What is and Causes of Femicide in the World?

What is and Causes of Femicide in the World?

In this article you will have the opportunity to find the meaning and causes of femicide . In order to have the opportunity to learn even more about this situation that seizes various countries of the world. In addition, you will be able to extend your knowledge and clarify doubts about this specific topic. Thus, managing to know the different types of homicides that are carried out against the female community.

What is Femicide?

It is a homicide that is carried out on the female sex, encompassing women and girls. It is a terrible action but one that has been carried out in all the countries of the world at different levels of pain, which has caused an increase in femicide over the years. In addition, it is a crime that has been carried out in the victims’ own homes, which turns out to be a more vulnerable situation for them, and more advantageous for the man who is going to carry out the action. For this reason, femicide has been positioned as a hate crime and nothing comprehensive.

Which is very peculiar, since it is a hatred that was formed by situations, words and actions that were not to the murderer’s liking. Which means that he is a man without any kind of tolerance and blinds himself at the moment of acting, which happens with great extreme violence. Leaving the woman or girl defenseless and without any kind of protection or help. This is how femicide has been known, an unfair and very systematic act in the countries. However, over the years it has been proven that the causes of femicide are those principles for any person to start wanting to kill the female sex.

Which leads to an arduous investigation into these cases. Well, they can be done by both men and women, and they can be encouraged by some internal, psychological discomfort or pleasure. What turned out to be inspiring to carry out a physical or sexual aggression against a woman, girl or adolescent, only in order to satisfy her own feelings. Those who believe they are fine and fail to observe the great and irreparable damage they do in the moment of anger. These crimes can range from rape to mutilation of the female body causing death.

For this reason, in the countries of the world they have obtained very high figures on femicide. Which suggests that there is little control of the situation, although they can be avoided when it is shared with a man who shows signs of violence, and seek a distance. Being a way of dissuasion on the part of women. However, these terrible cases continue to occur, which fill each victim’s family with pain and mark an important rate in the country’s indicators. Being an act recognized throughout the world and that a more thorough solution is being sought to avoid them.

Thus, femicide is the highest scale in which gender violence can reach, since it involves the death of a woman or girl, which marks an event full of hatred and abrupt unbridled aggression by a man. Whose causes of femicide go hand in hand through the voice of the woman when she decides not to continue with the physical, emotional, verbal or social abuse that she had been enduring for a long time. It is there, when this horrible crime begins, full of little kindness. For this reason, several women in the world have decided to silence her thoughts to avoid being victims of this homicidal act.

Femicide is an aggressive action and full of unfair pain towards women. For this reason, these cases must be taken into account, looking for different alternatives to lower the rate of homicides of this type. Thus, one must be persistent and fair in the search for those people who have incurred in harming girls, adolescents and women in an unbridled manner and with much hatred, for the simple fact of belonging to the female sex and not following the guidelines or customs of those men. What ends up being a fatal action, earning him jail for years.

For this reason, femicide has had a great impact throughout the world, since it reached very high figures. Whose data impacted women and decided to raise awareness to seek the reduction of these acts. However, the causes of femicide in Mexico and nearby countries have become unbridled situations guided by alcohol, machismo, drugs, selfishness and other means that turn men into beings full of powerlessness, which gives strength to hurt and kill your partner, daughter or even relative. Well, gender violence is a real fact and it can happen to you.

Thus, humanity must be made aware of this situation and create good values ​​in children from an early age in order to break that sequence. As well, important decisions must be made for the conviction of those men who carry out these homicides, giving justice to the woman or girl who has lost her life unjustly. Therefore, femicide must be of great importance throughout the world and not let it continue to advance or take more power. We must teach that women have free will and that is why they should not be judged, much less killed.

killer’s motivation

Motivation is the first step that appears in femicide, where the man begins to be encouraged to show a more violent side and little reflection. For this, anger, resentment, hatred, jealousy, sexual pleasure not conceived and other situations. They are the ones that allow the male figure to seek abuse towards the woman, looking for a way to hurt her to satisfy the annoyance she carries within herself, and feel in some way that he has power over her. But, in those cases the brute force and the adrenaline of the moment take a main role. Which, fails to contain or manage and that results in homicide towards the female sex.

This is an act that occurs mostly premeditated or with conscience. However, there are cases that have been recorded as an incident, due to the great consumption of drugs that may exist in the human body. Of course, these are very peculiar but in the end they are part of femicide. For this reason, it can be made known that the murderer’s motives are always due to some blow to his ego, or due to the macho training he had in his development as a human being and, that at the time of the woman not fulfilling his requests nor be as he would like it to be, in this way an indication of hatred and mistreatment is obtained.

Leading in this way to a woman full of panic, pain and misfortune. Until an uncovering occurs, when she decides to get away from her or face that situation. What arouses in man an insatiable fear and he decides to act violently towards the female figure, believing that with this all his problems will end and he manages to satisfy that feeling of authority, and respect that according to him he deserves before the woman. But, in reality, that hatred and unbridled situation ends in the homicide towards her, thanks to the causes of femicide that have been mentioned. Thus managing to increase in this way, the figures of extreme violence towards this gender.

Causes of Femicide

The beginning of violence against the female gender can be due to various causes, which empower the murderer to carry out an irrational action, such as killing a girl, adolescent or woman. Leaving to show off the power he has to dominate the female sex at the time there is a disagreement, raised voice, infidelity, lack of respect or some kind of irreverence towards him. Giving to demonstrate that the woman is a man’s property and that she must behave with defined characteristics of a housewife, as well as act with words that he wants to hear.

This is how the abuse begins and becomes a difficult situation where, most of the time, the woman is injured and lifeless. For this reason, the causes of femicide have been studied by researchers and analysts of acts of gender violence, which results in various attitudes and clues to understand why men act in this aggressive way. Demonstrating that jealousy, infidelity, irreverence and lack of obedience to orders are the main causes of female homicide throughout the world.

In addition, another of the most common causes of femicide is the consumption of drugs and alcoholic beverages, which have the power to transform the thoughts, actions and responses of the aggressor towards women. Giving the opportunity to become a less tolerant and perfect being to exploit any type of stress in the mistreatment of the female figure that is nearby. Serving as a clearing method to drain feelings of anger, resulting in a lack of control in brute force and getting to kill the woman who has been close to him.

And this is how the causes of femicide are growing . Which have granted injustice to women, forcing them to remain silent and without the right to do it themselves, living in fear of being a victim of these violent acts. Just because there are men with psychological disorders and no tolerance. Therefore, here we can tell you what are the three most common causes of homicide of women. Which can be included according to statistics of the countries in the world. Thus, to achieve more knowledge about the realization of these unjust and bad acts that are carried out towards the feminine entity.

Breaking off

One of the main causes of femicide is rupture. This can occur in love, that is, the estrangement from the couple or marriage. As well, it can be observed in the rupture of a friendship, family nucleus and even in the workplace. Leaving a feeling of abandonment or betrayal on the part of the woman who makes the decision in any of the aforementioned situations. Giving rise to a transformation in man’s thinking, which causes erroneous or highly exaggerated ideas on the subject, believing that the only way to satisfy or fix everything would be violence or murder.

For this reason, the rupture is known as a very strong factor for the influence of homicides towards women, since they choose not to remain silent but to say what they want in their life. In this way damaging the ego of man, which does not bring good consequences for those who are impulsive and do not have their own control. Thus, femicide occurs to seek an escape from the pain and resentment that the rupture has caused in the murderer, death being the main character of the actions carried out and inspired by this cause.

belief system

It has been shown in various countries that the causes of femicide can also be due to differences in beliefs, which can occur in any relationship between men and women. But, it is there when the man brings out his ego and leadership. In order to determine his commanding voice, inspired by his religious ideologies that he has had during his development. Demonstrating his doctrine of belief and implementing it in women. That is why homicides in women occur. Since, the difference of thoughts exists and, there are men who do not accept that.

For that reason, the darkest side of man comes to light, becoming an unrecognizable being who seeks to control everything around him. Forcing the woman to feel, say and believe in the same thing that he thinks is right. However, there are female figures who cannot stand this mistreatment and seek to resolve the situation by engaging in a conversation. Which, most of the time, according to studies, there is no positive effect. But the macho feeling inside him is turned on and he carries out the homicide towards the woman.


It is one of the causes of femicide , which focuses on detachment, whether from family, work or entertainment. This is something that happens when the woman decides in one way or another to distance or prohibit the man from these named situations. What causes a strong depression in him, and focuses on idealizing the female gender as a being full of evil. Whose thought feeds the idea of ​​disappearing that person who has become an obstacle to developing her life as she wants or desires.

For this reason, the offspring form a large part of the violence against the female sex, since they are mostly the ones who have the opportunity and voice of command to decide who is or is not in the family group. And seeing improper behavior within that core, it will look for a way to remove that negative element to seek improvement. What the murderer did not find it very good, and that is where he takes the strength to carry out a murder. Believing that it is the only solution for him to return to command of the situation.

Types of Femicide

There are various types of femicide, which have very important origins to investigate. Since each of them are of different kinds. In addition, they tend to be very particular in each country of the world, that is to say that the types of violence against the female gender are different according to beliefs, ideology, development of education and values. Being the main factors for these acts full of hatred and unbridled anger to take place. Well, throughout history men with very critical thoughts have been molded but who have a closed mind.

Having as a consequence a growth of thoughts of hatred towards women for not following the old parameters, which dictate that they are the ones in charge of running the home, taking care of the children and being an exemplary wife, who follows the guidelines of her partner and of established beliefs. Since there are different types of causes of femicide , we will leave you here the four most outstanding, for which this type of activity of extreme violence towards the female sex has been developed. Allowing you to extend your knowledge, in a brief and concise way.


It is the most common type of femicide according to world statistics, which shows that hate and betrayal are the factors that are most activated in men to give them the strength to carry out the crime. Which, has as consequences the transformation of the masculine entity, because feeling rejected, betrayed and deceived, is usually a very hard blow to his ego. Which can allow him to focus on that woman, stalking her and looking for the right moment to confront her. It should be noted that, when that happens, it is always sought that she be alone and not have any type of defense.

For this reason, the homicide rate has been able to increase since the man has implemented in his mind and thoughts that the woman is his property. Leaving her without any benefit or trust. For this reason, when the female entity decides to separate and be with someone else, this man will not take it well, especially if there is still some attraction towards the woman. Which ends up creating an act of hatred and anger, looking for it to quench and drain those feelings that have been absorbing it. For this reason, intimate femicide has been widely carried out in several countries.


Currently there have been cases of violence against women because of their sexual orientation, which can be identified as a horrible fact and that violates the human rights of women, as well as their free will with which it is recorded. Thus, it is like there are men who do not agree when a woman pronounces herself homosexual, that is to say that she likes people of the same sex as her. Which, makes the male entity a fire wound, since they believe that it is an insult to the human race and its nature. It is there, when the unhealthy persecution begins towards the woman that she decides to follow her sexual orientation.

For this reason, the causes of femicide have given rise to homosexuality. Where the man does not accept this orientation and decides to be the one to show that woman what is right. That is, the masculine entity looks for the feminine one to rape her in order to obtain a positive response and for her to retract her homosexuality. For him to admit that the relationship between man and woman is the only one that should exist and that it should continue. Greatly hurting the body and mind of the victim. Leaving her without any kind of mercy, because the act is not reciprocated and he becomes a badly treated man.


One of the causes of femicide has been due to the racial type, it is a thought that has been instilled in human beings for many years. Whose traditions have been dispersed and evolved in most countries of the world. However, there are still places and people who are governed by this racial doctrine. Which has given rise to mistreatment and homicides towards women of color or with certain characteristics that are not accepted by the principles of the homicide. For this reason, a situation full of anger and misunderstanding towards the female characters is formed.

Thus, this type of femicide can include women who are distinguished by their skin color, who dress differently or simply because they prefer innovative trends such as tattoos. For these reasons, it is that men were encouraged to be a purifier. Believing that hitting, offending or murdering could obtain a world free of people who do not follow their same guidelines of life. Being a main factor for the situation of violence against women in some countries that are not as developed in this area.


This is the most terrifying type of femicide and it is carried out in countries with a large population. Where there are men who do not have a normal psychological situation. That is to say, that they have some kind of illness that makes them have a certain desire to murder women, to obtain happiness, tranquility and sadistic sexual pleasure. Which allows them to give them an intelligence to stalk their victims for days or months, to finally capture them at their weakest moment and obtain from them what they most desire. Always ending with a scene full of anger which leads them to murder to finish satisfying their own pleasures.

For this reason, the causes of femicide can be seen integrated into this type of serial homicide, since they are mostly reflected for those women who are inclined towards deplorable work activities, or who use their bodies without any kind of modesty or respect. Whose actions are the ones that inspire the serial killer to position himself as a hero, who works as a character who cleanses the world of women who do not respect themselves and leave the commandments and life guidelines in a bad way. Having the effect of torture and homicide for these women of the population.

Measures against Femicide

The different types of behavior that a homicide has in each of the countries of the world must be better investigated and identified. Focusing on the psychological, social and economic field that can be inspiring for the creation of the causes of femicide . And in this way, according to the opportunity and technology available in each city, create prevention and development programs for human beings. This will help avoid an increase in people who think about this type of situation, such as rape, abuse and homicide of the female gender.

In addition, to have a more effective security plan and especially in areas where there is a history of crimes against women. To increase the confidence of this genre and placate potential killers who are nearby and ready to kill. Thus, an improvement is achieved in the statistics of deaths of the female sex, decreasing the figures of femicide. Which will help the birth rate of each country. In turn, fair sentences must be established for men who have carried out this type of action, showing the people that there is justice for those who are murderers of women.


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