A very powerful prayer to win the lottery

A very powerful prayer to win the lottery

You usually buy many lottery tickets and you never have luck to win even a penny, in this post we bring you a very strong and powerful prayer to win the lottery . You just need to be very sure that if you are going to win and pray it with great faith and you will see that it is very effective and powerful, do not stop reading the post.

Prayer to win the lottery

At any time in our lives we have gone through a very strong economic crisis and for that reason we want to win the lottery, to get out of so many debts that torment us day by day and also in this way to provide economic stability to our family and that not be affected by the misuse of the money we had investing where we shouldn’t, or simply by some bad patch we’re going through and we’re left without a job.

Going through an economic crisis is not pleasant at all since it is a constant worry that brings us and sometimes no matter how many things we try we do not find any solution to the problem and we only want to win the lottery but also no matter how hard we try it is impossible, but these wrong (a) winning the lottery is not an impossible win if it can be uphill, it is a matter of luck and many people are just like you in search of that prize.

However, anyone can win the lottery, you just need a lot of confidence that you are going to do it, but above all have a lot of faith in God, and you will see how the chances of winning will increase immediately since He can do everything and faith move mountains. Next, you will find a powerful prayer to win the lottery, do it with great faith and conviction and you will see how powerful and effective it is:

Lord my eternal heavenly father, as you know I am going through a strong economic situation that is affecting both me and my entire family who are being harmed since I am not receiving money to be able to take home and cover all the needs we have as a family.
In the face of this adversity that I am experiencing, my blessed God, I ask you to please win the lottery, and I promise that I will only use that money to cover the needs of my home and I will also help other family and friends who are living like me. dire financial situation.
I promise you sir that this money will not be used to squander it on luxuries or waste it, I just want to get out of this situation of anguish that is tormenting me and does not let me live in peace not only for myself but for my family who are also in need thanks to this whole situation sir.
That is why I ask you to listen to me and not abandon me, I beg you to grant me that great privilege of winning the lottery sir, I know of your love, your kindness and your greatness I trusted you and I know that my pleas will be heard and not you’re going to leave me

I promise to spread this prayer and always be faithful to you, grant me, Lord, that great privilege of being able to win the lottery. Thank you my God for listening to me, amen amen.

Prayer to win the chance lottery

What you decree in your life can be fulfilled, that is why we must always decree positive things, then we will leave you a very powerful prayer that you must pray with great faith and positivism and you will see how good it is for you to win the chance and take home that money that is so lacking:

Lord on this day I come to you to request a great favor that I need, I do not want to be reckless or sin by asking you for luck in a game of chance, but you know more than anyone about my needs, but only you can intercede for us before San Cono to lend us a hand and thus be able to win the chance.

If it is 03 because it is the day of his death; yes, it is 7 and 07 because it is the number added by the letters of the name of San Cono; if it is 18, it is because of the age at which he died; if it is 11 because it is the number of his Church; if it is 60 it is because when they brought his image from Italy that number was on one of his sandals; if it is 72, it is because it is the end of the year in which he was canonized in Rome; if it is 85, it is the end of the year in which his Church was inaugurated.

Lord, if I am worthy of your grace, through Saint Cone grant me… Amen.

Prayer to Saint Cipriano to win the lottery

Oh revered Saint Cyprian, priest of the humble, I come to you in this desperate hour because shortages and debts abound in my life and I feel afflicted, my soul does not find peace, merciful priest, that is why my request with respect and love is that Put luck on my side.

I ask that the numbers that I will play today in the lottery be the winners, I ask to be the winner with your powerful help and intercession, you know how the prize money will be used. To cover the needs of my family and mine, to put food on the table of my home, to pay the debts that afflict me and put an end to my persecution from all the people who have entrusted me, grant me joy and glory If I am the winner, please let the numbers be the ones I have selected with your powerful illumination, help me to stop my state of anguish and despair.

Make luck be on my side that smile at me immediately, I your faithful servant who glorifies you I will thank you forever, I will fill your altar with red and white flowers every Saturday of the week I deserve financial tranquility for the rest of my days Give me spiritual lucidity to manage resources efficiently.

make me a lucky winner and put abundance on my side, give me prosperity in each draw in which I decide to participate, give me the ability to choose the winning numbers, thank you very much priest and martyr of the humble, because with you I am a winner and successful in the draw because with you luck is and will be by my side, thank you for making me a winner, Saint Cipriano in every game of chance made, it is in your powerful name, oh venerable Saint Cipriano.Amen.

Spell to win the lottery

The spell that you are going to observe next is very effective, you just have to have a lot of faith and confidence when doing it, and follow all the steps to the letter and you will obtain the expected results, and that lottery prize that you long for. winning will be yours, so that you can overcome that difficult economic situation that you are facing:

The materials to use 

  • A bill of the highest denomination
  • piece of green cloth
  • A white cotton cord
  • 1 blue candle
  • Oregano
  • Sandalwood

Step by Step

The first thing you should do to start the spell is take the piece of green cloth and spread it out on any surface, it can be a table. It is important to note that you should be in a place by yourself and without distractions so that you are totally focused (or) on the spell.

After you have extended the piece of green cloth, on it you are going to proceed to place the high-denomination bill, around it you are going to place the white cotton cord in the shape of a circle and you are going to repeat the following words out loud and very security:

May this ticket be filled with energy, so that I can buy the winning lottery number.
May this ticket be filled with energy, so that I can buy the winning lottery number.
May this ticket be filled with energy, so that I can buy the winning lottery number.

Once you have finished saying the words, you are going to sprinkle the bill with a few drops of sandalwood and a little oregano. After that, you are going to take the piece of cloth with the ticket on it, as we already know, you are going to remove the cord in the shape of a circle and you are going to roll the fabric with the ticket inside and now with the cord you are going to make two loose knots.

After you have the knots ready and the fabric is well rolled up with the ticket inside, you will seem to light the blue candle and say the following words with great faith and positivity:

You will give me luck so that with you I can pay the winning lottery number, you will leave my hands, but you will return to me in a very short time, accompanied by many more equal tickets since you will allow me to win the lottery.

Once all the candle has been consumed, you are going to take the residue that was left, you are going to place it under your pillow next to the piece of green cloth and the bill inside and you are going to leave it there for a whole night, the next day you are going to untie the knots of the cloth you are going to take the ticket and you will go to buy the winning lottery ticket and you will see that luck is on your side.


It may seem illogical to you that an amulet helps you win the lottery, but it is not like that, the amulets are charged with positive energy and as long as you have the right one with you, it will help you in everything you need and one to win the lottery is not the exception, pay close attention to the materials and steps you find in the following lines to make one and you will see how effective and powerful it is:

The materials to use 

  • A nut
  • A nail
  • Olive oil
  • a green candle
  • Imam oil (Imagine oil is available in esoteric shops)
  • An image of Saint Elijah

Step by Step

To start with the amulet, the first thing you should do is grab the nut and with the nail in the middle of the nut you are going to open a hole, then in that hole that you already opened you are going to proceed to place a few drops of olive oil and you proceed to close the gap with the candle of the green candle. To do this you are going to light the candle and drop a few drops where you want to seal.

Once you sealed the nut, you proceed to spray it with magnet oil and put it to dry in the sun, when the nut is dry, you are going to bless it by saying the following:

Oh saint Elijah of the sacred support that you were sent by God to help us with all our needs, bad streaks and difficulties.

Saint Elijah, you who, with the power you received from God, can solve problems and help all those people who come before you with faith, so I beg you to give me the strength to face these difficult times that I am living and above all All that you give me a lot of patience to be able to wait for the results of the lottery and that there is no impediment for me to win this prize. Amen

Every time you go to play a lottery number with your right hand you will rub the image of Saint Elijah with the amulet you made and you will see how it brings you the best luck so that you can spend that number you just bought.

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