When our eyes come across one of the mirror hours by chance, it is never for anything. We talk about these when we come across similar numbers (i.e. similar hours and minutes such as 02:02, 01:01 or 12:12) when looking for the time on our smartphones, digital watch or any clock electronic.

It is a significant coincidence, it would be a letter sent by our guardian angel, to clarify confusion, guide us in a situation of dilemma, announce good news or warn us of danger. Some see them as a presence of a deceased being among humans, let’s uncover the mysteries of the Mirror Hours.

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We use several tools and tactics to understand the phenomenon of synchronicity and learn different meanings of mirror hours. Our interpretation phenomenon includes numerology, guardian angels and the Tarot de Marseille. We analyze data from all the tools mentioned above; we give you the final mirror hour perspective. Yeah! We have extensive experience in this field, and the people at the service understand the true meaning of it. Stay with us to learn more about mirror hour concepts.

What is a Mirror Hour:

When you see two identical numbers on the clock, it’s called a two-digit time. Remember that it will be considered mirror time if you accidentally look at your phone, laptop, digital clock, etc. It does not apply to analog clocks due to lower accuracy. From our experience, whenever you face such a situation, you feel uncomfortable. This happens especially when you regularly come into contact with mirror hours.

A mirror hour is made with exactly the same digits on the hour and minute side, for example 1:13 p.m. It’s a special phenomenon with deep roots in astrology, numerology and more. Do you know how many mirror hours there are in a day or 24 hours? Yes, there are 24 mirror hours in a single day, such as 01:01, 02:02, 03:03, 04:04, 05:05, 06:06, 07:07, 08:08, 09:09, 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 13:13, 14: 2, 3:15 PM, 4:16 PM, 5:17 PM, 6:18 PM, 7:19 PM, 8:20 PM, 9:21 PM, 10:22 PM, and 11:23 PM. 00:00 a.m. and 01:01 a.m. are special mirror hours and rarely experienced by people. Their meanings are totally different from others and very important in someone’s life.

So, how to interpret the mirror hours? Remember that guardian angels are always present and the meaning of each mirror hour is revealed by these angels through Doreen Virtue, astrology and many numerological calculations.

All about mirror hours

If you see that the hour digits and the minute digits are the same, you have just seen a mirror hour. The mirror hour happens 24 times a day, and only once an hour, so it’s a coincidence to encounter it. Legend has it that the hours emit a luminous reflection on the minutes to become twins. It is not just a reflection broadcast, but also a message broadcast transmitted by the guardian angel to the human being.

It is in fact, an angelic communication which can bring an indication, an orientation or an alert having a direct impact on the life of the person. The reason why, as soon as someone crosses a mirror hour they will be curious to know its secret. To answer these questions, we are going to discover all the angelic messages corresponding to each of the 24 mirror hours that we can encounter during the day or during the night.

Spiritual Meaning of the Mirror Hours

Suppose you are working and you notice a mirror hour on a digital clock. How will you interpret nature’s message for you? Do not worry! We are here to help you. We have mentioned the basic meaning of each mirror hour in the following. Let’s start!


It is a message that you are a blessed and dear personality. God has sent you on a very important mission, and your presence somewhere will make a huge difference. People will understand your presence and your role starts with taking care of yourself.

Moreover, the meaning of 0 in real life is nothing, but it has unlimited hidden potential. When you see 0 on the clock, the guardian angel wants to reduce the burden, conditioning you. The reason is that you have to make your own important choice.


Let’s take a look at the number 1 in numerology. It shows leadership and ambitions in life. Whenever you look at a digital clock and find this number, it means it’s a message to take your plans more seriously. Likewise, it could be an indication that someone loves you desperately, but you need isolation and solitude right now.

It is also said to be the symbol when you need something to change your life. It happens when you don’t have the courage to face something, the guardian angel wants to give you courage. Eliminate fear and try to create your personalized path with new passion, strength and endurance.


Feeling alone can happen to anyone. It is our main requirement to meet new people, so this number represents mood swings. When you need a balance in your emotions, the guardian angel shows you this number. It is also a symbol of love, duality, couple and friendship. The angel tells you that your partner is hiding something from you, so pay attention to things.


Balancing your energy is crucial, especially when you are sad or anxious. It can be eliminated by doing something big or small. Try to live lighter in your life and emit negative energy by getting something. Moreover, it also delivers a message of confidence in the limits. Be social and connect with people, but try to get something you crave. This will remove toxic people from your life and make you focus on your career.


It brings several meanings, such as power play, warning, violence and strength. It shows a person’s lack of flexibility and rigidity. The meaning is to protect yourself and know what is happening behind your back. It is totally related to the organization of your life, your routine and the people you are connected with. Give yourself time, align your zones, take care of yourself and enjoy your life.


This double hour is very convincing because of the question of the heart. The guardian angel wants to guide you when someone wants to win your heart. However, it also defines your shyness, your social interactions, and your fear of leaving your comfort zone. Try to encourage yourself and don’t be afraid to take action. Accept people’s rejections and move on.


This couple hour defines your sensitivity, your love of people and your fidelity. Love yourself first, breathe deeply and know who cares about you. The guardian angel wants to give us advice on balance, harmony, protection and sharing. Make decisions based on your dreams and life goals. You must have limited privacy between you and people.


This number represents wisdom, intellect and self-knowledge. You have to be careful with people because light eyes are not always innocent. Another meaning of this number is a travel and the planets. When you go through different phases of life, it teaches you something, and the guardian angel wants you to focus on that.


Do you feel fragile in your life, especially financially? If so, the double number wants to help you catch up on your savings. Try to be the owner of your life like a queen and a king. The number 8 in numerology represents money, audacity and ambition. When you are approaching a big change, the guardian angel wants to give you signs. Just know what to do and things will change in the blink of an eye.


The number 9 depicts humanity and a person’s pursuit in terms of idealism and altruism. The guardian angel’s message is to stop overthinking and start giving more good things to people. It can be related to friendship, love or something else.


Do you like positive messages? If so, this double hour is for you. We call it the double hour of love, self-confidence, luck in your career, and more. Through this number, the guardian angel wants to guide you on your love and help you go on the right path.


Does spirituality appeal to you? If so, you may need to notice this double hour. When you stay busy in materialistic life, daily business or household chores, your heart feels a lack of spirituality. Here the guardian angel wants you to stop all activities and practice something religious to get inner peace.


Balance is very necessary for all areas of life. This mirror hour wants you to focus on your life and try to bring it into balance with the help of meditation and something you love. Give yourself time each day to meditate and align your thoughts on your own.


Everyone has a different routine every day. This number shows your fatigue with the daily routine, and the guardian angel wants to find you something new or interesting. Try to take on new challenges, set your goals and have fun moving forward on your journey.


When you have all the stuff in your life, you still have to restructure your routine for monotony. This number tells you to focus on new things and learn new things using new subjects. Try to do something different from the routine and challenge yourself to be happy. Yes, that’s what the guardian angel wants by displaying this double number.

15:15 p.m.

Don’t try to please everyone; it’s almost impossible. Don’t disrespect each other, don’t hurt your feelings, and try to respect yourself in your own way. Appreciate others but don’t care more than yourself. Love yourself first.


Try to turn the feelings towards you with the help of the knowledge you have. We call this a spiritual assessment of everything you have in your life. Try to make things better for yourself.


Keep the material possession limited because it’s not too good. Don’t overemphasize materials just to get a little happiness. Try to enjoy more by making the overall day exciting with your work. You can think of it as feelings or spiritual signs of the guardian angel.

18:18 p.m

Life is long and like a journey. It has different stops, and many people come and go from our lives. Take it easy in your life because it happens to everyone, don’t overthink these things. Carry your own luggage but not the luggage of others. The guardian angel’s message is to enjoy your own life.


It is obvious that patience has its own reward for everyone, and number 19 delivers the same message. The more patience you have, the better things will go for you. This is the message of the angel because the guardian always takes care of you.


Stop making lame excuses about your dreams and goals. The keeper means get out of your comfort zone and start striving to achieve your goals. You will get a lot of interesting things along the journey of life and don’t be lazy.


If you are a spiritual person, this double number shows it to you. The guardian angel guides you to help people in need. You should be a devoted helper in fulfilling the desires of others. Pay proper attention to who is on your side. In short, try to improve people’s health with affection and grace.


When you get tired, you start overdoing it. It could be something wrong with the diet or something else. Focus only on your health, whether mental or physical, and the best way is to rethink your habits. The guardian angel wants to tell you to keep a lighter and healthier lifestyle.


Most of the time you don’t know your worth, and this mirror hour is about that. Your personality needs no comparison with anyone, and everyone has their own mission in this world. We all work on different values ​​that define our personality and try to explore your potential. So, it is a warning to see your positive side and deny any negative thoughts.

What message is hidden behind each mirror hour?

  • 00:00: you are faced with a choice or you are probably back to square one.
  • 01:01: someone loves you or you are lonely.
  • 2:02 a.m .: someone is hiding something you needed to know.
  • 3:03 a.m .: Be distant from someone around you.
  • 04:04: a serious event is announced.
  • 05:05: Someone you know loves you.
  • 06:06: you weigh a lot in a person’s life.
  • 07:07: Someone with light eyes secretly loves you.
  • 08:08: a possible diversion of the situation against you, remain suspicious.
  • 9:09 am: you conceive a beautiful friendship
  • 10:10 a.m .: someone fell in love with you.
  • 11:11 am: you love someone extremely, you risk suffering from it.
  • 12:12 p.m .: it’s the lucky hour, make your wish.
  • 1:13 p.m .: one of your wishes will come true.
  • 2:14 p.m .: you have already failed, try again.
  • 3:15 p.m .: Your ex still loves you. This is the hour of attraction and passion.
  • 4:16 p.m .: a blond person has feelings for you.
  • 5:17 p.m .: This is a good time for creativity and imagination, and probably couple of conflicts.
  • 6:18 p.m .: your wish will be granted.
  • 7:19 p.m .: be more patient.
  • 8:20 p.m .: the one you love thinks of you.
  • 9:21 p.m .: success is at the gates, courage get started.
  • 10:22 p.m .: you are going to receive a call from someone who loves you.
  • 11:23 p.m .: your lover needs you, listen to him.

Inverted mirror hours

If, while looking for the hour, you come across an hour with reversed hour designators in relation to the minute designator figures, you have just come across a mirror hour. In a day made up of 24 hours, we cross the inverted mirror hours 12 times, at different hours. This coincidence carries a spiritual message that has a direct link with our private, emotional or professional life.

Our subconscious manages to intercept these signs sent by a spiritual entity, the reason for which a strange sensation is experienced by the person who falls on the reversed mirror hour. A risky encounter that should never be taken in mockery, on the contrary, the mirror hours provide us with valuable advice, prevention or guidance in case of confusion. As they can symbolize upheavals that we can experience in the future. Let’s see what is the message of each reversed mirror hour.

What message is hidden behind each reversed mirror hour?

  • 01:10: you feel love and kindness towards someone.
  • 02:20: expect good news.
  • 03:30: you are coveted by someone.
  • 04:40: you have betrayed a person.
  • 05h50: a nice surprise will happen to you.
  • 10:01 am: the thoughts of the person you love are intended for a third person.
  • 12:21 p.m.: a person close to you, slanders you.
  • 1:31 p.m.: you will soon experience something negative.
  • 2:41 p.m.: you will find a lost object soon.
  • 3:51 p.m.: Someone wants you to fall in love with him/her so badly.
  • 8:02 p.m.: Someone misses you so much.
  • 9:12 p.m.: your guardian angel wishes you the best.
  • 11:32 p.m.: Someone ridicules you and makes fun of you.

Triple Mirror Hours

Another exceptional coincidence that we can come across when looking at the time is the tripled mirror hours. It is a succession of 3 identical numbers that meet within the hour, something that can happen a total of 40 times a day. This sequence of three same numbers constitutes a special communication emitted by the guardian angels, that is why they are called the numbers of the angels. Triple mirror hours intrigue people and sow weird feelings that are impossible to ignore. It is in fact the reaction of the human subconscious which enters into communication with the spiritual world.

To find answers to the questions raised by the tripled mirror hours, it’s simple, you should read the meaning corresponding to the tripled hour that you have come across. Their meanings concern all areas of life (private, sentimental and professional), as well as foresight of the future and what it holds. Let’s find out more about these phenomenal hours.

What message is hidden behind each tripled mirror hour?

  • 00:00: this succession calls you to get closer to your creator, and to feel the love of god within you while having time. As it can be a succession that announces a return to square one.
  • 01:11 a.m.: control your thoughts and make sure to chase away the bad ideas that plague you because by thinking about the evil you attract it towards you, be positive.
  • 2:22 a.m.: the hopes you have sown will soon blossom and bring you the long-awaited good news, persevere again, you are one step closer to success.
  • 03:33: the ascended masters accompany you to give you help, they want to tell you that you have their love and their company when you come across a succession of 3.
  • 04:44: Right now you are surrounded by angels, they are there to protect and encourage you and they are ready to help you.
  • 05:55: Be ready for a drastic change that will have an intense impact on your life. This change should not be considered negative or even positive because after a while everything will return to the normal framework of life. Continue your prayers and say the divine formula: “May the best be! “.

Why did you see a mirror hour?

Why did I see a mirror hour is a common question people ask online. It’s actually a heated debate, but most of your concepts will be clear here. When you see a mirror hour, it happens for many reasons, or we can say very personal reasons. After extensive research, we have collected authentic data on the different meanings of a mirror hour. Check out the occurrence of a mirror hour in the following:

Maybe someone is thinking of you

As explained earlier, it has a direct relationship with synchronicity, or we can say the collective unconscious. Anytime you see a mirror hour, it’s a sign that someone thinks about you frequently. Give yourself time and observe the other aspects to fully understand the feelings. Feeling is the best way to represent it when you see it. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that the person only thinks of you positively. You have to interpret whether someone thinks of you positively or negatively.

A hint from the guardian angel

A guardian angel is a special type of angel who guides, protects and gives instructions to a person. The study of mirror hours shows that it could be a message from your guardian angel when you notice a mirror hour. It is a pure source of communication with a person to whom the angel wants to convey the message. For a better understanding, we can say that Doreen Virtue allows us to interpret the angelic message at each mirror hour that you notice.

Also, when you regularly see the same numbers, it has a special meaning. The meaning is that the angel wants to let him know. Also, it can be a sign or a warning or protection from something threatening.

A subconscious message

Our subconscious is very important and about 90% of tasks are based on it. You can control the conscious mind, but you cannot control the subconscious. He is far from free will and has no programs to control him like a computer.

Our mind has a conscious but subconscious working program on autopilot. When you get double hours, it’s a sign to check your subconscious. The reason is that most of the time the subconscious mind wants to give a warning or something to say.

What is the importance of mirror hours?

You now know the fundamental concept of mirror hours but do you know their meaning? It is clear from the concept that there could be a single meaning for a single mirror hour that you see. We have further shared the meaning of each mirror hour in the content to give you a complete understanding.

We have shared the complete method to understand the meaning in depth using numerology, angelology and card reading. When you go through the concepts, you will understand how important mirror hours are. Simply put, the meaning of mirror hours is to draw your attention to something that is happening or about to happen. It can be about your health, your relationships, your career, and the divine purpose of your life.

Meaning of the mirror hour in numerology

Mirror hours are unique combinations of numbers from 0 to 9, and identical numbers on the minute and hour sides are called double numbers. In reality, they tell us about cosmic vibrations and each number is related to unusual traits. Yes, they can be unique qualities or something else. In short, each mirror number shows a particular vibration.

Meaning of the mirror hour in angelic numerology

In angelic numerology, mirror hours represent the guided messages or synchronicity of an angelic realm. In simple words, you can say that the angels take the help of these numbers to communicate with you. The reasons can be different, such as any help, guidance, assistance, manifestation or more.

Similar to numerology, you can interpret mirror hours with angelic numbers from 0 to 9. The vibration of each number is defined by a combination. The rule has an exception when you add up the numbers and get master numbers i.e. 22, 11 or 33. The message can be determined by adding up the numbers which you see as a mirror hour.

Importance of seeing mirror hours everywhere

Sometimes people see mirror times everywhere in the form of addresses, digital displays, clocks, etc. Keep in mind that mirror times can be displayed on clocks or anywhere on digital screens such as phone numbers, license plates, license plates and many other sources.

Whenever you get stuck in such a situation, it means something important is happening and a divine is trying to talk to you. The message depends on the number you see. In this situation, an out-of-universe angel wants to help or guide you. A common message the angels want to give you is to keep your conscience open.

Align yourself with your life goals, purposes and objectives. You just need to know the correct meaning and go into more detail. Meditation and reflection will give you the true meaning.

Importance of mirror hours in health

As its name indicates, sometimes the mirror hours want to guide you or warn you of your state of health. You just need to understand the message of the guardian angel by observing the numbers displayed in double hours. It usually happens when you don’t take care of your health, engage in more unhealthy activities, and nature wants to communicate with you about your health.

Importance of Mirror Hours in Career

Almost everyone is very career conscious, and we think everyone should be. When you notice mirror hours, it can be a message regarding your career to pay more attention to your future. Restructure your ideas, observe the results and learn what the guardian angel wants to tell you about it.

Meaning of Mirror Hours in Relationships

It may be a strange phenomenon, but it always brings positive for us. We are all very possessive about our relationships, and sometimes the mirror hours want to guide or warn us about our relationships. You just need to understand the number and the message of the tutor. Not to mention that it might not just be for a husband-wife relationship, but for other relationships as well.

What is the meaning of mirror hours?

There are several double hours in a single day; therefore, each mirror hour symbol delivers a different message. Due to the appearance of identical numbers in numerical form, they are also called equal hours.

Generally, there are three ways to predict the message given by the mirror hours as described below:

  1. The most repeated numbers are in the form of plurals such as 13:13. Here, 1 and 3 stand out the most.
  2. When the same digits repeat several times a day, such as 00:00. Here 0 is an important number.
  3. Finally, add the numbers. For example, 15:15 > 1+5+1+5 = 12 > 1+2=3. Here the number 3 is a significant number.

For many people, these numbers are just myths, but in our experience, it reveals many beliefs. It gives you the model to live better and is a magical thing in everyone’s life.

Often falling on mirror hours, what does that mean?

To meet a tripled mirror hour once is a coincidence, to meet it twice in a row we speak of chance, but to meet it regularly is indeed destiny. It is destined that the angels want to reveal mysterious things to you, which you are probably unaware of, and which will have important repercussions on your life. It can be an upheaval in your life, a radical change, a new encounter, a betrayal or even a danger…Etc. It is thanks to the protective forces of the guardian angels that the triple mirror hours are placed in your paths to accompany you in all stages of your life.

Mirror hours and synchronicity

When we go deep into the world of spirituality and trust what it transmits to us, we will see life in a new way. And it is from there that we can deduce that chance does not exist, but everything happens for a reason in life. It is in this context that we speak of synchronicity, which is defined as the opposite of chance, in other words, it is the opposite of banal coincidence.

Synchronicity is to admit that everything that happens to a particular cause, it is found especially in the concept of true mirror hours, reversed or tripled. It is an identical numerical succession that can be encountered on the hour at any time of the day and which transmits a celestial message to us. There are so many combinations of synchronicity that our eyes can cross during the day and each one brings us a very precise and significant message on the circumstances we are experiencing.

Mirror Hours and Guardian Angels

Mirror hours are a set of numbers relating to a given time that can catch an individual’s attention. A time formed by double digits such as 12:12 reversed such as 02:20 or tripled such as 01:11. a given meaning. Indeed, angelology is an observation of the mysterious world of angels, their classifications and the means by which they communicate with the material world.

If they communicate with us humans, it would be to protect us from anything that could harm us. It is therefore important to understand and seek to know the meaning of the mirror hours and the message conveyed by the angels to predict or anticipate any event. For each succession of numbers encountered, whether, in the mirror hour, license plate or your cinema ticket, he will be your guardian angel who will send you a letter.

Mirror hours and lithotherapy

The mirror hours appear in your life to send you messages and guide you in your daily decisions. Their interpretations can be realized in several fields, most of which are set out in this article (in particular through numerology, angelology or the Tarot of Marseilles).

It should be noted that there are ways to support you and support the messages transmitted by the mirror hours: the use of lithotherapy. Lithotherapy is a therapeutic method that consists of healing with crystals. The natural stones used in these practices are all endowed with special virtues that help people enormously to overcome the difficult trials of life. Although the fields of interpretation of the mirror hours and lithotherapy may seem very far apart at first glance, they are actually complementary: the interpretation of the mirror hours communicates to you the messages that life wants to transmit to you, lithotherapy and the use of natural stones help you to act and support you in your spiritual journey.

Mirror hours and numerology

There are innumerable and different interpretations relating to the mirror hours in numerology, when meeting them there are those who say to themselves (someone is thinking of me), others make a wish etc. But in reality, it is only a celestial message sent by angels in order to let humans know things through numerology.

To interpret the numerology found in the mirror hours, it’s simple, if you constantly come across an hour of 1:13 p.m., it means that the 1 and the 3 speak to you, just like 3:15 p.m., the sum of 1+5+ 1+5=12 and 1+2=3, the 3 symbolizes something in your life.

Angel numbers and their meanings

  • triple number 111: a new boom is announced.
  • triple number 222: serenity, calm and harmony at the rendezvous.
  • triple number 333: your relationships are safe from danger.
  • triple number 444: keep going, you are on the right track.
  • triple number 555: personal success awaits you.
  • triple number 666: it’s time to have confidence in yourself and stop your doubts.
  • triple number 777: you are beginning a spiritual journey soon.
  • triple number 888: try to move towards stability and tranquillity.
  • triple number 999: you will witness the opening of a new chapter in your life.

The list of numbers and their meaning

  • number 0: it symbolizes the start, the beginning, the beginning. When meeting him, ask yourself these questions: do I value my abilities and my gifts by exploiting them in my life? Am I ready to welcome new events in my life? Am I sure of my decision to change?
  • number 1: there is a reason to ask you questions about how to overcome my fears. How to be more courageous? How can I boost my self-confidence? Spirituality demands progress from you.
    It can also be signs of a relationship (friendly, professional, family or romantic) that needs to be improved and strengthened.
  • number 2: a number indicating the need to improve one’s bond with a woman in one area (friendly, emotional, family or professional). The questions you should ask yourself: should I hide my love or shout it from the rooftops? Have I changed my character for fear of not pleasing others? Do I keep quiet about things to avoid conflicts with my loved ones?
  • number 3: it often calls for the usefulness of strengthening a relationship with a brother, a co-worker or a neighbour.
    Questions to raise: should I review my behaviour with others? Do I need rest and recreation? Do I have the right to pleasures in life, and which ones?
  • number 4:  this number calls for the following reflections; How do I manage my time? Do I do it properly so that I can achieve my goals? Am I taking care of my physical and mental shape? Am I assuming my family and professional responsibilities adequately?
  • number 5: ask yourself these questions; should I review my relationship with pleasure and sex, am I abusing it or am I missing it? Do I need a routine break when travelling for example? Have I managed to classify my priorities in life? Am I carrying out my duties in life properly?
  • number 6: ask yourself about this; Am I a dependent person and I demand attention from my loved ones? Have I made enough effort to reconcile with my loved ones? How can I improve my creative and artistic sense? Should I show off my romantic skills?
  • number 7: if you come across this number regularly, ask yourself this; do I take everything at face value in my relationships with others? Do I let go of my relationships easily and am I lonely? Am I sickly afraid of betrayal? Was I unfaithful? Should I acquire more knowledge and culture? Should I follow my intuition?
  • number 8: here is this number calling you to review your relations with your superiors; boss, director, leader…etc. and ask yourself these questions: am I trying to show off through my behaviour? Am I obedient or bossy with others? Am I managing my finances well? Do I deserve financial ease?
  • number 9: this number means the fence, ask yourself these questions; what did I leave unfinished, incomplete in suspense or pending complete? Am I materialistic in life? If so, it needs to be corrected. Am I dependent on certain people, how can I detach myself from them? How to prepare the new chapter of my life after closing the previous one?

Meaning of the reversed mirror hour in guardian angels

If we read Kabbalah, the total number of guardians is 72. God also has 72 names. They observe behaviours, and things and communicate to know something in detail. The procedure is done using synchronicities. They give you angelic messages by displaying different reversed hours.

You can select a reverse mirror number that will tell you something. Angels have many ways of speaking to us. You can interpret them in different forms, such as figurines with a cherub, white lines in front of your eyes, etc. Remember to think differently because things coexist at the same time and place.

The significance is that they help you overcome difficult challenges by taking help from 72 angles. The message of the angels allows you to seize the right path, to meditate, to practice and to boost your spiritual awakening.

Meaning of reversed hours in numerology

Numerology is the procedure to understand the message of the guardian with the numbers you see on the clock. Numbers give you accurate information about your life and your path. Not just the clock, but it can appear on any digital item such as a license plate, license plate, etc. They are encoded with a message that you can decode using different methods. Without forgetting that they are just as important, like the mirror hours.

Meaning of reversed mirror hours

You can also take general interpretations from various reversed times. Apply them in the right way to get a special message from the guardian angel. We have mentioned reverse hours and their meanings in the following:


When you see this number, it means someone is involved with you and wants your attention. So try to be careful and try to get a little excited about love.


When this reversed hour appears, it means that something is going to happen in your life. So be ready to welcome the good news.


Whenever someone secretly loves you, this number is the indication and the symbol. He/she has been passionate about you for a long time and has never expressed it.


You could soon betray someone; this is the indication given by the guardian angel. Try to prevent it if you can.


This number indicates that you will have a new surprise in life, love, relationship, career or something else. If you want to know more, check what you think these days.


This reversed hour has the only negative meaning. The person you love is already involved with someone else; therefore, you should be brave after a heartbreak.


This number also has a negative meaning because you will soon defame. So don’t trust people too much.


This only happens when you are at work or at work, but not 100% sure. The guardian angel wants you to deal with each situation by observing the big picture.


This number indicates that you are going to lose something recently or in the near future. However, it will comfort you.

  • 15.51:  If you have a friend, he might be in love with you.
  • 8:02 p.m.:  When you get this number, it means you miss someone.
  • 9:12 p.m.:  Your friends, family, colleagues or someone else wishes you good health, success and prosperity.
  • 11:32 p.m.:  The guardian angel invites you to pay attention to your friends and those around you. Don’t tell all your secrets to people.

The Mirror Hours and the Tarot de Marseille

The mirror hours that we see when glancing at our digital hour, which comes in the form of a sequence of repetitive numbers, symbolize things related to our life. To decipher the secret of the mirror hours there are various references called divinatory supports, there are guardian angels, numerology and tarot cards.

Who says tarot, says tarot of Marseilles, it is in fact the most famous and the oldest of the divinatory arts, its traces go back to the XIII century. It is commonly used for drawing cards revealing mysteries but also found in the interpretation of mirror hours with celestial numerals. The Marseille tarots tell you so much about your future, your relationships, your feelings as well as the dangers you run, for this, know how to listen to them.


Mirror hours and reverse mirrors are beautiful concepts if you understand them well. After studies, it has been found that they are very effective in predicting your future. In short, you can easily face your days ahead if you receive the right message from the guardian angel.