Prayer for success at work, at home, and in society

Prayer for success at work, at home, and in society

The prayer to succeed at work is important because it helps to meet the objectives in the work aspect. Thanks to faith in God, we can achieve the main goals we dream of. In addition to this, it collaborates with inner peace and tranquility, since it helps to have a good economic condition.

Prayer for success at work

Oh my dear Heavenly Father, let my work life be good. Help me to do my work well, may I have prosperity since I start with this prayer, and establish in me enough peace to move forward.

Let my workplace be the best. You, beloved God and your son who did not save with his sacred blood, the Lord Jesus Christ, I cry out to you with faith and love that I have remarkable success every day that I spend doing my work.

I ask that everything that is undertaken in my workplace be beneficial for me and those who accompany me. May my soul not possess greed, avarice or unjust desires for those who behave like my companions.

Allow my work environment to be calm, where only harmony and stability reign. May my life be filled with abundance. I beg you that with all my heart my companions and I share with peace and shake hands whenever one needs it.

Do not forsake me with what I need, I share your word with all those who love you and have faith in me. May the light of your guide in my work path be constant and harmonious my Lord, amen.

sentence 2

Father you who are in heaven, Lord almighty. Please guide me from the bottom of my heart. He trusted you and proclaim that my soul is yours. Help me today to be successful enough in every task in which I develop.

May your light illuminate my path and that of my work environment every day. I ask that prosperity be the rudder in every job or business you do. With the aim that abundance is always in my life.

I ask that stability is always in my favor. May cordiality be my letter of introduction, I always ask you for this in my favor. I pray that my work environment is friendly and calm. (Be sure to read the article: Christian prayer for a rebellious son )

Oh my almighty Father raise your glory through my prayer and grant this request that I am making from the bottom of my heart. I thank you for what you have given me in every step of my life. Power is my faith towards you, it is with it that you will grant my requests, amen.

Sentence 3

Oh dear Lord Jesus Christ, this day I implore you with great faith, with the intention of asking you to help me with reference to my work. I require stability, prosperity, peace and abundance.

My work environment is favorable. I beg you that the required conditions exist to obtain the factors that I require to be well with my relatives.

O my Almighty Lord, you who are the God of love, the one who sees everything. You are the only one capable of granting me the job power I desire. Allow it not to continue without being part of those who have job success.

That I do not succumb to the shadows, regenerates the light on a spiritual level with the aim of achieving my dreams. I ask that my life be full of success, that I have peace. Do not allow me to count on anxiety, I pray that I have a connection with you, amen.

sentence 4

Today I ask that the angels be my guides and surround me every day. I ask today that Heavenly Father lead me to success in my work aspect. May you have days full of order and any interview or conversation with the boss be successful.

I know that success will represent a very good new stage in my life. God you are part of my soul, I know that with you I am able to be reborn again. With you I will always be successful, with you peace and harmony will always be part of my life.

I ask you with faith to listen to me, not to be born in my concerns that generate mistrust in me. May I be able to face any difficulty, free me from any error that generates problems that are difficult to solve.

I ask that each new challenge be fulfilled. Give me strength, confidence and prosperity. May the temple be part of my features. May I reach all my goals, Lord of heaven, you are my guide and my guardian.

Thanks to you I have life and that is why I owe you for all the good things that happen to me. It is you who give me the strength to move forward and resort to every triumph of my efforts.

Today with great faith, I bow to you with humble prayers. This day I implore you to make my job a better one or find me one that meets my expectations and allows me to meet the expectations of those in charge.

May my work be accompanied by positive elements that collaborate with my life and in turn complement it. I am aware that you always listen to my words because I am a humble servant at your service. I am faithful before you, because my faith is accepted in my heart, amen.

Sentence 5

Heavenly Father who is in heaven, your name is hallowed. I thank you our Lord for your great love for us and your constant forgiveness. Today I bow to you and humbly ask you for forgiveness for all the sins I have committed of action and omission. (See also: Do ​​you know who were Shepherds in the Bible,  before following Jesus?)

I know that sometimes I have not done what you have asked me or in others when I do it in a certain way I offend you. That is why before you today, I humbly implore you to forgive me for every mistake I have made.

I want to thank you Heavenly Father and beloved, because for you I have life and I wake up healthy. It is you who gives me one more day of life every day. My life is full of your beloved blessings. In the same way I want to thank you for the job I have thanks to you.

Every wish I have asked for you have fulfilled if it is good for me. Thanks to you I have the strategies and tools to carry out correctly how to work and perform in the best possible way.

In the same way, you allow me to keep the job that my relatives and I maintain financially. My dear Lord, if it is your will that I continue in the same job, so be it, and if I change jobs, then I am willing to do so because he trusted you.

I beg you to be better every day, as a worker and as a person, as well as help my colleagues to be better workers. Allow your word full of love and wisdom to take them.

That they know about you and commit themselves in the same way that I do. May my behavior be true to what you want me to perform in my life. Do not let evil make its ill-intentioned plays that can influence my life.

I beg you, my lord, to send your angels, archangels, cherubim and seraphim with the aim of fighting against the power of evil. They are the ones who will raise a shield of protection before me.

It is you who after your mercy makes me a better worker, with the capacity to develop every day. That you take control of my life, because I trust you enormously. Do what you want with my life. Well, your plans are always the best option to live.

I thank you because you love me from the beginning of life, just as I love you with all my being. You are my main provider, as well as the savior, your son who died on the cross to save our sins.

I trust each day that you listen to every prayer I make dedicated to my love and faith for you. I thank you my blessed Heavenly Father, in the name of your son Jesus Christ, amen.


When you start a new stage in terms of the work environment. It is very normal for you to feel fear. Uncertainty related to the new things that this new system can bring you usually develops in you. That is why sentences related to work are created.

It is important to talk to our loving God and humbly assume that we will ask him for help through prayer. You must ask for forgiveness for the sins committed, before making any kind of request. Well, we always have to be aware that we carry out disobedience to the word of God.

Among the most common requests is not to suffer from submissions of arduous work that have to be carried out every day of our lives. It is important to cry out to be heard, trusting that God, under his mercy, will hear our prayers.

On many occasions we are subjected to the oppression imposed by certain bosses. That is why it is important that you always ask for a free job. God will always be with you as long as you have faith, because God will always do justice for you, with your strength and love.

We always have to ask that we do not come across unfair people who even fire people for no reason and without pay. For this reason, in prayers, wisdom should be asked, in search of not falling into bad times related to theft of the fruit of labor.

“Let me have good bosses who don’t treat employees cruelly, don’t let them oppress me with forced labor. That they do not make projects with benefits only for them. Do not allow him to live a bitter life with enslaved jobs in which there are imposed abuses “

You must always be willing to receive what God gives us, obeying your commandments. Well, he is the one who gives us a full life, because he is our guide and Beloved Father. He asks for your skills at work. (See article: The power of Prayer )

Ask for the work to bless you. You must ask that God is always with you and also make sure to help those colleagues who need it. Ask not to be petty, rather generous and blessed. May every error that you have from the fruit of your work be fixed because you will need wisdom to make decisions and humility to understand mistakes.

Employment stability

Stability at work is one of the most required and coveted goals by people who work. Thanks to this, the main dreams related to the professional aspect can be realized.

It allows you to have peace and tranquility inside and also generates certain economic freedoms, which is why you should ask with great faith through prayers to our Almighty Lord and his son Jesus Christ.

It is important to mention that job success despite the fact that the decisions you make every day are very important. God is always a great contributor to the achievement of goals, since He always improves the situation of people. But when there is a true trust and love to give towards our Heavenly Father.

People’s lives improve every time prayers are made from the heart, opening every space of the soul. It is important to know what words you will use so that in heaven God and Jesus hear your prayers and act as soon as possible in reference to faith.

Succeed at work

Normally, when people have a good job, with enough elements to consider it a pleasant job, all the factors that allow it to be kept are sought.

It is for this reason that there are prayers based on how to ask to succeed at work. Seeking that the boss does not come up with an objection against us, rather he considers us very good employees.

Stable and decent jobs are not so easy to get, at the moment in which the individual works in a job, there is a small or great opportunity to lose it, they are all factors that we determine ourselves with our behavior.

It is important to mention that there are elements related to ourselves, such as performance. This has a lot to do with how we can or cannot keep the job. Similarly, punctuality, responsibility and development capabilities in the tasks imposed. All this determines if you are suitable for the position.

There are other external elements related to such a delicate issue as losing a job due to business economic and financial crises, this always generates the reduction of personnel in a company, leaving only the most necessary positions.

When employees should be reduced in order to reduce costs. On other occasions, the company can suddenly declare bankruptcy. When this type of environment occurs, employees are naturally in the air.

When these things happen, it is good to make prayers focused on success at work, since it is easier for the situation not to get out of hand. It is usually the case that the superior or immediate boss is in a state of threat and therefore seeks to get rid of one.

It should be sought that they do not feel bad intentions for you, always asking God for that. That is why you must be fully aware that there are many ways to lose your job. For this reason the prayers that allow success at work are highly recommended.

Keeping jobs and succeeding are complex jobs. It is just a matter of having enough faith so that any type of problem does not arise because of our belief, God is in charge of being.


It is important to mention that those who work in what they like and in what they do best, are people considered lucky and it is necessary to take care of this type of situation. Since it is important that the work is not lost.

It should be sought that the performance stands out by standing out from the rest, an important trait to conserve money. It is also important to enjoy each situation that takes place, since these are important stages of life.

It is even said that when you work on something you like, you will never really be working. It is important to carry out activities that not only benefit us, but choose humanity.

You must have a balance, be constant with the work but also not count at all on the things that are done, focus on a single fact, it can cause an accident to occur if you are not careful.

The work must generate satisfaction, since it is a way of feeling useful, with good economic stability. The work can become an important part of life and on many occasions it is difficult to detach from it.

They need to be actively developed. To successfully distribute your work with your personal life, since life is not only work, you must also have a job. The sentences that are related to succeeding at work, allow you to keep the job for a long time in a successful way.

Trust in God

It is important to mention that according to the word of God, everything that is done believing that His will is always done, makes Him grant us anything for our faith and our love.

Each promise of our Lord must be kept in mind, since he loves us, for this reason he has the possibility of granting us the job that is done if help is required with reference to obtaining or maintaining a good job, because he knows where and with who to be He grants us all these kinds of things because he loves us.

Find a way to open your heart to God, because he always knocks on the doors of your heart and it is extremely important that he joins your life. (See also: Job Protection Prayer )

Each prayer that is made must be made with faith and they say that it is recommended to make it every Monday. It must be executed with a lot of faith and affection in oneself and in the job.

Prayers have to be done with a real commitment to God, in turn you must ask for a lot of calm, because God’s time is perfect. He always has the best for us, that is why we must trust God.

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