The Priory of Sion, Mary Magdalene and her secrets

The Priory of Sion , It is a secret society founded in 1099, which had greater relevance in 1956 with the consolidation as an organization and that came to light after the edition of Dan Brown’s book “The Da Vinci Code, know more than this topic by reading this article.

Priory of Sion

Considered one of the great enigmas of recent years, really for many it results only from a single speculation born in France and brought to relevance by the writer Dan Brown, through his masterpiece “The Da Vinci Code”.

The writer reached many fans of religion and spiritual obscurantism that existed in the early years of our era, calling and opening the curiosity of many researchers. So relevant was his foray into literature that even his books were taken to the seventh art.

According to Brown, there were some Knights Templar who belonged to a military order that conquered Jerusalem during the First Crusade, they founded a secret society called “The Priory of Sion” in 1099, where documents were specifically kept on the hill near the Temple of Jerusalem.

This construction destroyed by the Romans left many secrets underground that were later discovered by members of the Priory , which consists of parchment establishing that Jesus Christ had been married to Mary Magdalene.

When Jesus died, Mary Magdalene gave birth, and because of the persecutions she took refuge in France, where she founded the lineage that would go on to establish the kings of France called the Merovingians.

The novel generated great controversy when it made historical revelations, bringing to light a series of mysterious myths and legends that some still believe to be true for historians of Christianity and the spiritual activities of man, none of this is true, however has been able to verify that some theories raised by Brown have some credibility.

At that point is where the line of disbelief is cut, and the concepts and the Priory of Sion are taken seriously, but let’s see what the story of all this boom is really like, created from an analysis and theory of a French cartoonist.

Origin and history

If we take the reference from Brown’s book, the movement was born in the year 1099, when a group of intellectuals and artists, including Leonardo Da Vinci, left a series of signs in order to bring to light the truths that the Catholicism has hidden for many years.

Although the novel does not describe the place where the society was formed, it only establishes that year as the moment of its birth, but if we go to reality, the Priory of Sion really did exist, it was born in the year 1975 in the National Library of Paris, when a series of parchments called “The Secret Dossiers” were discovered.

Figures belonging to literature, music, politics and the arts appear in these scrolls, such as Isaac Newton, Sandro Botticelli, Victor Hugo and Leonardo Da Vinci himself among others, however the conjectures are about to begin, and let us continue investigating the date and the origin of its creation.

When was it actually founded?

The researchers consider that everything related to the Priory of Sion has no historical validity, due to certain situations and inconsistencies in its form and historical relationship, as well as having been able to demonstrate that everything is simply a fraud, but let’s start from the beginning:

The manuscripts supposedly found by the Draftsman Pierre Plantard in the National Library of Paris, the discovery comes from Father Bérenger Saunière, who had really been the one who found the parchments while they were remodeling the Rennes-le-Château Church.

But the truth is that these parchments had been written by Plantart himself and manufactured by a friend of his named Philippe de Cherisey who was a specialist in forging documents.

The fake scrolls attempted to prove the existence of a Merovingian dynasty stemming from the kings of ancient France, attributing direct lineage to Pierre Plantard. He manipulated Father Suniere’s activities in order to prove that he belonged to the ‘Priory of Sion’.

Plantard alleges that it was founded in the year 1681 in the Church of Rennes-le-Château, however he could not maintain his theory due to the lack of reputation and false projects, he also argued that Roger-Patrice Pelat had once been the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion.

Pelat at that time had been a great friend of French President François Mitterrand, the investigation led to Planchart’s house being searched, where a document could be obtained where Plantard himself proclaimed himself the legitimate King of France

Plantard’s invention

For the year 1961 and until the year 1984, Plantard had maintained the theory that he belonged to a legendary lineage called the Priory of Sion, taking historical references related to the true order of Sion, which did exist but not for the purposes established by Planchart.

In the Official Gazette of the Republic of France, the registration of the Priory of Sion is observed on July 20, 1956, which would be a great contradiction if the antiquity of the society is established, so if this society had the great power of well-kept secret, there is really no need to make an additional record of it.

All this tangled trick devised by Plantard led him to give statements a few years later alleging that everything had been invented by him, these statements were made under oath, Plantard admitted that he had devised everything, and even his participation of Pelat in the Priory of Sion .Planchart was subsequently ordered to desist from all activities related to that movement, which he did until his death in Paris in 2000.

It was all a great fraud according to many French authors, they argued that the novel related to the holy grail for which the name Priory of Sion became famous was totally false and that the evidence regarding the version of mystical movement lacks truth with the true sense of the Priory of Sion.

In the statutes of the registration document of the Priory of Sion registered by Planchart, the acquisition of a mountain near the French city of Annemasse, which bears the name “Sion”, is established, the real initiative of this organization was the restoration of the French nobility.

The benefits and royal power of France had been eliminated after the French Revolution, Plantard tried through his figure to reorder the monarchy and the nobility through royal rights awarded to his person.

He establishes rights through the elaboration of the parchments described above and supposedly discovered by him by Father Saunerie, in which the existence of a legendary lineage of the Priory of Sion is verified.

According to Plantard, this movement had been discovered by the military who carried out the first crusade to Jerusalem and found the parchments thanks to the intervention of Godfrey de Bouillon (Military leader of the crusades) so that the documents found in Jerusalem were intended to show the survival of the monarchy French and the restitution of the nobility in France.

This order had a long list of illustrious characters who supported it, and was protected by the so-called Knights Templar, of course the document in question is totally false, but it sought to establish the kingdom of the Merovingians established in the French region in the years 447 to 751 AD

This dynasty had to be protected, since it belonged to the bloodline left by Mary Magdalene with the birth of a son procreated with Jesus. The Merovingian dynasty would then be the direct descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

your secrets

The great secret of the Priory of Sion had been to maintain the belief that Mary of Magdalene and Jesus had had a son who had grown up in France and from there formed the Merovingian royalty that ruled France for many years, however the researchers carried out genetic studies in order to demonstrate the lineage of Mary Magdalene.

The investigations began in 2006 where the genetic samples of the first Merovingian Queen called Arnegonda were analyzed, the results showed that there is no type of genetic connection between this queen and María Magdalena, so that the lineage of the queen comes simply from other European roots.

In this way it was demonstrated that there is no relationship between Mary Magdalene, of Jewish origin, and the Merovingians, in turn the false one of the parchments found by Father Suniere and the supposed real union of Planchart was revealed.

Relationship with other religious currents

The documents of the Supposed Priory of Sion, contain information related to an interpretation that is attributed to an anti-Semitic text written many years ago, so that its natural religious ideological relationship is also fraudulent, that is, even the criterion of strongly criticizing and combating to the Jews through a document was forged.

The document to which reference is made deals with a writing that came to light during the Second World War, the text was called the “Protocol of the Elders of Zion”, it served the supporters consider one of the most convincing evidence to demonstrate the existence and activities of the Priory of Sion.

The manuscript expresses a series of secret activities that the great sages of the time maintained in the Jewish nation itself, in order to seek total world domination, something similar to what Hitler wanted, but from the Semitic side.

Some fanatics and groups whose line is to follow the Christian doctrine of the end of the world, accepted all these hypotheses with real facts and observed in the Priory of Sion a fulfillment of the prophecy established in the text “Book of Revelation”, attesting to an alleged anti-Christian conspiracy that would cover the entire planet.

The “protocols of the wise men of Zion” was an anti-Semitic document that was published for the first time in 1903, at the time of Czarist Russia, whose goal was to justify with ideas the torture and mistreatment suffered by the Jews.

The text states the conclusions of the meetings of the “wise men of Zion”, where they detail the plans for a Jewish conspiracy, with the aim of controlling Freemasonry and communist activities.

These documents were very relevant for many years and were investigated to try to find out who their creators really were, since based on many lies they tried to influence governments and seek support from power in order to dominate the world.

They are currently considered the largest fraudulent documents in contemporary history along with Hitler’s diaries, which has led to these ideas gradually being dismantled and becoming just a simple fraudulent document.

reassessment of history

Some historians and writers have tried to bring to light the truth of all this lie, although for many it is still a document that must be analyzed and taken into account, for example in 1982 a text called “The sacred enigma”, written by three British journalists named Henry Lincoln, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh.

They present the Priory of Sion as an organization commanded by Templars, Rosicrucians and Freemasons, they also state that the Merovingian dynasty comes directly from the union of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. For them, their main priory mission was to keep the lineage and the union of the two characters secret.

They link the subject with the true mission of the Holy Grail, associating it with the Templars and relating it to the direct descent of Jesus Christ. This book, along with others, served as the basis for Dan Brown to write his famous work.

On the other hand, the writer John Daniel of British nationality establishes a theory based on the conspiracy of the Jews that Pierre Plantard left written in his book “Scarlet and the Beast” where the entire Franco-Jewish relationship and the alleged Masonic intervention with the object are described. to dominate the world.

Revival of theory in literature

Despite proving that the entire movement and organization is considered a fraud worldwide, at the beginning of the 21st century, in many countries the movement of secret societies encouraged by the Priory of Sion established by the writer Dan Brown has been reborn.

The writer tries to show that the priory is an organization that has been maintained for many years and tries to establish the plot of world domination, eliminating Catholicism and establishing the origin of the spiritual criteria of the beginning of the era. The book tries to take the reader to the main observation of the mission of the Templars, as it is to take care of the Holy Grail.

In it, orthodox pagan activities are developed, also related to Gnosticism and witchcraft combined in turn with the figure of Jesus Christ. Brown takes references from other novels, theoretical studies and research related to the subject.

It also establishes in them ancient rites that are carried out in ancient France, especially in the south, where the activities of the Knights Templar, Freemasonry and its link with the Holy Grail.

Regarding this topic, many similar novels have been written, but those of Dan Brown had a very great acceptance worldwide, which later took two versions of his books to the seventh art “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons” .

As a previous reference is the Prussian writer’s novel “The Children of the Grail”, which is related to the time before the Albigensian Crusades. You can also see the essay called “Foucault’s pendulum”, by the Italian author Umberto Eco.

Considered a book for people who have a taste for satire towards esoteric issues and links everything related to the initiations of spiritual and pagan movements of the 20th century

The occult of the Priory of Sion

Some situations raised by the writer Dan Brown have been dismantled by many historical researchers and specialists in the field, for example, in the book “The Da Vinci Code”, Brown states that the Priory was founded in 1099, but does not state that the Jesuits they joined him in the year 1617, and furthermore the priory ceased to exist for a long time.

What would have been impossible for Newton and Victor Hugo to have been members of the organization, besides the book only takes into account Planchart’s fake parchments, one takes into account a long real historical documentation that could have given more realism to his work.

For the decade of the 60s and 70s, two books appeared that contained historically insubstantial descriptions, such is the case of “The Revelation of the Templars” and “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”, called in Spanish “The sacred enigma”, where Brown accepts directly what is stated in both texts and reveals them as real facts, when it was really demonstrated that these two books did not have any reliability or demonstrable capacity.

As an example we have that the secret documents that Brown describes in his work, do not even have the ability to be demonstrated in the book “Revelation of the Templars”, so there is no truth in their references. In conclusion, there really was a Priory of Sion created in 1099 as Brown proposed.

However, that Priory of Sion has nothing to do with the current Priory of Sion, and even there is no proof where Leonardo Da Vinci makes a small sample of the existence of a movement as such and less than even comes close to establishing that He belonged to that organization.

The Priory survived for four centuries until the arrival of the Jesuits in 1617, where the members of the Priory of Sion joined them and left the religious movement in oblivion, for which in the Church it is considered a spiritually unstable movement, arising and eventually disappearing.

the great puzzle

The great enigma created by Plantard and his accomplice Philippe de Cherisey have a creative mind called Henri Lobineau, who for many did not exist either, he was someone invented by Planchart in order to dissuade researchers.

Plantard’s document, false of course, was released by the French researcher Gérard de Sede and by the authors of the book “The Sacred Enigma” Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln, who were aware of its falsehood.

From that moment, the great false enigma of the Plantard documents was demonstrated, and as we detailed earlier, the fraud was discovered that led him to be accountable to the authorities and appear before the world as a simple fraud.

What do the secret scrolls say?

The secret parchments of Plantard were the main reference for Brown to write his book, in it several characteristics are established:

  • Establishes Pierre Plantard’s relationship to the ruling 5th and 6th century royalty in France called the Merovingians
  • Describes the union of French royalty with the son of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ
  • Plantard would be the current heir to that lineage
  • Establishes the creation of the Priory of Sion society in 1956 and not as established by Brown in 1099.

Manuscripts from the Hitler era

The manuscripts also establish a “Holy European Empire” that would become the next superpower and the promoter of a New World Order of peace.

Replace the Catholic Church with an ecumenical and messianic state religion, through the revelation of the Holy Grail and the Gospel of Judas.

Demonstrate the causes of the followers of John the Baptist and bring to light the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene;

The restoration of the anointed King of Greater Israel (the descendant of King David).

royal scrolls

The parchments were found after the Templars invaded Jerusalem and were taken to the church of Santa Maria in France, forming by then the Priory of Sion, since there was a nearby mountain with that name, and the first initiators of the organization were in charge of take care of the sheets

The first name of the organization then was “The Priory of Our Lady of Sion” a combination of the name of the Church and the place where it had been established, after the Muslim conquest they destroyed the Church and had to move to Sicily in 1217 Where they continued to exercise their ministry.

Then it survived until 1617 when they join the Jesuits and nothing more is known about this organization, until Planchart revives them with his ‘approach’ that in the end turned out to be a falsehood.

ultimate goals

One of the most important scholars of this subject is called Ferrer Cuñat, considered a respectable and knowledgeable historian of the subject, he described the entire movement that occurred with the Priory of Sion in the following way:

“It has been a common argument throughout the ages to claim that certain secret organizations were pulling the strings of politics or economics. In theory, these occult groups influence and maneuver to gain power and direct the destinies of the world.”

“On many occasions it has been true, but other times this argument has been used to justify or reinvent situations that sought precisely the same thing: to manipulate reality to obtain specific ends.”

“The Templars, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Bavarian Illuminati and even more recent organizations such as Opus Dei have been victims and protagonists of these machinations. In the case of the Priory of Sion, real history, assumptions and imagination are mixed in an impossible conglomerate”

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