Learn the Christian prayer for a rebellious son, to transform his character

The Christian prayer for a rebellious son by a mother is considered the most powerful weapon there is for the son to have a change. This is the most positive way to fight against the wiles of satan.

Christian prayer for a rebellious son

Lord Jesus Christ, today I give myself to you and I implore you to accept my repentance and allow my spiritual eyes to be opened to see my iniquity. I implore you to show me in dreams what method my ancestors had.

My dear Heavenly Father, I confess that my bad attitudes have generated problems that affect my children. I ask you to remove from me the contamination of restlessness that my body and soul possess. I recognize that I must be free to be able to help my children to have a better attitude.

I implore your help in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, with the aim that my children stop having rebellious attitudes. I renounce any act that generates rebellion in my iniquity that leads my spirit and that of my children down the wrong path. (See also: Job Protection Prayer )

You who carried the cross with all my sins, in search of forgiveness, I ask you to fulfill your promise and in this way declare me free from sin to take care of my children and lead them on the right path. In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

sentence 2

My beloved Heavenly Father, today I take my role as the father of my son and I implore you to consecrate him before you. For the purpose of transforming his soul. I am aware that my sins are the cause of his rebellious spirit, but I implore you for mercy and that this rebellion be tied head and foot.

That the motive of rebellion has no power or substance. I ask in your name Heavenly Father and in that of your son who died on the cross, that the sins I carry do not continue to cause bad behavior in my son.

Heavenly Father, in your name and that of your son Jesus, I declare that my son’s rebellion will come away from him. Every negative factor that landed on him, thanks to your merciful hand, is being destroyed and the shadow is moving away from him by the power of your blood.

My son will be free from any evil energy thanks to you. Lord is your abode, who fills it with light. Your glory makes my son a good person. May he be a model person, an honest, intelligent and obedient person.

I ask that my son respect your kingdom and authority dear Heavenly Father. I trust that his changes will be noticeable. The Lord will fill him with sweetness in his heart. It is his only son, my beloved Jesus Christ, the main guide on his path. You are the light of him my dear God, it is you who leads my son on the right path that illuminates him.

I ask you Lord that this prayer makes my son surrender under my care and I have the wisdom to guide him with you. Your throne of grace allows his thoughts and heart to be filled with harmony. I thank you my dear Heavenly Father because you are the one who will manage to solve this rebellion of my son, from heaven. Lord Jesus Christ you are the radiance of glory that guides us. May God radiate light before my children.

I declare that wherever they are they will obediently answer to you, I accept the authority that I must take as a mother or father with the aim of making my son a better person and looking for a way to eliminate any plan related to the tricks of satan.

It is thanks to your pact with my son that you will fill my son with a heart full of love for you. I thank you for taking care of my son because you are the one with the greatest power. In your name Heavenly Father, amen.

Sentence 3

My Lord Jesus Christ. I thank you enormously for the family you gave me. You are the one responsible for us having the strength to always move forward, seeking to never give up.

Oh dear Lord Jesus Christ, your word tells me that I should ask you if I need help and you will be the one who will respond to me with love and attention. It is you who will be with us whenever there are periods of anguish.

Today I ask you for my children, with the aim of freeing them from any evil that they cause in the problems that lead them to misbehavior. May they be able to cry out for you. I ask you to guide them in your direction, that your light leads them directly to your path. Let the plans you have for him not be destroyed.

May evil not destroy your love plans. Do not allow bad influences to stand out in his life. Allow them to have firmness and eternally believe in you. Keep evil from his ways, may you be the most important being in his life.

I thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, it is you who will lead my children to success in their lives. Thank you for listening to my prayers and quickly answering my prayers, amen.

sentence 4

I ask you, dear Heavenly Father, that today you hear each of my requests through my prayer, since it is addressed to those beings that I love the most on this earth. I require your supreme and glorious power, so that my children are touched by your merciful hands.

I need you to intercede with your kindness. With the aim that evil be seen away from my son, to allow him to fight against the provocation of the evil one. I implore you that my rebellious son, have sanity and take my advice to live, with a soul full of commitment to your love.

I implore you that my rebellious son will have greater sanity and accept every piece of advice I give him. May his soul and mind open to understanding.

I ask you my dear Jesus Christ to listen to my pleas. Today I need you, I ask you to talk to my son and guide him to the good path of kindness and respect. I ask you to understand our love as parents. I ask you to forgive his sins, since I know that he has done wrong. Please give me the guidance I require to clear his path. Allow me to have the wisdom to educate my children with much love.

I implore you that my son re-enter the path of love with his parents, embrace his heart so that he may have a spiritual life full of peace and much love. I implore you my Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Sentence 5

In the name of God and his son who sacrificed himself on the cross for us Jesus Christ, I ask you to seal and protect, with the glory and power of your blood, my son (name of your son.)-I implore you my dear Heavenly Father that you send the angels and archangels to keep it for me and guard it with the aim of being away from evil.

May need and adversity not be part of your life. I implore you, Jesus Christ, to guide him and lead him to the path of good, that he does not receive any type of evil that leads him to the path of the evil one. May God seal and protect him.

Your power and your glorious blood will be the main protector of my son. I ask you to keep it from accidents and catastrophic dangers. Your blood, my Lord, will be the seal of your love for him. That diseases and illnesses are not part of it.

May the seal and saving blood of Jesus Christ protect him from all evil in body and soul, that the evil one has no power over him through tricks that are his own. I beg you to cleanse and purify my children from sin. May his soul, body and spirit be sealed with your blood, with the aim of triumphing over all battles against evil.

I beg you to allow strength and health to defend any bad situation that causes problems for my son. I ask you to give him strength and health to defend himself from any bad situation that happens to my children.

rebellious sons

As the children grow they acquire behavioral traits, some characteristic factors are their own, others are the reflection of a behavior of the parents that provokes a reaction in the children.

Some iniquities of the children are related to the lack of respect towards authority and attitudes related to rebellion, this type of attitude can be inadvertently transmitted by grandparents and parents. In this way, lapses of rebellion are manifested in some children and adolescents.

The prayer of mothers against these acts of rebellion is the most powerful action a mother can have. That is why it is the best way to obtain favorable results in relation to improving the skills of children.

Prayer for rebellious children is the best way for mothers with faith to fight against the tricks of satan. This prevents acts of manipulation from continuing. We must be aware that it is not only necessary to ask for children, but also for wisdom, love and sufficient inner strength to raise children.

The patterns of iniquity that are observed in children and young people are directly related to behaviors related to lack of respect and rebellion. If parents and grandparents do not act correctly, this can continue to happen to unimaginable points.

Instruct children in the path of good

It is extremely important to pray at all times so that children are led to the path of good. Since this is the best way for the staff of God to lead them to the right path. The Lord is the only one capable of transforming the lives of his children, even the most lost according to man’s perspectives. He is the one who aligns and guides you to the right path.

In addition to this, it is extremely important that the mother has a lot of faith in the word of God, it is good that every night you take care of asking for each negative trait that you consider that your child should change.

Always keep in mind that God listens to your requests. He complies with your requirements if that is in the best interest of you and your child. It is important for the Lord that your faith be strengthened, that you have a lot of confidence in him and in the love he professes for you as his son.

You must with all the faith in the world place the lives of your children in their hands. It is just in this way that God will accomplish extraordinary things for you and your children. Allow each step of their lives to be consecrated by the love of God, to seal their lives with harmony and peace.

It is also extremely important that you instruct your children under the word of God, with the aim that their thoughts go directly to the kingdom that our Heavenly Father has for us.

Our Lord is faithful to us, that is why he wants well-being for his children and that is why you must pay with your fidelity to him and give him your heart, believing in his perfect will and the love that his children feel for us.

The protection of children

Children often have different problems, so it is necessary to make prayers to improve the attitudes of conflicting children. This is the best way to find the solution so that your children stop having problems, it is thanks to them that you will have the strength so that your children stop being rebellious and that in this way they reconsider and can be better happy people.

When as a father or mother you find yourself distressed because your child has a bad attitude, whether due to depression, addictions or any other situation that generates rebellious attitudes. The best way to solve it is the help of our Heavenly Father. This allows them to find the path full of light that they need to get out of the bad moment. (See Article: The power of early morning prayer )

What to do with a rebellious son?

These kinds of attitudes are seen most of the time in the adolescent stage, since it is a complex period for young people. This is because they no longer act or feel like children. However, they have not yet passed through the stage of adulthood, that is, they are in a stage of development.

It is precisely this moment in which the identity of people is built, this stage is characterized by breaking certain symbols related to paternal ties. That is why on many occasions certain problems begin between parents and children because a stage of rebellion begins.

In the same way, the meetings of the adolescents are essential to have or not a good behavior, since this is a stage of discovery to reach adulthood. The most effective tips to take care of our children and give them harmony.

You need to be patient, because living with adolescents in a certain way is a conflict that can cause wear and tear. However, keep in mind that you must remain calm with reference to their attitudes. When you do not agree with something, it is better that you raise it and speak with patience, try not to argue.

You must maintain interest in their activities. Put at this age despite seeming to the contrary, adolescents need the interest of their loved ones. It is important that you seek to listen to your children and share common points.

Maintain good communication with your children. This stage of adolescence can be considered remarkably vulnerable with reference to people outside the parental circle. It is extremely necessary that you have constant communication with your child, trying to be as honest as possible.

Spend quality time with them. This topic is very important if you want to maintain true trust with your children, which determines good behavior. You must show your interest in them. You have to understand that even if they are big, they need your interest. It is extremely good that they share activities that they like. Real quality time should be spent with them.

You should talk about everything with your children. It is not positive that you create taboo topics. Remember that information is the best resource for preventing certain undesirable events.

If you have rebellious children who constantly go through difficult times, related to certain outstanding problems such as drugs and issues related to misconduct and irresponsibility.

You must be clear that this always comes hand in hand with depression problems. That is why it is important that you maintain constant contact through prayers with God. Looking for our Lord to show and guide your son to the right path. (See article: The power of Prayer )

children in crisis

There are times when children are in spiritual problems, that is why we must pray with God, constantly, seeking to intercede for us. Always keep in mind the blood of our savior Jesus Christ, seeking that our children be guided along the path of good.

On many occasions the problems of rebellion are coupled with problems of drug addiction. That is why we must constantly ask our Lord to grant us help, clarity and wisdom to solve every problem that makes our children falter in the face of evil.

Incidentally, rebellious attitudes cause in many circumstances that children leave home in the midst of adolescence. For this reason, one can ask God to return soon, since his son must be tamed through his merciful hand.

At this stage children become difficult to raise. That is why if you are a believer in our Lord and you want to get the strength required to improve the behavior and relationship between children and parents. To put an end to a rebellious son, one must ask for a healthy bond between mother and sons and daughters.

Who can be asked?

For complex problems there is a large group of collaborators with God who serve as bridges to perform miracles related to our Heavenly Father. The Lord of miracles is one of them.

In the same way, asking before the Sacred Heart of Jesus is positive, placed for specific factors is very good. It is important that you always do it with faith, that the answer to your request will soon arrive.

Last but not least, the guardian angel fulfills a very good function. They are the ones in charge of taking care of us. They are the ones who intercede for you and help you solve everyday problems. (See also: Do ​​you know who were Shepherds in the Bible, before following Jesus?)

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