Prayers to celebrate a Catholic BaptismPrayers to celebrate a Catholic Baptism

Prayers to celebrate a Catholic Baptism

The Prayers for Baptism, is the way to prepare and thank the great gift that we will give our children for their life in Christ. In this article we give you a sample of beautiful and heartfelt prayers that will accompany you in this celebration.

Prayers for Baptism

When we decide to baptize to present our children before God, the baptismal prayer is a powerful activity of Faith, which will allow us to walk the path to accompany them in this first Sacrament.
This moment that we will offer our children through being baptized, makes them Christians and be sanctified in the grace of God. As a family we will instill in them with our loving example the life of Jesus and its meanings.

Baptism and Conditional Baptism

Baptizing children for Catholics is an experience of great value in their lives, since it is the gateway to the presence of God as Father and future guide. Baptism is the presentation before God and in this presentation, we affirm the commitment and respect in the Catholic Faith and the commandments of the church.

Baptism is the first sacrament, of the seven of Catholicism, this moment is the first time that we request forgiveness before the church and its main objective is to wash or immerse the creature in the water to carry out the purification of the soul and free it. of original sin.

The word sacrament within Catholicism means the Grace that God gives us to live in His Kingdom , that is why each person through their Parents and Godparents begins their Christian life with Baptism and it is the moment to unite as a family and find the prayers for baptism, which will accompany them

We Catholics recognize that our eternal life of salvation is accompanied by having received Baptism. Jesus said that: “Whoever is not reborn of water and of the Spirit cannot enter the Kingdom of God” (Jn 3, 5). And from there he ordered his disciples to spread the good news of the Gospel and baptize the whole world.

Prayers for Baptism

When a child is born in the family or when a person has not received the Sacrament of Baptism, deciding to do so is a task for the family of the new Christian to review themselves spiritually supported in their church to strengthen this moment.

The first religious celebration that each Christian receives is Baptism, it is celebrated in a church or chapel and is accompanied by prayers and prayers.

Who do these prayers?

  • Parents or close relatives also baptized in the Christian Faith.
  • The chosen godparents.
  • Members of our Church.

Through baptism we make our children Christians and by praying in community we strengthen family and church ties. We offer you an article with some selected prayers where you will find in each prayer for Catholic baptism, a communion with God.

With these prayers for baptism we get involved to ask forgiveness for our sins and prepare ourselves with gratitude and reflection to be ready and with love, joy and hope to receive the little one. They are written to be meditated and prayed by the parents, they can also be complemented with contributions made by other members of the family.

prayer about life

“Divine Creator, we want to thank you for life itself. You have allowed us to flourish as a family by allowing us to be parents. You lit up our lives when we found out our son was on the way. And from that moment we feel him alive and we wait for his arrival, we trust in You. Guide his steps for a full life full of your protection with health and discernment in each of his actions.

Allow us as parents to see him grow and become a good person full of the humility that you teach us.” Amen

 I pray over baptism

“Dear Father, Our Lord. We have decided to baptize our son in Christianity. Welcome me into your church, which is ours, so that our Faith may grow as a Catholic family, as members of this community in which we congregate. And may this decision we make be for his happiness as a future Christian.

Show us the way to approach this Sacrament with humility and wisdom, accompanied by our spiritual advisers in the Church”. Amen

Prayer about family love. May there be peace and love in all homes

Loving God, Almighty Father:

You have been our guide since we came into this world and you protect us every day. You have given us life and your kind mercy has allowed us to live it as individuals and as a family. Today I come before You, to ask for our family. You have safeguarded us from all evil and that is why I come to ask you to continue keeping us in tranquility, health, peace, love, to continue united with You on our Christian path.

Now with this new Sacrament that we will live as a family, it will strengthen us forever, sure that when our life ends here on earth, you will be waiting for us with open arms full of your Light.

Give us the home and family peace we need on earth.

Eternally grateful and indebted to you, in order to fulfill your commandments and sacraments with righteousness, until the end of our lives”. Amen

possible prayer

“In this holy moment, in which we turn to You Lord, we ask you to hear us and see with your merciful eyes, because we have come to present our son, we ask that together with the Virgin Mary, they illuminate him and he can see clearly the path they traveled in life and us as their loving parents guide them in our Faith”. Amen

baptism prayers

“God our eternal merciful Father, we present to you: (Name your child here with the Christian names you chose for his baptism)

And we request that you hold him with the love of your arms and grant him the Gift of the Holy Spirit. That knowing the life of Christ, allows him to grow as a person trusting in You every day, as his saving guide.

 Constantly renew your Faith, so that you always have reasons to believe and trust. He supports his parents, godparents and relatives so that they lovingly care for him, advise him wisely and with his example are worthy and thus fulfill the promise of the sacraments that they are fulfilling today, following the teachings that Christ left us”. Amen

 Holy Spirit – Catholic Baptism

It is mandatory and a great mission for the Catholic Church to assume this responsibility and verify that we are all baptized and hence the reason for baptism under condition or conditional.

The expression to baptize pronounced by the Bishop, Priest or Deacon when pouring holy water on the head of the new Christian is: “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”.

 If there is doubt about the certainty of a baptism in a person. The church gives us the option of conditional baptism where we must say:

“If you are baptized, I do not baptize you again, but if you are not yet baptized [pour water over head, making sure it touches skin] I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

If necessary, a Catholic can perform a conditional baptism and can make baptism available to their children.

In 1439 Pope Eugene IV, Council of Florence , “Exultate Deo,” noted:

“In case of necessity, however, not only a priest or a deacon, but even a layman or woman, yes, even a heathen and a heretic may baptize, so long as he preserves the form of the Church and intends to do what the Church does.” (Dec. 696)

Baptism in the past was a pagan religious rite practiced among the ancient peoples and also among the Jews. The word Baptism is of Greek origin, whose meaning is to immerse.

In a collective baptism, Jesus was baptized. And before you do, do you know what he did?; He prayed and at that moment the sky cleared, the Holy Spirit descended and manifested itself in a dove, hearing a voice from heaven: “You are my Son, the beloved, the favorite.”

Baptism then is not only a symbol but also a powerful interior transformation that is produced by Christ through the Holy Spirit.

As Christians we must always keep in mind the biblical reading where it is stated that children and adults must be baptized. Let’s remember when that happened:

At Pentecost; which means that we will participate in the life of Jesus and be witnesses of it.

Once the Holy Spirit descended, Peter makes the first preaching about Jesus to Jews and Gentiles, and warns at the end of his sermon:

“Know then all the people of Israel, that God has made Lord and Christ this Jesus whom you crucified.” Hearing this, they were deeply grieved and said to Peter and the other apostles: “What are we to do, brothers?” Peter answered them: “Repent, and let each one of you be baptized in the Name of Jesus, the Messiah, so that your sins may be forgiven. Then they will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Because the gift of God is for you and for your children.

Therefore, also for all those whom the Lord, our God, wants to call, even if they are far away.” Pedro kept insisting with more arguments. He exhorted them saying: “Get away from this wicked generation and save yourselves.” Those who accepted the word of Peter were baptized, and that day about three thousand people joined them “(Acts 2, 36-41)

That is why Our Lord Jesus Christ publicly instituted it in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

When a family or parents decide to baptize their child, it is very important to review our relationship with God; that closeness and full certainty of being heard by Him, comfortably prepares us to celebrate this Baptism and find those words that will make up the prayers that will sanctify this sacrament.

This sample of Jesus invites us to one of the first things we must do is pray for baptism and that this Sacrament develops in spiritual fullness and therefore it is important that we follow this process.

1.- The baptism of children has been practiced since the beginning of the church.

In Rome there are Catacombs where there are inscriptions of Christians, there are those of deceased children that read, “Arquilla rests here, recently baptized; She was one year and five months old when she passed away on the 23rd day of February.”

Also “A Domisio innocent, recently baptized, who lived three years, thirty days.”

“Or Born with the name of Pascasio Severo on Easter Thursday, the day before the nones of April… who lived six years, received grace on the 11th of the calends of May and laid his baptismal albs in the sepulcher on the eighth of Easter”

Due to the foregoing, it is ensured that children have always been baptized by the Catholic Church.

2.- The baptism of children makes them fit for grace and has nothing to do with our will, which is manifested in confirmation.

Saint John Chrysostom said in the fourth century: “We baptize even little children, even if they do not have sins, so that they may be given justification, filiation, inheritance, the grace of being brothers and members of Christ, as well as the abode of the Holy Spirit”

These valuable words that say and explain why we baptize children in the Catholic Church, because we believe that this act is more than a single declaration of Faith, because we believe that JESUS, by the power of the Holy SPIRIT works in the life of the child with Grace and for this it is not necessary to be aware of the fact.

Cardinal Godfried Danneels (2009) says so in an interview entitled: A Church without children is not the Church of Jesus: “When Tertullian said at a certain point in his life that no more children were going to be baptized, than those who wanted Baptism had to wait until they were adults, Rome answered no, because it was Jesus himself who said to the apostles: “Let the children come to me”.

The fundamental issue in favor of infant baptism is that Jesus himself asks for it. I think it’s very important. The presence of baptized children in the Church is a richness that we can never forget. It is an immense grace and privilege to live from early childhood in an atmosphere of prayer, but also of worship, participating in the mass. I still have the memory of when I was three, four, five years old, before my first communion, and I went to church with my parents and saw all those people praying and singing.

3.- Infant baptism replaces the old covenant mandate of circumcision

From the beginning of history there have been two signs to mark the commitment to heavenly alliances; circumcision at the time of Abraham and baptism in the case of Christians, but they are not the only references. Today Judaism and Christianity have been given new meanings, which have remained throughout history because they were assigned by God.

Let us see the sacred text that mentions it:

“In Christ they received a non-human, non-surgical circumcision, which stripped them entirely of the carnal body. This “circumcision of Christ” is baptism, in which they were buried with Christ. And in him they were later resurrected because they believed in the power of God who raised him from the dead. ” Colossians 2, 11-12

“For two thousand years, from the time of Abraham to the coming of Christ, God showed his people that he wanted children to belong to the Old Covenant with him: And I will establish my covenant between me and you, and your descendants after you in their generations, by a perpetual covenant… you shall keep my covenant, you and your descendants after you throughout their generations (Gn 17, 7, 9-10).

In the Old Testament, the method to enter before God was circumcision: EVERY male among you shall be circumcised (Gn 17, 10). It was done eight days after birth (See Isaac in Gén 21, 4 and Pablo in Flp 3,5).

With Christ the sign changed to baptism. The New Covenant is now a circumcision of Christ; buried with him in baptism: In him also you were circumcised with a circumcision made without hands, by putting off the sinful body of the flesh, in the circumcision of Christ; buried with him in baptism, in which you were also raised with him through faith in the power of God who raised him from the dead (Col 2:11-12).

4.- When John baptizes the adult Jesus, he was not exercising the sacrament of baptism

When we look at a Baptism now, we realize that it is not the same as the one John (The Baptist) performed for Jesus. Those who received “the Baptism of John” had to be baptized again (Acts 19, 1-7):

“While Apollo was at Corinth, Paul came to Ephesus by passing through the high regions; he found some disciples there and asked them, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you embraced faith?” They answered him: “We have not even heard of receiving the Holy Spirit.” Paul replied, “Then what baptism have you received?” They answered: “The baptism of John.” Then Paul explained to them:

“Although John baptized with a view to a change of life, he asked the people to believe in the one who would come after him, that is, in Jesus.” Hearing this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus, and when Paul laid his hands on them, the Holy Spirit descended on them and they began to speak in tongues and prophesy. There were about twelve men.

How is this explained? It is enough to read John 7, 39: “Jesus said this referring to the Holy Spirit, that those who believe in Him receive. The Spirit had not yet been communicated, because Jesus had not yet entered into glory”

5.- The spirit does not depend on the acceptance of faith

To top it off, a little child does not have the awareness or maturity to recognize that he is receiving his baptism through the Holy Spirit. We invite you to watch this video below:

The protagonist on the day of the baptism is the little boy, we will have to accompany him and share in healthy peace, showing ourselves happy, this Catholic ritual will be full of prayers for baptism.

Next, we will recommend some small prayers for baptism , which can significantly accompany you at this time. Join in prayer for the days to come. We have been contributing prayers, more within the prayers for baptism the following can be added:

Prayers for before the baby is born

“My father; I receive from you the necessary peace, calm, wisdom and wisdom. For this I will not fear and I know that you are in charge of my life God. Every step I take and actions I take is my preparation for the good father (mother) I am destined to be by your sanctification. God, Creator of life is my light for this moment in which my baby will be born, the day is marked and the only one who knows it is You Lord, so that it is the perfect moment, full of Faith and happiness with my mind in healthy peace for let nothing scare me, or make me fear.

A new little person will arrive glorified by You, safe, complete and all that delivery will be fully, bringing into this world a healthy baby, full of love and grace. I await with loving longing the arrival of my son, Thank you Parents, well, you have listened to me” Amen

 “God our Lord Father Almighty, You have given us love to meet and unite through a beautiful courtship and to be spouses under your blessing. Allow us now the possibility of conceiving a child and bringing him into the world full of health and love. The union of our family is for him a constant in his life. Support us to make our home, where you reign and he finds your support through your Son Jesus, that recognizes you as his loving Father and that we as Christian parents offer him all our love”. Amen

“Divine Creator, today we come to you with all humility to beg you to allow us to achieve the desire to procreate a child and increase our family and your family here on earth. We offer you to continue with your doctrine and make him a good Christian. full of your love and faith. Amen

“We appreciate this new dawn with the certainty that you God, our Father, are preparing us with infinite love, as is yours for our marriage, to receive our baby, who is soon to be born. We ask that the joy of seeing him be born, endure in our hearts and that we can transmit it to him with all our love. ” Amen

Prayers for after the birth of the baby

We dedicate these heartfelt lyrics, which prepare us to make the most extraordinary baptism prayers of our lives, for this reason they are made especially to all parents and godparents and the family in general:

“Divine Creator we want to thank you for life itself, you have allowed us to flourish as a family by allowing us to be parents. You illuminated our lives when we knew that he was on his way and from that moment we felt him alive and we waited for his arrival, we trust in You. Guide his steps for a full life full of your protection with health and discernment in each of his actions. Allow us as parents to see him grow and become a good person full of the humility that you teach us. Amen

“Today we honor you, Good Father, for giving us in flesh the miracle of life, through this little boy who came into the world. Join us to continue this task and family commitment now, today and always.” Amen

“Blessed God, My father and permanent protector, we thank you for having made us parents. We want to thank you for this wonderful grace that you have granted us, allowing our son to be born. Take care of him physically and spiritually so that I achieve the new life of baptism.” Amen

“Thank you God, for having heard our pleas to be parents and now we offer you our commitment to raise, educate and support this new being in the Christian faith. We beg you that each step of their upbringing enlighten us with your infinite mercy, making us loving parents and faithful to your teachings ” Amen

Prayers for a week before the baptism

When the week of baptism approaches, we can pray every day of the previous week, we leave you seven small prayers for baptism, performed with devotion:

Monday prayer:

“Lord, we thank you for the opportunity to be parents, your love became flesh in us. We are happy at this time that we are preparing to bring him to meet you through the sacrament of baptism. Give him my God, long life and prosper so that with humility he may be a good Christian. Amen

Tuesday Prayer:

 “Dear God: We are prepared as Children of God, You allowed us to be parents and we want your grace to be given to our Son, so that he grows in Your grace, help us so that our home You reign, that after receiving this Sacrament our family grow in love. Amen

Wednesday Prayer:

 “God prepared me for the Baptism of my son (our son) and I join my wishes, thoughts and pleas for you to join us. You who are our Merciful Father, prepare us with your Divine wisdom so that our family grows in Faith, Hope and Charity”. Amen

Thursday Prayer:

“Dear God, we attend these meetings in the church to remember our motivations as Catholics and to continue finding ourselves in your Faith. To allow us to start the path so that our Son receives his first sacrament and lives life as the Son of God.” Amen

Friday prayer:

“God, I present to you our son who is going to be a Christian. Receive him with your blessing in your church. Today we decided to christen him and we have prepared ourselves spiritually together with our family. You know Lord, of our family faith, of our Christian being, of the devotion to fulfill this Sacrament of the Gospel, of the strengths that you give us, of the realities that we live and of the welcome that you give this moment to our son.
That while he learns together with us and under your protection, he understands our option to baptize him, he feels the joy of receiving the Holy Spirit”. Amen.

 Saturday Prayer:

“Lord, we have humbly prepared to baptize my son and I present to you today your beloved and desired son. I promise to educate him as a faithful Christian and that is why I ask you to welcome him into your Church. The baptism of this day will be the most significant event of our life of my smallest angel because it represents all that is kind and luminous of a Christian rebirth.

We ask you as a family together with his godparents to receive him lovingly and allow him to enter your Holy Church so that through our Christian community he may be blessed.” Amen

Sunday prayer:

“Lord, I humbly present to you today this beloved and desired son of mine. He will be a faithful Christian and that is why I ask you to give him a place in your Church. he was baptized and now with our family we will show him how beautiful the Family of Nazareth is; love, faith, hope and above all our fidelity to the Gospel.

Therefore, my family and I ask you to welcome him into your loving hands and allow him to enter your Holy Church so that he may know your teachings from now and forever. Amen”.

Prayer of thanks for baptism

“Dear son:

The light of God will light up on this special day, in your soul…And thus illuminate the whole path of your life”

“Lord, our Father, make us sensitive to your Voice through prayer and that through the Holy Spirit, the Fire of your Love fills us and allows us to share it with others. Our God, give us the courage to announce, without doubt and with certainty, our faith in our community. Lord, God the Father, we thank you because you manifest yourself, make yourself present at all times and in all places. Help us with your kindness to know how to attend and look at you in daily gestures so that your Will may be present in our lives.

We give thanks, oh Merciful Father God, because despite our weaknesses, You trust us along with You in the constant struggle, so that evil does not have the last word in the world. Help us, Our Father, to always find what is good and to be able to clearly understand what is good on a daily basis. And the pastoral, family, work activities, help us, Lord, to fulfill them according to your Will and always being loved by You. We also present to you, Lord our God, for all the parents and godparents who baptize their children today, so that guided by You, they know how to educate them in the Christian faith. Amen.

“Thank God for all the people who have made this Sacrament that began with Jesus once again be preserved in the life of our little son. Bless your Catholic Church so that its priesthood continues to accompany us in this Faith. Strengthen the Godparents of my Children so that they accompany us in this task of being parents. Enlighten all my family and friends who are with us today in this blessing. Fill this new Christian with light and support us so that we can be worthy Christian representatives to be loving parents and firm in our beliefs and devotion to You” Amen.

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