Powerful prayer for my husband to come home

Powerful prayer for my husband to come home

If you ask yourself, is there a prayer for my husband to return home ? The answer is yes, there is a powerful prayer for your husband to return home, humiliated and asking for your forgiveness after abandoning you for another. Do not stop reading the post as it may be of your total interest.

Prayer for my husband to come home

You want your husband to return home after having abandoned you for some other woman, or simply because he decided to end his marriage, because it is not an easy task, however it is not something impossible. You will know the powerful prayers that will help your husband return home, asking for your forgiveness and humiliated before you.

You just have to have a lot of faith when saying the prayer and projecting what you want, that is to say to your husband again at home with you and his family being eternally happy:

My God beloved and venerated father, I implore you for the soul of my beloved husband

 Who is currently out of our house and away from our family

My heart is very hurt and hurt since my husband left us

 My soul is afflicted and completely defeated

Lord you who know complement my heart, and my needs

 And you know the deep love I have for my husband

I beg you to instill in him wisdom and intelligence

Open their spiritual eyes

That he can understand how much we need him, and that he finally learns to value our family

That day by day take care and cultivate our love like the first day

 Lord I ask you to reconsider your decision

It is time for you to return to our house next to your children

Dear Father, have mercy on me and my pain and make him return home now.

 Let go of anyone who takes you away from your family and your home

And that bad woman leave him alone and abandon him once and for all sir

In the mighty name of Jesus Amen.

alternative sentence

The family is the most important thing we have in this life, and we must do everything possible to always keep it together. If you are going through the painful process of a separation and what you want most is for your husband to return home quickly, then calm down my friend, below you will find a prayer that will surely help you, you just need a lot of faith and devotion when praying it:

merciful lord

I beg you to hear my sincerest prayers

May my husband return home quickly to his family

May he return to be the leader of our home, sacred role that you have conceived for him since we joined in sacred matrimony before your altar.

Always having as examples the commandments of your church

Dear Father, you who sent man for woman and woman for man.

I beg you for my husband to return to my house, and as it should be, take charge of his house and his family.

I love him and for that immense I will forgive his failures before our marriage

 But instill in him, respect and love for our beautiful family

I thank you Lord for having sown in me, your mercy and ability to forgive

 Help me so that I can rescue my family and that my husband be with us quickly

Wherever my husband is, I pray for him and pray that he will soon be in our home again.

 Lord make him understand that the doors of our house will always be open for him

Let him feel that even all my thoughts and my heart belongs completely to him

That he understands that restlessness reigns in my soul and in our house because he is not with us

Let him know, sir, that when he wants to return, he will be welcome. We are waiting for him in this house with open arms.

That he shouldn’t have to worry that, once he’s here at home, he’ll be totally forgiven.

And all this, beloved father, will be under your blessing and guidance, Lord.Amen.

Prayer to San Cipriano for my husband to return home

Saint Cipriano, who has the power to control all the organs and all the hearts, I need your help and your faculties to control

The heart of (your husband’s name), make him fall in love again for me, so that he can no longer live without my presence.

My husband needs me, he needs my love, he needs my presence and the need to be close to me. Leave your heart full of longing and make it come running into my arms today, even in this hour, in this moment still.

I know that you do everything in love San Cipriano, and I need you to make my husband’s heart soft, that you make him completely in love with me and not make him rest until he is by my side.

I preach to you today with great strength and with great will, Saint Cipriano.

I ask you with all my strength not to let my husband spend a single hour without thinking of me, do not let him eat without thinking of me, do not let

That my husband can sleep without thinking about me.

Put my image in his head, in his mind, in his body.

Leave him please, in love, attracted and completely inseparable from me.

I know that I can count on your help Saint Cipriano.

Thank you thank you thank you.

Prayer for my husband to return home quickly 

lord jesus christ almighty

I put before you, the life of my husband (say his Name)

May your soul feel very restless for not being next to your family

I implore you Lord that you never find peace and tranquility, that you miss the warmth of your family’s home

Lord, I beg you to return quickly to your home, your family needs you.

Lord Jesus may your peace only find peace when you step on your hour and are next to your family

  That as long as it is not in its place, it does not have any harmony

I ask you Lord that his eyes be open and that he understands that only I am the woman of his life and that he understands that no one else will love him like I do

May his arms not be open for any other woman, only for me who am his wife and the mistress of his life.

Beloved Father, I beg you that his steps be directed to our house as quickly as possible, that he not spend another day away from our home and away from our family.

May your footsteps be directed to our home

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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