for him to change. God grants mercy, eternal life, goodness, peace and love. The prayer of petition is based on this, in promoting and connecting spiritual feelings with the thinking being.

In this way we will obtain the strength to be able to face the adversities that every man suffers in his life, God must be welcomed and received in the heart, when someone thinks that he is alone, it is really an absence of God, because philosophically loneliness does not exists, God is always by our side.

The prayer of petition allows believers to transform their spirit, their behavior, their thoughts and their actions, these tools are given by the creator from birth, man must discover and use them.

Praying allows opening the channel to convert the inner being of each person, into a lethal weapon to overcome problems, getting them is the function of every believer. God always provides and at all times he is granting us grace, when we do what he asks of us, so the most important thing for him is that we can learn all the virtues from him.

Mutual Petition Prayer

When you ask God you are also making requests to help others, praying for others and with others is an act of nobility and goodness that God receives with great grace, the operation of request does not require God to try to be good with that person, we are asking for light and kindness that allows us to reach their heart.

If God is asked for another person, prayer allows us to unite both in communion, in this way we are expressing solidarity, and indirectly, we are being a part of God towards that person, the human relationship is strengthened when two people pray for one same cause.

In some other religious currents, they call it transmission of spiritual energy, Catholics establish this relationship as a mutual contact with God, it is called the intersection 

Interceding is really established as an action of human transformation that uses the spiritual tools of God to do good and help others, each one must understand that faith really has the power to grant and modify realities. That is how Jesus acted.

take care of each person

The care of each human being with respect to himself and others is a natural action of God that the Church constantly encourages, the prayer of petition demands that relationship of help where each person is obliged to spiritually care for those around him.

Although God cares for every human being and living thing on the planet, Jesus set an example where he said the following:

“Look at the birds in the sky; they neither sow nor reap nor gather in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Isn’t a couple of birds sold for very little money? And yet, not one of them falls to the ground without your Father’s permission. As for you, even the hairs on your head are numbered. Fear not, you are worth more than all the birds.”

One of the most important messages of Jesus is to emphasize the love of God towards each human being, towards each existing creature on the planet, and constantly establishes constants with shepherds to gather flocks and pick up those who are lost.

How to make the petition prayer

Of course, to pray to the Holy Spirit, mainly the faithful have some kind of very complicated adversity and seek God’s goodness as soon as possible, however these powerful prayers must be done very calmly and without despair.

The following prayer is one of the most recommended to obtain benefits towards the Holy Spirit, select a quiet place, without anyone being able to disturb you for a few minutes and try to concentrate on faith and focused on the situation.

“I believe in only one God, in Abba, as Jesus believed. I believe that the Almighty creator of heaven and earth is like my mother and I can trust him. I believe it because that is how I have seen it in Jesus, that he felt himself to be a Son. I think that Abba is not far but close, next to me, inside me, I think I feel his breath like a soft breeze that encourages me and makes it easier for me to walk. ”

“I believe that Jesus, even more than a man, is Envoy, Messenger. I think his words are Abba’s words. I think his actions are Abba’s messages. I think I can call Jesus the Word present among us. I only believe in one God, who is Father, Word and Wind because I believe in Jesus, the Son the man filled with the Spirit of Abba, Amen.”

Perform it three times a week and conclude by praying an Our Father and a Hail Mary.

Prayer for difficult requests

Next we will describe how to make a prayer to face difficult situations, the Holy Spirit grants grace depending on the faith and hope in which this prayer can be made, let’s see:

“Holy Spirit, divine Spirit, today, I come to your arms for your help, so that you help me in the difficult circumstances in which I find myself, which for me become impossible to carry out, I deposit all my faith and hope in you, and I trust that you will listen to my pleas, and you will give me a prompt solution to my problems, I ask you, give me the blessing to achieve what I need.” (Request is made)

“Holy Spirit, I love you and I bless you, infinite consolation of God and Jesus, full of virtues and gifts, heal me in these complicated situations, illuminate and trace a path in my life, bless me today, tomorrow and always, and I will glorify you and I will thank you forever.”

“Come to us, Holy Spirit, surround yourself with our people, be their light, their strength, their consolation, their impenetrable defense, protect them, fill their hearts with joy, and burn the bad feelings in their hearts, so that only the flames dwell. of your love, your passion and your healing power.”

“Give me the help I need, give me your miraculous hand, and so I can achieve what I set out to do, because you and the Almighty Lord are one. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Alternate Petition Prayer

As an alternative to the previous prayer, the following can be used. It is suggested to do it three times a day for three days, if the request is urgent, do it for nine consecutive days. Says so:

“Jesus Christ, you who are the philosophy of walking life, you are the universal truth, illumination, you are our path to travel, Lord, dear Jesus, who said: Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be given to you. It will open to you, through the intervention of the Most Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary, I request, I find, I beg with great faith and confidence that you give me what I have been desperately seeking for a long time” (the petition is mentioned)

“Oh, Jesus Christ, you who are the only begotten of our creator God, you who are the justification of God in the world, you are the God among the multitude, Jesus, King of Kings, who said: Whatever you ask of the father in my name will be conceived through the intervention of your Most Holy Mother, Mary, with my heart in hand and my simple soul

“I ask your heavenly Father with great faith in your name so that you fulfill my request that is almost unattainable to obtain by my weak hands (Your request is repeated again).

“Oh Jesus Christ, who said: Come, follow me, be my faithful companion and be my map and compass to guide me on the path I have taken to go with God and let me learn to always be together with my brothers. So be it. Amen.”

Three Hail Marys, three Glories and three Our Fathers should be prayed.

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