Protection prayer for a newborn baby

Protection prayer for a newborn baby

You are in search of baby prayers, you came to the right place in this article we will describe various prayers for babies and especially we are going to write a prayer for a newborn baby. Do not stop reading the post since the information that we are going to be dealing with is of your total interest.

Prayer for a newborn

A baby is synonymous with joy and good things for a couple and their home, a newborn comes to surround everything with love, tenderness and above all a lot of happiness for everyone. That is why the only thing we want is for our baby to always be surrounded by good things and, above all, by protection, since in life we ​​can run into many bad people.

That the heart is not touched to even wish bad things to such a defenseless being, that is why in this opportunity we will describe a prayer of protection for a newborn baby and in this way you are totally sure that your baby is always protected by our lord and all his angels and archangels:

Oh beloved Father, today I come before you first to thank you for this blessing that you give me of allowing me to be a mother/father but especially for giving me the happiness that my baby was born healthy (or), and with great health, today I want to present you the new creature that you sent us to fill my home my family with pure happiness.

I recognize before you that my baby is a great miracle of yours that you placed in my path and I am fully aware that it belongs to you, that I am in his life to fulfill your designs, which is to love, care for and always care for this baby so beautiful that you give me, thank you sir I go to you for your blessings and everything you give us despite the situations we are experiencing.

Heavenly Father I ask you to always have in your mercy (say the name of your baby) that I ask Father Year to keep each and every one of his steps and walk us wherever he goes, accompany, keep and protect each one of us. her life and never forsake her, my father. I also want to ask you, as parents of that special baby, to give us the wisdom, patience, and love to always be able to instruct, correct, and guide her always to me. baby and may this form our mission as parents please and glorify you.

On this day Lord at this precise moment I renew my faith and my devotion for you today that I never love you and I glorify you heavenly father, and with all the conviction in the world I declare that you are the center of my family and above all of my home and With total security I can express that Jesus is your son and our Lord.

Lord, my whole family loves you and praises you immensely because we are totally sure that he was a good God that you only give us love and blessings and that we are in your hands and you only give us good things like this baby that I thank you with all my heart. Therefore, to thank you for my newborn baby, I recited this prayer to you. Amen

Prayer to dedicate your newborn baby to God

My Father, on this day I come before you to give you infinite thanks for my daughter/son, I know that although you gave me this precious gift for my life, I am more than confident that this baby belongs only to you and that my mission is to take care of it. , love and protect him always just as you do with us your beloved children here on earth and that is why as Hannah offered Samuel, I dedicate my son to you, Lord.

Lord, in your hands I place my baby so that he is always under your care and protection, in this way I also want to ask you for help to give me the wisdom to be the best mother / the best father, with my weaknesses and imperfections I just want to give him the best to my baby. Give me the strength to raise my girl / boy in the right way and above all always do things under your holy word and help me supernaturally provide what we lack.

Oh most high knee I ask that my daughter / son always go the right way, the path of truth, honesty and eternal life, help him to be able to overcome any temptation or sin that comes before her / him and that you do not fall easily before these temptations of the evil lord I beg you beloved father, send your Holy Spirit daily to guide her (or) and advise (or).

Lord, I ask you because my daughter/son, growing up, fosters in her/him the wisdom and grace of knowledge, as well as and most importantly, her heart is filled with kindness, love, compassion and all the values ​​and principles that we have given her. always instilled, Lord him your hands I put my baby so that in this way she / he always serves you from the heart and all his good actions are dedicated to you my blessed God his day to day is always yours, I also ask you my father to that my baby from a very young age can discover the joy of your love and your presence through a prayerful relationship with you my Lord Jesus.

Lord, although we always cultivate our love and affection for your baby, I want to implore you to help us not to cling too much to him, since we know that at some point he/she will grow up and lead his life and will leave home, but also I want to ask you to never allow us to neglect our responsibilities as a father before you but especially before our daughter / son. Lord that the commitment as a father that we have always be in the glory of your name and that in this way we achieve that her whole life testifies forever of your faithfulness. In the name of Jesus, amen.

Protection prayer for a newborn baby

Lord, heavenly father, first of all, I want to thank you very much, Lord, for this great and beautiful blessing that you placed in my arms to care for and love eternally as my baby is. There is no greater joy and emotion than this little being that completely fills my heart. for me that a gift sent directly by you to fill me with joy sir.

Everything about my baby is perfect, sir, his little hands are beautiful and, well, his feet are more than perfect, sir, his smell is so peculiar to heaven, but what catches me the most is the pure love that emanates from him, it is endless, since, like my baby, he does not exist. Give my beloved father thanks, thanks, thanks for this wonderful gift.

Today with total security and certainty I can tell you sir that the love that I have been able to experience after the arrival in my life is the most sincere and pure, that is why sir I want to beg you to always bless my baby, I implore you to place on Your shield of protection is forever protected by you in body and soul while he grows as it should be.

Beloved father, I implore you that my baby is always healthy, strong and safe from all evil and all danger Lord, always make him understand that the baby desired, loved and much loved by his entire family and especially his parents and grandparents that he comes to give us the happiness and peace that we needed so much at home and in the family.

Always bless my family, but especially my baby, bless his life and his existence, protect him from all evil and all harm that may lie in wait for him, always sir, never forsake him and may his life be full of good things, of abundance of peace and above all prosperity, we will take care of rewarding all the protection that you educate him with values ​​and principles so that he is a good woman or man.

I ask you Lord that both me and my partner fill us with strength and strength to always have the best disposition for our baby, on short nights fill us with energy, I also ask you my father to cover my home with good things; peace, love and abundance and just as you surround us with good things, keep away from us all the bad. Lord, thank you infinite for this new life that you give me and for this wonderful stage that I am going through, I have no words to describe what I feel, that is why I will always praise you, thank you and love you eternally, my Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you.Amen.

Alternative prayer for a baby that has just been born

Jesus Christ blessed you who are sitting to the right of the father, hallowed be your name Lord first of all I come before you to please you with my heart in my hands for your infinite blessings but above all I want to thank you for the great sacrifice you made to die for all us on that cross because we are your beloved children that is why I recognize you as my only lord and savior always.

Most High Heavenly Father is why I also come before you to thank you for that beautiful gift you gave me of becoming a mother/father of such a beautiful and special baby that only emanates love and tenderness. At this moment that for the first time that I have my baby in my arms, I want to present her / him to you, so that in this way you have all the certainty that, just like me, my baby recognizes you as his only lord and savior, and you can have the total begins sir that I will do the impossible to educate my daughter / son on the right path and that she / can only adore you as her only God.

My father, my daughter/son, you know him/her long before I do, that is why at this moment, when he/she has just been born, I place him/her in your hands, so that in this way you can always watch over her/him at every step. May he give at all times of his life, my lord, never forsake my daughter/son, I beg you, Lord.

Here I am before you as my baby for the first time in my arms, very close to my heart that beats with happiness for this beautiful gift that you gave me, and that is why I want to ask you to always keep her from all evil, that you do not allow no one approaches her / with the intention of harming her, my beloved father, lord, I also ask you to free her entire beautiful and defenseless little body from any disease or virus that may haunt her / and in your name glorify her health and well-being always my Sir.

Heavenly Father, I ask you, Lord, to provide me with the necessary tools, as well as the strategies and wisdom to be the best mother for my daughter/son. Lord, enlighten my mind and guide my steps in this new stage that I am facing. being a mother, sir, just as you managed to fill my life with love and hope with the birth of my daughter/son, I ask you now to give me the strength, the intelligence and the fortitude, but above all the patience to be the mother that you expect for my daughter / son.

Lord of truth, in this moment of absolute happiness, I want to give you infinite thanks for the life of my daughter/son who only came to fill my family and my home with that sincere peace that we needed and with pure love for all of us, Lord I implore you because her eyes are always wide open and attentive to us, her parents and her entire family, I entrust my daughter to you, my lord, because my beloved father trusted only in himself

I thank you Father and I bless you in the sweet name of your son Jesus… Amen

Prayer of expectant parents

Holy Father with all the love that represents us as the couple, consolidated and strong that we are today, we come to you because you gave us the joy of waiting for a baby and that is why we want to thank you for the beautiful blessing that you give us to become parents since it was a great dream that we had for some time, and since your timing is perfect you did not send it at the right time to give us the fullness of our love, we also want to take the opportunity to thank you sir forever bless our marriage and in this way bless it more with this baby that is on the way.

What we can express to you, sir, would not be enough to thank you for all this happiness that you give us today, sir, the happiness that we feel immensely, the emotion that surrounds my home and my house cannot be quantified, and our hearts are full of love and happiness at such news of the sweet expectation of our long-awaited baby. Lord, it is one of the most wonderful and gratifying experiences that we are living, our days have been filled with great joy since you gave us the word of being in the sweet expectation of a new creature and that it is ours and yours at the same time because you are the only creator of this new life sir and you are our creator God of life.

We more than anyone, Lord, are fully aware of your greatness and your goodness, heavenly father, of all your dedication to all your children and above all the great love you give to all the blessings you send us daily. Lord it is for her it is before you we want to purify ourselves as a couple so that we can free ourselves from all sin that we are committing and in this way we cleanse ourselves of spirit and soul completely to prepare for the arrival of our baby and always take him on the right path mister.

Father at all times allow us to be a sign and witnesses of your love and above all wherever we said let’s be witnesses of your love and kindness, we ask you Lord that we always be an exemplary couple park our home and family are always full of happiness and above all under your holy glory always Lord since we can achieve nothing that we set out to do if we do not do it by your hand and with your blessing always now we pray for each other and bless each other in your name and in your love.Amen

Prayer to Mary for pregnant women 

My sweet girl from Nazareth, you who give us a pure, sweet and sincere love, you who at all times proclaim the greatness of your beloved son, our Lord Jesus Christ, your eternal mother, who is only one great if you became the mother of our Savior, but in addition to becoming our eternal mother, I want to beg you to never abandon me if today you listen to the pleas that I make to you with all my heart.

My mother, a new life is growing in my womb, since your son gave me the happiness of being the mother of a baby that will only come to me to fill me with joy, blessings, love and above all with great happiness. With his mere presence he will fill my home with hope, happiness and love in all its splendor, that is why my mother that on this beautiful day I come before you to ask you to always take care of me and protect that girl or boy that I carry in me. belly today.

From now on, mother, I thank the creator with all my heart for this great joy that he gives me, but from the moment of my baby’s birth, when I can hear those first sounds of his crying, when I can see his pretty face, his little hands and everything her little body with all my being and knee conviction will give infinite thanks to your beloved son Virgin Mary since he gave me this wonderful gift of being able to be a mother.

Madam, I implore you to instill in me everything necessary to be able to become, like you, a great exemplary mother and model, who can always compare my daughter / son for as long as she has life, in this way I also ask you to she / he can find in me a great refuge where he can take shelter in any situation that he is going through my mother.

Sweet virgin Mary especially on this day I want to ask you for all those women who are facing this important moment alone, without support or affection from the father of their baby I ask you to give him strength, fortune and love to move forward, and may that boy or girl you carry in your womb always cover him with infinite blessings since this world comes for his purest and most sincere love.

Our Lady of the Sweet Wait, I only always ask for your blessing and a lot of wisdom and strength to face this wonderful stage that I am beginning to live! Amen.

Prayer to ask for a little brother who is about to be born

Dear divine child, you who take care of me and protect me, I also want to ask you for (say the name of your brother/sister) who is about to be born soon, I ask you, divine child, to come out of my mother’s belly healthy/and safe to that very soon he will be at home with me playing, I promise you that I will always take care of my little sister/brother, and I will give him very good examples so that he behaves very well and also always take care of him/her who wants to hurt him/her. Divine child I also want to ask you for my mom so that you take care of her and protect her a lot when my little sister / brother comes out of her belly so that soon we will all be together at home as a big family. Thank you for everything you give us and for loving us so much! Amen

Grandparents’ prayer for the unborn grandchild

Blessed Jesus Christ, I want to ask you for (say the name of the grandson or granddaughter you are expecting) to whom we are waiting with so much love and joy so that from the first moment he is born he will be part of our lives, Lord, this baby will only reach our life to give meaning to our days and in this way transform our old age into the land and sweet word of grandparents.

Lord, I want to ask you that this baby who is on the way is always surrounded by love, happiness and a lot of joy and in this way, you instill both in his parents and in us his grandparents the intelligence to lead him on the right path, and that always before your eyes are a great source of pride. Lord, that girl or boy will always be a source of blessing for everyone who surrounds him/her, that is why, as his/her grandparents, we ask you to give me the joy of giving me many more years of life to be able to see my body grow healthy and healthy. soul to my beloved granddaughter or grandson.

Lord on this precious day we also want to ask you for our children (say their names) since they will very soon have the joy of becoming parents as they wish so much, we want to ask you Lord forever enlighten them and accompany them in this new stage that they are beginning to live sir, it is a great experience but also an arduous task, sir always give them love, patience, strength, fortitude and love to face it as Mary and Joseph did with Jesus.

To you, who lives and reigns, forever and ever!Amen

Prayer to Our Lady of the Sweet Wait

Our Lady of Sweet Waiting,
in the experience of your maternity
protected by the Holy Spirit,
you have shared our hope,
as well as our sorrows and joys.

Since you reign gloriously with your Son
Jesus Christ, Savior and Our Lord,
we know that you want to come to our aid.
Heed this plea
and protect us at the moment
when we confidently expect a child,
so that we can accept him with love,
educate him in the Catholic faith,
and lead him by our example
to the house of God the Father.Amen.

Prayer to Archangel Gabriel for a mother and her unborn child

You who announced to the Virgin Mary
the birth of Christ
and filled her with divine blessing,
I beg you according to the will of God
and in the name of Jesus Christ,
the blessing for all women who want a child.

I ask a special blessing for: [name]
and for the being that grows (or will grow) in her womb.

 with your light of unparalleled purity,
so that with your divine illumination
the love of God towards all humanity may be manifested.Amen.

Healing prayer for your unborn baby

First of all, Jesus Christ, I am going to thank you for the life you gave me, the life of the baby that grows in my womb. I thank you for giving me the shower of being a mother, since it is a dream that I have had for quite some time, my father. .

I know, sir, that before any conception of life we ​​are able to be influenced by both good and evil, in all our physical, psychological and spiritual areas. That is why, my father, I want to ask you for this opportunity, Lord, to pour out all your mercy and love on this baby that I carry in my womb.
Lord may your mercy rest on my baby so that in this way your holy will is done, our physical, psychological and spiritual frailties do not influence him, or if he has already done so, your same Mercy heals him.

Lord, I ask your forgiveness if at any time I did something that put the health and integrity of my baby at risk, these are poorly made decisions that I put into practice, but I ask you for the feeling of my daughter/daughter, help me so that she/he is born in perfect condition and in good health that the mistakes made in the pregnancy process do not have her/ pay the consequences that are totally my fault.

I am totally confident, my father, that you will grant me what I so fervently ask of you and that my baby will not be born with serious physical, psychological and spiritual deficiencies. I ask you, Lord, to unfound on me and my partner an ardent love and on all the strength and strength to be able to cope with any situation that may arise with our baby at the time of her birth.

We ask you to impress on his heart the conviction that we, his parents, love him for being a blessing from your hands, that it is not an accident, that his life is a unique and unrepeatable gift, and that what we most desire is May one day be saved and be with you for all eternity.

Finally, we ask that you also apply this prayer to all babies who are gestating in the womb, especially those who are in greater danger due to the serious physical, psychological and spiritual injuries of their parents. Amen.

Prayer to the Divine Child to bless and protect your children

Divine Child Jesus, owner of my heart and my life,
my tender and adored child,
I come to you full of hope,
came to You begging for your mercy,
I want to ask you for the abundant goods
that you pour out on your faithful devotees,
the ones that your little arms open
distributed with love and generosity.
O beloved Child, blessed Saviour,
stay with me forever
to separate me from evil
and make me like you,
causing it to grow in wisdom and grace
before God and men.
Oh sweet little Baby Jesus,
I will always love you with all my soul!
Divine Child Jesus, bless us
Divine Child Jesus, listen to us
Divine Child Jesus, help us.
Kind child of my life,
consolation of the Christian,
the grace i need so much
and that causes me despair and overwhelm,
that makes me feel restless in my life
I put in your blessed hands:
(ask with great faith what you want to achieve).
Our father who art in Heaven…
You who know my sorrows
Well, I trust you with everything
grant peace to the anguished
and give relief to my heart.
God save you Mary full of grace…
And although your love I do not deserve,
I will not turn to you in vain,
because you are a son of God
and help of Christians.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit…
Remember, oh beloved Holy Child,
that was never heard,
that someone has implored before You
without your help receive,
therefore, with simplicity and confidence,
humble and repentant,
full of love and hope,
knowing the miracles you work
and how quickly you grant remedy,
With enthusiasm I ask you this favor:
(repeat what you want to get).
Divine Child Jesus, bless us,
Divine Child Jesus, listen to us,
Divine Child Jesus, console us,
Divine Child Jesus, help us,
Divine Child Jesus, protect us,
Divine Child Jesus defend us,
Divine Child Jesus, we trust in you.
So be it.

Biblical passages to accompany your prayers

  • “I asked the Lord to give me my son, and he granted my request. Now he gave it to the Lord and it will belong to him all his life.”  Samuel 1:27,28
  • “Lord, guide me so that I can teach your way to my son so that when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6
  • “Lord, teach my son so that his well-being may be great.” Isaiah 54:13
  • “Lord, help me to always value MY CHILDREN and allow your angels to always surround them.” Matthew 18:10
  • “My son, may the Lord bless you and take care of you! MY DAUGHTER, May the Lord make his face shine upon you, and have mercy on you! May the Lord lift up his face on MY DAUGHTER, and give her peace!” Numbers 6:24-26
  • “My son, may the Lord’s plans be for your well-being and not for your harm, to give you a future full of hope.” Jeremiah 29:11
  • “Lord, help MY CHILDREN to be obedient, for they belong to you. That they know how to honor us, their parents, so that they can enjoy the promise that you make to those who obey this commandment; so that they may do well and have a long life. Help us not to provoke or mistreat them. Help us to raise them under the discipline and instruction that come from you, just as your word commands.” Ephesians 6:1-4

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