Prayers to Saint Helena to Despair your Partner

Prayers to Saint Helena to Despair your Partner

The Prayers to Saint Helena are a series of prayers that are performed in order to be able to tie a person so that they are always by your side and never leave you. In the following article you will learn how to perform this kind of prayer and much more.

Prayer to Saint Helena to Despair a Man and Never Leave Her

Living next to a person who is your partner, however, who is alienated to the fact that everything he does, says or does, has to be known in detail, becomes extremely uncomfortable, especially when they have the partner as doped, because there are things that affect him directly and he doesn’t even think about it, does and says what the woman wants him to say, he doesn’t have the will to act, he is totally at the mercy of the woman.

Moments like this are not very common, however, they happen in real life, there are people who tend to insist on having another person always tied by their side, because they love her, however, the other person does not reciprocate with the same kind of intensity or “love”.

Prayer to Saint Helena

Saint Helena, saint of all lovers, there are many who come to you to ask you to grant her with your great kindness, that (At this moment she is going to say the name of the person) that she never leave her, that she never look at no other woman, whether she is at work, on the street, or wherever she is, should not stop thinking about the woman who is praying, body, soul, and spirit of (At this moment, she is going to say the name of the person ) come on, because I call you, I change your character, I have power over you. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Helena for Love Betrayed, Love Lost

This is a prayer to Saint Helena for love and also a prayer to Saint Helena to drive a Man to despair . The sentence goes as follows:

When you were looking for what is the precious Cross of God, you came to wander among the mountains like Hagar, you got lost in the desert like the prophet Elijah did, however, your faith was firm, your love continued to be whole. Saint Helena, the good mother of the Emperor, the one who has received from him this kind of divine mission of having to exalt the Cross, by this same Cross, the power and glory of God, which illuminates the hearts of all the lost.

Bring back all husbands and wives, and also destroy betrayals with the sign you have come to receive. Great Saint Elena, you who fill my heart with much joy, due to the bitterness assaulted; make at this moment shine on my face, no longer the tears but rather the shine of Saba and also the shine of Seba’s diamonds. Amen.

Saint Helena’s Prayer to Bring Your Love Back

 “Oh glorious Saint Helena, who came to Calvary and brought 3 nails. You gave one to your son Constantino, the other you just threw into the sea, so that all sailors have health, and the third you always carry in your precious hands.

Saint Helena, at this moment (Say his name) I ask you to give me this third nail, so that I can drive it into the heart of (At this moment he is going to say the name of his beloved), so that he does not even have peace of mind , nor peace as long as he is not living with me, as long as he does not marry me and, that he declares his sincere love to me.

Prayer to Saint Helena to Strengthen Love

One of the most powerful and oldest prayers to obtain the love and delicate love of a desired person becomes the prayer to Saint Helena. This kind of prayer is perfect to be able to protect what relationships are, to be able to unite couples in love, and to come to give relief and calm to people who separate.

Saint Helena’s connection with love, which she has in her life which was filled with many rejections and confusions. She went through a lot of pain with the breakup of her marriage, which was what broke her heart. However, she Saint Helen persevered, and was not allowed to collapse thanks to her devotion and faith in Jesus.

This is why this Saint becomes the patron saint of all divorced people, of difficult marriages and also of archaeologists, the latter is because she was the one who found the cross where the Lord was crucified. Jesus through his command.

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