Get to know the Pope's Best Messages to Young People

Get to know the Pope’s Best Messages to Young People

The Pope is an important figure in the world, however, at some point he was young, therefore, in this article we bring you a  Message from Pope Francis to Young People , so it will be possible for them to know all the words of encouragement that he has to offer.

Pope’s message to young people

The Pope is the most important figure that exists within the Catholic religion, therefore, he is a figure that represents ethics and good values. Usually the Pope is in the Vatican, however, it is normal for him to tour all countries to preach the word, in this article we will highlight three talks he gave, these were especially aimed at young people.

Messages during his visit to Brazil

On July 22, 2014, Pope Francis made a visit to Brazil, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, all within the framework of World Youth Day (WYD) and visited several favelas in the city, finally in one of the stadiums Brazilians decided to declare the following words:

  1. “I expect trouble. That there is going to be trouble here inside, that here in Rio there is going to be trouble, but I want trouble in the dioceses, I want it to go outside, I want the Church to go out into the street.
  2. “Jesus offers us something bigger than the World Cup. Something bigger than the World Cup!”
  3. “Take a chance. Take a chance. He who does not risk does not walk”.
  4. Running away from life’s challenges is never a solution. It is necessary to resist, to have the courage to resist”.
  5. «It is a lie that the only way to live, to be able to be young is to leave life in the hands of drug traffickers or all those who are only doing sowing destruction and death. That’s a lie”.
  6. «I invite each of you to ask yourself: Did I learn to cry? To cry when I see a hungry child, a child drugged in the street, a child who has no home, an abandoned child, an abused child, a child used by society as a slave? Or is my crying the capricious cry of someone who cries because he would like something more?
  7. «I have confidence in you, young people and I pray for you. Dare to go against the current.”

about phrases

  1. When the Pope said that there would be noise, but with the church taking to the streets, in reality he was referring to professing faith in God, he was referring to the fact that people have to make the word of the Lord known, also to teach the love of God for us.
  2. When he alluded to the world cup, he was doing it for the soccer world cup, here he meant that the gift that Jesus will bring us will be much greater than any championship made by man.
  3. Here I encourage young people to never stay without trying anything, to always move forward, saying that everything they set out to do can be achieved.
  4. He told them that life is about resisting, never giving up, fleeing is never an option, he could allude to the fact that Jesus, despite being able to flee from the crucifixion, decided to face his destiny.
  5. It is said that living as a result of drug trafficking is one of the easiest ways to be rich, however, the Pope in this sentence tells them that it is not like that, those are words induced by the evil one.
  6. In this phrase the Pope tells young people to learn to be happy, that is, to value what they have in their lives, there are people who have a worse time than them, therefore, the best thing is to value what you have, the Papa invites you not to cry for something you don’t have, on the contrary, he invites you to be grateful, the little that some have is what many want.
  7. Finally, the pope encourages young people to always fight against adversity, not to follow currents, to always dare to innovate.

Messages during his visit to Paraguay

Pope Francis arrived in Paraguay on July 10, 2015, he left on July 12 of the same year, however it was the second time he visited that country. Here he addressed young people giving speeches in places like the León Condou stadium and La Costanera de Asunción. His visit to Paraguay was very important for the culture of that country, this because he is the second Pope to visit them, the first was John Paul II. In talks to young people he said the following words:

  1. “Youth is a time of great ideals. It comes to me many times to say that it makes me sad to see a young retiree. How important it is that you young people —and boy, are there young people here in Paraguay! —, that you young people begin to sense that true happiness passes through the struggle of a fraternal country”.
  2. “Happy those who know how to put themselves in the other’s place, in those who have the ability to embrace, to forgive. We have all experienced this at some point. We have all felt forgiven at some point, how nice it is! It is like recovering life, it is having a new opportunity”.
  3. “And it is good that you young people see that happiness and pleasure are not synonymous. One thing is happiness and joy and another thing is a passing pleasure. Happiness builds, is solid, builds. Happiness requires commitment and dedication. They are very valuable to walk through life as anesthetized “.
  4. “And that is what we need from young people today: young people with hope and young people with strength. We don’t want weak young people, young people who are “just there”, neither yes nor no, we don’t want young people who get tired quickly and who live tired, with a bored face. We want strong young people, we want young people with hope and strength, why? Because they know Jesus, because they know God, because they have a free heart.” 
  5. “Friendship is one of the greatest gifts that a person, that a young person can have and can offer. It is true. How difficult it is to live without friends. See if it will be one of the most beautiful things that Jesus says: «I call you friends, because I have made known to you everything that I heard from my Father» (Jn 15,5). One of the greatest secrets of the Christian lies in being friends, friends of Jesus”.
  6. “Seek to chat, take the opportunity to listen to life, the stories, the tales of your elders and your grandparents, that there is wisdom there. Waste a lot of time listening to all the good things they have to teach you.”
  7. “Make a mess! But also help clean up and organize the mess you make. Both, huh? Make a mess and organize it well. A mess that gives us a free heart, a mess that gives us solidarity, a mess that gives us hope, a mess that is born of having met Jesus and knowing that God, whom I met, is my strength.
  8. “Jesus, I ask you for the boys and girls who do not know that you are their strength and who are afraid to live, afraid to be happy, afraid to dream. Jesus, teach us to dream, to dream big things, beautiful things, things that, although they seem everyday, are things that enlarge the heart.
  9. “On the contrary, we have Jesus, who offers us his move. He doesn’t sell us smoke, he doesn’t apparently promise us great things. He doesn’t tell us that happiness will be in wealth, power, pride. On the contrary. He shows us that the path is another.”
  10. “So, I ask you, young man: «How do you knead these ideals, day by day, concretely? Even if you make a mistake, do you correct yourself and walk again?». But the concrete”.

Interpretation of your words

  1. Here the Pope encourages young people to undertake, it seems sad to him that there is a young person without aspirations in his life, he asks Paraguayan youth to fight, experience how beautiful life is and not stop.
  2. In this sentence the Pope speaks about empathy, that human capacity to be able to intuit how the other is, how he feels and understand it.
  3. Here he alludes to what some young people assume is happiness, such as drugs or alcohol, however, the Pope tells them that this is not true happiness, true happiness is what teaches them, what helps them to build their future and makes them better every day.
  4. When he says that young people with strength and hope are needed, he means that they are the future, therefore, they cannot afford to lose any of these two characteristics, they have to be strong, they will be the heirs of the world.
  5. Here he talks about the value of friendship, alluding to when Jesus told his disciples that they were his friends, it is at this moment that he tells them that there is nothing more important in the world than friends, but more important still You have to be friends of Jesus, you have to look for him, you have to pray to him.
  6. When the Pope says to listen to the stories that the elderly have to offer them, he means that many young people underestimate the anecdotes of their grandparents and the experience they have because they consider them old-fashioned, however, he thinks that there are many good things that we can learn of those stories.
  7. The Pope, just as he did in Brazil, encourages young people to make a mess, but not in the literal sense of the word, on the contrary, to organize among themselves, then profess the word and work of the Lord, to give to know the plan he has for us.
  8. In this sentence the Pope asks for those young people who for some reason or another do not know Jesus, he asks that they may know him and thus dream, dare to discover all the good things that he has to show.
  9. Whenever the Pope addressed young people, he made something clear, the basis of his sentences was Jesus, he was in charge of showing us how the values ​​of Jesus show what is really valuable in life, that the superficial as power , money among other things is nothing more than temporary, what is really valuable is what has no price but value.
  10. Concluding, the Pope makes young people reflect by making them question themselves, asking them how their life decisions are the right ones, making them wonder if the decisions are the right ones, making them reflect on whether they can walk again if they fall.

Posts in Italy

On June 22, 2019, the Pope was in Italy to receive the young participants of the “XI International Youth Forum”, here as he had done previously in other countries he has visited, I also take the opportunity to recite some words of encouragement and of faith, on this occasion he spoke the following words to them:

  1. Feed and spread the fire of Christ that you have in you!
  2. “Not just the future, no, today. Either they play it today or they lost the game. Today.”
  3. “It is not a gesture of diplomacy and goodwill: either they are protagonists or they are nothing, or they go ahead of the train or they will end up being a caboose, dragged by the tide»
  4. “We too, one day, met the Lord on the path of our lives. Like the disciples of Emmaus, we were called to carry the light of Christ in the night of the world. You, dear young people, are called to be the light in the darkness of the night of so many companions who still do not know the joy of new life in Jesus.”
  5. “Think about this: in the world there are more and more divisions and divisions bring wars, they bring enmity. And you have to be the message of unity.”
  6. “She says that María got up without delay and rushed to see her cousin. Always ready, always in a hurry, but not anxious.”

Interpretation of your words

  1. The Pope invites young people to feed their spirit, to improve themselves and to follow in his footsteps.
  2. Here the Pope alludes to the fact that opportunities come at a certain moment, or they take it when they come, or they lose the chance, thus encouraging them to take every opportunity that comes their way.
  3. It is in this sentence where he very surreptitiously hints to young people that they have to develop their potential, that they have to learn to be leaders, limiting ourselves is not a gesture of kindness, that will only make us a hindrance, someone that a leader will have to drag.
  4. Here the Pope tells young people that their duty as followers of Christ is to bring his word to those who do not know it, that we be emissaries of his word, that we profess his love, the followers of Christ have to follow his example, just as Christ professed the word of God, young people have to profess his word and help those people who are lost.
  5. This part is crucial, the Pope points out how the differences created by humans the only thing they do is bring enmities and chaos to the world, the Pope urges young people to unite the world, that they do not serve to further separate humanity, but For us to make it known that we are all children of God, we must be united.
  6. Finally, the Pope alluded to when the Holy Spirit appeared to the Virgin Mary and told her to visit her cousin, she went immediately to visit her, the Pope urges young people to always be willing to fulfill God’s commandments.

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