First Communion

First Communion: Meaning and Catholic Rules

In this article you will find important information to make the Catholic First Communion . Where you will have the opportunity to obtain the meaning of this religious sacrament, which is carried out by a priest, in order to deliver the body and blood of Jesus Christ to the children who participate in this act. As long as they comply with the previous Catholic rules, which you will find here.

What is the First Communion?

The first communion has a very peculiar origin, which began in past centuries. Thus, Jesus himself was the one who first developed this important fact in the Catholic Church. This occurs at the last supper where the twelve apostles are the main characters in this unique situation, where Jesus Christ ushered in a First Communion ceremony . Being in this way an act of primordial devotion in the eyes of God. In addition, it is a situation that has been transmitted over the years since the 13th century. Leaving as an essential parameter, the age at which you can start receiving this wonderful blessing.

Thus, young people between 12 and 14 years of age would be the perfect time to participate in the first communion. Being a very legitimate sacrament of the love and goodness that God has towards all human beings on planet earth. Therefore, as people and their environment evolved, this Catholic act became even more important in the lives of individuals. Becoming in this way, an essential requirement to perform if you want to be inside this peculiar religion. What helps to get faithful believers of the word of Almighty God.

So, the first communion is an act that marks the soul of the person who performs it. Well, it is a very divine fact, which transmits a relief and cleanliness within the soul of the individual. Thanks to this incredible action, it has become popular within the Catholic Church. Obtaining as a result devout believers of the infinite love of God towards humanity. In addition, the first communion becomes an essential situation, where a communication between the soul and Jesus Christ is established. In this way letting the holy spirit enter to perform a pure and beneficial cleaning.

For this reason, the first communion is very popular today. Since it has obtained great fame for how beneficial it usually is. Well, it leaves the human being as a renewed person, as it also makes a transparent relationship with God, through his spirit and body. In addition, it is a very important occasion to reflect on the little road traveled in life, in order to have a guiding light under the commandments described in the church. Which show what Jesus Christ wants for the good of every human being on earth. Thus, a divine sacrament is being formed in Catholicism.

Being an example of how much people faithful to the word of God are willing to comply with this sacrament. For this reason, it is important to emphasize the beginning of this Catholic tradition, since the apostles themselves were in charge of expanding this wonderful fact carried out by God for them. Which gives full happiness, since it is another way of receiving that affection and kindness from Jesus Christ towards devout Catholics. However, in past centuries it was an act of little importance. Although, over the course of them, a better idealization was forged about the realization of the first communion .

The first communion is an important sacrament for devotees of the Catholic religion. Since it is an act of great relevance, because it is where the human being is given the opportunity to receive the body and blood of Jesus. Being a great example of the goodness and love that God has with us. Therefore, being a very important divine process, it is essential that it be carried out by younger people. In addition, having been baptized and subsequently confessed. All this done for a better arrival of the Lord to our body and soul, giving the opportunity to renew our being and demonstrate the commitment that there is towards his word.

For this reason, the first communion is aimed at the smallest of the home. Well, it becomes the perfect opportunity to guide the boy to a path full of good wishes, and to have the divine protection of God Almighty. Since, at that age, admirable innocence still lives, which benefits the power of Jesus to guide him to perform good deeds and have positive principles in each of the values. For this reason, it is very important to have previous studies on the entire journey of Jesus Christ on earth, as well as his legacies.

Thus, the first communion becomes the perfect opportunity to fill the human being with various religious knowledge. Since, to carry out this ceremony, a high notion is needed about each of the sacrifices that Jesus made in life, for the sins of each individual on earth. What will result in a better reflection of life to the boy who will receive the body and blood of the Lord. Helping a better understanding of the process that would take place, which would remain impregnated in his memories until the day of his death, because it is a divine and important action.

Also, it is important to highlight that this ceremony consists of candles and a bible for the first communion , in order to demonstrate with light a new path towards the divine word of the Lord. In addition, to include biblical passages of great importance for that moment full of joy and love. For this reason, the first communion is carried out by a priest who has studied in his life within the Catholic religion, each of the steps to be carried out on that special day of celebration. So, it is understood that this process is the outcome of the previous acts such as baptism and confession.

Result a very positive effect in the life of that young man who decides to be part and follower of the word of God in the Catholic Church. Thus, he having an opportunity to grow and meet Jesus Christ, forming a unique and unforgettable moment. Which will better forge that faith towards the almighty Lord and be a participant in each of the activities and sacraments that exist in it. Which work to strengthen the love towards the divine image of our Father, in a very didactic and impactful way in a positive way.

In the Catholic Church, various sacraments have been known in the course of history that Jesus Christ left embodied in life. Which were made known through his circle of trust, that is, through the twelve apostles. Being them and other relevant characters for the transmission of God’s message on planet earth. Showing off the seven divine sacraments that must be fulfilled by being part of the religion of Catholicism, which give the opportunity for redemption and a better connection with God almighty in the kingdom of heaven.

Therefore, one of those sacraments is the first communion which has become essential for the human being. Well, since childhood one must comply with this divine process to go in search of an evolution of faith in Jesus Christ. Since, the main role of this Eucharist is to share in the earthly plane of life, the body and blood of God our Lord. Which will have a very positive effect on people who wish to carry it out. But, it is essential to have performed the previous sacraments because there is a significant sequence in them. Which must be fulfilled to the letter.

Thus, it is how this sacrament has been introduced into each Catholic family. Whose nuclei are the main supporting characters for that special moment for the young man who accepted the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Moment full of happiness and a lot of faith, which is developing in the petitions for the first communion mass . Since, each person who attends said event will have the opportunity to ask for the well-being and guidance towards the best path of the individuals who are willing to participate in this divine sacrament of the Catholic Church.

It is in this way that the first communion has been part of the life of every human being, being an iconic moment of the development of faith towards God. In addition, demonstrating once again the divinity and power of Jesus Christ on planet earth. As well, forming part of our being and conscience, giving an effect of improvement in the soul and thought. What leads to the construction of a person with better values ​​and healthy devotion to the word of God almighty. So, keep in mind the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church so that you can be a member of this wonderful world full of love and infinite kindness.

Leaving in this way the first communion and express confirmation as one of the methods of purity most used today by the devotees of Catholicism. Giving opportunity to a healthier and faith-filled beginning for young boys in the homes of the world. Well, it is a sacrament that must be carried out worldwide and without any discrimination. What confirms the divine goodness of the Lord and of his main spokesmen, such as the priests. Whose characters are essential to carry out the first communion of young people studied and prepared.

Thus, the first communion is essential for those people who are within the Catholic doctrine. Well, this process contains great importance for the devotees and faithful towards the word of the almighty Lord. For this reason, it is that children and young people under legal age should do them. It should be noted that it is a sacrament that must be received with great faith in order to have a more intense effect on the connection that is created at that moment with God. However, we must bear in mind that it is an action that comes hand in hand with the acceptance of the sins committed and a previous redemption. Thus becoming an act of unique purity of the human being.

catholic rules

There are Catholic rules to follow in order to successfully perform an individual’s first communion. Which must be taken into account and taken as an extreme priority, since failure to comply with these parameters could unleash undue confusion within the doctrine of Catholicism. In addition, to become a lying human being and that goes against the word of God. For this reason, this information should be shared among devotees so that they can guide new people within this religion under the mantle of Jesus Christ.

Thus, the main thing to know about these rules is that you must be part of the Catholic community. Have that love and faith towards the word of Jesus Christ and all his miracles, as well as the sacraments implanted in his life. Being a basic start to be able to reach the moment of the first communion . In addition, it must be taken into account that one must have been baptized under this doctrine. That is to say, he must have contained the arrival of the holy spirit in his being since he was a baby, through the help of a priest and holy water on his head. What manages to welcome the Catholic space.

In the same way, a broad knowledge about the life, journey and teaching of Jesus on earth must be fulfilled. These teachings can be obtained from home with the help of the representatives or in the church, where you have the opportunity to receive catechism to learn more about the development of God. Thus, it is an essential point to follow within the Catholic Church to reach the first communion, because it would give an example to follow and encourage the young person to follow the good steps that the Lord invites him to carry out in his biblical writings.

On the other hand, another fundamental rule to comply with to carry out the first communion is the understanding of the aforementioned fact. Which, will become a moment of reflection with himself. Which will have a more intense effect when receiving the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the special Eucharist. Being the perfect opportunity to establish a religious criterion in the young man who is preparing for his communion, giving him the opportunity to be more aware of his actions and words. Obtaining thus, a more thoughtful boy but with the desire to continue expanding his knowledge in the Catholic religion.

So, the last overriding rule to follow is to have a very intimate and candid moment with a priest before the eyes of God. Demonstrating your true being and intentions before life, leaving at that moment all kinds of impurity and ignorance. It is one of the strongest parameters that must be done before the first communion, since it becomes a process of intimate review of oneself. Which would give an effect of cleansing and forgiveness to be worthy of receiving the body and blood of Jesus Christ. For this reason, we leave you below a little more detailed each of the Catholic rules to follow, for a better preparation before making communion.


It is one of the first sacraments that must be performed at the moment of entering the Catholic doctrine. Being the baptism a close step towards the first communion since it is the presentation of the human being before the eyes of God almighty. Which, becomes a divine moment for the arrival of the holy spirit into the interior of the person. Leaving a great effect of harmony and love, which leads to a cleaning and renewal of the individual. In turn, it is the moment of acceptance within the Catholic Church and called to be a follower of the word of Jesus Christ at all times.

For this reason, baptism should be the first step in the life of any Catholic. Thus, they will have the opportunity to continue advancing in the realization of the divine sacraments and reach the first communion . Thus, the incredible beginning of the human being in the Catholic religion is given, accepting a commitment to peace, love, kindness and solidarity. In addition, to become a faithful spokesman for the good deeds and guidelines that God wants on planet earth. For this reason, it is extremely important to have previously contained the sacrament of baptism to pay tribute to good belief.

Getting over catechism

Another of the essential Catholic rules that the person who is going to make their first communion must go through is catechesis. It is understood that it is important since it allows to investigate even more in depth about the life of Jesus Christ and the Catholic figures of the church. Giving in this way a better understanding of why this and each of the sacraments is performed. In addition, you have the opportunity to clarify any doubts you have about a specific topic within the doctrine of Catholicism.

Thus, catechesis has become a space full of love and sharing. Making an increase of knowledge about God in more didactic and profound ways. What will leave a better reflection in the person who attends. It is also important to emphasize that this preparation time consists of at least one month or more, everything will depend on the tradition of each country and church. However, it is a process that should not be left aside since it is very fundamental to be able to continue with an act of sincere and faith-filled communion.

Course on the life of Jesus Christ

It is a very important and interesting course that each person must take before making the first communion. It is focused on the life and journey that Jesus had on earth, and with every detail in the miracles that he was able to grant to those most in need of him. The difference between the catechism and this course is the approach that there is. Well, this time the characteristics and personality of Jesus Christ are known more thoroughly. Which helps the person to have a better knowledge about the various traits of the Lord.

For this reason, this course must be given great respect, since it is a more intense and unique way of expanding the knowledge of the catechism. Which will forge in the person a better religious character and a more devout faith. In addition, it is at that moment where the importance of each divine sacrament that Jesus left reflected in the Bible so that the human being could follow him within the Catholic religion can be explained. Thus, obtaining a better preparation of mind, heart and reflection for that moment of receiving the body and blood of God Almighty.


It is the last Catholic rule to follow before being a participant in the first communion . It is a very intimate moment and full of a lot of intensity. Well, confession is that moment of divine connection between your being and God, having as an intermediary and spokesperson a priest trained in the Catholic religion. Wherever a conversation is established where every sin, every fear and every request for help can be released. In this way, release all kinds of information that drowns the soul and heart in an affliction.

Therefore, confession is very important to make. Since it is about the inner cleansing of the human being, in order to bring to the first communion a person clean of sins and fears. Obtaining in this way a better effect of receiving the body and blood of Jesus Christ. So, this rule can not be exceeded for any reason. It is important to be aware of this step, as it is the step of great respect and devotion, the one that will make an incredible renewal in a spiritual way. Which will lead to an extraordinary and effective experience.

Each one of these rules you name must be fulfilled with total responsibility if you want to reach the first communion . It is a process that can be carried out by children from 9 years of age onwards, the issue of age is not a problem since the information and method are adapted according to the level. For this reason, there should be no excuse. The Catholic guidelines are known to be easy and thoughtful, which will be of great interest to any devotee. Thus, there are various methods to finally have a greater knowledge, love and respect towards the figure of our Lord, in order to receive him in the best possible way within our being and spirit.

Types of Ceremonies

The first communion is carried out by a priest, who prepares to celebrate the Catholic Eucharist. Giving rise to the ceremony of this magnificent act of faith, where each participant will have the opportunity to introduce him to his godparents, this is something optional. Since they are characters who take the responsibility of being guides for this young man who would be close to receiving the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Being them, the people in charge of directing the boy to a more successful and beneficial religious world, which will allow a growth of faith and devotion towards the word of God.

In addition, the people who are going to attend the ceremony and are the ones who are going to receive the special Eucharist. They must be dressed in white garments and accessories, in order to symbolize purity in the human being. In addition, it is a tone that will help a better transmission of the holy spirit in the person who is making the first communion. Also, they must have means of religious connection. That is, having a lighted candle at hand, which would help illuminate the new path to be followed, as well as a Bible or a Catholic notebook full of prayers from the catechism for first communion .

The rosary is also an important instrument to carry in this special ceremony. Since it guides the various prayers that are carried out throughout the mass. On the other hand, the girls who carry out this act of faith must go with appropriate dresses, without openings or so short, with white gloves and stockings. While the children must wear a complete suit and well groomed, in the same way everything is white. However, the Catholic Church has been very permissive over the years, letting each country with its original custom be the guide of this form of clothing.

For this reason, it is of great importance to mention that the Catholic doctrine may vary in some aspects of the ceremony in the first communion, caused by the different customs of the countries in the world. For this reason, there are various ceremonies with various forms of execution when giving mass and delivering the body and blood of Jesus Christ. As well, the clothing and rules to comply with beforehand vary. For this reason, we explain in a concise way the types of ceremony that have given rise to Catholicism over time, which can help cover the particular comfort of each devotee, choosing the way that best suits them to carry out the first communion.


It is that type of ceremony that takes place in the western part of the world. Well, a typical Eucharist is performed, and the costumes are those normally said in the general guidelines of Catholic doctrine. For this reason it is called traditional, there is no different activity that is carried out in this area at the time of making the first communion. Because receiving the body and blood of Jesus Christ has the same line and process. However, this does not happen in the same way in the eastern part of the world, since there you can see various changes in the structure at the time of making this divine sacrament.


In this type of ceremony you can see a large group of boys and girls who are willing to assume the sacrament of Jesus Christ. This collective situation is usually evidenced in the institutions that have Catholic bases, and take the commitment to be in charge of giving all the necessary prior information to be able to reach an effective first communion. In addition, it is usually a more didactic act since the young people have the opportunity to share their ideas and knowledge with their companions in the Eucharist. Thus, the American countries are the ones that most opt ​​for this method, due to its efficiency, speed and good example.

Collective in uniform

This time, the ceremony takes place with a predetermined group of boys who have been preparing to receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ. The difference is, it is done in uniform. That is, the children will be dressed in suits but with the same texture, color and design. So it will be the same for girls, but in dresses. Although the clothes change according to the general mandates of the church, the Eucharist has the same direction and purpose, as well as the rules of preparation for the young person previously. However, on the Spanish side, a great difference can be observed in the costumes, as they tend to wear the country’s army suits.


It is a ceremony that is performed with one or two people to perform the special Eucharist to receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ. It is done in a more intimate way and with a priest more focused on that particular person, and having the opportunity to invite more family members to this divine act. It is carried out at the request of the youth’s parents for a specific reason, and the Catholic Church provides this option. Having in the same way, the same procedures before and during the mass. What changes are the number of people and the privacy of the first communion.

of greater awareness

The opportunity to carry out this type of ceremony is only for young adolescents who are 15 years old and older. In order to perform an act full of more reflection, faith and belief. Since, with the previous preparation of the topics for the first communion , a better understanding of this sacrament can be obtained, which is an essential part of the life of the Catholic. However, this fact has been criticized in the world but, in general opinions, it can be known that ” my first communion is much better if I do it with greater awareness, because I can have more responsibility for my actions and create a better connection with God” which make a more positive effect.

Not conventional

They are ceremonies that are performed very rarely, in fact there are not so many cases of ceremonies of this type around the world. However, there are priests who affirm that they have been practiced today but they are not very striking or of great impact. It can be seen that they are massively formed. But, the important thing is that it carries out the primary message, which is the giving of the body and blood of Jesus Christ to a young member of the Catholic Church, in order to guide him to a path full of faith and deep love for the word of almighty God.

simple symbolic

It is a ceremony used by those people who give more importance to the knowledge and spiritual act that takes place in the first communion, than to the clothing used in the act. Since, in this Eucharist, children and young people are presented with their daily clothes to receive this important sacrament of the Catholic Church. However, not all priests agree with this situation, because clothing and color have been of paramount importance for this special ceremony. However, they have been achieved in this particular way in some countries of the world.

of contemporary wardrobe

A contemporary dress ceremony is held for girls only, as they have the opportunity to wear more modern dress. Which consists of a jacket with long hands, a knee-length skirt and stockings, all white. Which gives a current air within the act. For this reason, it has been widely carried out in several countries to innovate in this area of ​​the Eucharist. However, no difference is left in the prior preparation and in the moment of receiving the body and blood of Jesus Christ. But it is a slightly more formal and coordinated ceremony.


Over time, the home ceremony has been used towards a specific type of person, which can be defined as human beings with some type of disability. What prevents the transfer of the individual to the Catholic Church. It is there, where the priest is allowed to go to the home of that particular person to celebrate the Eucharist in a more individual way, but without leaving behind the intensity of the act that characterizes the first communion . Also, it is a ceremony that is requested by the families that have the greatest social and economic impact, although the priest must request prior permission from the bishop in charge.

What is the purpose of making the First Communion?

At the moment of carrying out the steps for a good confession for first communion children , it is where a change of evolution is reflected within that human being with respect to their acts and the Catholic religion. This allows establishing a mature thinking in the young person, giving rise to positive effects on his future attitude and life development. Having a unique opportunity to undertake their own criteria as a person, thanks to the previous studies carried out to reach this divine sacrament such as the first communion .

Thus, the child or young person who has to make the first communion must continue to be guided in the steps he takes in the course of his life, where his representatives and godparents will advise him in any situation that merits it. But this very special Eucharistic act allows him to take control of his decisions and to do any type of action, whether good or bad. For this reason, the holy hour for the children of the first communion becomes fundamental, since it allows to establish an interior reflection and detachment from all inadequate feelings that exist within oneself, leaving them in the hands of God in order to carry out a renewal.

For these reasons, the first communion is essential to do it. Since, it is one more step of knowledge and faith within the Catholic doctrine. Which becomes a home for children and young people who so wish. Giving you opportunities for growth within it and offering a place to attend when required. In addition, it allows you to forge the connection you have with God, as well as the self-confidence of the human being. Thus, the first communion is a primordial sacrament for devout Catholics throughout the world.

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