Prayer to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait, For First Timers

Prayer to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait, For First Timers

The Catholic Church gives various names to the figure of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. Some of us cling in difficult moments to seek the help of saints and that of the Mother of God herself. In this article we are going to talk about the Virgin of the Sweet Wait . We invite you to learn more.

History of the Virgin of the Sweet Wait

There is a tradition regarding the veneration of the figure of this Virgin of the Sweet Wait, which dates back to the 5th century, considering it one of the respected and sacred images that is worshiped, she is considered as an intercessor of the Christian’s devotions .

This devotion to the Virgin began before Jesus Christ was born, she is seen as the patron saint of pregnant women, her first devotee was Saint Elizabeth.

In Luke 39, it is reflected that the Virgin Mary went to a mountainous region in Judea, visiting Zacharias and Elizabeth, and by that time Elizabeth was also pregnant.

In the Holy Bible this glorious moment is narrated when Mary visited Elizabeth and at that moment the son that Elizabeth was carrying in her womb, upon hearing Mary’s voice, jumped inside her womb, Elizabeth at that moment understood that Mary was already blessed. that in her womb the future redeemer had been conceived.

From there, comes the prayer that is commonly recited in the Hail Mary: “You are full of grace among all women.” Due to the miracle of the conception of Jesus Christ, the Virgin is worthy of all devotion and, as we said, she is the patron saint of pregnant women

Commemoration of the day of the Virgin

The day of the Virgen de la Dulce Espera is commemorated on December 18. It was established by decision of the Hispanic bishops during the Council of Toledo in the year 656. As Virgen de la Dulce Espera, she is another of the names given to the universal figure of the Virgin Mary.

During the celebration of this date, the denomination of the virgin is received with other names such as Adoration of the Conception of the Virgin of Hope or Virgin of the “O”. this last name is due to the shape of its belly.

This beautiful and motherly image of the Virgin Mary is often an inspiration and adoration in the East and West. The Encarnación party is celebrated on March 25 of each year as the beginning of pregnancy.

Our Lady of the Sweet awaits

This invocation of the image of the Virgen de la Dulce Espera, is cataloged by the Catholic Church as the patron saint of pregnant women. She represents the gift of current life, it also represents the moment of the appearance of the virgin as a symbol of the maternal figure who is expecting a baby, in this case the son of God.

The Virgin of the Sweet Wait gives her protection and blessings to every pregnant woman, especially those who invoke her and request her protection, through the prayer they dedicate to her.

On December 18, the date on which the celebration of the Virgen de la Dulce Espera is commemorated, on this date many pregnant women come to ask for their protection, especially in cases where the woman has a high-risk pregnancy or that it is complicated.

Likewise, entire families can request their protection and implore the protection of the baby who is on the way.

Prayer to the Virgin of the sweet wait for a happy and healthy pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant it is one of the most beautiful moments that she usually lives, however there are also some risks that it can present in the formation of the baby. She can also present problems at the time of delivery or the birth of the baby.

They are usually beautiful moments, of joy, and it is considered a blessing from the moment the future baby is procreated. In these moments the mother may feel some moments of anguish, fear, anxiety, for the moments that come in the future with her pregnancy.

This is the time when future mothers must cling to faith in God so that the entire pregnancy process goes well, for this there are methods for it, one of them is the prayer to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait, which serves to meet more intimately with God.

This prayer also serves so that the woman can request and feel the protection of the Blessed Virgin herself. You must invoke her every moment of the day so that you have the protection of our Universal Mother at all times.

As we said before, she is considered the patron saint of all pregnant women and women in labor, as well as midwives.

It has become a tradition for pregnant women and their families to perform worship and religious rituals to the Virgen de la Dulce Espera, especially at specific times of pregnancy, such as the day of the baby’s birth as well as during the entire pregnancy. be in perfect order.

With this prayer to the Virgen de la Dulce Espera, what is sought is that the mother-to-be places both her life and her baby’s life in the hands of the Universal Mother, and that the entire pregnancy and birth process come out favorably, that there is no difficulty during it.

We must keep in mind that through prayer we have a closer encounter with both God and all the Saints who are mediators in specific cases to perform the miracles that we ask of them at certain moments of life.

Likewise, and with more reason, pregnant women must be sure at all times that if they put their absolute trust and faith in the Virgin of Sweet Waiting, everything will turn out well and their baby will come into the world with the blessing of God the Father.

All this due to the trust we have in her and the constancy in prayer on a daily basis, likewise the Virgin of the Sweet Wait gives us that comfort, peace of mind through prayer and faith.

How to pray?

With this prayer to the Virgen de la Dulce Espera , you can not only request protection during pregnancy, but it is also used to give thanks for having achieved the miracle of becoming pregnant.

Thank God Himself first for that beautiful miracle done in those women as well as thank the Mother of Heaven herself for the immense happiness of that moment of knowing that a child is on the way.

The time to start praying should be quiet, peaceful and preferably alone. We must have the greatest faith and devotion, as well as the assurance that our prayers will be heard.

It must be done without haste, there must be total detention, time and connection of the spirit in the depths of us. It is recommended before beginning to make the sign of the cross, as well as at the time of its completion.

Later, a Hail Mary is prayed and it can be done, this is to the taste of the person, to direct a prayer to the Archangel Gabriel, who is considered the Angel of the Annunciation; At the end of it, the Our Father will be recited.

Likewise, if the person wishes, prayers to the Virgin Mary with the specific invocation of the Virgen de la Dulce are expected, candles and flowers can be used as a symbol of devotion to the Virgin.

All these prayers can be made with signs of love, just as the woman can make the sign of the cross on the mother’s belly, on the womb, she can also make an imposition of hands on the heart.

You can also see the image of the Virgen de la Dulce Espera, you can give kisses as a sign of respect and love to the pregnant Virgin, you can use flowers, holy water, you can light candles, use drawings of the Virgin, etc.

Below we will make a brief summary of the prayer to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait, so that the reader knows it and puts it into practice in his daily life in those very special moments.

Prayer to the Virgin Mary

Most Holy Virgin, beautiful, beautiful love, you who announced the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ and with your affirmative answer you became the mother of all humanity and of our Savior, I ask you to listen to my pleas.

A new child of God is growing in me, a child who will bring me joy and happiness, concerns and fears. I ask you to take care of him and protect him while he is inside my womb and after he is born.

I ask you Mother of Heaven that at the very moment that he is going to be born and when you hear his first cries, take care of him and protect him from any evil and danger.

At the very moment that I can see his little hands, I will give many thanks to the Eternal Father for the wonderful miracle that he grants me.

Allow me to follow your example of love and accompaniment in the growth process of my son. Give me your help and be my inspiration so that my baby sees her refuge in me and at the same time the beginning of her own paths.

I also ask you my Mother for women who are alone without any help or support or without affection. Allow, adored Mother, that they feel the love of the Eternal Father in their lives and that they keep in mind that each child born into the world is a great blessing from God.

That they also keep in mind that accepting the upbringing and growth process of them will be taken into account.

Our Lady of Sweet Waiting, give us your comfort and courage! Amen!

Another prayer to Our Lady of the Sweet Wait

There are several prayers addressed to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait, in this one the Mother of Heaven is directly asked for the parents of the child who is on the way, so that they are happy and that they carry out that great role that God has given them, of raising and see that son grow up, educate him, supported and hopeful by the Father of Heaven himself.

Likewise, it is requested by people who have the desire to adopt a being that, although it is not their own, they give all their love, affection, joy and generosity. Mother Mary keep the hearts of these parents in goodness, humility and that they carry that role with dignity and led by the powerful hand of God.

Finally, dear Queen of Heaven, protect us and welcome us into the arms of the Holy Spirit, and through this let us set an example of living as brothers and children of God. Amen! So be it!

prayer of thanks

Likewise, this prayer is of gratitude for the life that these women carry in their womb, they are grateful for the great gift of life that God has granted them.

It is appreciated that the Virgin of the Sweet Wait herself has taken each pregnant woman, and has made her an instrument of that maternal love that they only know how to transmit.

It is requested that she grant the true maternal love that each mother should feel for her child, that she grant them a pure, noble, humble heart and that the baby can feel that true and noble love with which that baby should grow.

Prayer for a healthy pregnancy

Virgin I want to give you the most effusive thanks for granting me the life that I carry inside. It is a wonderful blessing that allows us to see situations in another way, with more tenderness, feeling within my true admiration for the work created by our Lord, for which I was chosen for it.

Likewise, thanks are given on behalf of the future mother because I dream of seeing her little face, her hands, her hair. In the same way, she is grateful for the gift of conceiving and feeling the miracle of leading a life inside her womb.

Your help is requested at the time of delivery, to assist both the mother and the baby at that time and that the entire birth process has a happy ending, that it does not disturb or serenity and that you can live such a wonderful experience, of the hand of Divine Providence.

prayer for parents

Our Lady of Sweet Waiting, in the experience of your maternity protected by the Holy Spirit, you have shared our hope, as well as our sorrows and joys.

Since you reign gloriously with your Son Jesus Christ, Savior and Our Lord, we know that you want to come to our aid. Heed this plea and protect us at the moment when we confidently expect a child, so that we can accept him with love, educate him in the Catholic faith, and lead him by our example to the house of God the Father. Amen!

Parents’ prayer for the baby

Lady of the Sweet Wait!, you are a mother just like me and you lived motherhood as the great gift of God, I ask you to settle my love and that the coming and miracle of our beloved son be projected in our home.

I ask that with that heart of a mother, intervene before your beloved Son, so that you give us the grace so that we can grow as a true family and that we be carried in this great work by the powerful hand of your Son Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

Novena to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait

There is also the novena to the Virgen de la Dulce Espera, which, as is well known, is done daily for nine days without interruption. This novena begins with the sign of the cross on the forehead and later we will recite Psalm 51 in order to personally repent of the sins committed.

This is followed by the Hail Mary, Our Father and Glory to the Father. All these novena prayers must be done with true faith and trust of heart.

Day 1: God gives us life

On this first day we can make the following reflection: the Virgin Mary, with true faith pronounces these words. And because of that, life was present in each one of us.

Mary, as the Mother of Jesus and a woman alike, gave herself confidently to God without any objection and with a true sense of humility, accepting the action of the Holy Spirit, and as a sign of response, she accepted this great blessing and thus cooperated with the grace of God.

Prayer: As we begin this first day of this Novena, we express all our love to you. We are confident in requesting our requests from you, allow Heavenly Mother to emulate your dedication to God, we ask you to understand our request, listen to our plea: then we repeat to each request:

Mary, prayer to the virgin of the sweet wait, we implore you God, and we pray for the parents who have the desire to conceive a child, for the people of the entire country, for the petitions that this Novena entails. For the Virgin Mary, we ask God and Heavenly Father.

At each end of the prayer we respond: Prayer to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait. Amen.

Later pray: Hail Mary, Our Father and Glory be to the Father.

Day 2: Almighty God inspires us to watch over life

Reflection: At this moment, Elizabeth strengthens her faith in God, especially at the moment of the Annunciation. As always, Mary shows faith in God throughout her life, which allowed her to face the difficulties she presented.

Prayer: Mother Mary, we ask you to be an intercessor before your beloved son, show us how we should serve our neighbor, that we follow devotion, keep life in mind as a gift from our Father God.

So that through faith and hope we walk the paths to fulfill the order of the Most High. We ask you, Lord, through the Virgin Mary, your Mother and ours.

Petition: Prayer to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait. Amen.

Prayers: Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory be to the Father.

Day 3: God offers us the best to live our life

Meditation: in this meditation, Mary herself lets her cousin Elizabeth know of her great joy for the great things that God did in her, that her name be remembered forever throughout eternity, and thus the promise of Abraham would be fulfilled for the benefit of the descendants.

Prayer: Virgin and our mother, show us the gift of kindness so that our hearts are open to faith, and so our prayers bring out words of love and trust in the Father, and through it we have peace and happiness. For the Virgin Mary, we pray to you Heavenly Father.

Jaculatory: Prayer to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait. Amen.

It is also prayed: Hail Mary, Our Father and Glory be to the Father.

Day 4: God grants the time of holy motherhood

Reflection: here the Virgin assumes the divine will of God, that she be the mother of the Redeemer by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit, being in the grace of the Immaculate Conception, and through this the will of God will always accompany and bless her, thus the Mother of Jesus herself accepts it.

Prayer: Virgin of the Sweet Wait, direct my life completely and help me to open our hearts to fill us with your goodness, faith, love, humility, and so we understand that Jesus is our Savior, moving us away from sin and trusting that only God will help us. will protect with his Divine Providence. Through the Blessed Virgin Mary, we beg you God our Lord.

Prayer: Prayer to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait. Amen.

Prayers: Hail Mary, Our Father and Glory be to the Father.

Day 5: The son is a plan of God, the only Father

Reflection: the Virgin Mary at all times had confidence in the designs of God, she, together with Joseph, gave education to Jesus in relation to sacred teachings on the scriptures, because of this Jesus spoke in public with great oratory with older people; The Virgin felt great happiness and she did not express it, since she knew that this precocious attitude of her son was because he was a son of God.

Prayer: Holy Mother, give us your help through your grace, so that we can understand the difficult situations that cause harm and discomfort, which put our faith in Jesus Christ to the test, so that we understand the will of God.

We will always trust your perfect plans. Through the Blessed Virgin Mary, we beg you God our Lord.

Invocation: Prayer to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait. Amen.

Prayers: Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory.

Day 6: God our heavenly father knows our shortcomings

Reflection: God who knows everything, who can do everything, we must go to him at all times, we go asking for his protection, we ask for help in our requests, through the instructions that Jesus left us, we will reach the Most High.

We can also ask our Mother Mary to intercede before our Father since she is the voice of the very word of God and Jesus, therefore our Mother Mary invites us to fulfill the will of Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Blessed Mother, we ask you to advocate for all of us so that your beloved son allows us to meet all our needs and before the Father so that we are strengthened through his love.

Despite our mistakes, encourage us with your teachings to obey the will of Jesus, and that we know how to share with our neighbor, especially with women who are alone in a state of pregnancy. Through the Blessed Virgin Mary, we beg you God our Lord.

Jaculatory: Prayer to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait. Amen.

Prayers: Hail Mary, Our Father and the Glory be to the Father.

Day 7: God gives each soul a purpose

Reflection: Virgin Mary lead us with your kind love to your son, so that we can fulfill the mandate or the will of God, our Father, guide our paths along the Christian path that God showed you in his firstborn son, of whom you were a disciple and follower.

Prayer: Virgin of the Sweet Wait, I beg you never leave us because it is because of you, your son, that we know the word of God as food for the soul and spirit.

We also understand perfect love and we know what God’s will is, we ask you to help us with the purpose of achieving a child, and equally help all people who need to adopt a child.

So that we may have joy with the little voices that mom and dad say, we thank you for your blessings that we are sure to receive. Through the Blessed Virgin Mary, we beg you God our Lord.

Jaculatory: Prayer to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait. Amen.

Prayers: Hail Mary, Our Father and the Glory.

Day 8: Only to God we owe ourselves

Reflection: Most Holy Mary, you who cared for, raised and fed your beloved son and through him you were able to observe, follow and listen; as well as the practice of the word of God itself, we thank you for showing us your example of the sacred teachings and putting them into practice for our children; so that our family is strengthened in the bonds that God commands.

Prayer: Virgin Mary, we humbly ask you, that as a young man from Nazareth you managed to be the Mother of all humanity through your beloved son, we ask you to remove from our paths everything that is not of God and prevents us from applying his word.

It also allows the instructions that God; Jesus Christ and also yours are kept in our mouths all the time, so that every day we are more aware of them, and they can be passed from descendant to descendant. Through the Blessed Virgin Mary, we beg you God our Lord.

Jaculatory: Prayer to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait. Amen.

Prayers: Hail Mary, Our Father and a Glory.

Day 9: God makes Mary the Mother of all humanity

Reflection: God himself through his promise makes Mary the mother of Jesus Christ, who dies for the sins of humanity, when Jesus is crucified he returns to glory, recognizing Mary as the Mother of all humanity.

Apart from being considered the Mother of all men and women, we must receive her in all homes, as well as in our hearts. Through the Blessed Virgin Mary, we beg you God our Lord.

Jaculatory: Prayer to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait. Amen.

Prayers: Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory.

As we said in previous paragraphs, this devotion to the Virgen de la Dulce Espera is celebrated on December 18.

Many women who are pregnant raise these prayers with true faith in order to ask him to bless their wombs during the pregnancy process as well as to give thanks for the blessing of being mothers-to-be.

These prayers are also raised not only for pregnant women, also for their partner and for the entire family, so that they bless not only the pregnant woman but also the two parents as a union of one.

The Virgen de la Dulce Espera is also asked by women who will be mothers and families who long to have a baby. Likewise, the Virgin Mary is asked for protection and wise advice, wisdom, faith, ability to pray so that they can face the entire process of pregnancy.

It is common many times for future mothers to be given the stamp of the Virgin of the Sweet Wait, as a form of protection, among friends or relatives.


In this article we wanted to develop the theme of devotion to the Virgin of the Sweet Wait, so that readers, especially pregnant women, feel the special protection that the Universal Mother Mary gives us.

She is the one to direct our most fervent requests to her, since apart from being the mother of our Redeemer Jesus Christ, she has experience as a mother and it is in her that we can take refuge when there are risk situations regarding the pregnancy process.

However, it is also the indicated figure not only for pregnant women but it is also the indicated figure to thank for the fact of granting that beautiful gift of the couple to be the future parents of the baby that is on the way.

She will be the protector of both that baby and the parents themselves and will help them know how to carry out successfully and with dedication that important role that is the upbringing of a new human being.

She motivates us to fight for this new creature of God and allows everything to go well, that the parents remain united to bring the child to a successful conclusion, even beyond when he is already an adult and can fend for himself. same.

The feeling of a mother, love, care, kindness, will always be there present; We can see this in how Jesus was already a man and Mary his mother, seeing everything he was suffering, even knowing it because he was the son of God and everything that had to happen; he suffered equally as if she were his little baby still.

Another example of a mother’s self-sacrifice is the moment when Jesus dies on the cross, and at the moment of descent, she takes him in her arms crying and suffering inconsolably for her beloved son.

For a father and a mother, children will always be their little babies even if they have maturity and adulthood, since it is an inexhaustible love in parents who truly have God in their hearts and practice their pure love.

This special love comes from that belief in the Supreme God, who is the one who instills that unconditional love that should not only prevail to the children but to all human beings among themselves. So be it.

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