Pomba Gira

Pomba Gira: Who is it? mystery and more

In this article we bring you everything related to Pomba Gira , real history , spells, images, prayer and white magic; You will also be able to know  who Pomba Gira is , how to perform the Pomba Gira bath to attract men , the prayer to Pomba Gira for love , and what are the different avatars of him, such as Pomba Gira das almas and the 7 skirts . Don’t stop reading it.

Pomba Gira

By naming Pomba Gira, reference is made to a spirit of Afro-Brazilian descent that has been evoked by the practitioners of Umbanda and Quimbanda, in the country of Brazil. It should be noted that she is a consort of Eshu, who is known as the messenger of the Orisha in Candomblé; In addition to the fact that she is known by many names or avatars, it is considered that she manifests in different ways.

It is generally a figure closely associated with the number seven, with cemeteries, crossroads, witchcraft and the incorporation of spirits. To know more features about Pomba Gira, keep reading this interesting article.

Who is Pomba Gira?

The name of Pomba Gira in the first place, is framed within a deep mysticism, in the sense that it is a complex powerful spiritual entity, characterized by a powerful spiritual force for carrying out work. For all of these reasons, Pomba Gira can be considered a blessing or a curse, depending on which side you are on regarding its power.

Countless hordes are made in his name, coupled with this his cult is constantly growing, since more and more people profess their faith and devotion to him.

It should be noted that his name as such is pronounced: “Pohm-ba Shira”; although his name can also be associated with the meaning of the spirits of Bombogira, which is a theory supported by many lines of thought. In general terms, Pomba Gira is a feminine gender entity, which is greatly related to a great institution of wisdom, as well as considered a warm and powerful spirit.

In addition to this, the root of Pomba is the name of a dove; while on the other hand the term Gira alludes to the same word tour in the Portuguese language, which comes from the verb to turn. Thus, these words are derived from Bantu, meaning path or direction. It should be noted that in the world of sorcery, people who are known as mediums constantly invoke the name of Pomba Gira in their rituals, and when they are entering their trance they usually spin or dance.

For its part, in the Portuguese language combined with the Brazilian, the fair meaning of its name is Inflection Dove.

It should be mentioned that this entity is often compared to a spirit of African origin whose name is Iyami Oxorongá, since they are known to be powerful witches who help people to achieve love, in addition to being also characterized by carrying violent actions, all through the use of black magic.

Finally, it should be noted that there are many differences between the Iyami and Pomba Gira, which is why they are totally different entities whose only relationship is the way in which they are invoked by the mediums who believe in them, namely, through a form with African roots.


It is no secret to anyone that Pomba Gira is an entity that hides many mysteries, which are mostly due to its origins and history. Thus, in many cultures it is believed and even affirmed that the Pomba Gira are women, or were in the past tense, who went through very difficult trials, suffered disappointments in love or simply had a life of misfortune and hardship.

The figure of Pomba Gira usually reflects an exotic countenance of luxury, and for this reason it has a great relationship with beauty, which refers to the fact that most of the women who do justice to this entity were very beautiful and sensual. .

In the same way, it is believed that they enjoyed a great fortune but unfortunately they never got to enjoy a full or authentic love; therefore, it is said that Pomba Gira and her manifestations are the patron saints of women who are engaged in prostitution, or who are homeless. In this sense, such Pomba Gira represent the female version of Exú, who is also a representative piece within the traditions and religious culture of the Yoruba.

The representation of Pomba Gira consists of one woman, although it also consists of several women, who possess good manners in addition to a very fine and elegant appearance, so they only drink champagne or fine liquor and smoke good and expensive cigarettes. They are associated with passions and emotions, for which they are famous by virtue of their audacity and the difficulty of being deceived.

Now, with respect to the history of these women, it is said that they did not have a peaceful death, for which they continue to reincarnate in various lives over and over again with the aim of freeing their souls, and thus be able to fulfill the mission that was entrusted to them in the world.

The representation of Pomba Gira manages to manifest itself on Earth through rituals, and it does so with the purpose of gaining light and evolving energetically towards the astral plane. However, the mystical legend related to these entities tells that it will continue to be a real mystery as long as it can manifest itself in different women, since each one of them has a different story although at the same time they are related to each other. In any case, the origin of the legend can vary depending on the beliefs of a particular culture.


In general terms, Pomba Gira is characterized as a beautiful woman who enjoys immersed in the eccentricities of this world, who is not limited in terms of luxuries and excesses. However, she is credited with great power in matters of love and passion, she is the living representation of the mystery hidden within each woman, an emblem of beauty, passion and sensuality. She is a sweet and evil soul at the same time, characteristics that can vary considerably in the sense that she is represented in several women, each of them possessing a different story.

Pomba Gira represents almost in its entirety that a mysterious symbol of power that is found within each of the women, for which she is also known as the great witch. In this sense, Pomba Gira’s spirit is extremely majestic and she possesses great strength and presence, which are associated with her imminent potency and power.

In addition to this, this interesting entity is a lover of transformation processes, devoted to passionate love, a representative image of sorcery, as well as healing and the art of divination, as well as many other aspects related to this field.

In the descriptions that are made of Pomba Gira, a great power is attributed to her that represents her as a warrior, who also finds pleasure when she manages to shed the blood of her enemies; This is because her being is born from between earth and fire, which is why she is also considered to be a hot spirit, by virtue of her origins. She is also totally independent, she cannot be attributed any owner or mooring, although in many of her invocations it is said that she is the woman who has seven husbands.

It is pertinent to point out that Pomba Gira is also associated with vulgar female behavior, lewd behavior and sexual freedom; which is why she is known as the patron saint of street women and prostitutes.

Regarding her character, it is very difficult to define her since she is represented by several women in one, so she is extremely diverse and unstable; In this sense, Pomba Gira can be from good, docile and gentle, to rigid, difficult and really evil, so she cannot be defined in her entirety because she can be both charming and terrifying at the same time.

It should be noted that Pomba Gira is the clear representation of free women and the inferior soul, as well as freedom from oppression, although it can even lead to slavery; which is why she can be considered the best of allies or the worst of enemies, it all depends on the side on which people are with respect to her. On the other hand, those who approach her in a disrespectful manner are exposed to serious punishment, as she can unleash her wrath relentlessly.

Regarding his tastes and eccentricities, Pomba Gira is a lover of cigars and cigarettes, he likes Gin, cava and anise, as well as roses without thorns and wide open, the color red, black and apples in general. In addition to this, her name is related to dangerous places and mysterious and dark places, such as forests, cemeteries, crossroads, oceans and riverbanks.


Regarding the tradition that evokes the name of Pomba Gira, it should be mentioned that Eshu represents the sexuality of the male gender, as well as strength and fertility. For her part, Pomba Gira is the personification of female sexuality, desire and beauty. In the descriptions of her, she is represented as a really beautiful woman who is insatiable, who is also very susceptible to letting her anger and hatred explode, which is why she deserves great respect and care from the people who care for her. looking for.

In general, people turn to her in order to invoke her name so that, with her infinite power, she can help them in matters of the heart and love.

In addition to this, Pomba Gira is also known for having a strong connection to transgender women and effeminate male worshipers, so much so that she has a reputation for possessing both. On the other hand, it should be noted that many of the representations of this entity manifest themselves with the characteristics of a promiscuous, vulgar and talkative being; but she, despite everything, cannot be framed within a single type of woman, since she has many avatars and her personality can vary remarkably.

Thus, in short, Pomba Gira is the representative spirit of femininity in its funniest aspect, since it is sensual, a lover of pleasures, perfumes, food, dancing and joy, which is why it is related to the so-called bad life.


Pomba Gira manifests itself in multiple ways, and in general its presence can be noticed on the banks of rivers, mainly where they collide with the land, also in eddies or at crossroads. It is common for masters and shamans to note that in those places where a chaotic situation is witnessed, an entity or a spirit appears there, it is like the seal of the event. These manifestations occur at the level of their connection with nature, but also with witchcraft and sorcery.

In addition to this, it is said that the spirit of Pomba Gira is widely connected with transgender women and with effeminate worshipers, which is why both qualities are attributed to him. Therefore, when she physically manifests through the call of the mediums, some representations of Pomba Gira show these characteristics as a vulgar, promiscuous and talkative creature.

However, she has many avatars and consequently her manifestation and behavior will depend on the evocation she is representing at the time her spirit descends to earth, so it can obviously vary.


The powerful Pomba Gira manifests itself in different ways, thus calling themselves avatars, which can vary according to the culture or tradition in question. These avatars, also known as the manifestations of Pomba Gira, will be developed later, but here is a list of the most important ones:

  • Night Lady.
  • Maria Molamba.
  • María Mulambo of the seven catacombs.
  • Maria Padilha.
  • Maria Quiteria.
  • Chilled Cute Dove.
  • Gypsy Pomba Gira.
  • Pomba Gira das Almas.
  • Pomba Gira of the seven crossroads.
  • Pomba Gira from the seven cruises of Calunga.
  • Pomba Gira Mirongueira.
  • Pomba Gira Mocinha.
  • Dove Gira Queen.
  • Pomba Gira seven Calungas.
  • Praia.
  • Queen of Queens.
  • Queen of the Cemetery.
  • Queen seven crossroads.
  • Skull Rose.
  • Pomba Gira of snakes.
  • Dove Gira Maria Padilha at seven
  • crossroads of la calunga.

Is Pomba Gira dangerous?

There is a large number of writings in which it can be verified that the name of Pomba Gira is invoked to fulfill certain requests related to love and passion, but people who do so should be warned about the care they should have. to this entity, since she is a figure that can become extremely dangerous, by virtue of her power, as is the case with Exú.

In this sense, if people do not know how to handle the great power that this spirit possesses and use it deliberately and wrongly, it can turn against the person who has invoked its name.

It should be noted that due to this fact, Pomba Gira bo necessarily becomes evil, but it is of great importance to have sufficient care and respect when requesting its powers, so that the energies coming from the different spells and spells do not become evil. against people. Thus, the effects of a bad job return to their point of origin, which is why the Pomba Gira does not stop to see if the requests were encouraged by love spells or to do good and evil, but simply releases his punishments and these fall on whoever has invoked his name in an erroneous way.

In this order of ideas, since Pomba Gira is an entity of so much power and spiritual power, it is worth being careful when calling its name so that it helps us achieve certain objectives, that is, it must be given due attention. respect so that spells and spells are not reversed in a negative way.

This is evidently because he can be both a benign and malevolent spirit, depending on the side on which his power is invoked; this also depends on the manifestation with which it is presented on earth, because as mentioned above, these women vary in terms of their characters and intentions.

Demon of Pomba Gira

Based on the above, it is more than clear that it is very necessary to take care of Pomba Gira, seeing that it is then an extremely dark entity, in addition to having multiple characteristics. Therefore, if certain things are offered to her in gratitude for the favors granted, it is pertinent to comply with what has been offered to her, and to be very cautious regarding the treatment that she has.

All this is important if you want to have Pomba Gira as an ally and not as an enemy, since she is very powerful and can use this power both to help and to destroy.

It is also said that the representation of the figure of Pomba Gira is very similar to that of the demons that are described within the Christian religion, so much so that by studying its multiple avatars a little, some physical descriptions can be found that have a tail, horns and red or black skin, as demons or the devil himself, proper, are believed to be. It should be noted that these would be some of his manifestations, which allude to his evil power and darkness.

In other descriptions, reference is made to some Pomba Gira with physical characteristics alluding to creatures that have horns, tails or legs of a goat, which is a figure very similar to that of Satan according to the Catholic religion. For these reasons, there are people who identify Pomba Gira as a demon, an affirmation that is put forward by superstitious and unbelieving people about its myths and powers.

As such, it is an entity related to sexuality and its images or representations are innumerable; in them, you can find women of different races, cultures, skin and characteristics, so you can not be limited to a single group or definition.

Prayers to Pomba Gira

Being such a powerful and powerful entity, thousands of prayers and requests are made to Pomba Gira, which are mostly related to love and passion. In this sense, the main love spells that are invoked are related to how to reunite a couple, how to separate, how to get the love of a person or how to make someone no longer feel love for another woman, even a man. Prayers in which money or other material objects are requested, such as houses or cars, among others, are also common.

In addition to this, there are also frequent prayers made to Pomba Gira in order to request protection for the home from the family and even a job, thus seeking to undo certain works of black magic, as well as ties or bonds of which the person is object, or even his own family. It should be noted that the spells or love spells that are performed under the auspices of the Pomba Gira are generally very simple and anyone can access them, all of them being very special to attract both men and women.

It should be mentioned that Pomba Gira fulfills different roles when requests are presented to her, one of them being to help people in all aspects related to love and passion; but this interesting entity can also help undo spells and work that have been done on the person, it can provide protection and alleviate certain ailments and diseases. As mentioned above, anyone can access favors from him, as long as they offer him certain items and give him thanks.

It is also convenient to know that there are certain days that are more appropriate to make requests to Pomba Gira, in this sense, the most suitable thing is to invoke his name on Fridays and Saturdays, preferably during the night hours. In addition to this, to perform the spells it is necessary to place a small altar, on which is a photograph or image of Pomba Gira, and around it a series of offerings that are presented according to the request or favor that is required.

Thus, there is then a set of prayers that are made to Pomba Gira to help us achieve certain favors, to achieve love, to separate a couple, to dominate another, to obtain money, and many others. The most important thing is to be careful when invoking his name, and comply with the offerings that this entity requires; It must be remembered that any error in this aspect can cause the spell to be reversed and, consequently, generate extremely negative effects. These prayers are listed below.

prayer for him to come back

Among the most common prayers that are made to Pomba Gira, the one that is made to request his help so that the loved one returns with us stands out; that is, she, in her great spiritual power, can make that man or woman who left our side repent of his decision and return to us calm and loving, it is only necessary to follow the necessary steps and mention the appropriate words. The prayer for the loved one to return is as follows:

“Oh, powerful Pomba Gira of the seven Exus, I ask you to please make my partner return (husband or wife as the case may be), and that the obstacles that prevent him from being by my side cease. Get him out of his life any other love he has and in return grab hate, antipathy and rage. If you have another love, make him end that relationship quickly and then come back to me. Make him soon humiliated, embarrassed and very lonely without me. I want him to feel that he just wants to be with me to make me happy. I ask for a sign from you, oh great lady Pomba Gira, or a phone call from that being to verify that he begins to think of me and that he leaves everything to be by my side”.

prayer to dominate

Requests can also be made to Pomba Gira to dominate a certain person, to achieve love and also the fidelity of that being that is so longed for. For such purposes, at the time of initiating this type of spell or prayer, the implementation of the following materials is necessary: ​​A Pomba Gira or novena candle, as well as Pomba Gira oil and perfume; In addition to this, it is pertinent to have the fundamental elements without which prayer would have no effect, such as patience and willpower.

The prayer to dominate consists first of invoking the powers of the earth, the presence of the fire element, the inspiration of the air element, and the virtues that the water element contains, the Pomba Gira is conjured by all the strength of the sacred hearts and of the tears that have been shed for love, so that all energies are directed to that person (at this point the name of the person you want to dominate should be mentioned).

Now, continuing with the prayer, Pomba Gira is asked to lead that person with his great power, bringing his spirit towards us, mentioning here the name of the person who is making the request, to tie him definitively to our lives. We want his spirit to be bathed in the essence of our love, and for that love to be returned to us four times over. The name of the person who wants to dominate is mentioned again and it is asked that he never love any other person, because we want his body to belong only to us.

It is also requested in this prayer that that loved one is not able to drink, eat, listen, speak or sing while he is not in our presence, that our shackles are the only ones capable of imprisoning him forever and ever, by virtue of the immense powers that this prayer has. We ask this great queen to please separate the loved one from the arms of any other woman (or man), with whom she is at the moment, and to only call our name when she is with someone else.

In this sentence it is necessary to say that we want to tie the body and spirit of that loved person, mentioning his name vehemently, because we want him tied up and in love, and at this point we must mention our own name, so that the words leave the connection between both souls. All we want is for that person to become dependent on our love, to go mad with desire and see us as the last being on earth capable of calming his insatiable desires.

We want the heart of that loved one to remain attached to ours for all eternity, that in the name of the powerful Pomba Gira the feeling of love and passion within (mention the name of that person) can be reborn, making the twenty four hours a day.

We ask the great Pomba Gira to bring the loved one to us, quickly, because what we most long for is to have him here, in the name of all his hidden powers, that this person begins to love us madly from this very moment, it is necessary mention his name and ours every time the prayer warrants it, to give it greater strength and power, since we want him to think of us as if no one else existed in this world.

In addition, we must ask that the loved one (mention his full name), come full of hope and desire running to our side, that his soul may have peace or rest spend that he does not come desperately looking for us, since all we want is that return to us (mention the name of the person performing the prayer). The powerful queen Pomba Gira is implored to bring us that person she wants to dominate, so that she returns with a heart full of infinite love, desire and meekness, and that she will not be able to walk away anymore.

At this point, a thank you is raised to Pomba Gira of the seven Exus for all the favors that we want him to grant us, and we promise to always bear his name and raise it with faith and hope; all you want is for your loved one to come back, to love you, to want you, and to completely forget these other loves that could not make you happy. We ask you to keep away anyone who wants to separate us, and that the loved one returns with a heart full of love since her contempt hurts us deeply.

We mention the name of that person who wants to dominate, and we ask Pomba Gira, in her infinite power, to make him cold and distant with all the other women who want to approach him, that any other get stressed in his presence and fight with him. frequently so that he immediately leaves his life, that they hate and be angry so that they are not able to be together, end their relationship and so he is free to return to one repentant and willing to always stay by our side.

Since he could not be with anyone else, we want the loved one to return to us and we firmly mention our name, since all we want is for him to beg for our love and forgiveness. The great and powerful Pomba Gira is begged so that at this very moment that person, mentioning her name, thinks only of us and her mind only evaluates the ways to make us fully happy. Great Queen, we only need a signal, such as a phone call or any contact that shows us that that loved one thinks of us and cannot live any longer away from our company.

Great Pomba Gira who is so strong, powerful and powerful, we need his infinite power to bring that loved one (mention his name), surrendered at our feet; that he leave everything and everyone and come running to our side, and that in his thoughts there is only room for those who are raising the prayer to this powerful spirit.

We want her to use all her great power to be able to break down all the barriers that prevent that person from giving us her total love, everything that prevents that being from loving us and wanting to join us needs to be totally eliminated.

Finally, we ask this beautiful Pomba Tour of the seven Exus to manage to eliminate the carnal desire that the loved person may have for any other woman apart from the one who performs the prayer, that her thoughts, her grace and her goodness only belong to us. and never leave our side.

The name of the person you want to dominate is mentioned again and you beg her to really stay with us for a long time, to stay away from any other woman and stay in our presence always so that we can achieve happiness together as a man. equipment.

It should be noted that this prayer is extremely powerful and strong, it is considered a great alternative to despair and true love. In order for it to have all the desired effects, it is necessary to copy this prayer and paste it on seven different altars, perform it with great faith and after seven days, the expected results will surely begin to be seen. The most important thing is always to have patience and willpower, and also to fulfill the powerful Pomba Gira with all the promises that have been offered in exchange for his favors.

Prayer to separate two people

Another of the prayers that is performed invoking the name of Pomba Gira, is to achieve the separation of a specific couple, in order to unite them with a lover. In this sense, just as petitions are raised to unite people, she can also exercise her power to separate them, a ritual that is one of the most powerful and most effective.

In order to perform this prayer, you must take a Friday when the moon is in its waning phase, and wait for midnight to start the prayer. More than a prayer, it is a type of spell or incantation, which will require certain elements, which must be used carefully so that the powers of this powerful entity can be fully invoked.

Among the elements required to perform this spell, incantation or prayer, the following stand out: 300 grams of corn oil, powdered Pomba Gira Dudu Osun, seven black candles, seven black petals of red roses, which can be withered or can be dyed with Chinese ink.

Seven cigarettes are also needed, which must be tied with a black thread, a button from a shirt of the man who wants to separate from his partner, a button from a dress or a blouse of the woman, a clay bowl and champagne served in a glass, which must be new.

At the time of performing the spell, it is necessary to place a red cloth on the ground, which must later be bathed in corn oil; then the Pomba Gira Dudu Osun powder is sprinkled in the center of the cloth and in its four corners, as well as the seven black candles are lit and the clay bowl is placed in the center. Inside this bowl, the cigars and the two buttons must be placed, pieces that must be bathed with a little champagne, making a toast beforehand to invoke the favors of the Pomba Gira.

Subsequently, once the toast has been made and the wish to be achieved has been expressed, it is necessary to pour a little champagne over the elements that were used in the performance of the ritual, expressing the following words aloud: “I I put a thorn in your heart, (then mention the names of the people you want to separate), so that your relationship becomes irremediably broken in the name of the great and powerful Pomba Gira”.

After mentioning this prayer, the candles should be left to burn themselves out, and when this happens the rest of the ritual elements are kept in a black cloth, which should be buried inside a cemetery, or at least somewhere near a graveyard, preferably on the right side.

Prayer to attract money

As mentioned above, the powers of Pomba Gira are invoked not only for matters of love, but also to attract certain material things such as money, movable and immovable property. In this order of ideas, people in need of money can turn to her with faith and implore her to help them obtain money to solve a situation in which they are involved, such as a medical or family emergency.

It is necessary to keep in mind that when a request is made to Pomba Gira, whatever its nature, an offering must be left to the spirit, and if such an offering is missing, then the person must face the consequences.

In this regard, it should be known that the necessary elements to make the petition offerings to the powerful Pomba Gira consist of some liquors such as cider or champagne, in addition to a pack of long yellow cigarettes, elements that must be arranged on his altar.

In addition, you can color three or seven red roses that have long stems, as well as a box of wooden matches, some red or black candles, which are the favorite colors of Pomba Gira, paper of these same colors and a glass cup, which can also be a glass cup.

Now, at the time of carrying out the ritual, the petition related to the money or the debt that you want to cancel must be placed on the papers that are on the altar, where you can also write about the property that you want to obtain. ; that is, the request that you want to achieve is what must be written on these papers, immediately afterwards, the drink is served in the glass or cup and the candles are lit.

It should be noted that a photo or image of the powerful Pomba Gira should not be missing in the center of the altar, preferably if her figure is holding bills or surrounded by luxuries, for greater effectiveness; finally, the roses are merely to decorate the altar.

Types of Pomba Gira

As has been expressed in previous lines, the great Pomba Gira manifests herself in different ways, that is, it is different women who are personified as her. In general, these manifestations have very similar characteristics, and even have behaviors in common; however, all these spirits are independent of each other.

Most of these entities that represent the Pomba Gira are souls of people who are already dead, who were described as witches or sorceresses, others were noted for being gypsies and even women with great power.

It is very important to keep in mind that you should not play with these women or entities, nor should you work lightly, that is, you have to be very careful when getting involved with these characters; this because they have their own minds and are spirits and living entities. As for its origins, there are discordant thoughts, which vary in terms of different cultures and traditions; In this sense, all the so-called types or manifestations of Pomba Gira are described below.

Maria Padilha

The Pomba tour that is embodied in the figure of María Padilha consists of a very seductive sorceress, who was able to conquer the heart of King Pedro I and died eternalized as a queen. History tells that this woman was born in the year 1334 in Spain, specifically in Palencia.

It was Juan Alfonso de Alburquerque who presented her to the King, and thus became the lady-in-waiting of Doña María I, who was Don Pedro’s mother. Over the years, Maria Padilha became the King’s lover, and he gave her the power to take part in the most important decisions, which were made in the castle.

For her part, María belonged to a Castilian family, the Padillas, which is why after her death, her name was eternalized on a shield. If you study this character a little more, you can see that she was not like the rest of the women, in this sense, the word was spread that she was a sorceress and for such she had used some kind of spell to conquer the heart of King Pedro I.

In this regard, it was said that this spell was performed next to a tree, using a magic mirror where the king looked at himself and then he was automatically bewitched, falling in love with the charms of the beautiful young woman.

On the other hand, it is also said that she learned the trade of sorcery from a Jewish cabalist, who used a black cape that had drawings of signs and symbols whose meaning was secret, and alluded to black magic.

King Pedro I abandoned his wife Doña Blanca, and thus María Padilha officially became his lover and consequently began to be persecuted by people who opposed his reign. In response, this king sent his wife to prison, and many pointed out that such a decision had been the product of a spell cast by Mary. Later they stopped being lovers and got married, from whose union four children were generated, so the strength of the name Padilha was perpetuated from generation to generation.

This character is the head of the group in the Exu line, participating as an Exu-woman alongside the men, and has several companions depending on the lineage in which he is. She chooses a different partner each time to work together, and she is, among other things, a powerful queen, sensual and subtle, who prefers to use small weapons such as knives to go unnoticed.

Its power is mostly reflected in spells related to love, and it is also a consoling entity for those who have lost a great love.

As for the offerings that she likes, there are red roses and cider, since she is a lover of beauty; It should also be mentioned that the prayers that are made to her are very powerful and strong, but invoking her name is something that can be extremely dangerous in a certain way, so her spirit should not be called by people who do not know something about magic. This is because, more than prayers, her prayers are powerful spells directed at a specific person, but they can also lead to obsession and madness.

black rose

Another of the manifestations of Pomba Gira is the Black Rose, who belongs to Doña Rosa Caveira’s group. This entity adopted the name Rosa Negra, also known as Preta, based on her last incarnation, in which she was a slave within a plantation in Bahia. It should be ruled out that there are many Pomba Gira gustadianas, who pose as black women, in order to go unnoticed.

This was a very beautiful black woman, the victim of sexual abuse by her master and his supervisors, which made her a very unhappy woman; but she also decided to take revenge on those despicable men and consequently she used black magic against those who attacked her.

The story goes that Rosa Negra died very young, when she was only 28 years old, as a result of a venereal disease. On the other hand, her disincarnation helped alleviate the suffering that her flesh suffered, but not that of her soul; So much so that there are those who affirm that, even today, Doña Rosa Negra suffers from the evils of which she was a victim of her, for being prey to her charms and her great beauty. As for her spiritual evolution, this woman works as Pomba Gira Rosa Preta, and she has the body of Doña Rosa Caveira.

The main concern of this entity focuses on the curses that they cast on people, which is why it works mainly to protect people and fight against black magic. For her to be able to act, she receives a large number of offerings, and is under the command and permission of Doña Rosa Caveira.

Thus, he can find peace and seeks to evolve more and more, works online with souls and is also part of Exu Caveira’s group. In addition to this, it should be noted that Rosa Negra lived with her parents in a region of Mongolia, and they were farmers, so they had large lands; she was born during the spring and was one of seven daughters of this couple.

Black Rose’s mother had a beautiful garden, in which red and yellow roses were planted, which were surrounding the entire house, and in said garden was the place where she was born. It should be noted that her parents were also sorcerers, but they practiced white magic.

In the back of her home, specifically in the middle of the garden, there was a place where her relatives were buried, to which the mother had great faith and respect. At the time of delivery, Rosa Negra’s mother was about to die because she was losing a lot of blood, so grandmother Rosa Amarilla, who was buried in the garden, was present to help her daughter and her granddaughter to born.

In this sense, the grandmother began to help spiritually and placed several yellow roses on the back of the little girl, and at that moment she asked her daughter to baptize her with the name of Black Rose; This proposal was due to the fact that the girl had been born in the rose garden, which at the same time was a kind of holy field, coupled with the astral character that her mother possessed. Thus, the little girl was baptized with the name of Rosa Negra (Preta), with a group of yellow flowers on her chest and holding her mother’s hand.

The young woman grew up with her sisters, but she was always seen in a different way, since on her birthdays she was visited by the spirit of her grandmother, in addition to being very cared for by her parents. For these reasons, the sisters of Black Rose began to feel jealous of her and consequently offended her, made fun of her, and considered that she was cursed for having been born in a holy field. So the days passed, and Black Rose felt more and more annoyed with her sisters, so she decided to ignore them.

Gradually, his parents and grandmother taught him everything about magic, regarding how to work it, but not to do harm, but to use it in his own defense and help those who were sick or at risk. .

Her grandmother always warned her about the powers of magic, so she had to use it carefully or it could lead to serious consequences. On the other hand, her father taught her all about magic, but also her skills in wielding daggers, spears, and swords. Finally, her mother took it upon herself to teach her how to prepare herbal teas, potions, perfumes, and so on.


The Pomba Gira Cigana is known as the queen of the gypsies within the astral plane, which means that thanks to her teachings, the gypsies can acquire knowledge about their origins and the tasks that have been assigned to them in the world; It should be noted that there is a belief that each human fulfills an astral function, which is characterized by the work that he performs tenaciously, while executing his tasks.

In addition to this, the Cigana is a very important entity, which is characterized by being a guide and leader; furthermore it is believed that it brings wisdom direction to the gypsy people when it is incorporated into the medium.

This Pomba Gira is characterized by not being very young, which is why she does not like to show her figure very much, but she does like to show her arms and hands, on whose wrists she wears a large number of gold bracelets and emerald rings. It should be noted that in this culture gold is a symbol of material power, while the emerald is the representation of the vital health that the soul needs. In addition, Cigana is very peculiar since she has a high evil power, which manifests itself when she is called, although her name is also invoked with the aim of treating health-related problems.

Likewise, this Pomba Gira likes feminine aesthetics, and it is said that she is the one who performs the best spells associated with moorings. She does not dance much, and when she does, the only thing she does are turns and more turns, in addition to the fact that her offerings are usually very complex and vary depending on the request that is made to her. In this regard, it should be mentioned that her favorite offerings are flowers of many colors, perfumes, candles, fruits of various flavors, cigarettes and jewelry, mainly bracelets and rings.

It should also be noted that the spells, prayers and requests that are made to this Pomba Gira Cigana, must be carried out on Fridays, when the moon is in its full phase; In addition to this, their offerings are usually made in fields or also under trees that are very leafy, by virtue of their great relationship with nature and its elements.


This Pomba Gira that responds to the name of Maleva, is a type belonging to the Povo de los malandros, and is located in the kingdom of the Lira, a place in which the seven crossroads are also living. Some religious or magic temples indicate that Maleva did not exist, so its existence is extremely doubtful in some places, where it is alleged that it was an invention that emerged in the countries of Argentina and Uruguay as a result of the erroneous translation of a prayer, it is say, instead of saying Mais leva, in Portuguese it was pronounced as Maleva and that is how it stayed.

In the Brazilian territory it can be identified with the name of the Pomba Gira Dos arrabales, or what is the same Pomba Gira de los arrabales, or also Pomba Gira da Navaja. It is also said that in any temple you can bring a Pomba Gira that pretends to be Maleva, however it can be easily identified by virtue of its particular way of manifesting, which is distinguished by its movements, its way of walking and its peculiar style. to dance

It should be mentioned that when a Pomba Gira is provoked, it does not react like any other Pomba Gira, since each of them has a totally different fighting method, which makes it stand out from the others. In the case of Maleva, it should be noted that she fights just like an Exú, but she has the distinctive style of the thugs using a knife and even the beak of the bottles, using glass as a weapon.

In addition to this, because Maleva is a member of the Povo malandro group, she has the characteristics of a typical malandro with Brazilian roots, especially those who lived at the end of the 19th century in the slums, who loved the night, women , the drink, the game, the dance, the music, the vices and obviously, the fights.

Another characteristic of this Pomba Gira is that she took her experiences from the earthly plane to the astral plane, the disastrous experience of her life in every way, since she was a very rude woman, from clandestine hotels and many other dark aspects related to her life. life. She continues to be the same on the astral plane, with the difference that there she will have to fulfill the task of protecting those people who need to be protected from male abusers and criminals.

It is also said that this Pomba Gira goes around the world helping those people who are on the wrong path, such as thieves, prostitutes and criminals; in whom he works at a subconscious level and acts many times without the person realizing it, making them believe that he gives them all the help they need so that their work on the street is fruitful and effective.

Thus, these people continue unaware of what is happening and with the passing of time they end up changing their lives, returning to the path of good and looking for decent jobs that allow them to form a home and leave behind the vices and bad friendships that only general negative effects on their lives.

This Pomba Gira Maleva’s main mission is to serve as a guide and example for all those people who find themselves in the wrong path, making them deviate from their evil deeds and become honest and good people.

In the same way, this is an entity with an open hand, since it invites others with what it has and shares everything it has, it helps to solve the most difficult and seemingly impossible problems, in addition to handling a very famous code of the malandro group, in which it is established that a person is not allowed to be false, since friendship is forever and must be there in both good times and bad.

The home of this Pomba Gira is the places of the underworld, such as clandestine gambling houses, casino doors, cabarets, dark alleys and vacant lots; as well as the pedestrian paths that are found within the slums. She is characterized by wearing the colors red and black in her clothing, a symbol that directly relates her to the crossroads; she also likes to wear the colors black and white, and many times only black, all of this will depend on the line in which she is working.

It is appropriate to mention that each one of the Pomba Gira dresses in a different way from the others, which will depend on the place where her life has been. It is common to notice that, in general, some Pomba Gira use very little clothing, and others are not as sophisticated or luxurious as the others.

In Maleva’s case, she wears a hat and never puts down her knife, which is her weapon of choice. She is related to the other Pomba Gira in the sense that she likes offerings such as red and white roses, as well as perfumes. In the same way, Maleva can be offered any type of drink, such as champagne, cider, sweet liquors and even fruit smoothies, since she likes to drink a little of everything.

Pomba Gira das Almas

This is another of the Pomba Gira entities, which is described as a very beautiful woman who incarnated in ancient Egypt while the famous Cleopatra was reigning. Many authors have come to affirm that this Pomba Gira was the lover of the Roman Emperor Marco Antonio, but this information has not been able to be confirmed exactly. What is certain is that she lived as an Empress of Egypt, and her reign was above all kings and queens.

Pomba Gira das Almas had a very slender and beautiful figure, which represented her great sensuality and infinite power; In addition, she had a reputation for being a fiery lover, so she was desired by many important men who lived at that time.

Some time later he returned to incarnate in the time of the Luises, in France, and was part of his retinue since he was a member of the King’s court. It should be noted that these were the times of sexual debauchery, so these activities were part of the existing nobility during those years. Regarding this new incarnation, Pomba Gira was represented as a vibrant, very passionate woman who went on to form the kingdom of Exú, where she occupies the place of queen, or the queen of the Pomba Gira.

It should be noted that this Pomba Gira is known under various nicknames or names, which suggests that they are different people but they are the same representation; These nicknames are the following: Rainha dos Infernos, Rainha do Candomblé, Rainha das Marias, Rainha das Facas, Mulher de Lucifer, Rainha da Malandragem, Rainha dos Ciganos, and many others. These different aliases depend on the place in which this Pomba Gira manifests itself, a fact that has as its objective rather to praise this important entity.

This Pomba Gira, like all the others, has many lovers or partners with whom she unites to work, and together with her partner she is capable of protecting people. As for her physical appearance, she is a beautiful woman with long black hair, brown skin and in some images she is depicted with a lighter or darker complexion sometimes.

With regard to her age and her physique, these elements also vary depending on the type of path she takes, that is, there are landscapes in which a younger woman is seen and in others it is an older woman, but who continues to maintain its attractiveness.

It should be noted that this is a characteristic of all Kimbanda Exu, since no matter what age they represent, they keep the gift of seduction active. This Pomba Gira, like many others, likes luxuries, men, money, jewelry and the good life, as well as games of chance, music and dancing. She is characterized by being a great dancer who moves her hips and arms with great sensuality, she enjoys dance and is capable of seducing with each movement and the rhythm of her body.

She has a haughty bearing, so she looks majestic, although she also has aspects of suburban women and she is not afraid of anything.

The name of this Pomba Gira is frequently invoked in order to attract lovers, tie couples and open paths, although it is also known to cause fear by virtue of its fierceness and its relentless power in terms of demands. She can also be added to her powers, that of helping women who have problems with their sexuality or related to fertility. She likes to dress in black and white colors, and sometimes she covers her face with a black cloak.

As for his tastes, he has a great inclination for cigars with skinny jeans, and sometimes wears a simple wide-brimmed hat that he places on one side and adorns his head with certain ornaments, such as red roses, ribbons for bows, feathers, fans, and others. He is also in charge of taking care of the souls inside the cemeteries, since he directs and transports them; In addition, in terms of spirits, he likes to drink sparkling wines, cider or whiskey with champagne, in addition to receiving his jobs on the cemetery cruise.


One of the best known Pomba Gira is Quiteria, who also performs her spells within the government of the Lira or Candomblé, whose bosses are Lucifer and Pomba Gira María Padilha. As for Quiteria’s physical characteristics, it should be said that she appears as an elderly woman, or at least a mature woman, who wears capes, gloves and wide skirts.

This Pomba Gira is usually associated with a woman who, while she was alive, was part of the ranks of the Brazilian Army, but this information is not known if it is entirely true; In addition, she usually uses a knife or a sevillana as weapons. In this sense, it is said that the use of these defense elements is related to the dust to which it belongs, that of the Malandros, where Lucifer is their direct boss and owner of the seven skinny ones. In addition to belonging to the Lyre kingdom, he can also be found in the other six kingdoms.

The entity of this Pomba Gira emanates a great energetic force, which is more intense when it is exerted in the works with the souls and the small Kalunga, which constitutes the cemeteries. In addition, she is the direct messenger of the Orixas such as Obba, Ogum and Oia.

Red rose

The Pomba Gira that goes by the name of Rosa Vermelha da Calunga is a mysterious entity since not much information is known about its origins, it is only known about its way of working within the field of sorcery. However, there are certain hypotheses, on the one hand it is said that said entity is of Egyptian origin in the spiritual or initiatory sense, in addition to coming from ancient Atlantis and belonging to the race of the Tlavatlis, this being a dynasty that dominated the arts. and engineering, as well as adorned the God Poseidon.

It was at this stage of his evolution that he began his spiritual apprenticeship, incarnated as a man, also having a spiritual mentor whose name was Tata Caveira during this period of preparation. Later when the continent was destroyed, this Pomba Gira was one of the survivors who went to live in ancient Egypt.

It is said that it was there that she truly began her spiritual life, since she became a priestess within the order of Isis, thus preferring reincarnation in the female sex, which is why she finds herself incarnating more times as a woman than as a man.

This Pomba Gira had Greek influence in Egypt, and became part of the spirits that were invoked within the order of the goddess Aphrodite, so she was educated under these spiritual ideals, later incarnating as one of her priestesses and later became part of the cults of Venus, the well-known Roman goddess.

By the time the Romans invaded the territory of Britain, they brought with them their gods, priests and priestesses, the latter being the idolaters of the cult that was rendered to Venus. Now, this entity discarded and spiritually inserted itself within the religious traditions carried out by the culture of the Celts.

Throughout this stage, it was when he assumed a spiritual role, since it was the only way he had to evolve towards seeking the good of people. During the middle ages she also reincarnated as a healer and spiritualist, who thanks to her calls and evocations managed to do good to people. However, this led her to be a victim of the inquisitors, which is why she suffered multiple tortures under the government of Monsignor de Torquemada.

Some time later, this Pomba Gira reincarnated in Spain, where she met her husband who was a merchant who traveled to Portugal in order to buy slaves. On one occasion, she traveled to Portugal together with her husband, and on that trip he died of tuberculosis, so she stayed in that country.

She responded to a prevailing need to help other people, without being aware that within her she contained the seed of spirituality, which made her feel like a prisoner within her own body. As she grew older she learned about spiritual matters, while helping the slaves whenever she could; her last wish was to be buried in her garden, next to her roses.

When Rosa Vermelha was on her deathbed, memories about her past lives came to her mind, as well as her mentor Tata Caveira who entrusted her with the mission of accompanying the black women who arrived on the continent as slaves. .

Later, while he was in Brazil, he began to acquire knowledge related to the macumbas and various types of typical magic within the area, and he also reincarnated to continue acquiring experiences on this Earth. On this occasion, he was entrusted with the mission of serving as a guide to the souls that were recently disembodied, the souls of the women who had been murdered, so he had to go through that process in order to fully understand it and thus help them in a better way. .

Now, regarding this incarnation, it should be mentioned that Pomba Gira was born into a humble family but with good customs, having happy experiences during his childhood and adolescence. As for her physique, she was a woman with long dark hair, brown skin and beautiful green eyes. Her family owned a small business where she worked selling flowers, when one day a beggar passed by and began to offend and insult her.

She, in her attempt to avoid him, ran to get away, but the beggar grabbed her by the neck and threw her to the ground, immediately afterwards he raped her and then cut her throat. This terrible fact was the last recorded event in terms of her long reincarnations, in which she closed with her faults from the past and thus the suffering and suffering of so many women who are subjected, harassed or mistreated so frequently remained engraved in her spiritual memory. .

After this event, she was crowned in the Colunga line and thus became the guide of the souls of those women who reached the end of their lives in a way that was not adequate. In the same way, she is in charge of minimizing the suffering of women who end their lives as a consequence of so many hardships they have to go through. She is characterized by emanating a scent of roses, which is considered a kind of balm for those souls that constantly suffer.

The Pomba Gira Rosa Vermelha de Calunga is ruling both at the crossroads of the cemeteries and the beaches, and manifests itself as a very young woman with long black hair that reaches her waist. She wears skirts with wide red ruffles, this being one of her favorite colors along with black.

This Pomba Gira is willing to help people resolve their relationship issues, and also has the ability to make people sleep using a tool to obsess people. It also helps to counteract depression, health problems and what concerns the female genital organs.

from Praiay

Pomba Gira de Praiay is for Umbandist practitioners, one of the most appreciated entities. In this sense, he is working on the Yemanja line and is in charge of povo da praia together with Exu Maré; It is well known for its work to promote the opening of businesses and aspects related to love and health.

It is very peculiar since it receives its offerings any day of the week at sea; among these elements he likes champagne, cigarettes, apples and roses. In addition to this, he likes certain offerings considered special, such as combs or combs, mirrors, carmine lipsticks and of course jewelry, such as bracelets; It should also be noted that together with this Pomba Gira the unworthy ones work, also known as the sirens of the sea.

As for her physical appearance, she is an extremely beautiful woman who is usually seen dressed in blue and gold, when she arrives she is characterized by overflowing with great joy, so she begins to dance nonstop, and has extensive knowledge of deep magic. Its history begins on the Asian coasts, and there is talk of a group of gypsies who were dedicated to the spice trade, in whose tribe the men were dedicated to the trade itself, and the women passed from generation to generation the art of dance and knowledge relating to enchantments and spells.

According to legend, the chief of the place had an extremely young and beautiful daughter, who had a great gift for dancing, so she was able to attract the attention of anyone; this young woman attended to the name of Zafira. She was very aware of her beauty, which is why she used it in her favor, in addition, her great desire was to travel and take her dance around the world, so she was never satisfied with stay to live within the tribe.

Now, this young woman was in charge of enchanting everyone with her beauty and her attractive movements, mainly during party and music nights, leaving almost any man paralyzed. One day a merchant from distant lands came to the tribe, and from the first moment he saw her, he was totally hypnotized by Zafira, and she saw the opportunity to finally escape from the tribe at her side, but the difference between races was great. and consequently their love was forbidden.

However, she constantly seduced the stranger and dedicated her dances to him, until the day came when the stranger had to leave and she confessed her love to him, so that he would take her away. Unfortunately, this sparked a fight between the men who were part of the tribe, where the stranger was seriously injured and later died in Zafira’s arms; she on her death bed swore eternal love to him.

After this event nothing was heard from Zafira again, but it is said that her soul is wandering the coasts waiting for someone to ask her for help. It also tells the story, that from there it goes on to belong to the town of Praia and comes down as Cigana, who is a lover of dance and symbolizes sensuality, as well as helping with issues related to love, opening paths and achievement of dreams.

Pomba Cruise Tour

This Pomba Gira, who is known as the Queen of the Cruzeiro, is usually confused with the Pomba Gira of the seven crossroads, but it should be noted that both are completely different entities and deserve the utmost respect. In this sense, the queen of cruzeiro governs, together with the Exu cruise of souls, all the central cruises of the holy field, which is the place to which all the entities that wish to be part of the kingdom of the Exus are sent, to later be selected.

Now, in order to be selected, you need to deserve it, demonstrating the capabilities to assume and fulfill all the missions that are assigned to you within this astral medium, and even at a higher level. This Pomba Gira also works together with the Pomba Gira of the seven crossroads, because both belong to the same group, but their roles differ significantly within the astral plane. She is characterized by her very demanding and cold when acting, which is due to the fact that she must constantly deal with evil spirits during her work.

At the moment that corresponds to appear, she comes down in a very happy way, toasting, dancing and celebrating; after dancing she sits next to her, since she doesn’t like jokes. It should be noted that when she likes a person, she offers her protection for free and selflessly, however, when someone does not like her, she ignores it and grants any favor that is asked of her.

As for her clothing, she likes to wear suggestive clothes, although she usually appears wrapped in a black velvet cape and staff. She is considered to be a big fan of red and white colored roses, and among the offerings she likes to receive cigarettes and sweet champagne. Legend has it that when the Astral Lord arrived at the Crossroads, he took the cruiser Pomba Gira as his companion, and she became his guide through the lower astral.

In addition to this, it is said that after passing through limbo, the man found who his wife was on the earthly plane, for whom he always felt a great passion and consequently decided to help her. At that moment the Exu mor named the Lord of the crossroads as the king of the seven, and later ordered Pomba Gira to take account of the astral and named her cruise queen, to later return to live with his old wife on the plane. astral.

After this fact, the new queen of the cruzeiro chose to start her own reign, for which she named the Exu cruiser of souls as her faithful squire and her boyfriend; both ruled the cruiser kingdoms and receive their offerings at the crossroads.

This Pomba Gira likes to work for seduction, since she is physically very seductive, possessing great beauty, almost white blonde hair and wears short black suits. In addition, she works for war and to tie up couples who love each other, but she never uses her powers to separate, so whoever asks for it is punished.

seven roses

Among the manifestations of the Pomba Gira, there is also that of the seven roses, who belongs to the dynasty of Doña Rosa Caveira; this is the most mysterious of the Pomba Gira, as well as the most secretive. In general, she prepares her medium well before appearing on earth, and when she is incorporated, she works with seven roses that the medium must bring to the scene, but not before having removed all the thorns. She likes the color red and purple, but also black and purple in her clothes.

When this Pomba Gira is present, it keeps dancing gently in the middle of the field while it does its magic, carrying one of the roses while the ceremony takes place. It should be noted that she is extremely powerful, a great connoisseur of magic, so much so that she can break the demands. In addition to this, to honor her, it is necessary to bring seven open red roses to the medium who will work with her, and offerings can be presented within the land, which she receives in a T-junction.


As has been shown, Pomba Gira is a very powerful entity that can be a great ally in matters of love, and even material matters. In this sense, it is common to raise prayers and prayers for her to help us achieve certain goals. It is necessary to mention that most of the spells in which the Pomba Gira participate, consist of simple prayers that must be accompanied by some offerings, in order to be more effective.

In this order of ideas, the prayers to Pomba Gira vary according to the request, since each one of them deals with a specific area; For example, if you want to recover the lost couple, you must offer prayers and offerings to the Pomba Gira María Padilha. On the other hand, if what you want is to attract love, the Pomba Gira of the 7 crossroads is invoked, and this prayer must be performed at night when the moon is in its full phase, in a place where the person feels find yourself completely alone.

Now, if what you want is to improve relationships in bed, you pray to the Pomba Gira of the 7 sayas, to whom good offerings must be given so that the spell is more effective. On the other hand, for the husband to leave her lover, a prayer is raised to the Pomba Gira of the seven Exus, since she is capable of making the problems related to infidelity disappear. This prayer should be done in a solitary place, during a full moon night, and it is convenient to build an altar with offerings to make it more effective.


As has been pointed out in the previous lines, so that the prayers to Pomba Gira generate the expected results, it is necessary to present offerings to this powerful entity, and to fulfill it so that the effects are not reversed. In this sense, she has certain particular tastes that are worth knowing in order to give her the most appropriate gifts, such as cigars, cigarettes, liquors such as champagne, anise, gin, cider, and roses. in general, but preferably red roses that are wide open and do not have any thorns.

In addition to this, you can also offer perfumes, chocolates, Rosemary, and fruits such as apples and figs. It should be noted that the favorite colors of the Pomba Gira are red par excellence, and black, so it is also appropriate to light candles of these colors when performing rituals. Because he is a very eccentric and luxurious entity, he is also a lover of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets; and foods can also be prepared for it, such as eggs, apples and various fruits.

All these offerings must be arranged in a female crossroads, that is, in the shape of a Y or T. It is appropriate to know that each one of them receives her offerings in a different place, for example María Padilha receives her offerings in the street, in a crossroads or on a corner; while she gives the Pomba Tour of the waters, she receives them on the beach or on the shore of a river. For her part, the Pomba Gira de las almas likes to receive her offerings in the cemetery or in nearby places, while the gypsy anywhere, in the sense that she moves everywhere.

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