September is Bible Month Find out why?

September is Bible Month Find out why?

September month of the Bible

The month of September is dedicated to the most important book in the history of all time, the Bible. In relation to this, September is called the month of the Bible , diverse activities are celebrated in different Christian communities, through these activities we can get closer to God and to his word.

Regarding this issue, the celebration is on September 30 as the day or month of the Bible , other Protestant and Evangelical churches also celebrate it.

On September 26, 1569, the printing of the first Bible in Spanish was finished, which was previously translated by Casiodoro de Reina, this Bible is known as the Bear Bible, since it presented the figure of a bear eating honey from a honeycomb . In the year 1602 it was revised by Cipriano de Valera, hence the current version known as “Reina Valera” was born, it is used by evangelicals.

Castilian versions

The translations are based on the one made by Saint Jerome into Latin, this is an original version of the church during approximately 15 centuries. The first attempt occurred in charge of King Alfonso X, El Sabio, in 1280, it was known as the Alfonsina Bible; in 1430, there is another translation that would be called the Bible of Alba made by Don Luis de Guzmán, who sponsors Mosé Arragel to carry out the proper translation.

In 1944 the so-called Nácar-Colunga was published, made by Christian authors, which does not present a translation of the Vulgate but uses the originals.

The so-called Jerusalem Bible makes its appearance in 1967, also based on original texts. Also in 2001 the Latin American Bible is published for the first time, which has a typical language of the region.

And finally, in 2005, after 33 years of work, the Navarre Bible was born, its production had original texts in Hebrew and Greek as its source.

Proposals to listen to the word

Regarding this topic we can determine that there are several points which we will develop so that the reader has more knowledge of the topic that we are dealing with in question.

The daily reading of the word will always be of great help to us in understanding the very word of God. This is a way to join the church both through prayer to the Father, studying it within its text.

It is proven that the daily or daily reading of the Bible or Scriptures becomes a great tool and a safe door to better understand the word of God himself who speaks to us.

It is always very interesting to read some passage or quote from the Bible, being really enriching for our lives. Which is extremely interesting and beautiful to discover the complete life of Jesus, through each of the Gospels that it contains.

In each one of the details and the form that each one of the evangelists uses, each one of the readings is well determined and also as the reader goes deeper and deeper into them.

As the reading of the Bible is done in a continuous or continuous way, details and relationships of so many biblical quotes are discovered. During the month of September it is considered a good time to offer God all our efforts.

Data of interest

We can recommend the reader to read the Gospel of Saint Mark. Despite not being so extensive, in a short time you can read and learn much more about the word of God.

The Gospels of Mark, Luke and Matthew can be considered as the gateway to the message that Jesus wants to give us.

Through the psalms, there is another possibility that we take into account what prayer is like, we can achieve this in this beautiful time of dedication to the Bible, the psalms are a very good option for it.

The psalms are determined by prayers of God’s own people from long ago regarding the walk of the people of Israel. Regarding this, the closeness of the believing people by faith in prayer and the word of God is observed, which determines the way in which Jesus taught us in the Bible itself.

The psalms are a great inspiration for all of us who believe in God and they are also a beautiful source of prayer. Some deal with joy, others with difficulties, specific problems that believers may present or be experiencing; as well as hope, depression, stress, pain, liberation, etc.

Praying through the psalms is always considered an open door to the direct encounter that we can have with God.

The reading and form of prayer of the Word of God, when it is done in society, places us in direct relation to the will of God. It is considered a key piece in terms of growth in faith.

In relation to the strength of the Christian community, this encourages us to draw from the psalms our strength on a spiritual level. All of them allow us to feed on their messages and enrich our spirit individually.

Among the ways of doing the reading, we can classify it into four aspects, namely:

Pious reading will always lead to a challenge to our daily lives. The Word of God encourages us to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and change the life of every believer. The pious way of reading, when carried out in society, claims us and helps us to think about how to live and practice the word today.

Why is September the month dedicated to the Bible?

In this month, it is the time when the Catholic Church exhorts believers in Christ to increase the commitment of their faith and belief in the word of God.

During this month the Church celebrates the month of the Holy Bible and dedicates itself with special zeal to the word of God contained in the Scriptures.

first translation

For all Catholics, September is considered the month of the Bible since the 30th of this month is celebrated on the day of Saint Jerome, a man who was in charge of the study and translated it into Latin.

He was born in Damalcia on September 30, around the year 340 in the city of Bethlehem, and died on September 30, 420. He was in charge of translating the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into Latin.

The Vulgate was named after Saint Jerome’s translation of the Bible from the original language. This was the one that was promulgated until 1979 when the Neovulgata was promulgated.

This is the month in which the Catholic Church itself exhorts believers to assume the true pact that we have with God and his word.

Through the word and through the New Evangelization we are required to know it in order to face the situations that arise in our daily lives.

Likewise, to live a reality that is constantly changing and it is pertinent that we sow the seed in relation to the word and the Gospel, with the sole purpose that the message of Jesus Christ reaches all his children and is correctly interpreted, understood, and is the word hopeful for our daily lives.

All this leads to the true and only intention, that throughout the month of September in all the communities that believe in Christianity, as well as the existing groups, families have activities that make us get closer to each other and take advantage of the word of God.

The word of God is considered spiritual or soul food for all believers in Jesus Christ. Everything that the Bible contains in its interior parables, psalms, experiences allow us to understand more clearly the work of Jesus and salvation.

Opinion of Pope Francis

“For Christians, our only objective should be to have faith in our hearts, a true faith, it is also to place the Bible as the axis of our lives, and that it be the compass that guides our path, as well as the spring of our lives. spiritual life, so that it indicates to us which path we must follow, but keeping in mind what Saint Jerome already mentioned: whoever does not know the scripture does not know Jesus”.

What does the Catechism say?

In this sense, the catechism also establishes and recognizes that the Bible is the food of the soul and spiritual life, Christian believers must be able to access it when required. It is also the soul in terms of the preaching of the word, catechesis and theology itself as a study.

It is recommended by the Church that we constantly read the Bible as Holy Scripture. If we ignore it, it is like ignoring Jesus Christ himself. unlike those who enjoy it since through it they manage to have the mind of Jesus Christ.

We must ask the Holy Spirit himself to touch our minds and hearts and allow us to be closer each day to the teachings of the most widely read book in the world, through which our Beloved Father speaks to us.

And on which some manuscripts are preserved that belong to the original books of the Scriptures that are known. And that through this we can love, know and follow Jesus Christ as a characteristic form that any Christian should possess.

John Paul II issued some very emotional words regarding the celebration of the Bible in the month of September, the month of the Bible, about what he said:

“Catholics should dedicate the month of September to the thrust of knowledge and to make known the biblical texts with more impulse, since all of us who are Christians have and must have knowledge of the history of salvation and the word of God, which we must interpret authentically and faithfully by the Magisterium of the Church.”

Methods for reading the Bible

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina or pious reading of Biblical texts is about speaking and talking directly and intimately with God.

It is about the celebration of the word of God dating back to ancient times and the method attributed to its origins.

This reading can be done in community, family or individually. The important thing is to do it and be in full communion and conversation with God and his teachings.

Biblical text reading

The idea is to read and reread if necessary, look for terms that are not clearly understood and the reconstruction of facts in an imaginary way as they are established and described in it.


This is about analyzing the message that Jesus transmits to us in his word, in terms of salvation and teaching and the impact it has on the life of each of the believers.


As we all know, prayer is the answer to our requests from God himself. It is also the great gift that he gives us and gives us his great mercy regarding the message that we may be reading.


It tries to take to the depths of our interior the message that the Bible and Jesus transmits to us in his word. It is to analyze ourselves and reflect internally on what we are reading and how to apply it to our daily lives.

Through this we must try to apply that message to our life so that it is in accordance with what God wants from us.

If the Lectio Divina is performed at home, it is advisable to do it outdoors, without distractions of any kind, in a climate of sanctity, we can do it before the figure of a crucifix and it can be with a lighted candle.

We will begin with the act of penance and the invocation of the Holy Spirit. We must ask God himself to grant us discernment to be able to understand the biblical text and to be able to assimilate clearly, correctly on the holy scriptures.

Other recommendations

Among these recommendations we can mention some, so that the reader is aware of the correct way to do it and better understand the holy scriptures, namely:

  • We must ask the Holy Spirit to grant us light and understanding.
  • Start reading with humility, patience and not with an attitude that we already know everything.
  • The interpretation will be according to the Church. Humility requires that we ask and study it.
  • Get used to reading it frequently to nourish ourselves more each day with its word and teachings.
  • We have to read it in order to love and have full obedience to God and love of neighbor.
  • We should not look for natural science but on the contrary a spiritual message, of peace, etc.
  • We must determine the great and powerful of the word of God since it is the food or sustenance of the Church, it also represents firmness in terms of the faith of each of its children, a clean and constant source of the spiritual life of each one of the believers in it.


In this article we have studied the determining aspects of the best-known book of all time, the Bible. We have determined why September is considered the month of the Bible.

However, we wanted to go further with the information regarding its celebration in the month of September as a festival that is celebrated by all believers, which, as we said throughout the same article, has its origin in the translation made by Saint Jerome of the Greek and Hebrew languages.

Other topics are also discussed, such as the correct way of reading that should be done, all trying to make its use as clear as possible to the reader.

We must emphasize as a final point that it is a book that must be appreciated by all humanity from the very moment of its creation, since it contains the life and teachings of Jesus Christ for each of his children.

It is our duty to value it, study it, scrutinize it and try to make the most of the teachings that are embodied in it, since they are direct experiences of Jesus and his beautiful messages that he wanted to leave us to be applied in our daily lives.

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