Religious Phenomenon

Religious Phenomenon: What is it?, Philosophy, Characteristics

Society is made up of a wide variety of people with different ways of thinking and seeing things, in addition there are a large number of religious trends that have generated a boom of different religious phenomena in the world, let’s get to know a little about them.

religious phenomenon

In the world there are many social trends, many stereotypes of societies, many cultures, many ethnic groups and a great variety of thoughts that direct people’s lives. Among them we must highlight all the religious trends that exist and that motivate the personal search for a deity, saint or image, dedicating prayers and devotion to satisfy the spiritual need of each person.

One of the most numerous religions is Christianity, which is based on following the search for God through the teachings of Christ when he was on earth. One of the main desires is the search for God, every person at some point in their life experiences an unjustifiable emptiness of the soul and that spiritual thirst for the supreme search, being adored and venerated mainly Jehovah, Yahweh, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, creator of the universe, also the Virgin Mary as one of the versions most revered by the Catholic Church.

There are so many interpretations, various theological studies, and a plethora of theories developed and carried out over so many years throughout human history. It should be noted that one of the great reasons that generate wars and social differences are the various religious and theological beliefs, causing conflicts where there were a large number of deaths; therefore, religious phenomena have marked milestones in our society and marking the history of humanity.

Likewise, there are people who can become very fervent about God, searching for him in a very passionate way regardless of the social class to which they belong, in any part of the world, regardless of the number of studies they have carried out or if they do not know how to read. One of the main reasons that there are so many people who follow God, is because he does not ask for anything in return, only faith and love for him, sometimes for many people it is difficult to believe in something they do not see, but true love is not touched , nor is it palpated, but felt in the depths of being.

But there are also people who do not live under any type of religion, either because they do not accept the various theologies, they do not support reflections, also because they do not accept the existence of God, some believe in God but in a more personal way without denying it but not without accept it. This type of situation or behavior may be due to family beliefs where they do not have any religious tendency or they simply live in an environment where they constantly experience the imprint of God on a daily basis and at every moment.

The Religious World

There is a great pluralism or variety of religions that make up society, some believing that religions were created by God through the various appearances, inspirations, among others. Christians have been in charge of sowing the seed of the creator God of the earth and of humanity, that God to his son to die for us and bring us salvation, fervently preaching his faith and the teachings that Christ left in this world. .

There is a wide variety of dogmas and beliefs, some beliefs not centered on monotheistic worship but on a wide variety of deities, others focusing on the search for ancestors, spirits and souls. While in other cases they focus on the personal and mental search, elevating their inner self and the search for their inner self, over time this type of mentality led to the emergence of new psychological and philosophical aspects mixing with some religious beliefs.

Therefore, when observing the religious panorama of the world, it is quite complex, with a great variety of beliefs and its believers classified as Buddhists, Muslims, atheists, Christians, among others. Each one having its own principles, rules and doctrines that mark each of its steps to follow within its religious position; but all of them agree that we cannot kill, steal, or judge, not harm others, not hold hatred, but base everything on love.

We have observed this great variety of dogmas and beliefs since the beginning of humanity, where the ancient cultures were always in the supreme quest like the Egyptians or Greeks with their variety of gods or simply like the indigenous people who presented the need to worship the spirits of nature and adoration of the heavenly star (sun) and the solitary circle of the night (the moon). As human beings, the superior search is in our nature, that is why religions were born, man has always related them to the search for God.

Despite the various beliefs that as human beings we can have, we cannot close ourselves to the great variety of religious beliefs and positions, we must learn to live with them and know how to establish good social and personal relationships, religions should not classify people, nor much less do it more like people or less like a person. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to identify the different positions that we as human beings have, we must know how to live with our neighbor and the brother who breathes the same air and is part of the same society.

Importance of Religious Phenomena

The various cultures reflect a great evolution of perspectives that can have or offer a great variety of interpretations, where it can be concluded that there is no single perspective or vision of reality. The different visions, positions, other opinions, some stricter than others, must be considered; they all offer a sense of life and a sense of essence, defining the great understanding that can be had of our world and of what surrounds us.

Therefore, the different religious phenomena allow men to establish a link with the sacred, but also highlighting that not all beliefs are with the search for what is correct, just as positive forces operate, dark forces also operate to destroy and to damage. It must be recognized that over time the search for what is right and for God has been distorted, being motivated to follow steps that distort the reality of genuine and heartfelt beliefs.

Each one of the religions is going to focus that they are the representation of the truth and the true path to the correct link to pursue the sacred and always offering the true peace that every human being or, failing that, offering the correct foundation of life. Offering at all times a great multitude of expressions that can justify human existence on earth.

Something that should be highlighted about religious beliefs is that they always present their firm positions against their ideals, but they will always have counterparts who will refute them, people who will not support their position and even theories that refute their faith, at this point the Christianity, a religion characterized by openly expressing its ideals and having a large number of followers of the true and only God, despite what, there are theological currents that firmly refute the Christian position as well as any other religion.

Characteristics of the Religious Phenomenon

Religions focus on offering a way to save the soul, inner peace and find the true meaning of life that is nothing more and nothing less than the spiritual, over time trends emerged that not only focused on religion but also in the philosophical that mix the different beliefs and psychological forms of man along with religious and theological positions.

The various histories of religions and even sociology that are developed in the various cultures in which human cultures and their religious positions have developed, despite this, it is considered that those paths to the absolute search have been distorting and cooling the hearts of people who want and need the true God in their hearts, society has been responsible for downplaying the search for God and taking it as a sense of ridicule.

Downplaying the sacrifice on the cross of Jesus, dying for the sins of humanity, man over time replaced God with science, forgetting faith and setting his sights on money and the mercantilism of society. We must emphasize that all these habits awaken in the human being incorrect attitudes such as lust, anger, revenge, greed, among others. Desires that day by day take us away from God.

Let us not allow the system to distance us from the true perspective of the divine quest, not allowing it to cloud our senses and let us take God’s blessings for less. Let us continue in the search for God, it will allow us to understand a reality completely different from the one that human reality is used to offering. May our faith not go out and may the flame of hope always remain firm and faithful for the God of the universe.

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