What are the main characteristics of the Church?

What are the main characteristics of the Church?

The characteristics of the Church are those qualities, so to speak, that distinguish it from any ethnic, political, religious or cultural group. If you want to know more about this interesting topic, we invite you to continue reading this article.

Church Characteristics

Before going into the matter and explaining what the characteristics of the Church are, it is important to define what is the Church? Church is the structure, the construction where God is worshipped. When we refer to Church, we speak of the Catholic Church.

One of the characteristics of the Catholic Church is to express its mission: to profess and share the teachings of the Master Jesus, which were imparted to his disciples and have been maintained and professed through the years.

It is the reunion of God’s people with their Father.

Another of the characteristics of the Church is that to be called children of God, the only thing we need is to have been born in spirit and bathed in living water, that is, baptized (cf. Jn. 3, 3-5). With this, we are also free from all conceived original sin.

God is our shepherd and we are his flock.

What makes us true children of God is having the Holy Spirit in our hearts and allowing it to work through us.

Characteristics of the Church : Love each other as Jesus has taught us, with all our intelligence and with all our hearts. Loving others is loving him.

Each member of the Catholic Church is a little seed of God’s love, a light in the midst of darkness. Through each Christian leafy trees of salvation are generated.

Another characteristic of the Church is that Jesus entrusted us with a mission, directing his Church here on earth, sharing his word and teachings and announcing that his coming is closer than we think and that if we have faith we will enjoy life forever with him.

The Church is and must be one. We are all children of God, therefore, there should only be one single message. God invites us to be more tolerant, put our differences aside and unite on the same path, the same feeling and the same faith. Praise him, love him and follow his universal teaching.

Our Holy Church is catholic and apostolic because it is born from the legacy that God left us through his apostles and that has kept his teachings alive from generation to generation and expanding more and more around the world every day.

One of the most important characteristics of the Church is that there must be a hierarchy in the Church.

Church attributes

There are certain characteristics of the Church , or rather, attributes: that it be one, holy, catholic and apostolic.

These attributes indicate the mission of the Church in general terms, what is that mission that God has entrusted to his representatives here on earth (religious, laity, bishops, among others).

Another of the characteristics of the Church is that as a construction it has no value, the presence of God and the Holy Spirit in it, are the ones who promote these divine attributes.

Why one?

The main characteristic of the Church because we are all children of God and he wants us to be one, a single flock and love each other as brothers, without differences, experiences or beliefs that divide us and move us away from his path.

God wants us to commune together and become a single nation where we are all instruments of God, evangelizers and help him build his kingdom here on earth.

Why is the Church Holy?

Because each of its faithful or devotees profess the same faith, the same belief, the same message, the message of God, his word and his example; God is Holy and sanctifies us.

We are all governed by the highest authority, the pope, and we receive blessings, gifts, and sacraments through the Holy Spirit.

Why is the Church Catholic?

There are two great reasons: the presence of God at all times and because the Church is universal, that is, we are all welcome.

The best medicine against sin is the Church, God, his word, works and example of life. It is he who inspires us, gives us strength and with his love melts our hearts.

Jesus invites all its nations and all its children who live in it to profess their faith, multiply their teachings and preserve each one of their sacraments.

As children of God we must joyfully proclaim his life, his example, everything that God does for us, touch hearts and transform them in the name of God, through his love and the joy that makes us feel having him in our lives.

The Church not only expands more and more throughout the world, but also shows us its doctrine and teaches us that obedience to our Father, not questioning and being like children is the way to enter the kingdom of the dead. heavens and enjoy a life with him, stay away from sin.

Why is the Church apostolic?

The Church is apostolic because it is based on the teachings of God for his apostles. God has carefully chosen his servants, his representatives here on earth to guide his flock with love, devotion and teach his people to love and adore him.

The words professed by the apostles were not theirs but the holy spirit manifesting and working through them, through the divine fire of God, this is one of the most important characteristics of the Church .


There must be a hierarchy, starting with the Pope, who is at the head, then followed by the Bishops, who represent the successors and highest authority after the apostles, it is they who must direct the priestly ordination and confirmation.

Then, they are followed by the priests, who direct the other sacraments and finally, the deacons, these, although they are not officially priests, belong to the ministry.


  • Attend and participate in the holy mass, as well as keep work on Sundays or holidays. Rest and reflect.
  • Confess the sins we have committed before God at least once a year.
  • Try to participate in the Eucharist at least once a year, at least during Easter.
  • Beware and avoid fasting specific days or working as much as possible.


The Church has a large number of charitable and helpful activities and missions, including:

  • Caritas: It is dedicated to carrying out humanitarian work around the world.
  • Hospitals and residences: More than thirty-five thousand institutions, people with disabilities, nursing homes, hospitals, terminal patients, among others, belong to the Holy Church


Something that has always been considered as characteristics of the Church is that it is in charge of a large number of educational institutions.

Approximately more than one hundred twenty-five thousand schools, both primary and secondary, in addition to more than a thousand universities.

The Church educates approximately fifty-five million children and youth through all these institutions.


The Church as an institution to maintain itself, requires funds, these generally come from:

  • Own institutions or associations.
  • Investment dividends.
  • Collections and/or private or public donations.
  • Financing by the State.


A very specific theme and even almost one of the characteristics of the Church are the so-called sacraments, but what are they? Basically, a sensible sign or ritual.

From a more religious sense, it translates as “confer the grace of God”, among them are:


Granted through the living water in baptism and marks our beginning as Christians and children of God.


It is the way that Christians can reaffirm their faith in God.


The host represents the body of our Lord God, and the chalice, his blood.


After confessing, the father assigns us a penance, this allows us to show God our genuine repentance.

Anointing of the Sick

It is performed by a priest, who performs prayers and anoints sick people to heal through their faith.

Priestly order

Manage to become a priest to gain some authority and be able to lead the people of God lovingly and patiently.


The union that man will never be able to separate because the divine has united him. From marriage, families are born.

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