Discover how to gain trust in God, so that he works in your life

The trust of God is a term of utmost importance as believers. For he is highly worthy of our trust. Our Lord, unlike man, does not lie or present any type of failure when fulfilling his promises. He has plans that are perfect for us because he loves us and our lives unfold according to his plans for us.

Trust in God

Trust in God is directly related to our faith in our Lord. That is why from our childhood and even youth, our parents give themselves the task of teaching us about our Lord.

This is given under elements related to the trust that we must have as believers and in turn the importance that we must give to his mercy and goodness. Put from a very young age they teach us that there are bad people who are moved by the evil one and good people who are involved in the hands of our Heavenly Father.

It is important to understand that trust is based on a dependency that determines the character of people. It could also be considered an ability and strength related to true elements of something or someone.

Specific elements are needed to form a certain assured dependency towards a person. Since this person must have determining factors that generate experience in relation to a certain area, which over time makes us completely trust them.

Trust development

Confidence in our Lord develops in the same way. At the beginning we begin to listen to God and to the actions that he performs daily by and for us. In many cases there are people who from the beginning do not trust Him because they are not sure of his sincerity about it.

In addition to this, many believe at the beginning that his good character is not really known, since many compare him with all the bad things that happen daily in the world throughout the ages. Therefore, it is that some do not really trust if he wants the best for us. (Also read about the article high-level intercessory prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

Similarly, many wonder if our Lord is really capable of taking care of us in the way we want to be taken care of. That is why many believe that the Lord needs to earn our trust. However, this type of distrust of some is changing, since our Heavenly Father is unique with us.

Can God be trusted?

You must be aware of what concept our Heavenly Father has of himself. For believers in Christianity, God gave us the Bible, in order to know how to understand the character of our Lord. It was also recorded in writing so that anyone who wanted to know about him would have the comfort of reading his word.

That is why it can be considered that in the Bible, our Lord established four truths related to his personality. Among these four one of the most important is his greatness, glory, goodness and mercy of him towards his believers. When deciding to give our trust to God, those elements are essential in determining our trust in him.

So if you believe that our Heavenly Father is great, there can be a real trust in him since there is a certainty of all the power that God has to give and in turn to execute over us.

When you believe in the glory of God, you trust completely because you don’t have to look to any other being for the satisfaction of living in his name. Since our Lord has the power to meet each of our needs.

The moment you begin to trust that your Heavenly Father is good, you can safely believe that your worries will be relieved. Since our Lord takes care of us.

In addition to this we begin to understand that our Lord is merciful. That is why it is not necessary for us to prove ourselves. Since our Heavenly Father accepts us with all the factors that determine our personality and therefore also our actions.


You need to know that in many cases it is easier to say that you trust in God than to execute him from the heart. This is due to the fact that not everyone approaches their life correctly in relation to the conviction they have for our merciful God. That is, he does not correctly master the factors that describe him as great, glorious, good and merciful.

This situation is directly related to the fact that many people do not think that what the Lord describes about Himself in the Bible is completely true. Even in some cases there are people who are not very sure that God exists and that is why there is doubt. (See Article: The power of prayer )

However, this situation has not developed in recent times. Rather, since the beginning of God’s history, there have been people who have found it difficult to believe in God. According to the holy scriptures of the Bible, this matter is essentially due to the wiles of Satan, seeking to reduce the number of believers in God to the point of extinction.

Satan and his tricks

According to what is recorded in the Bible, at the beginning of time, Satan gave himself the task of coming to Eve, the first woman that God created, appearing before her in the form of a serpent, with the aim of causing doubt within her about the character of our Lord. That is why he asks if God had not really allowed them to eat the forbidden fruit that was found on a tree in the Garden of Eden.

It is precisely at this moment that a type of distrust is created for the first time about the veracity and goodness of the word of God, which is concentrated in the mind of Eve. For this reason, she answers very sure that she could eat all the fruits, with the exception of the tree that was in the middle of the Garden of Eden.

Just at that moment is when Eve fully relates to Satan in the form of a serpent, the instructions that God had given him. In addition to that, she added another element that was directly related to her thinking.

Since, the mandate of our Lord was not to eat the fruit, not as Eve added related to not even touching the fruit. This is because she tried to establish at that moment the illusion of control over the situation she was experiencing, adding more of the limits that God had given.

Eve’s Decision

Satan, seeking to sow doubt in Eve, took care of manipulating Eve’s mind, since he lied to her about the character of our God, establishing doubts about the description of our Lord.

This is because Satan had the objective of lying about the character of our Lord, seeking to modify and eliminate the goodness that God has for us, his children. He sowing the doubt of whether God could retain something from us.

The snake indicated that nothing would harm them by eating the fruit. Indicating that our Lord knew very well that if they ate that fruit their eyes would be opened and they would have the power to be like God, since they would know about good and evil.

It is precisely at this moment that the future of man is determined, because Eve decides to trust the words that Satan indicates to her instead of believing in the words that her creator gave her. Since she began to believe that the fruit was good to eat, because it had an appetizing appearance.

In addition to this, as Satan had indicated, she would provide wisdom, which is why she decided to consume the fruit and then gave her husband to eat the fruit, who ate it in search of that power.

It is thanks to this event that man begins with doubt, that is, sin and in turn death entered the world of humanity. Today the steps that Eva executed are constantly followed.

On many occasions, men decide not to believe in the Lord but to believe in themselves and listen to evil entities to be guided to a bad life.

Putting trust to the test

It is thanks to the tricks and manipulations of Satan and all the evil entities that follow him that many believe the question of how can one believe in God? After this, many take care to prove it through the merciful acts that stand out for being carried out by him.

This process tends to cause anxiety, as Satan focuses on destroying people who truly believe in God and want to describe to the world the glory, goodness, and power of our Lord. (See article:  Prayer to succeed at work  )

An example related to this topic is what happened with Adam and Eve. If Satan in the form of a serpent, coming to Eve, was answered differently, things would be very different. Since our Lord, he only wanted that Eva would not even think about imposing herself before the orders of our Lord

In addition to this, our Lord expected that Adam and Eve would be aware of and appreciate the kindness that our Heavenly Father had shown them. But the situation was the opposite and humanity ended up suffering from sin due to their attitudes, contrary to the word of God.

The whole story had turned out different

The life of humanity would have been very different if Adam and Eve were fulfilled with the norms that God had given them. Since Satan would have been defeated, through the assurance of the greatness, glory, goodness and mercy of the Lord.

The satisfaction that everyone felt when speaking of God and being controlled by his word, would be a common element among men. Since we had a true certainty that God is the best for us. For this reason, there would be no need to constantly prove its existence.

We would have a life filled with trust in our Heavenly Father. However, things did not arise in this way and for this reason, distrust was created in the actions carried out by our Lord, for many who were touched by the evil hands of Satan.


An example that is reflected in the New Testament about trust and faith, is related to the friendship that our Savior Jesus Christ and his apostle Peter had. Right in the process of instruction that Jesus Christ gave to the crowds. Where he spoke of his mission as a son of God on earth.

Pedro was always with him in that process, between these situations, for example when our Savior Jesus Christ fed five thousand people. This based on five loaves and two fish that multiplied.

The apostle Peter heard and believed in Jesus’ statement, related to the greatness, glory, goodness and mercy of our Heavenly Father. It is just at that moment, when Peter realized how Jesus related to the people around him. Since our Savior never rejected anyone, because everyone is equal. These attitudes of Jesus corresponded with his words.

All these elements allow us to understand that trust and faith in our Lord is possible and also lead us to the path of goodness and blessings. Since God is very kind to believers in his word.

Apostle Peter and his trust in Jesus

Peter’s trust towards our savior became one of the best examples to describe that if you can believe in the Lord completely, without a doubt. Since any man can be able to trust God, since he has proven his love for us. (You may be interested in reading the article High Level Intercessory Prayer )

On the other hand, there is a story recorded in the Bible that speaks of a night in which Peter and other disciples were in a boat in the middle of a lake and Jesus had stayed behind in order to pray. Before dawn, our rescuer was able to walk on the water to reach the boat.

It is precisely at this moment that Jesus asks that they trust in him. And Peter was one of the first to begin to follow him and give his life for the expansion of Christianity and the creation of the temple of God.

In addition, it must be clear that our Savior Jesus Christ wants us as believers and children of God to believe in him from the heart, without any doubt. He wants to do amazing things for those who believe in him and in turn wants to rescue us from the clutches of the evil one.

When we build on what Jesus Christ indicated while on earth, our lives improve. The apostle Peter did it and it is thanks to his trust that many men have opened their hearts to God and trusted that Jesus guides our lives.

It is important to understand and believe that in that moment of doubt our Lord will save us as the beloved children that we are. But for this, it is extremely important that we trust wholeheartedly in what he does for us and for us our Heavenly Father.

You must be aware that as we spend more time with God, we are allowed to see more easily his greatness, glory, goodness and mercy. It is in this way that he gains our trust and in turn puts an end to the tricks of the evil one.

If you don’t know how to begin to truly believe in God, it is very good that you begin to relate to him, through prayer and reading the Bible. Since, this is the best way to get to know him in turn trust his word.

How do I trust God?

It is difficult for human beings to trust someone they do not know, that is precisely the secret of learning to trust our Lord. Also, it is extremely important to know that God asks us to trust him.

One of the main reasons why it is necessary to know and trust our Lord is because he is worthy of our trust. Unlike men, he never lies, and he also never fails to keep the promises he makes to us. (Be sure to see the spiritual liberation article )

This situation is due to the fact that our Heavenly Father is not a man to lie and neither is he a son of man to repent. That is why our Lord has the power to develop all the necessary actions to improve the conditions of the world, through his love for his creations.

It is our Lord who directs our lives, because he knows what the future holds for us, as his children and believers of his word, embodied in the sacred writings of the Bible. It must be understood on the other hand, that he always has perfect righteous and holy plans for us.

In addition to this, God pays us with love, blessings and positive deeds for our lives, because he loves us.

His purposes are focused on blessing and giving a good life to those children who believe in him and correctly execute his word. It is important then to focus on knowing God through his words embodied in the sacred writings.

For, our Lord is worthy of our trust and will allow us to grow as good people every day that we spend believing in and praising him. In addition to that, with the help of prayer and Bible study, we will be able to know and trust him more effectively.

An easy and precise way to trust in the path of blessings and love that God has for us. It is through the merciful deeds he has done for us throughout history.

Our Lord is the being who has given peace to the people of Israel. This can be verified with the events of fidelity with his people, which are captured through historical documentation.

On the other hand, every truly Christian man has the power to testify to the trustworthiness of our Heavenly Father. Well, he is the main architect who guides and develops our life along the path of good.

The Lord fulfills each day, with the promise of saving our souls and in turn giving us the opportunity to be part of his purposes. It is thanks to him that we have peace in our lives. This coupled with the confidence of his grace, fidelity and goodness, allows us to have a good life.

God is the one who grants us the necessary wisdom to have a peaceful life full of blessings. It is thanks to him that we do not execute bad decisions, influenced by Satan and his demonic helpers.

Our Creator is a merciful and loving being who has only good intentions for us. God on the other hand, he is a being who has not made himself difficult to find and know. All it takes to trust him and know what he wants for us is to read the bible.

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