What are the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary? (Monday)

What are the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary? (Monday)

With the reading of the following article we will be able to enter the world of the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary Monday , we will know everything that is related to them and how to pray it correctly, there will also be their respective analysis.

What are the Joyful Mysteries?

In the recitation of the Holy Rosary are the Joyful Mysteries, these mysteries recount the entire childhood of the Lord Jesus. These mysteries precede the  Sorrowful Mysteries which deal with the passion of Jesus Christ, the Luminous Mysteries that deal with the public life of the Lord Jesus and how he performed his first miracles and finally the Glorious Mysteries, the latter tell what happened in the Resurrection.

When Pope John Paul II modified the order of the mysteries of the Holy Rosary and added the Mysteries of the Luminous Rosary , the days of the prayers had a small modification, from that moment to meditate and pray the Holy Rosary for the Joyful Mysteries the days Monday and Saturday.

When and why pray them?

The mysteries of Joy of the Holy Rosary must be prayed on Monday and Saturday. These mysteries aim to deepen our faith, it also aims to understand the mystery of the incarnation of our Lord Jesus, in addition to allowing us to know what everything was like before his birth and the first moments of his life.

Monday Holy Rosary Design

These mysteries of Joy are made up of five groups, each divided by a stage in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. In each one of them, it is developed in depth how our Lord lived in the first years of his life, in addition to indicating a teaching of all his divinity.

How to prepare to be able to pray the Joyful Mysteries?

In order to pray the Joyful Mysteries, we must perform a series of prayers in order to prepare ourselves, in such a way that it is easier to discover the grace of our Lord. We begin by making the sign of the cross in the name of the father, son and holy spirit. Subsequently, a creed is prayed reaffirming our belief in the supreme being, this is followed by an Our Father, 3 Mary Birds and a Gloria.

First Joy Mystery: The Announcement of the Son of God

The Angel Gabriel, one of the most faithful servants of God the almighty father, was sent to Nazareth, upon arrival there he had the mission of finding the Virgin Mary, upon seeing her he greeted her energetically and said what would become one of the most famous phrases of all history “full of grace”. Of course, the virgin Mary was totally shocked and she really couldn’t understand what was going on.

Gabriel told Mary that she had nothing to fear, she had been the lucky one who would give birth to the child, but not just anyone, but the son of God, this would be known as Jesus of Nazareth, he stated that this child would be known as the son of God. Maria was so shocked that she had no idea what to say.

Finally, when she managed to process the situation, Maria replied to the Angel Gabriel that how could it be possible that she was the mother of a child if she was a virgin, therefore she had never been with a man. Faced with this question, the angel limited himself to responding that he had nothing to fear, the holy spirit would descend on this one of hers and fill it with her grace.

The Angel Gabriel explained to the Virgin Mary that there was nothing that was impossible for God, if he still had doubts he could look at the case of Elizabeth, she was a woman too old to be a mother and everyone believed her infertile, however she was She was already in her sixth month of pregnancy, faith in God could do anything, said the angel, to which Mary replied, “I declare myself a servant of God, may his will be fulfilled.”

Second Mystery of Gozo: Mary pays a visit to her cousin Elizabeth

After the visit of the Angel Gabriel, Mary makes the decision to pay a visit to her cousin Elizabeth, therefore she heads to Judah. Once she arrives at her house, she greets Isabel. Her son, who was newborn, jumped full of joy when he saw her and she exclaimed what would also be one of the most famous and repeated phrases throughout history «Blessed are you among all women and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus.”

Elizabeth, although flattered by Mary’s visit, questions the importance that she herself had, this motivated the great honor of receiving the visit of the mother of the son of God, however the baby Jesus began to kick Mary’s belly as a sign of joy. Mary congratulates Elizabeth on her birth and congratulates her for having faith in God’s plan.

Third Mystery of Joy: The birth of the child Jesus son of God in the city of Bethlehem

When Jesus was about to be born, the emperor of that time, Augustus, decreed that a census of the population had to be carried out, this was done when Quirino was the ruler of Syria at that time. All citizens who wanted to be registered had to go to their hometown.

Joseph was a member of David’s family, therefore he left Nazareth, headed for Bethlehem, which was the city of David, to be able to register in the census with his wife the Virgin Mary, who was already in an advanced state. of pregnancy. However, while they were still in the city of Bethlehem, it was time for Mary to give birth to her son, Jesus.

For reasons of time, they could not find a suitable place for her to give birth and the only thing they were offered was a stable. Once the baby Jesus was born, he was wrapped in a diaper and left lying on a manger. In the city of Bethlehem there were some shepherds, they were surprised by the visit of an Angel of the Lord who had the good news for them.

The angel told the shepherds that they had nothing to fear, he brought them hopeful news, that was that a birth had occurred, the son of the Lord God the Almighty Father had been born, the savior of humanity was born, the shepherds were totally happy with such news full of hope.

Fourth Mystery of Gozo: They present the baby Jesus in a temple

A few days after the birth of the son of God and the day established in the law of Moses arrived, the child Jesus was taken to the holy city of Jerusalem, this with the purpose of being presented before the Lord God. For said presentation they had to offer a sacrifice so that the presentation could be carried out.

The sacrifice that had to be offered consisted of two turtledoves or two pigeon pigeons, this in accordance with the parameters established in the law of the Lord. In the city of Jerusalem lived a man named Simeon, he was known for being a bearer of good customs and good values.

Simeon stood out for qualities such as being pious and very fair. He in the past received a visit from the holy spirit and this revealed to him that he would not die without first seeing the son of God, thus achieving to a large extent reveal his own destiny. This destiny was fulfilled as it was revealed by the holy spirit.

Guided by the favor of the Holy Spirit, he went to the temple and when he saw the Virgin Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus, he immediately knew what he had to do, he had to comply with everything that was established in the law. Simeon was flattered by the role he had played in history and fulfilling his duty took Jesus in his arms and praised the Lord God the Father Almighty.

Fifth Mystery of Joy: The baby Jesus is lost but is found in the temple

A few years passed and the child Jesus grew stronger and full of knowledge, in addition to having the joy of possessing the grace of God that accompanied him. Joseph and the Virgin Mary used to visit the city of Jerusalem at Easter time. This is important because on Jesus’ twelfth birthday, Joseph and the Virgin Mary fulfilled their custom.

Once the festival in Jerusalem was over, the virgin Mary and Joseph returned home, however, the baby Jesus had remained in Jerusalem without their knowledge. Noticing that he had been lost, they began their search even under the stones, they looked for him in the homes of acquaintances, friends and relatives, they even looked for him in caravans, however they did not succeed.

Not finding him anywhere, they returned to the city of Jerusalem to see if they found him. However, one day passed and this was not the case. Joseph, who had contained himself as best he could, finally burst into tears. Arrived the third day and almost without hope, they found Jesus in a temple.

Jesus was in the company of wise men and was listening to them and asking them questions of all kinds, all the wise men who were gathered there were amazed at the intelligence that Jesus possessed. However, the Virgin Mary sadly has questions for Jesus.

Jesus’ parents ask him with concern why he had disappeared in that way, they told him how distressing the search for him was, to which Jesus replied: Why were you looking for me so insistently? Is it that perhaps you do not know that my duty is to take care of the matters that my father has entrusted to me? Neither Joseph nor Mary understood what Jesus was referring to with those words.

What to do at the end of the prayer of the Holy Rosary?

To culminate the prayers of the Holy Rosary, a “God save you” is performed, although it is optional in some groups, some Lauretan litanies are usually added. The mysteries of joy of the Holy Rosary will never change, they will always be static because this was the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, they should only be prayed with faith on Mondays and Saturdays.

What is the purpose of praying the Holy Rosary?

In the mysteries of joy we can understand how the Virgin Mary was able to understand God’s plan, she set it in motion without hesitation despite how abrupt it was, giving a great example of what faith in God is. Joyful mysteries show that God works in mysterious ways, but more importantly, his love is great and everything he does has a purpose beyond our understanding.

Regardless of the state of mind in which you find yourself, the best recommendation is to put your faith in God Almighty Father, let him be your guide and carve out a suitable path for you. Let the Lord be your guide, let the Lord take control of your decisions and you will see how everything will change for the better.

The mysteries of joy no matter what day they are prayed have greater purposes than a common prayer, by praying them we can learn the teaching that Mary left us when accepting the assignment that God made her, we can learn that as she accepted her destiny and she became the mother of the messiah we can reach our full potential if we give our hearts to God.

Final comments

Easy even though it may not seem like it and full of value is a life guided by our Lord, giving back his infinite love for humanity does not require much, we just have to echo his word and make it reach those who need to know the word of the Lord. However small it may seem to introduce God to people who do not know him, it could make the difference between a life of misery or a life full of divine grace.

Those who feel helpless, hurt, alone or without any direction are those who most need God in their lives, so if it is in your power to present the word of the Lord to someone else, do it, help more people who know the wonderful what his love is and how great his grace is.

From all the mysteries we can learn several things, know, understand, accept and obey the will of God the almighty father, he will make us feel a life full of love and fullness, he has a plan for each one of us, perhaps yours is to be his spokesman, in this way you will reach more souls that need salvation, just as Christ did throughout his life.

You must not only demonstrate the love of God through words, we must be the example of the change that we want to see in our society, if we set the example with the conviction that things must be done well, there will be no doubt that more people will choose to follow her divine teachings because it is an optimal lifestyle, that grace is unmistakable, everyone who contemplates her falls before her charm.

Applying a lifestyle worthy of God’s grace takes time, but it is not impossible, the Lord’s guidance is in the form of mysteries, in the reading of the Bible or in prayer to the saints, but if you feel that you need guidance to To learn more about his love and his greatness, you can always go to the nearest church to learn about his word. Only in God is there salvation.

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