Prayers to Saint Helena to despair and tie up love

Prayers to Saint Helena to despair and tie up love

The prayers to Santa Elena , represent a spiritual guide of help for many followers of Catholicism, when a person has problems in their relationship, economic or otherwise, they resort to these prayers, learn about them by reading this article.

Prayers to Saint Helena

This saint was characterized by carrying out various Christian and charitable works, she was also the mother of Emperor Constantine II, who granted freedom to many Christians, she was of Russian origin, of working parents who maintained a sober life during the second century of our era .

Helena’s life (so she was baptized), was very varied, from getting the holy cross of Jesus on her trip to Jerusalem, to marrying the Roman general named Constantius Chlorus, with whom she had a son also named Constantine and who would later become history as a Roman emperor who freed the Christians.

She suffered excesses and problems that allowed her to lead a life full of holiness. Because of the love that her son Constantine had for her, she did many good things. Elena maintained a life of vocation and service, built many temples near Jerusalem, dedicated her life to the poor and sick, she was pious and full of kindness, which allowed the Church to sanctify her a few years after her death.

Santa Elena is an example of kindness and it is manifested through her prayers, she has many followers around the world who pray for her daily requesting favors and blessings. so that the  prayer of Saint Helena is one of the most used by the faithful.

The faithful also pray the prayer to Saint Helena for love when they have a sentimental conflict or seek in some way to establish the current relationship or form a new one, so let’s see how this beautiful prayer is formed.

Prayer to Saint Helena to despair a man

“Glorious Saint Helena, saint of lovers, I come to you to ask you to grant me with your kindness, that (say the name of the person) never leave me, never look at any other woman, at work, in the street and wherever he is that he does not stop thinking about me, body, soul and spirit.”

“I call you, I change your character, I have power over you. Saint Elena, powerful in love, do not give him peace of mind, do not leave his thoughts, may my name torment him and do not leave him alone, may he never again look for other lips only mine, may all carnal desire die for another. woman, only with me can you feel pleasure because I have him tied up.”

“When you were looking for the precious Cross of God, you wandered among the mountains like Hagar, you got lost in the desert like Elijah, but your faith was firm, your love remained intact.”

“Saint Elena, good mother of the Emperor, you have received from him this divine mission to exalt the Cross, by this same Cross, power and glory of God, illuminate lost hearts. She brings back husbands and wives, and destroys betrayals with the sign you have received.

“Oh Saint Helena, you are going to help me to conquer your heart again, tame your pride and character, to stop inventing, to know that you belong to me, to lose patience if you are with the other, illusion and hope. it is in my love towards (the person is named again) Amen.”

Light a white candle at the end and let it burn out, find a quiet place where no one can bother you while you pray to Saint Helena to despair , remember that with great faith everything can be achieved.

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