Feed the Hungry, Charity Work

Feed the Hungry, Charity Work

Hunger. This is a strong word. Even if you are going to refer to anything and use it. When we refer to it, more than anything that comes to mind, it is food or being thirsty for it. But there are many other ways to be hungry. Be it wealth, happiness, love. And each of them is important, since we must always follow the teachings of Jesus in feeding the hungry , not only for him but to redeem our souls and help others in need of him. One never knows how the life of others can be.

 to feed the hungry

Jesus Christ never did anything to get it back. He simply gave without expecting anything in return. Many people think that if they do any act of kindness it will come back to them. And it is not like that. If you plan to give someone like this the least bit of thanks, don’t expect life to give it back to you. Because if you expect to get something from what you do, you are doing wrong. Things are done because one wants to. Because it is born from the bottom of your soul and your heart.

You should feed the hungry because as already mentioned, it is born to you. There is no way that the Angels come down from the heavens for you to do it and not feel it. Today most people do some charity or good deed to be able to set it up on social media. So the others congratulate him for that. This idea is wrong and says a lot about the people who do it.

Reasons why you should feed the hungry

There are multiple reasons why this is something that brings many benefits, we will already touch on this topic in terms of benefits. The main thing here is that you understand and that you know well what are the essential things in your life to follow these tips:

By you

Although it sounds somewhat selfish, you must do this for yourself and for no one else. When it was mentioned about the benefits of feeding the hungry , this was one of them. You are going to find situations or people that are going to expand your mind and your soul to levels that you cannot even imagine. It will fill you with joy, knowing that you will grow in this process, that your heart will be filled with the most absolute goodness and you will feel happy when you see others happy. Because you are going to be the reason for that happiness. And of course it will also be yours.

No one has to force you, not even for a friend to tell you that they are going to do that work or your mother, or whoever. You have to stop one day, at night, late, whenever, if it causes you to do so since the other people for whom we are doing charity realize when someone does not want to be there, doing it without encouragement, or love towards they. And that remains engraved in the hearts of those who need our help. Always do things thinking about your personal good since that way you can give the best of yourself for others.

For those who need it

You never know what a person in need is enduring or going through. Even someone who looks normal if he is in need, may have gone all day without eating. One of the characteristics of the human being is to pretend as if nothing were happening in life and make others not think that they are having a hard time getting supplements to survive. If we were more aware that we can rely on others, life would be more bearable.

One of the great mistakes people make is pride. Although it is difficult to get rid of this evil, it is not impossible. We do not have to wait until we are starving to ask for help. To look for some other way of eating. You don’t have to go to those extremes. Everything depends on God and on us to be able to improve our situations.

So far people have been mentioned who, despite the fact that they are in need, are not in a precarious situation. As is the case with many people of different ages. Children, adults and seniors. They have a very bad time in this earthly world. Only with an act or open in good faith can you change people’s lives.

Sometimes a small slice of bread with a good smile in between, gives energy to those people to continue enduring and moving towards another day, other opportunities or even better another life different from that one. Not everything has to be so black or so little so white, but there can be stability in the gray. That gray aspect is being able to feed the hungry .

Another way to help people in need is by offering them job opportunities. If you have a business or enterprise in which you know you need help. For sure, if you offer them jobs they won’t say no, because they need it. People would do thousands of things just to have a plate of food a day. You benefit personally by knowing that you are helping that person improve their life. And she will thank you for doing it. By asking you come to understand people.

For our Lord Jesus Christ

The foundations of Christianity are for charity. They are made of pure works directed only for these. And only because our Lord Jesus Christ. Son of God. He wanted it that way. He was the first to enact works towards people in need, especially feeding the hungry . His whole short life was based on that, whether it be healing them from illnesses or giving them meals. Like his father, his heart was full of love and kindness towards us, he suffered or still suffers seeing people dying of hunger.

As true Christians we should take responsibility and follow the acts performed by Jesus Christ. He left us the legacy of caring for and helping those in need. The religion and church left behind by him as well as his followers should fully implement his ideology at all levels and act based on it.

It is incredible that today, people who call themselves Christians see someone in need on the street and do not give them even water. Something that the Lord said that we should never deny to any person would be water and bread. Are important. Food is important for life. And we are important human beings. Each one has a purpose written by God to fulfill it.

Would it be God’s purpose for me to be here starving and for other people to do nothing? We are here to help or assist each of our brothers, since we are all children of God. Let’s make them proud of us as a family of this.

There are two important ways to classify hunger

We are always looking for various ways to things that seem so simple in meaning, like hunger. But this has a reason. Since it can be interpreted in many ways depending on who sees it. Since each of us has different points of view and ways of seeing life. They grasp the meaning that is most related to reasons, similar situations.

hunger in general

It is hunger in material form. The one that one relates first, which is food or substantial food. Which the body needs in order to survive. We are not going to be on this earthly plane all the time, but in order to be here and live a full life, we need to take care of this material body so that it is healthy, strong, and energetic until God calls us to be in his heavenly kingdom. If this is not taken care of with the necessary food, we will be very soon with his divinity.

Hunger on a spiritual level

We already talked about our material body and what it needs to be satiated and vitalized. But since it needs something, in the same way our soul or spirit also needs it. Of something that fills it. And this can only be provided by feeding the spirit that makes us up together with our material body. We need immaterial food. It sure sounds strange but it shouldn’t be this way.

We are the only ones on this earth who were created by god to have a soul. There is no other species that has the same as us. We are special in that aspect. That we were born intertwined with a body and a spirit. And that each one should be respected, honored and cared for as long as we are here and even after this.

The only way to feed or feed our hungry soul is with the word of Christ. This has provided us with countless ways on how to keep it full and without missing any complement. Thanks to the light that it provides in us so that it does not go blind. And to all the words that we find in them meanings towards what we want, deserve and others also deserve. Only with this keeps our spirit satisfied. Just as it happens in the body that can die without food, the same thing can happen with our soul without the divine intervention of the word of Christ that He left specifically for us the time that we are here.

Work of Jesus Christ that he left as a teaching

Everything that Jesus Christ did on this earth was for others and that was reflected when he sacrificed himself for us by being crucified, just to redeem us from our sins. All the life and grace of our Lord was directed to his brothers. All.

He left us thanks to his disciples who witness these events, the works undertaken for those people who needed him. Thanks to his testimonies we can see how big the heart of Christ was and the empathy generated towards us. There is no doubt about that. And the only thing he asked for, not even in return. Just for us to follow in his blessed footsteps.

When he fed 5,000 hungry people

In this was a crowd with sick, needy, hungry people mostly made up of small children and women. Our Lord Jesus Christ was already preparing to leave the place when he saw that crowd heading towards him. He just saw them and took pity on them for being in those situations. He wasted no time and set out to heal or cure those who were sick and then analyzed all the possibilities to feed them. So he sent his apostles to get food for them. Which he got.

Since these had in his possession some pieces of corduroy and some fish. But they were not enough for everyone. And that his disciples did not believe that he could share it with that enormous amount of people since it was very little food. Once he had the food at his disposal, he ordered everyone to sit on the floor, in that he began to divide the food and will begin to distribute it with his divine hands, to everyone who was there. The surprising thing about this fact is that of the 5000 people who were there they all ate, they were full thanks to it and there was even food left over. Which in turn packed in baskets or basket to keep later.

This is simply an amazing and wonderful story to read. Since this is a clear example that things are not going to be presented to you on a silver platter. Jesus Christ knew this and knew that God was watching and guiding any of his actions. Just as it happens with each one of us. God gives us opportunities to do something about it and we do not expect divine intervention from him since it is in every time we breathe, giving us the opportunity of life itself.

manna from heaven

They are those loaves that are sent from heaven to us and this is due to the word that Jesus Christ left for us to follow, since many loaves can be generated from it that produce life for those who try it.


This is something that honestly has been lost over time. When people eat, they no longer give thanks for those foods bestowed by God. When you feed someone in the street, they don’t thank you for that either, and that you take food from your own house to make this contribution. But as mentioned above you don’t give to ask for something in return. Not even a thank you should ask.

The one who should give thanks is you. Thank you for having food in your house and that your family also has this. To be able to share your food with other people considered by the same god as brothers. Thanks for that. When asking thanks for this, without a doubt at some time or another it will multiply, just because. Because you acted in the best way possible, just as our Lord Jesus Christ did with the crowd that reproduced the little he had.

It should be noted that complaints have to be removed from our list of things we do daily. Nothing good comes out of that thought or complaint. We are already blessed to be alive on this earth enjoying our loved ones as God’s blessing.


By always seeking the heavenly or divine kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, our soul will be so satiated with material things as well as with food that can be delivered in order to satisfy the hunger of both kinds to other people, without any type of complication. part of one towards that.


Without the order, we would be upside down. Without any kind of direction where we want to go or what our goals would be. We need to prioritize our thoughts so that they are reflected in our actions. If you feel that your life is not as it should be because you think so or because it is not the life that the Lord has for you. He tries to change her.

Is not easy. Change the customs or the style of this. But if it doesn’t fill your soul, you don’t find the meaning you’re looking for so much because you’re not seeing the profits that should be there. Don’t waste time and do it. Change. But change only for the better. Try to be an exemplary son for God and keep him as the highest priority above all other things.


We live surrounded by people’s inabilities to learn. Perhaps because they have not been enlightened by the knowledge and power of God over us. Or because they just don’t want to understand and learn to do it.

At the time that Jesus Christ multiplied the food. His disciples were in charge of distributing it. He used them as sources to deliver food to them. This means that we must learn to understand that many times we are like the disciples in that story. We are sources to be able to get something or some message, we are available to be able to achieve it.

We are in an era in which we should all be connected and in this way pass some message to help. But instead we are further apart. We have to be that source to be able to help others and understanding this fact is the most difficult. But it can be learned.

Importance of feeding the hungry

We don’t need to have a lot of money or have many businesses in our name to change ourselves and change someone’s life. It only takes a small act of compassion that frees us from many negative things and gives us the ability to illuminate our lives.

In addition, we must be quite supportive even with people who are not in need, with anyone who wants to support us. Because that’s what we’re in this life for. Our purpose. That is the one that Jesus Christ entrusted to us and we must try to follow it as much as we can.

In this world full of injustices generated by ourselves. Such as war, political parties that take advantage of the good faith of the people. All this makes you suffer from hunger both in food and spiritually. But we are in the duty and responsibility to do something good. Because we all have the capacity to be good beings. The implication is in you, only if you want to change. You can change the world. This small act to change it can be feeding the hungry .

Declaring prayer for those in need

He declared for us that you dwell in heaven. May everyone have a good supply of the spiritual, whoever reads this statement. He proclaimed in the name of Christ that those people who are not having a good time or whose situations are very complicated, that you, my heavenly lord, administer to them what they lack materially and spiritually, just as you did with that crowd of people. That you multiplied it. do it for them too my lord.

O blessed son of God. Protect those who need you. Give them your good faith. please my lord, I ask you to feed those who need your word to stay on the glorious good path, which only you give us. As well as your divine presence in their lives. May your dominion last forever in us. Do not abandon us or those who are going through such circumstances. To be able to exercise as you send us. For that purpose for which you sent us here on earth. To do good and not leave evil that always wants to make mischief. In the name of our almighty father. 

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