Prayer of the Holy Catholic Cross, know it here

Prayer of the Holy Catholic Cross, know it here

The Prayer of the Holy Cross , consists of a prayer that is made in order to request favors from Jesus Christ, taking as a reference the cross from which he was hung, it has a small interesting story which you can learn by reading the following article.

Prayer of the Holy Cross

According to many people, the history of this prayer dates back to the fifteenth century, when Emperor Charles I of France found the prayer next to the tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem, and then, together with his army, sent it to the region of San Félix in France to reach the hands of the pope.

Other historians suggest that the cross appeared next to the prayer on May 3, 292, found in the place where Jesus Christ died by Saint Helena, wife of Emperor Constantine Chlorus, who requested the demolition of the temple that was there, and was used to carry out ceremonies to the Roman gods.

Later, nothing was known about the prayer and the cross, and that later it was only taken into the hands of the Christian authorities, until in the year 1509, Emperor Charles II found it next to the prayer

The prayer to the holy cross of Jesus Christ is miraculous since many say that whoever dares to read it or read it will not suffer any harm or physical injury, at that time it was said that the prayer of the holy cross protected the soldiers who carried it , preventing them from falling into the hands of enemies.

Likewise, every woman who could carry it will be ‘protected from the hands of the devil, and by placing it next to her baby, especially in the heart, it will be protected from more than 82 accidents that could happen to it. It is also said that whoever carries the prayer of the holy cross never suffers from epilepsy, nor will he suffer damage from burns.

Some called it the Holy Cross of Jerusalem”, “the Cross of the Holy Land” or “That of the Crusaders”, its shape is of the type of Greek cross surrounded by four crosses, the most widespread is the so-called “That of the Crusaders”. ”, since it was the one that Pope Urban II delivered for the mobilization of the first Crusades.

The prayer of the Catholic holy cross   is also recommended if you observe someone who has the symptoms of epilepsy, you should immediately place the prayer of the cross on the affected person’s chest, and this will begin to improve remarkably instantly.

According to some catholic historians, God has said that whoever writes this prayer will be blessed by the same, also if a person writes it to another person he will have the power to possess the grace and glory of God.

On the contrary, whoever dares to make fun of her or simply despises her, will receive the punishment of heaven and will suffer many hardships. The home where the prayer of the holy cross exists, will be protected from any external situation, whether physical or spiritual, it can never be struck by lightning from the sky or could be destroyed by natural forces.

Likewise, the bearers of the prayer have the condition that they will receive the signal three days before that they are going to die, however the prayer and its power is used by many people in life in order to request help and in most cases to rejoice with God and strengthen faith.

Below we will describe the so-called prayer of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem , which can be used to request favors from Jesus, whether spiritual or material, if you need some protection against illness or evil from other people, do not stop doing it.

Other prayers of the Holy Cross

There are various prayers dedicated to the holy cross of Jesus, some are simple praises and others are dedicated to blessings and requests in this case we show two very beautiful prayers that reflect the passion and faith towards Jesus Christ, let’s see

Prayer Oh Holy Cross

The following prayer is based on the sacrifice that Jesus made on the Cross, the praise for his suffering turns his pain into requests and teachings, that every Christian must take into account throughout his life, visualize Jesus on the cross when you are doing this prayer, see how he suffered for us and try to make this prayer of the Holy Cross known by many people.

Write it freehand and give it to whoever needs to solve a problem, remember what God said if you offered this prayer written by your own handwriting, do not miss the opportunity to give it away with love and faith.

Oh Holy Cross! Madero Hermoso where my Lord died to give me eternal light and free me from the contrary, before you I humble myself and reverently implore my Lord Jesus Christ that for the sufferings that he received on you in his Holy Passion, grant me the spiritual and corporal goods that suit me. ”

“Elevated before the world, you are a luminous beacon that gathers around you the Christian flock to sing songs of Glory to Christ the King, to the Man God who, being owner of all creation, allowed himself to be crucified on You for the redemption of the human race. ”

“The amazing mystery of the redemption of the world took place over you, since then you free the Christian from original guilt, he can call himself the Son of Eternal God and aspire to heavenly glory.”

“Blessed be you! For ever and ever, you were among the pagans a sign of courage and affront and today you are an emblem of the Christian and hope to be forgiven for the sublime sacrifice of my Lord Jesus Christ, whom we hope to serve and honor for all eternity. Amen.”

Holy Cross of my Jesus

This prayer is very beautiful, it is made in honor of the blood of Jesus and the way in which he died, it is made in order to know the path of eternal life through him, it is a request for freedom that every Catholic should make.

“Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, reserve me from bodily and temporal accidents. May I adore the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ forever; Jesus of Nazareth crucified, have mercy on me. Make the evil and noxious Spirit depart from me.”

“Almighty God who has suffered death on the tree of the cross, for our sins, accompany me, Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, have mercy on me. Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, rejected from me all cutting and firearms.”

“Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, pour out all good on me. Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, discarded from me all evil. Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, make it light the way to health. Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, rejected from me every attempt of death.”

“Holy Cross of Jesus Christ, bless my home, my family and everyone who wishes to possess your glory, you who gave everything on the cross, your spilled blood bathes everyone who can approach, seek you and possess your glory, thank you for teaching us to have faith and grant us the life that allows us to look at your blessings, forever and ever. Amen.”

Holy Cross Almighty God

Whoever reads this prayer will never die suddenly, drowned or burned, no poison could harm him, he will not fall into the clutches of his enemy or be defeated by some other evil person.

If you are a woman and you are pregnant, read it and wear it, it will serve to protect your baby and will make childbirth pleasant, after the birth of the child, place the prayer on his chest so that he is protected against all evil.

If you are the bearer of the prayer and you go down the street, use it when you see that another person has been attacked by the forces of the evil one, has suffered an inconvenience or has had an adversity, immediately place it on his chest and in minutes that person regains his stability and spiritual emotional balance.

God blesses whoever writes it and also whoever can give it to another person, whoever despises it or makes fun of it, will receive the punishment of heaven. The sentence goes like this:

“Almighty God, who suffered on the tree of the cross, and particularly for my sins. Be with me, Holy Cross of Jesus. Be my shelter, Holy Cross of Jesus. Have mercy on me, Holy Cross of Jesus. Put away all bitter pain, Holy Cross of Jesus.”

“Put in me all kinds of goods, Holy Cross of Jesus. Away from me all evil, Holy Cross of Jesus. Make me prevent the path of Salvation, Holy Cross of Jesus. Away from me all the danger of death, Holy Cross of Jesus.”

“Preserved from all bodily danger and temporary accident, Holy Cross of Jesus. I adore forever the Holy Cross of Jesus, Jesus Nazarene crucified, have mercy on me and make the evil spirit go away from me forever, for all centuries. Amen.”

If you consider that any of the prayers described above suits you or helps you to solve some adversity that you are experiencing, we recommend that you do it in a quiet and peaceful place, try not to be disturbed and invest between three and four days a week.

If you wish, place the prayer of the Holy Cross on a piece of paper where you have written it in your own handwriting, you can place a candle on it and leave it until it is consumed, even after you have finished the prayer.

Try to do it with faith, visualize Jesus on the cross, his shed blood and everything he suffered to give us spiritual freedom and show the way to eternal life, fill your thoughts and emotions with passion when you make this beautiful prayer .

Also remember that it is very helpful to give it to other people who have needs, but it is vitally important if you consider yourself a good Catholic to give it and teach it to your children, also use it when you have a convalescent family member or with a serious illness. 

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