Learn how to obtain the wisdom of God, a precious attribute

Learn how to obtain the wisdom of God, a precious attribute

Wisdom is called the ability to have knowledge and in turn skills that certain people with special conditions have. On the other hand, the wisdom of God in relation to man corresponds directly to the virtues that the Supreme Being grants us. Discover how to obtain the wisdom of God.

What is the wisdom of God?

Wisdom is known as the human ability to know and possess skills in a certain subject. However, the wisdom of God embodied in the Bible is described as an attribute that God possesses, this is demonstrated through the creation of the universe and also by delivering his son, to save humanity from the sins committed.

In addition to this, it is important to note that God grants wisdom to those men who ask him with reverence. It is for this reason that the wisdom of God, are those abilities that the Supreme grants to people who pray to him with faith throughout their lives and who have worthy behaviors

The best way to describe wisdom, then, is by stating that God is wisdom itself. This conclusion is reached since the Lord is the creator of everything that exists in the universe and that is why no element is hidden from him. Therefore, what man cannot see because of his limited wisdom, God sees.

The wisdom that God possesses has existed since the beginning of humanity, and has been embodied since then in the sacred books, in these texts we obtain knowledge of the Garden of Eden. It is there that Adam and Eve were provided with everything they could possibly need.

However, the only thing forbidden was the fruit that the tree contained in the middle of the orchard. God warns them that they could not consume this fruit, because with it the knowledge of good and evil was obtained.

Adam and Eve, influenced by Satan, decided to ignore God’s words of warning. If the situation were different and they had not succumbed to the temptation represented by the serpent, they would not have differentiated between good and evil.

It is just this action, which caused the human to fall into sin, since there was disobedience on the part of Adam and Eve that crossed generations until reaching our days.

It should be known then that due to this action there are sufferings and bad events in life. This was the best way that the evil one had to enter our lives. (See Article: Miraculous Prayer of the Holy Spirit )

The disobedience of Adam and Eve led us to suffer from the temptation of sin. By many, it is considered a heritage from our ancestors. Well, it has been proven after every story framed in the Bible that through generations we always sin against God.

The wisdom that God possesses is visualized again, in Genesis 6, where the story of Noah is recounted. It is precisely in this story that God indicates that the wickedness of man has spread on earth, since the majority of the hearts of humanity had the design to follow the path of evil.

That is why, just at that moment, God regrets creating man on earth, because they had become beasts, with hard hearts. However, God found grace in Noah and it is for this reason that he decides to save only him and his family by sending the flood to the earth.

It was thanks to this wise decision that the earth was reestablished with a righteous population, with hearts full of love. On the other hand, one way to see the wisdom of God through actions was when he gave his son to save us from our sins and lead us to the path of the Kingdom of God.

How to get the wisdom of God?

There are some verses that are reflected in the bible, which indicate that God endowed us with his wisdom. The best known man, who made a good command of it, was King Solomon. Since, God granted him wisdom and also prudence when carrying out his actions. However, most men are not capable of proceeding wisely.

In spite of this, you as a believer and child of God, can ask him by opening your heart with faith, to grant you the wisdom that you need, and God with his mercy, without reproaches, will give it to you.

It is important to understand that without wisdom, life is much more complex and full of rough paths. Even if we do not know how to handle wisdom, we can get into more serious problems.

This could be considered unfair, but if life were fair, we would all be paying for our sins committed eternally. That is why the savior is the one who saves us from difficulties, because it is God who has perfect wisdom.

Therefore, when you seek the wisdom that God possesses, you have an answer for every event that occurs in our lives. For this, it is only necessary to give your heart to love and allow the word of God to be the one that guides us to make decisions. (Also read about the article high-level intercessory prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

Obtaining God’s Wisdom

It is important to understand that God-given wisdom is not obtained through tireless reading of God-related books. This wisdom, rather, is the revelation that God gives us through the Holy Spirit. The only way to possess it, then, is through communication and reverence for God.

Reading the word through faith and trust that God will provide the revelations you need to have is a good method to start this process. If you do not have faith towards God, it is impossible to get anything from him. (See Article: The power of prayer )

It is important to know that wisdom is the carrier of messages between God and man. In addition, thanks to this, we have the action of delivering our sins from the heart. Well, it is thanks to this virtue of God that the veil that is held in the mind is stripped from our being.


  • The principle of wisdom is related to the fear of God, according to Pr 1:7.
  • It must be understood that to obtain wisdom in life, one must obey God, according to Pr 1:7 to 9:10.
  •  The Spirit of God is the one who offers us wisdom, according to Pr 1:23.
  • According to Pr 2:6 God gives us wisdom.
  • For Pr 2:10 and 2:19, wisdom protects you from evil.
  • That person who has wisdom, is happy, according to Pr 3:13.
  • According to Pr 3:13 to 19, it allows us to have many years of life, and even more importantly, wisdom grants us eternal life with God.
  • Wisdom is considered for Pr 3:19 an attribute of God.
  • Wisdom is considered to be much more important than wealth, according to Pr 4:7 and 8:10.

Characters considered an example of wisdom

In the Bible there are twelve people who are classified as wise. Reading about them can help us successfully obtain wisdom by seeking it for our lives. These characters are the following:

joseph wise leader

Joseph is a character who prepared himself for the period of drought that would occur in the land and that is why he collaborated with the government of Egypt, according to Ge 41:39. God, due to his intelligence and faith, gave him grace and wisdom before the Pharaoh of Egypt.

This divine gift allowed Joseph to be appointed as governor over Egypt and over the king’s house.

Moses wise leader

Moses was protected by God from the beginning of his life in the Nile River. In addition, he allowed him to learn all aspects related to the wisdom of Egypt. After this he excelled in God’s wisdom lessons, with the goal of freeing the people of Israel from Egyptian oppression.

Moses, a man pleasing to God from birth, was raised for three months in a Jewish home, together with his father. When he exposes himself to death, due to actions related to the murders against children by order of the Pharaoh. He finds him in a basket in the Nile River, the Pharaoh’s daughter, who was the one who ended up raising him.

It is for this reason that Moses was taught about the wisdom of the Egyptians, which allowed him to be powerful in relation to his words and deeds, since he knew the customs of the enemy of the people of Israel.

Bezaleel wise artist

He was the designer of the construction of the Tabernacle as well as its utensils in the desert. He came from the tribe of Judah and was the son of Uri and the son of Hur. He was filled with the Spirit of God with wisdom and intelligence. This in order for him to be an expert in the arts. (See article: Prayer to succeed at work  )

Bezaleel, worked with gold, silver and bronze. In the same way, he elaborated designs with stone artifices, with the purpose of setting them as well as wood to carry out all kinds of work.

wise leader joshua

This character learned thanks to his constant study of Moses. Joshua was obedient to God’s designs and became the guide of the people of Israel towards the promised land.

He was the son of Nun, he was filled with the spirit of wisdom because Moses laid his hands on him. It is for this reason that the children of Israel were obedient to his command, because like Moses he was commanded by God.

david wise leader

King David never allowed the mistakes made to take him away from the source of wisdom, coming from the fear of God. David always trusted in God, as his servant, because he knew that he had the supreme wisdom and would guide him to triumph and blessings.

Wise Wife Abigail

Abigail was a woman who, according to the Bible, managed her house very well, despite the fact that her husband, Nabal, had a bad-tempered and evil character.

This woman had a good understanding, in addition to having a beautiful physique, however, her man wanted to overshadow her kind attitude with his tough appearance and personality full of bad deeds, this was part of Caleb’s lineage. (You can perform the high level intercession prayer )

wise leader solomon

He was a king who, despite having several failures when it came to practicing wisdom, knew what to do when making complex decisions. That is why God grants Solomon the necessary wisdom and prudence to assume his position. In addition to that, he had a kind heart, with a lot of love to give.

daniel wise counselor

This man is described as one who was in communion with God. He was able, thanks to his faith and trust, to solve problems of great complexity with the help of our Lord.

In his kingdom he dazzled by having the spirit of God, just as in his father’s time he possessed light, intelligence and wisdom.

Wise Apprentice Wizards

To these wise men God gave the special message that would visit the earth. In addition to this, they verified this message personally, just at the moment they arrived in Judea, directed by a star seen in the east.

Stephen Wise Leader

Esteban preached the gospel to the Jews and also organized the food that was given to the Greek widows. This man was full of God-given grace and power.

Paul messenger of the wise

Paul took care of talking about the love of God, seeking that all those believers really know what God is like and, in addition, how much his children love us. He was a preacher in the areas of Africa, Asia and Europe.

It showed that the patience of God is for our salvation. According to Paul, wisdom is necessary and writing about what God wants for us and also what he is willing to do.

wise savior jesus christ

He had a perfect life filled with the wisdom of God. In addition to this, he died on a cross, in order to save us from our sins. In this way, to correctly carry out the wise plan that God had with us and thus grant us eternal life in the Kingdom of God. (Do not stop learning about spiritual liberation )

As the one chosen to save us, he grew in wisdom, in turn in stature and grace to the Lord. With this he would be the best example of attitude for men. For God’s world is full of wisdom.

On the other hand, the Jews ask for signs, while the Greeks seek wisdom and Christians preach the Savior, under the crucifixion because it is thanks to this that our sins are forgiven. It is for this reason, that while the Jews consider this to be insane, the Greeks believe that the power of God was found in Jesus.

Difference between human wisdom and divine wisdom

It is important to know what are the differences that exist between human wisdom and the wisdom of God, among them is:

God is the one who is really wise among all, because his name represents wisdom. While the wisdom of man is granted by our Lord thanks to good conduct and works favorable to others.

Those jealous, bitter beings with a heart full of evil do not have wisdom. On the other hand, God is incapable of possessing any negative feelings.

Sometimes human wisdom is dominated and manipulated by the wiles of Satan. Since the feeling of jealousy or disturbance begins to exist, it is a perverse work.

The wisdom of God on the other hand, is pure, peaceful, kind, benign and it is also merciful. That is why it bears good fruit that does not have uncertainty or hypocrisy. For it also contains a fruit of justice that generates peace.

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