The Prayer for Offerings and Tithes at Mass

The Prayer for Offerings and Tithes at Mass

Many think that the offering is the money you contribute at the end of the mass, when they pass your seat in the church with a basket and it is not entirely true. There are many ways to contribute, different types of offerings and they are those with which you can contribute anything, that most do not know, such as; food, clothes that you no longer use or that you want to give away because yes, not everything has to be the money that you give there in the church. The prayer for the offerings can be done in several ways, in this article you will discover what they are and their purpose.

prayer for offerings

It is dedicated for when you want or have to bless the offering. You can even do this without anyone passing you in front to do it. Remember that the word has power and if you make this prayer from your home or your seat in the church, wherever the offerings are, you can do it without any complications involved.

Our Almighty Father. Today we want to give offerings thanks to our efforts at work or what we had saved. A piece of the things we get we give to our beloved Catholic Church, since she has given us in greater contribution everything we have.

We hope that what we give you today will be to your liking. Since we have assured you of our earthly bodies that we are your deer until the day of our death when you come to take us to your heavenly kingdom. That is why we voluntarily thank you for your kindness with our contributions. We know that moments like these are sacred to you exclusively.

Father, through our offerings we give only you the thanks that you so much deserve from all your children. You must know the peace that transmits to us by being your children and by giving ourselves to you. All these offerings are made for you and for your dominion over us and everything on this earth. We hope they are blessed by you.

All our love, adoration, veneration and respect are embodied in these offerings. And so we will enjoy and be filled with happiness with the contributions. That for the values ​​that only you gave us this gift make us be increasingly good people, kind just like you my lord. That we are your image. 

How to pray for offerings

There is no correct way to do it. This has to be clear since God only sees the acts full of faith and goodness that each of us perform. If he sees that you have faith in your heart and a lot of love, he will have no distinction with those who want to do it with some process ahead. So here are some sample offering prayers at a mass :

Prayer for offerings and tithes

As mentioned before, you do not need a manual to know how to pray for offerings and tithes , you only need faith and trust that your contributions will be well accepted by the one who sees everything. Since he knows what is inside each one of us and if our actions are fully good.

Father, I make present through this prayer the offering that we so longed to give you. We beg you to receive this gift with great joy so that you can fulfill all the promises and goals that you have in store for all your children. And to be able to continue with the natural development of life and its events, as well as of our spirits. As well as having prosperity thanks to our contributions to you and to the church. We pray to you divine father. May everything we give you make you happy because everything we do is under your name. So that we are always in your heavenly design and that you never abandon us.

We put into practice everything that father has taught us and what you left your son Jesus Christ to impart, charity, sympathy and goodness that should exist in each of us. And also to be able to detach ourselves from material objects and goods that at no time are we going to take to your heavenly kingdom.

This is only thanks to those you chose to impart your word, father. We have evidence of this in the bible, made up of writings that you approved so that all of us would have faith in you and your actions. We implore that these offerings rise to your divine kingdom and bring us prosperity and well-being, to our homes and lifestyles, in order to receive the most awaited blessing from you. 

Prayer to thank God

In life one always has to thank God for everything that happens to us. Be it good or bad things. The good ones because they give us joy and happiness. The bad ones because despite everything, we learn from them or evolve as people in all aspects, thanks to that and we have to be grateful for that, we may not see the reasons why God is putting us to the test but we have to overcome them, since that is the wish of God that they happen to us.

This also happens in thanking for the offerings that we give to God, since he receives them with enthusiasm. He loves us despite everything we do wrong. Nor do we have to think about  how to pray for Christian offerings since everything comes in love. Being a Christian is a symbol of humility and charity, as well as of hope for others who cannot get their way.

Father, I thank you for everything you have given me. For everything you provide me every day when I wake up, may my lungs continue to work and my heart continue to beat steadily. Those are the greatest opportunities and gifts that you, my lord, give us.

Thank you for allowing me to develop from a baby to now in great health. Or when I was sick, you were the one who gave me the health that I lacked and the desire to get out of any bad state, my lord.

Everything I am I owe to you. In addition to everything I have. My beloved family that fills me with joy every day of my life. My friends who are there, always to support me when I need them. My job so I can keep my house. My health to be able to live each day as if it were the last, on this earthly plane. You who know how much I appreciate for continuing to have one more day, to be able to venerate you and love you as you always deserve. If you are not here, I am nobody. So this is a small part that I give you in exchange for everything greater that you have granted me. I will never be able to pay you for all that. Thanks, Dad.

Prayer to bless all offerings

It is our job to bless the offerings that we are going to give to our almighty father. Since in this way he will receive her with all the purity and goodness of this world.

Heavenly Father, we come to you to be able to bless these offerings with the purpose that you receive them happily. In this way we want to let you know that everything we give you came with the discipline implemented by you for us, your children.

They are vigorously selected and collected for you, my lord. Everything we are, do, have is thanks to you. So through these offerings we want to show you and without your blessing it would not be the same. Through this prayer, we ask you Lord to bless these offerings so that your children can be in your sacred kingdom, when the time is right. 

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