Symptoms of Spiritual Illnesses and Remedies

Symptoms of Spiritual Illnesses and Remedies

Spiritual Illnesses are all those thoughts and actions that harden our hearts and move us away from the path of God, for example, being selfish, envying the goods of others, giving with the intention of receiving something in return, calling ourselves “spiritual teachers”, among others. others.

Spiritual illnesses

Spiritual Illnesses are those vices or capital sins to which the human being is vulnerable, making us feel incapable, destroying our spirits and forming a shell in our hearts, the consequences of this? A weakening of our faith and a departure from the path and example of God.

In fact, some people die spiritually, even though they are still physically on this plane. Not even believing brothers, parents or religious are exempt from it and may be tempted to give in to these Spiritual Illnesses .

Perhaps, some time ago you had a medical check-up, you have even resorted to the help of a professional, a psychologist for example, however, no one has been able to give you an answer about what calms you down, so you wonder what is it that happens to me? Is there another reason why I feel sick?

Let us then consider a third option, could it be a spiritual problem? Probably yes! We must keep in mind that one thing is the physical and the emotional, and another very different is the spiritual. An example of Spiritual Illnesses can be found in Matthew 9:32, where Jesus expelled a demon from the body of a dumb man and then he spoke.

Illnesses could then be classified as: physical and psychosomatic. Some, of course, are of organic origin (and it is extremely common), but also, some diseases have their origin in the soul, that is, the soul affects the body, hence the origin of its name: Spiritual Diseases .

There are people who suffer from migraines, gastrointestinal conditions, heart problems and of any other nature, however, doctors are unable to find an answer from the “physical = organic” point of view, it is at this point, where we can then think that I could rather it is about some Spiritual Illnesses.

The stress, the anxiety that problems generate in us can also be a cause of illness, but there are also other types of illnesses, those of demonic origin.

The human being is composed of three great elements: body, soul and spirit. The soul and the spirit, contrary to what many people think, are not synonyms.

The Spirit is the principle of the life of the human being, it is, where it receives everything that is the moral conscience, which gives existence and purpose to the soul, and in turn, the soul, is that which gives meaning and purpose to our Body.

What can be the causes of Spiritual Illnesses ? Let’s see it with an example. Imagine that our body is like a computer.

So, the spirit would be the equivalent of a computer hard drive. When the demon arrives (like a virus) to control certain areas of the spirit (hard drive) it somatizes in some areas of the body and this can then transform into a disease of spiritual origin.

The next question would be: How can a demon have an impact on our body? One of the biggest cause or “open door” for this is leading a sinful life. People who live is not freedom but in debauchery, going left and right and giving in to their desires and instincts.

People with this lifestyle are the most exposed to demons taking control of their lives. For example, disbelief is a very serious sin, since it is practically calling God a liar, and of course, not believing in him, and giving credit to satan.

Spiritual Illnesses greatly affect their believers, weakening their faith, and preventing them from enjoying an abundant life, maintaining a stable job, or being happy.

Luke 7:14 shows us the death of a young man, to whom Jesus commands Get up! And then it comes back to life. Her death caused her mother great pain, but later, when she came back to life, she filled her with the greatest joy.

Proverbs 24:16 gives us another example, telling us that even though we make a thousand mistakes, God is willing to forgive us, even when we are unable to forgive ourselves. Let us not doubt God, because he is merciful and just, and he will always plead for our forgiveness.

If despite having had one or more medical check-ups, psychological support, among others, and you cannot obtain a “scientific” answer, then repent, ask God for forgiveness for your sins and believe that the blood of Christ has power. When you do, the sin will be removed and the holy spirit can work not only spiritual and mental healing, but physical healing as well.

Diseases of the Soul

As we mentioned before, Spiritual Illnesses have their origin in the soul, and are controlled by the very demons, that is why it is fair and necessary to learn to heal ourselves from them, in order to then be able to live as true children of God.

There are Christians who die from Spiritual Illnesses that come to them and lead them to a slow death, there are other Christians who die from accidents. These “accidents” are traps of the devil and occur due to negligence, since the word tells us that we must be vigilant so as not to fall into the temptations of the devil (Matthew 26:41; 1 Peter 5:8 and 9).

In these modern times, we can see how many people are dying spiritually, while others suffer the aftermath of these, having permanent damage, preventing them from returning to what they were.

There are Christians who mistakenly think that because they pray and fast they do not have to watch. Jesus was very specific when he told us; “Pray and watch”, and if we do not do it, we are exposed and vulnerable to falling into one of the different Spiritual Illnesses .

As Christians, we must keep in communion with God and watch, but watch over whom? To the devil and to the flesh, because the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, and can betray us when we least expect it.

If at any time we suffer an “accident” because we give free rein to the temptations of the evil one, then our duty as Christians is to ask God for forgiveness for our sins and repent from the heart.

Christians who do not seek help and healing in the word slowly die of the spirit. There is no better medicine than the word of God to heal any wound, so why not seek it when we need it? Do we fear that God is “upset” with us because we have sinned?

Let us remember that God is kind, merciful and just, and will always, no matter the circumstance, be willing to forgive us.

Unfortunately, many get sick with spiritual illnesses that are not supposed to “affect them” but the evil one does his job and erases the word from their minds. God warns us through the word of these diseases so that we do not contaminate ourselves, therefore, it is important to keep ourselves in constant reading of the word of the Lord.

Others simply do not dare to say “no” to those who want to contaminate them, and this is also a way of giving in and infecting us with spiritual illnesses .

Some spiritual diseases that cause spiritual death are:


This disease affects the tongue, hearing and sight and is highly contagious and dangerous. People infected with this disease are those who talk about Raimundo and the whole world, his tongue becomes as deadly as the venom of a snake, and they begin to see the world and perceive others differently.

The Holy Bible, in Corinthians 10:1-10 recommends that we take care of these and other spiritual diseases that cause us death, but how do we take care of ourselves? Eating and drinking from the spiritual rock that is God and his word.


Today, idolatry is one of the spiritual illnesses that has multiplied the most, and many have given their hearts to it, that is, to error, to lies. Jesus told us: “You should know the truth, and the truth about me”, but if I believe in the lie, the lie enslaves me.

Feel Indispensable

How many people don’t act like they’re the center of the universe? Nobody is essential. As human beings we are simply children and servants of God. We are not here to heal or save others, this is a job that only God can and must do. Our duty as human beings and Christians is to be humble, to be fearful of God, to follow his example and to implore the forgiveness of our sins.

the wizardry

Today new fields have been opened through sorcery and the occult. When a person gets involved in it, it is because they have been the victim of a disease of demonic origin, and in some cases, the body manages to somatize this demonic manifestation and instead of seeking God, they say “I’m going to get clean.” ” to supposedly exorcise demons.

God is the only one who has the power to set us free. Recalling the example of when Jesus exorcised the mute man and he was able to speak again, he was accused by the Pharisees of being an “exorcist”, and in reality, exorcism is something very different, it is a diabolical esoteric practice.

Spiritually ignorant and unbelieving people commit the sin of comparing God to an impostor, blaspheme absurd things like “God does not exist” and detract from his miracles and works by comparing it to “witchcraft”.


Bitterness is a deep feeling of pain, sorrow or unpleasantness that we can suffer as people as a result of a circumstance that changes our lives: the death of a loved one or the feeling of having failed in some activity, cause or stated objective, are usually some clear examples of why this low feeling is unleashed.

Excessive Activity

We know that today’s routine has forced us to feel that we must do everything at the same time. We are constantly looking for ways to generate income because we have bills to pay or families to support, but within all this madness that seems to never stop and becomes a vicious circle, it is also important to take a break.

Make a break that allows us to dedicate time to God, talk with him and ask him to enlighten us to achieve our mission in life without so many difficulties, without feeling that our life is going to work to pay, eat and have things, but in really enjoy our life as he wants.

Hardened Heart

We can identify if our heart has hardened when we listen to the word of God and ignore it, it does not seem important to us and we only think and act from selfishness, seeking our own benefit. When we do not care what happens to him or the needs that our brothers may have, we can be sure that our hearts have hardened.

lose your own history

The evil one will always find a way for us to forget the word of God, stop listening to him or interpret things as they are not. The only way to combat spiritual diseases is to return to our essence, reconnecting with God and hearing (and practicing) his word again.

Select Groups

Within spiritual diseases, the “select groups” have become one of the favorite options of those who are lost and stray from God’s path. Obviously, they are seduced by the feeling of “belonging to” and “being important”. When belonging to a group is stronger than the need to belong to God, then we should check ourselves.

Not looking for God

Doing good is wanting to please God and glorify him. God’s way is to be and act through love. Help others selflessly and not from the need to “be seen” or “recognized” for it. We seek God when we are obedient, we pray, we are loving and we do not seek to be proud or “perfect”.

love if we are good

Praying to God and thanking him when everything is fine is very simple, but why don’t we act in the same way when everything goes wrong, when there are difficulties or we feel abandoned by him? This is not a genuine sign of our love and devotion for God, on the contrary, it is the clearest way to show that we seek him out of interest and that we say we believe in him but only when certain conditions apply, in this case, when everything is happiness. and harmony.

Division between life and faith

This point is closely related to the previous one, it is part of playing or “believing” only when certain conditions apply. It is being in the good times, but getting upset and throwing tantrums when God puts us to the test. If your faith falters then really, you are not a believer. Faith is believing always, not for a while.

With God and money

That our only objective in life is only to accumulate goods is a clear sign that we are not on God’s path. Worse still is when we seek to obtain this money through religion and the genuine faith of others. Believe it or not, this will only make your path steeper.

The wrath

When we talk about anger we refer to the “fury” or “violence” that we unleash in a moment of uncontrollable rage. Experts point out that it is important to be able to keep this “controlled” feeling, letting off steam with sports, recreational activities or any other that allows us to return to our being and return to stillness.

The sadness

Sadness is one of the most common spiritual illnesses , and in fact, it is inevitable to feel on some occasions throughout our lives. Sadness, although from a negative point of view, can affect our self-esteem with painful thoughts such as “I deserve this”, “I am not enough for…, I am a failure, and many others, too, have a positive perspective.

For example, the movie “Inside Out”, we see how although Joy is vital, sadness is also vital, because it allows us to look back and realize that we are lucky despite the difficult times: we have a family, we are healthy , we are alive, we have food, a roof, and a thousand more reasons for which to give thanks to our Lord God.

Resentments in the hearts of the Children

Many children and young people suffer the worst consequences of their parents’ arguments or a divorce. Being so young and not even able to understand their own feelings, they are filled with anger and resentment when they ask for something and do not get it.

These grudges that accumulate can bring with them very serious consequences such as a moment of anger in which they say harsh words to their parents that they really do not mean, pictures of severe depression, and even fantasies or the execution of a premeditated murder. their parents or any other person who reminds them of them and ends up losing their life, that is why we must pay special attention to our children and ask them how they feel?

emotional abuse

There is no greater wound that marks us for life than emotional abuse. Sometimes we say “a blow hurts”, and it is true, but a blow is something physical and will heal at some point, but an emotional wound remains forever. For example, a person who burns a child. The wounds will even partially or completely heal, however, that child will never forget the unpleasant experience, how he felt or feels again every time he looks at the wounds.

Actually, this is one of the most common spiritual illnesses and sometimes, it seems that it is something “normal”. Calling a child “fool”, humiliating him, constantly telling him that “he is not good for this or that”, are ways of hurting too, and violence only generates more violence, and in some cases, this abuse can cause the victim to continue his path as a victimizer, or from abused to abuser.

illicit sexual act

When we talk about illicit sexual acts we mean two things: prostitution and adultery. Both corrupt our soul, kill us slowly and leave deep wounds. Guilt and shame for those who execute it, and anger, frustration, betrayal, for those who receive it.

A curious fact: The word adultery comes from the word “adulterium”, and in turn, from the word “adulterare”, which can be translated as “contaminate something”, “corrupt it” or “change its essence”.

Physiologically based spiritual diseases

Maintaining a body-mind balance is vital to enjoy an optimal life and they are the foundations that constitute the spiritual life. To maintain this balance there is no better tool and medicine than the Holy Bible, because even if we don’t believe it, we have a lot to learn from it.

The Bible is considered in addition to a sacred book, a “book of life”, it is the most extensive and detailed guide that will allow us to face any problem following the example, the path and being obedient to the word of the Lord.

Although it is evident that the Bible was not written with the intention of providing us with guidance regarding physical illnesses, we cannot deny that it contains very useful and accurate information on this subject, so let’s not close ourselves to look at it and read it carefully and detail.

An example of this is found in Psalm 139:13-16 where the psalmist thanks God for every perfect detail thought of in the magnificent work of his creation.

Also, it emphasizes the prevention and preservation of our health. An example of this can be found in chapter 11 of Leviticus, which refers to the transmission of diseases by mosquitoes, rodents or contaminated water. Leviticus 11:13-20 is another example, in its verses, we can find a list of animals that we should not consume because they are considered by God as “disgusting”.

It is no secret to anyone that performing physical activity, including or maintaining healthy eating habits are vital to enjoy good health, and the Bible also emphasizes the importance of this. 1 Timothy 4:8 tells us that the practice of physical activity is, in fact, a way to demonstrate our devotion to God and “tell him” in some way, I am here for you, healthy, in this life and in the ones to come. by your side and in your kingdom.

The Bible is a book that is ahead of its time, both in medical matters and in other topics that we have witnessed in these current times. The Bible recognizes and highlights the importance of various psychosomatic elements of some diseases, long before these were accepted by the medical community, so the scriptures contained in it continue to be a guide to prevent physical diseases.

It is important to highlight then that we must maintain our preventive medical check-ups, but also always accompany them with Prayer, moments of reflection, or the inclusion of healthy habits that then allow us to enjoy a healthy and balanced life (body-mind-soul).

It has been determined that spirituality and a better quality of life are related and it is a fact mentioned by experts. According to Ross, spirituality, the fervent desire to live, and faith in God can significantly influence a person’s recovery.

Also, it has been mentioned that any path that leads us to spiritual growth and finally to an encounter with God, allows people to find meaning in their lives, and can even have a very positive influence on people with terminal illnesses, lengthening his life, or rather, improving the quality of those last days.

Spirituality can be that path in which many people can begin to understand themselves better, understand the value they have not only as individuals, but within society, and reduce the high rates of suicide, depression, or anxieties.

Illnesses of the spiritual life of psychological implication

Life, spirituality and psychology, an interesting combination of words. We have already mentioned on several occasions that spiritual diseases undoubtedly affect the spirit, but there is a subject that we had not delved into: the mind.

Every physical or spiritual illness has an emotional connotation. Let’s see it more graphically with an example. Let us imagine that there is a person who is constantly carried away by anger, despair, anguish because he does not have enough money, does a thousand things at once and rarely takes time to rest, stop and talk to God. Not an encouraging scenario, right?

That anguish and need to want to do everything and never stop at any point will have consequences, how what? Migraines, low performance in what you do, significant physical and mental wear, premature aging, among others. These “consequences” are the body’s way of telling us “stop!” “We can’t go on like this.”

Now, another example. Cancer, for example, can occur in people with high degrees of anger, grudges accumulated throughout their lives, pride, believing that they are better than others… why? Once again, the body somatizes various emotions in our body.

And this is what happens with the different emotions that we can have. For this reason, learning to lead a balanced life, although it is not easy in these current times, is possible if we decide to include activities that allow us to relax, talk with God, connect with ourselves and have moments of clarity, which lead us to that state. “Zen”.

For example, activities such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness (living in the here and now), tai chi, pilates, will allow us to return to our center, quiet our thoughts, or have a moment of stillness to talk with God and thank you for all your blessings. So, the key words here are: Quiet the mind and learn to manage our emotions.

Capitals sins

Capital sins distance man from God and lead him to the death of the spirit. According to Christian teachings and beliefs, there are seven deadly sins: Pride or arrogance, envy / jealousy, greed, anger, lust, gluttony and sloth.

What does the Bible tell us about deadly sins?

Pride or Arrogance

The Bible clearly tells us that God does not like pride or arrogance, because this is showing ourselves arrogant, having an attitude towards others of “I am the best”, or believing that the world revolves around us.

God wants us to be humble and show appreciation to our neighbors and brothers. There is no greater example of humility than the one that Jesus gave us when he gave his life and died on the cross to save us, so the least we can do to thank him and glorify him is to follow his example and remain humble despite our knowledge, titles or success.

Envy / Jealousy

Let’s go by parts. Envy is that feeling of wanting what belongs to others. And jealousy is believing that others belong to us. Where there is envy, there are arguments and discord. Sometimes, seeing others succeed is a reason to “feel less”, or want to be as or more “recognized” than that person, then we begin to act maliciously and even without measuring the consequences. Envy is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous spiritual illnesses .

On the other hand, jealousy makes us see things where there are none, in other words, they make us lose perspective and show us distorted realities. Jealousy can occur in both friendship and romantic relationships.

In both cases, the person who feels jealous desperately wants to control this friend or their partner, and the relationship becomes tense, where claims (also unfounded) are the dish of the day; We can manage these feelings better when we enjoy the grace of the Holy Spirit. When this happens, the happiness and achievements of others are also ours.


God always provides us with everything we need, however, our human nature, in some cases, leads us to want more, desire more, want to accumulate the largest amounts of material goods to show our “power”. These cases were seen more frequently in past times, where Egyptian pharaohs and “important” people were buried even with their goods to “enjoy” them in the afterlife.

We serve God or we surrender to accumulate wealth, but both cannot be, and the only way to free ourselves from it is to sincerely decide who will occupy our hearts: God, or material goods.

The Bible tells us that to give in to greed is to give in to temptation and become a slave to our own desires.


Who has not had a moment of anger? The Bible allows us to have the feeling of anger, what it rejects is allowing this to transform into uncontrolled anger and we want to “do justice” by our own hands.

When we feel anger we blind ourselves to all reason, and of course, we do not listen to reason, much less to God. When we feel like we are losing control, let’s take a deep breath and ask God to calm down, or else, to do justice. God is just and his justice always comes.


Although many are seduced by this apparently divine sin, it is nothing more than a deception, since lust can become one of the most dangerous deadly diseases and in many cases we go unnoticed or we simply surrender to its apparent “charm”.

God has given us a perfect body, which works in perfect harmony and is our “temple”. The body is not only flesh, it is also thought and spirit, therefore, we should not give it to just anyone or give in to our passions.

God wants us to reserve ourselves, take care of our body and give thanks for such a perfect work. God tells us through his word that anyone who commits immoralities with his body ceases to own it, since he has given in to being bought as an object, a thing without value.

Our body should only be touched and admired by a person who really values ​​and loves us, what does this mean? That God asks us, through the gospel, to honor and respect our body.


Another sin that damages the body, and if not controlled, beyond leading us to spiritual death, can lead to our physical death. It is a sin that does not only imply “eating” or “drinking” in an exaggerated or excessive way, some sin by desperately trying to show their value by eating or drinking in restaurants or luxurious places, just as kings or “powerful” people used to do. .

This type of behavior is nothing more than the result of great emotional voids that must be filled, and they give in to gluttony as an easy way to do it, instead of coping. None of this pleases the eyes of God, therefore, He asks us to stop hiding behind excessive food or drink, stay away from vices and debauchery, and clothe ourselves with it, because for God, there are no impossible and He is the only one who can fill us with grace, love and fullness.


God has showered us with all the abilities and skills we require to support ourselves and our families. He has given us life, health. He has made us smart. He has given us dreams and tools to achieve them, so why do we decide not to use them? why wait for others to solve the vine for us? God invites us to serve him.

Diseases of the spiritual life

Spiritual Illnesses is a topic that we have been dealing with, and it is in fact, the main topic of this article, so we will not repeat its concept again, but rather, we will give it a different approach, pointing to lukewarmness and mediocrity as main reasons or origin of the so-called Spiritual Illnesses .

Also, we will show a little how we can identify these two reasons? And thus avoid giving in to these illnesses that separate us from the path of God.

The spiritual warmth

Lukewarmness is as dangerous to our spiritual life as cancer. It usually manifests itself in those people who at some point decided to seek God, but who perhaps had a circumstance of such impact that they felt abandoned and simply lost that passion and love for God.

Lukewarmness is the main cause of religious crises that are not only experienced in churches, but also manifest in many of its believers who have been carried away by the superficial, new cultures, modernity, among others.

A “lukewarm” person is satisfied with living their spirituality in a more “simple” way. He is satisfied with “doing good”, “giving” and “not killing or stealing”, but he is not interested in having a life consecrated to God or following his path.

We can say then that lukewarmness is characterized by the devastation of the spirit before the presence and works of God. And it is also a kind of loss of consciousness, where he no longer claims, demands or expects anything. He simply lives empty and without experiencing any emotion.

An important point that we cannot fail to mention is that we should not confuse lukewarmness with spiritual dryness. Lukewarmness, as we mentioned, robs us of the desire to follow the path traced by God, while spiritual dryness allows us to strengthen our spirit.

We experience spiritual dryness when we take a break from God, it is similar to a detox diet, we are in a process of purification and cleansing of our soul. In a silence and reflection with ourselves and where we realize how gray and meaningless a life without God would be. It is a pause to restart and join him again, but with more strength and renewed faith.

Symptoms and signs

Some questions that we should ask ourselves are: how can we identify if we are living from lukewarmness? What are those symptoms or signs that let me know that I am living in lukewarmness?

Discouragement: This is the first stage and it manifests itself by weakening our passion and love for God.

Relaxation of the Spirit: Everything that filled us with illusion before now does not matter to us. Then, conformism follows and prayer begins to be boring.

Search for joy in more superficial things: Prayer, serving God, which previously filled us with joy, have ceased to be pleasant and begin to be annoying and uncomfortable, and we begin to take refuge in food, in acquiring goods, or those friendships who do not contribute anything and are only interested in superficial issues.

It falls into activism, lack of generosity and human respect: We can notice that the person begins to want to stand out not for seeking the good of others, but rather, for obtaining “recognition, fame and power”.

Escape from sacrifice: The person seeks only “easy” paths that lead him to achieve the much-desired “success” and flees from all efforts, no matter how minimal.

Deliberate acceptance of venial sin: He begins to do things just to do them, but without really reflecting on it, he just wants to feel that he is still a “good Christian”, but in reality, he acts with evil and selflessness.

His, her nature

The nature of lukewarmness opposes the fervor of charity. It transforms our life into routine, superficialism, conformism and reluctance. Nothing excites or excites us, everything seems to simply lack meaning and importance.

Remedies for lukewarmness

Spiritual illnesses are not a game, they must be treated with all the seriousness they require. His restitution and healing must be a slow, non-invasive, conscious process and from his own will. It is useless to say with our lips that we want to heal, when our mind and heart are not willing to give in or recover.

So the first step to healing from these spiritual illnesses must be to have the disposition for it. Then, consult a professional in the area who, through the grace requested from the Holy Spirit and prayer, can help you to heal progressively.

The treatment then to eradicate these spiritual diseases will be the realization of spiritual exercises indicated by the professional, which must also be accompanied by a series of attitudes, which we will explain in detail below.

Spiritual Attitudes

The first thing we should do at this point is to tell the professional in great detail what our current situation is, how we feel, are we frustrated by something? Do we feel that our personal or spiritual life seems to be stagnant? We must tell him about every situation, thought, feeling (or absence of these) that we have at that moment.

Of course, the “doctor” in question must be severe with us and make us see the gravity and seriousness of the matter. As we mentioned earlier, spiritual illnesses are not a game!

It is your duty as a Christian to help us see again the unattractive and lonely life we ​​are leading because we do not have God in our lives because we believe that he has forgotten us, that he no longer loves us, or any other thought that may be consuming our mind and consciousness.

Being in this submerged state can lead us to an alarming pattern of depression, and even take our own lives, which is why it should not be taken lightly and the professional should do everything possible and ask God to fill us with wisdom, destroy the armor that covers our hearts and we can listen to him again to enjoy his infinite, kind and merciful love.

practical remedies

Beyond the remedy, our willingness to live again under the grace of God is the fundamental step to start on this path and achieve absolute healing.

We must also show genuine repentance, that is, from the heart, be willing to resume a path of love, devotion, generosity, where our motivation is not recognition or feeling that we belong to a “select group”, but simply do good for the satisfaction it brings us.

It is here, where we must then begin to travel a painful path, it is where our healing process finally begins. We must show our Father our repentant faithfulness and allow ourselves to fall in love with him again little by little, one day at a time.

It’s important not to judge or feel guilty if we can’t make it at a specific time. Let’s remember that we are healing and not every day will be good or we will see progress. The most important thing is not to lose the north and then return to the path of God, that wonderful path, full of examples of life and love.

The nine spiritually transmitted diseases that can “infect” us

They are nothing more than a list of nine spiritual diseases that can infect us and finally lead us to terrible spiritual death. Each of these manifests a reality that is lived in these modern times, but that we must learn to avoid or heal.

It is no secret to anyone that today there are many groups, religions or “prophets” who claim to have the truth in their hands. There are even groups so extreme that they claim to pay large sums of money to those who commit suicide.

Of course, like everything in life, just as it has bad things, it also has good things, one of them is that there are people aware that these false prophets and groups seek to take advantage of the need and lukewarmness of others to position themselves, so these People dedicate their lives to unmasking them.

Fast Food Spirituality

This refers to the culture we are living in, where everything should be for now! And there is no time to waste, we must be multifaceted and obtain immediate results. Unfortunately, the spiritual path cannot be reached for now!

The Spirituality of Imitation

Basically it is believing that dressing, acting or speaking in a certain way will make us appear “more spiritual”. Mimicking leopard skin doesn’t make this really leopard skin, does it? Well, the same goes for spirituality.

Confused Motivations

In an attempt to “fill” our spiritual voids, we begin to believe (although we know it is absurd) that a spiritual life is the answer to enjoy a life free of challenges, where God will be the one who takes care of our difficulties without having the need. to move even a finger False!

Identifying with spiritual experiences

The maximum expression of the ego, and this makes us feel like “enlightened beings”. There are even people who call themselves “spiritual guides” or “teachers”.

The Spiritualized Ego

We really believe that we have in our hands the flag of spirituality. That we have reached a point of understanding so much what this spirit life is all about, that we begin to create our own sects or “new faiths”.

The mass production of spiritual teachers

Buddhism is a clear example of this. They show their beliefs, gods and teachings as an absolute truth and a way to achieve “enlightenment”.

spiritual pride

When we reach (or at least we believe that it is so) a certain degree of wisdom we begin to close ourselves to new experiences, to fresh knowledge and we stagnate, although the person can perceive himself as superior to others, spiritually speaking.

the mind of the group

We started following groups as a way to feel like we belong to something. We follow fashions, beliefs, traditions, and even share more extreme ways of thinking, out of the need to feel accepted.

the deadly virus

The disease in its final stage and where spiritual diseases are usually more dangerous and deadly, since they have reached their climax. At this stage we feel “gods”. We believe that we have reached full enlightenment, that there is nothing more to learn.

Genesis and preventive medicine

Here we return to the theme of lukewarmness. As we mentioned before, this appears when we stop being constant and in short, our dreams because we have lost the motivation and meaning of our life and everything we enjoyed.

We begin to let ourselves be carried away by vices, deadly sins, superficialities and everything that can (or we think can) fill our lives again with color and emotion because following God’s path is already boring, routine and we only seek to fulfill feel “good Christians”.

We lose clarity in every sense and the feeling is similar to when we end a relationship, obviously, at first we feel angry or betrayed, but after a while we believe we have begun to heal our wounds and emotional sequels that this break left us, we reach the point of “Totally, I didn’t even care”, “I’m not going to fall in love again because it only ends in pain”, and we question ourselves: why love? if they are still going to betray or disappoint us.

Something very similar happens with lukewarmness, we lose our passions, our desire to discover the world, to be better, to serve God, we enter into a “bah” attitude and everything is exactly the same to us.

Physical fatigue and monotony are usually exquisite ingredients for the warmth and armoring of our hearts. There are professionals (although very little known and valued) who are in charge of accompanying us and guiding us in this process of recovering our warmth and desire to live.

Through certain spiritual exercises we will be able over time to break the armor that is in our heart and discover ourselves again happy, joyful and retaking the path and example of God. We will begin that process of “falling in love” with God and everything will begin to make sense once again.

There is no way that can fill us with more joy as Christians than serving God, listening to his call, following him, trusting him and enjoying his blessings. The love of God heals everything, everything can and expects everything.

We must never doubt that God loves us infinitely and madly. We are his beloved sons and like our father, he will always be willing to forgive us, listen to us, give us the strength and wisdom to face problems intelligently and emerge victorious from them.

God is omnipresent and omnipotent, but his greatest power is the love that he gives us at every moment. Although we cannot see him, we know that he is always there, to take care of us, protect us from all evil, forgive our sins, fill us with joy and infinite happiness.

Spiritual mediocrity

Spiritual mediocrity is an attitude considered “unchristian”. It is one of those dangerous spiritual illnesses that take away our lives. A person who lives from mediocrity is one who strives to find new ways to dishonor others, is closed to the opinions of others, even if they may be constructive criticism, is totally incapable of love, and also suffers from a high degree of envy. .

God, in the Holy Bible asks us to love him and our neighbor with “all our soul”, Mc 12,29 and Mt 22, 36-40 express and affirm this mandate. Our duty as Christians is to obey our father and not doing so is a clear sign of daring, defiance and rebellion.

Our human essence is not only made up of a body, it also includes a soul, so for us as Christians it must be vital to follow the spiritual path that God has given us, listen to it, understand it, and love it with our thoughts, that is, with our mind, consciously and voluntarily.

Loving him in this way is also the first and most important commandment that we must faithfully adhere to. God also requires it of us because he does not accept half-hearted love. For God, it is all or nothing.

Also, God tells us that this commandment does not allow for a life where mediocrity exists, but as human beings, we have failed since the beginning of time to such a mandate. Basically, God asks us as Christians not to be unpleasant, insufferable or reject God or any of our brothers.

Believing that loving God but not loving our brothers from the heart is failing and once again disobeying his most important commandment. Loving God or our neighbor should not be a half act, but with all our heart, with all our strength and with all our soul. In an ardent way and not at all petty. And love him also with the intellect.

In Mt 12, 32-33 God tells us harshly that a word against another man will be forgiven him, but a word against the Holy Spirit will not, and he clarifies, neither at this time nor in future times as well.

In the times when Jesus inhabited the earth, those who lived in mediocrity tried to discredit the miracles of Jesus saying that they were the work of the evil one. Obviously, in addition to living mediocrely, they sinned through ignorance, because they did not have spiritual maturity, that is where the verse from Matthew explained in the previous paragraph is born.

The most serious sacrilege that we can commit against God from mediocrity is not giving due importance to the “day of the Lord” and the festivals celebrated related to it, that is, to Holy Week and the mysteries that are celebrated.

It is not about crucifying him again, rather, it is an act of surrendering again to his father and to all of us to save us. We must celebrate and sanctify these holidays, especially the day where his resurrection is celebrated since it is a day of joy and happiness.

A mediocre Christian is a Christian who has stalled in the middle of the road and who, out of fear or laziness, decided not to make any more efforts; The way to honor and glorify God is to stay on his path, seek to continue maturing on a spiritual level and honoring our parents, as he does not ask.


Perhaps the greatest symptom of spiritual mediocrity is living a spiritual life but with high doses of superficiality. There is a weakening of faith, although their lips continue to “preach” the word. The person only seeks to please himself and unlike lukewarm, which gives up and falls into absolute reluctance, in this, there are intermittent periods of beginnings and pauses.

A spiritually mediocre person allows himself to be seduced by sins such as vanity, gluttony, lust or envy. This sustained swinging posture ends in most cases completely extinguishing the flame of love and faith in God. What prevents this from happening is his desire not to “sin.”

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