Pope Francis Prayer for World Peace

Prayer for world peace , is a prayer that Pope Francis proclaims for each country where he arrives during his pilgrimage activities, get to know it and learn to pray it by reading this article.

prayer for world peace

Pope Francis, in his eagerness to bring peace around the world, offers a prayer in each place he arrives in order to fill the hearts of love to all faithful Catholics and even non-believers.

During his apostolate, Pope Francis has established the prayer and has created others that allow many of the faithful to complement their prayers to reinforce the activities that lead to promoting peace and the well-being of humanity.

We must also mention that Pope Francis uses traditional prayers and some that have remained in his heart, such as the one made by John Paul II, where he himself says it is a true prayer requesting peace towards humanity, trying to open the eyes of all world leaders

It is a simple prayer where he asks Jesus to intercede with God in order to renew faith in the hearts of the faithful, which for him is the only way to achieve true union among all human beings. Let’s see what those sentences are.

Prayer for the end of violence and terrorism

The following prayer for the peace of the whole world was made by Pope Francis during his speech at the 31st World Youth Day, in Krakow on July 28, 2016, if you still consider yourself part of the youth we invite you to make it and help promote peace in the world.

“Merciful and omnipotent God, Lord of the Universe and of human history. Everything you created is good, your compassion for man, who leaves you again and again, is tireless and inexhaustible. We come to implore you to protect the world and its inhabitants by granting them peace, drive away the destructive tide of terrorism, restore friendship and pour into the hearts of your children the gift of trust and forgiveness.”

“You who are the giver of life, we also ask for all those who have died, victims of the brutal terrorist attacks. Grant them eternal reward and joy. May they intercede for the world, shaken by anguish and misfortune.”

“Jesus, we pray for those injured in terrorist attacks, especially children and young people, women and men, the elderly, innocent people and those who have been attacked without need and without fault. Heal their body and heart, give them strength and comfort them, keep hatred and the desire for revenge away from them.”

“Holy Spirit Comforter, visit those who mourn the loss of their relatives, go to the innocent who have been victims of violence and terrorism. Cover her with the mantle of your divine mercy. May they find in you the strength and courage to continue being brothers and sisters of God and of all, especially foreigners and immigrants, bearing witness to your love with their lives.”

Move the hearts of those who instil terror, so that they recognize the evil of their actions and return to the path of peace and good, respect for life and the dignity of every human being, regardless of their religion, origin or social status.”

“God, Eternal Father, compassionately listen to this prayer that rises towards You amidst the noise and despair of the world. We trust in your infinite Mercy, intercede through the Blessed Mother, we turn to You with great hope, begging for peace and asking that you take away from us the whip of terrorism. Through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.”

Other prayers for peace

There are also prayers created by Pope Francis that have been heard and documented in some old ones made especially to countries like Peru and Mexico, they are a small summary of the first one but a high content of humility and faith, let’s see

Franciscan Prayer for Peace

“Lord, make me an instrument of your peace! Where there is hatred, let me put love; where there is offense, I put pardon; where there is discord, I put union; where there is error, I put truth; where there is doubt, I put faith; where there is despair, I put hope; where there is darkness, let me put light; where there is sadness, I put joy.”

“O Master! Let him not so much seek to be consoled as to console; nor to be understood, how to understand; I must be loved, how to love. Because giving is how you receive; forgetting, as it is; forgiving, as one is forgiven; dying, as one is resurrected to eternal life. Amen.”

 Second Franciscan Prayer

“Oh God! that with paternal love you govern the world, we pray that all men, to whom you gave an identical origin, constitute a single family in peace and always live united by brotherly love. Amen.”

It is appreciated that it is a shorter prayer with a precise spiritual content that allows the faithful to perform it anywhere and without special conditions, this prayer is a kind of short prayer that is also addressed to the children of the world and that every faithful should know .

Franciscan prayer in homage to John Paul II

Pope Francis, a faithful follower and friend of John Paul II, performs the prayer that identifies his holiness Saint John Paul II, which also contains spiritual depth, consists of an extensive prayer that allows renewing faith and connection with the eternal master .

“Lord, you address words of peace to your people and to all who turn to you from the heart… Help us to break down the barriers of hostility and division and to build together a world of justice, peace and solidarity. Lord, you create a new heaven and a new earth. We entrust to you the young… In their hearts they aspire to a brighter future; strengthens their decision to be men and women of peace and heralds of new hope for their peoples.”

“Father, you’re doing germinate justice on earth. We ask you for the civil authorities and all rulers so that they strive to satisfy the just aspirations of their peoples and educate young people in justice and peace. Encourage them to work generously for the common good and to respect the inalienable dignity of every person and the fundamental rights that derive from the image and likeness of the Creator imprinted on every human being”

“Give them wisdom, clairvoyance and perseverance; do not allow them to be discouraged in their arduous task of building lasting peace, which all peoples yearn for. We pray for all who believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Guide their steps towards the truth and in love. Let them be one, as You are one with the Son and the Holy Spirit. May they bear witness to the peace that surpasses all knowledge and the light that triumphs over the darkness of hostility, sin and death.”

“Merciful Father, may all believers find the courage to forgive one another, so that the wounds of the past are healed and are not a pretext for new suffering in the present. Grant us that this be done above all in the Holy Land, this land that you blessed with so many signs of your Providence and where you revealed yourself as God of love.”

Prayer Maru Wells

The following prayer for peace in the world was made by Francis to ask for the inhabitants of New York who have faced difficult situations in recent decades, Francis made a visit to that city in 2015 and asked for the peace of all, further offering them the following prayer,

Despite the fact that more than 10 years have passed since the terrible events that occurred in that city, memory lives on, the tragedy that shocked the world is still alive in the minds of many people, and Pope Francis, as the Vicar of Christ, is committed to his heart to pray this prayer in the year he had the honor of visiting that city

“Dear God, we come before You with a mixed bag of mixed feelings. Feelings of loss and sadness invade us, and much fear. We come to You to show us the way. We pray for the dead and disappeared and for their families.”

“We ask you for the wounded and for those who managed to save themselves. So they don’t feel guilty about surviving. We ask for the police, doctors and firefighters. We pray for all those brave volunteers.”

“Sprinkle Your blessings on them, bless the effort they made and keep them safe from new dangers. Let us experience a thirst for justice, but not for revenge. Lord, we ask you to enlighten our rulers and all the leaders of the world. We ask you, Lord, that each of their acts be guided by Your love and Your teachings.”

“Sir, we are lost. We do not know what to do. That is why we now turn our faces towards You so that You can show us the way. Your way. Amen.”

We hope that some of these prayers can reach your heart and you can also pray them with great faith and passion, Pope Francis is currently a highly respected spiritual leader and has been taking important steps in the search for peace in the world.

He has traveled thousands of kilometers carrying the message of peace through prayer for peace in the world. His idea is to bring well-being and promote faith in all Catholics.

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