Parent Obligations, Duties and Responsibilities

Parent Obligations, Duties and Responsibilities

In the holy scriptures one can find references in which the family is said to be the most important organizational structure in this life, as well as in eternity. The purpose of parents is to create an eternal family. In this opportunity we will teach you through this article all about the obligations of parents , responsibilities, duties and more, do not stop reading it.

What are the obligations of parents?

For parents there are certain obligations that are unavoidable and that their non-compliance can be accompanied by criminal sanctions, such obligations are to care for, provide the necessary food for their children, educate in values ​​and insert their sons and daughters in the educational system. statutory and mandatory, until they reach the age of majority and can make their own decisions as adults.

Within the obligations as parents it is not included that they comply with some whims or special treatment, such privileges or rewards that some parents adopt with their children, they must be directly proportional to the behavior and performance of the children in the family environment.

It is not part of the obligations that parents have with their children, to give them everything they ask for and if they do not do it for that reason, they will be considered the best parents in the universe. It is also not convenient that by not staying with your children longer, due to work responsibilities, they intend to cover this absence with the purchase of unnecessary gifts.

It is vitally important that you focus on giving them the essentials, such as love, affection, and guidance that allow them to become good citizens and, in the future, the best parents.

Obligations of parents in religious formation

For all Christian parents they have the obligation to be vigilant that, when the educational institutions that their children attend, there is no area of ​​academic training that is related to religious education, they must do everything possible so that their children children attend catechism classes, they can teach them in their own home the knowledge of Christian doctrine, they must also ensure that they comply with the sacred sacrament of confirmation and make their first communion.

With the efforts and perseverance of the parents, the children will be motivated to go to mass on Sundays, to confession and communion without it being an obligatory act, but rather something that comes from the depths of their being, as way to please a very good God.

Little son, little problem is what a popular saying goes. For this reason it is extremely important that parents remain vigilant as their children grow. They must be attentive to the company of their children, who read, what they do in their free time, it is also important that they instill human values.

Being good parents does not begin with the attitude towards the children, rather it is related to the love that parents have for each other, it is what will make a good education successful.

The role of parents in the education of their children

When parents do not assume all the responsibilities that this implies, their role as guide, north, example or modeling agent, no one else will be able to do so. Hence, the inescapable obligation of parents is to educate their children, since this task cannot be delegated to a third party.

The education of the virtues

The most suitable space for children to mature in purity is the nucleus of the family. It is important that the greatest effort be made to constantly give the best examples, but from the actions and not just stay in the verb. Sometimes some questions may arise such as:

How is it possible for parents to educate their children in some virtues, if they themselves do not have them? Isn’t it true that one should educate by example? Only God is perfect, so perfection for parents should not be a cause for concern, for children to understand this, it will only be necessary for them to see the effort that their parents put into exercising certain virtues.

When parents are honest enough with their children to recognize their own shortcomings, it becomes more important to be able to correct them and guide them along the path of God and faith. The family is the ideal place to educate children in learning how to live in society.

education in the faith

By the grace of the sacrament of marriage, parents have been given the responsibility and privilege of evangelizing their children. Dads will be the first messengers of faith for their children.

What will the faith life of the child be like as an adult? It will be according to the foundation that his parents gave him as a child.

Parents have the mission of teaching their children to pray and to discover their vocation as children of God. Thus, in that contact with God, the family will grow as Christians. The family that prays together will stay together.

Obligations of parents, duties and responsibilities according to the bible

It is a great truth and there is no way to refute it, being a good father is not an easy task; However, there are principles and advice in the Bible that can be very useful.

Find time for family

In the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 6 in verses 6 and 7, parents are encouraged to show their children how important they are to them. But it is convenient that many parents can say that they have assured their children of food and a roof over their heads and that for this reason this fact should be recognized as a sign of deep love for their children. But that alone is not enough to say that enough quality time is spent with children.

A father must begin to cultivate the bond with his children from the very conception, in this aspect the mother has a great advantage over the fathers since that mother-child bond is created long before the baby is born, that is, already at four months the son can go to his mother inside the womb. It is a propitious time for the father to establish that bond with his son just by listening to the beat of his little heart and establishing pleasant conversations while in the mother’s womb.

“It is these words that I am sending you today, the ones that have to end up being on your heart; and you should inculcate them in your child and talk about them when you are sitting with your children at home, when you are on the road, when you go to bed and when you wake up.”

A good father knows how to listen

In James chapter 1, verse 19, it is mentioned that being able to communicate with your children means knowing how to listen to them and control your impulses so as not to have a somewhat exaggerated reaction to what they may tell you. If children grow up fearful of the reaction that it may trigger and the criticism that their parents may make of them, they will never feel completely free to express what they think or what they feel.

On the contrary, if you are able to listen to them calmly, you will let them know through the facts that you really care about them and their concerns. If all parents apply this principle, communication with their children would improve substantially.

“Every man must be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.” 

Discipline for children, but with love and praise

We can find this principle present in Proverbs 25:11 and Colossians 3:21. There it is stated that it is extremely important that when you have to discipline your children, you need to let them know that the decision you are making as parents is because you love them and want them to do well in life, and that this is not seen that it is a punishment because they have been disappointed or angry. When discipline involves advising, reviewing, training and sanctioning, if applicable.

Even so, when disciplining so that it has a greater and better result, it is important that the father make a habit of having a few words of praise for the children. That is, despite imposing a sanction, for example, he must let them know that despite having committed a fault, his behavior was not entirely bad.

It is known by many that compliments form the character of children, since they make them feel that they are recognized and valued, they raise their self-esteem and with this they will be promoting themselves so that they do not stop acting correctly in life, this should be one of the obligations of the parents.

“Words, when spoken in due time, are like golden apples trimmed with silver” Proverbs 25:11 

“Parents, it is important that you do not exasperate your children, so that they do not lose hope” 

Obligations of the parents: to the wife, it is necessary to love and respect her

As a husband treats his wife, he has a great impact on the children. There is research on child development, where it is recommended that one of the best things a father can do for his children is to respect his wife. Parents who are capable of respecting each other and who do so in front of their children, are the ones who provide the best environment for their children to grow and develop in the best environment.

“Husbands, you need to continue to love your wives, just as Jesus also loved his congregation and dedicated himself to it. And each individual man should love his wife as he loves himself, and each wife should have great respect for her husband.”

Through example, teach him how to love God

The following are examples that parents should follow so that children can reach God, through the following:

take them to mass

For many parents it is somewhat traumatic to take their little ones to mass, since they cry a lot and make a lot of noise that is sometimes annoying for some people. But these reasons should not become excuses for not taking them with you to church, it is enough for you to speak kindly to them and explain to them what are the reasons why while they are celebrating the Eucharist we should remain silent.

Pray with them at night

It becomes necessary for you to kneel in front of the bed and pray together. When we are children we tend to imitate the adults who are around the little ones a lot, that is why it is important that you make this practice a habit. At first you will notice that it is somewhat difficult for him to keep up with you, but over time you will notice that his ability to keep up with you increases.

Learn to bless food

It is very important that as a parent you teach your children the importance and value of blessing the food they receive at breakfast, at lunch, if they make a snack, as well as at dinner time. These are the appropriate scenarios to tell your children that you have to thank God for all the food he receives.

You can start with this prayer and as they get used to it, they can add their own prayers of blessing to that moment.

“Lord bless these foods that we can have on our table today, thank you for your infinite mercy, we ask God to give food to those who do not have and fill our hearts with much love for you”Amen

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