Characteristics of men and women, discover them

Characteristics of men and women, discover them

Man and woman were created by God, with some physical differences so that they could unite their weaknesses and strengths, and learn to understand each other. When entering this article you will be able to discover everything about the characteristics of men and women, do not stop reading it you will be surprised

Characteristics of man and woman

Between men and women there are notable differences, and the reason why these disparities occur is due to both genders being a complement to each other in the couple relationship. Because they are complementary to each other, the development of activities in the union of the couple are highly positive and enriching.

It is very common to observe how tense situations occur in couple relationships due to ignorance of the differences in the way of acting and thinking between women and men. These inconveniences should not be a matter of concern, the ideal is that the couple is instructed and recognizes it as part of the characteristics of the man and the woman , and how they are able to overlap with each other.

Divine creation

God in the days of creation, first created man, and then realized that he needed a company, a support, that is, it was necessary for him to have a complement, but with equal importance. That is why they were created, man and woman, in the image and likeness of God, and with the same dignity. In other words, they are equal and therefore there is no superiority as human beings.

From an evolutionary point of view, it is feasible that these differences are what, in the end, make possible the perpetuation and subsistence of the human race. Through the delegation of work and contributions, which are consistent with their gender. That is to say, on the one hand, the woman is in charge of the gestation of the children, while the man is in charge of providing the food.

This vision is contextualized in the primitive era, it has nothing to do with the dynamics that exist today, where women are capable of gestating, but can still perform in their jobs.

Physical attributes of men and women

The Creator of the universe made us different, both women and men, in our own traits, but it is in this way that we are able to complement each other, and therein lies the beauty of the relationship between man and woman.

By acting and reacting in different ways, we can live and live together as a couple, despite the notable differences in our genders. From faith in God, we adapt in relationships.

Below, you will find a series of characteristics that differentiate men from women.

sexual organs

Our bodies have marked visible differences. One of them is the arrangement of the sexual organs:

  • In women they are arranged internally.
  • The man can be easily located externally.

physical configuration

In general, the male body is of greater height and weight, since it has a more developed muscle mass, than that of the female body. When the puberty stage begins, the male skeleton generates a widening of the back, which allows its load capacity to be improved. Positioning the storage of adipose tissue, mainly towards the middle part of the body, in order to protect the internal organs.

On the contrary, the skeleton of females, in the period of puberty, undergoes a series of modifications, which cause a widening of the pelvic area (hips), and positions all the fat storage towards the breasts, hips and chest. womb, and with this preserve the reproductive zone and facilitate childbirth.

In men, the production of hair is more abundant, it is very likely that it is this way, since their body stores adipose tissue, in a very different way from how it is produced in women. Given these characteristics of men and women, from an evolutionary point of view, women stored fat, to ensure reproduction, while men did it to have reserves, when they had to deal with hunting, gathering and protection.

Oxygen and calorie demand

The calorie consumption of the female body is less than that demanded by the entire body system of a man. This difference in caloric demand is due to the fact that women have a lower body mass than men.

As for the demand for oxygen, in women it is less than that of men, because the heart and lungs in men are larger, which encourages a greater consumption of calories and oxygen. .

Characteristics of men and women: Willingness to reproduce

The body of women, from birth, is already provided with a certain amount of reproductive cells, that is, with ovules. For this reason, the reproductive capacity tends to suffer a decrease from the age of 35, exhausting itself completely, once it reaches the stage of menopause.

In men, their reproductive cells, these are the sperm, the body can begin to produce them, when it enters the stage of puberty, until death. Of course, they also suffer a decrease in their quality and mobility, when they reach the stage of andropause.

Hormonal changes

Men have a higher concentration of male sex hormones or testosterone, which drives men to experience practices that include a lot of action. While women have high concentrations of female sex hormones or progesterone, which guides their actions, rather they did activities that require the intellectual side, over physical demand.

The high concentration of testosterone in men leads to high rates of red blood cell production, while female hormonal changes fluctuate in cycles from puberty to menopause.

Elements and characteristics of man and woman

To understand and cope with a relationship, you have to understand the individual thinking of each member. In this way we will be happier.

elements of the will

masculine characteristics

  • He is convinced with reasons.
  • Act according to the facts.
  • Fear suffering.

feminine characteristics

  • It is won by reaching the heart.
  • Act out of compassion.
  • Face the suffering.

religious foundations

male description

  • try to know God
  • He prays with his head.

female characteristic

  • Try to feel God
  • She prays with her heart

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