Powerful Prayer Glory to the Father of Catholicism

Powerful Prayer Glory to the Father of Catholicism

The Prayer Glory to the Father is a prayer, which is very popular within the Catholic religion, that is why today we bring an article in which we relate the prayer and later we see a little of its history.

Prayer Glory to the Father

Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, now and always, forever and ever Amen.

The Prayer of Glory to the Father is a fairly short prayer, it serves as a complement, it can be used once the prayer of a rosary or any other prayer is finished. By itself this prayer magnifies the figure of the Holy Trinity, many faithful usually pray it during the rosary of mercy, it is also quite common for it to be used in masses.

Purpose of Glory be to the Father

All religions besides the Catholic have prayers that are practiced by their faithful devotees, some are very popular, others are only practiced by small groups, however, the  Prayer of Glory to the Father is such an extremely popular prayer that absolutely all devout Catholics know it, and it is so popular that it is used at the end of many other prayers and rosary prayers.

Many practicing Catholics say that with the prayer of glory they feel that they are closer to God, they say that their soul is filled with faith and that they can feel the love of God, it could be because this prayer invokes the Holy Trinity, that is , invokes the three greatest figures within the religion, they are full of love for us, so this prayer is a good way to pay tribute to them.

Gloria Patri

This prayer is many years old, so much so that at first it was prayed in Latin, back then it was known as “Gloria Patri”. It is usually recited at the end of each psalm, also when at the time of praying the rosary one of the mysteries is finished, the prayer of glory is accompanied by a Hail Mary and an Our Father.

Correct use of Gloria

There are some faithful who make a huge mistake when praying, it is certainly an innocent mistake but it does not stop damaging the meaning of the prayer, the prayer says “Glory to the father, son and holy spirit”, in this way it is sees that a single “Glory” encompasses all three, while these faithful say “Glory to the father, Glory to the son, Glory to the Holy Spirit”, in this way, a glory for each entity makes it look like they are different entities.

Returning to the same order of ideas, God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit are the same entity and together they make up the Holy Trinity, the glory serves to exalt it, by saying glory for each of them it leaves aside the existence of the Holy Trinity , in a few words, doing it this way would make it look like you are praying to different deities from one another, the Glory be to the Holy Trinity.

Another example in which you can see how they are treated as the same entity is when people cross themselves, the procedure is «In the name of the father, son and Holy Spirit», that is, a single entity (The Holy Trinity), the people do not cross themselves saying “In the name of the father, the name of the son, the name of the holy spirit”, this is because everyone, even if they do not know it, understands that it is the most holy trinity.

In interpersonal relationships it is quite normal to name all the people separately, this is because human beings are different from each other, in religious matters this could generate a lot of confusion, as in fact there is on the part of some faithful For this reason, it is important to know and pray the glory correctly so that these accidents do not occur in a large number of the population.

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